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    viisaus #shorts

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    1. Thug Kermit


    2. C vs S !!!

      Vsauce in Finland is very sus

    3. CryptzBricks

      Mainitsiko joku suomen

    4. Akumity

      vee saos

    5. ʀ օ ʀ օ

      huh whats that.. is it the time already? To... to TORILLE PERKELE! 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

    6. erkki

      älä laita tällästä

    7. D. Cypher

      😒😳😂😂 Nice sir...

    8. VisseNekku

      I'm honored and flattered to have Finland noticed.

    9. Kush kung Vivo

      You are the chosen one, Michael

    10. Spukyon

      As a Romanian person, I don't speak Finnish.



    12. Simon Nyman

      Me, a Finnish person seeing this: " My time has come ".

    13. Johnnydoingthings

      The Library of Babel came up with it first.

    14. Atboz 2009

      Suomi perkele

    15. berru9097

      As an italian-finnish person, I can say that I'm half crazy hand gestures and half stay away from me

    16. Lead Poisioning

      Anyone else think Finnish coincidence sounds like a chess opening

    17. niduoe stre

      As a not-finnish person, I can confirm the irony is not lost on me.

    18. jere niemikorpi

      suomi mainittu torilla tavataan!!!!

    19. Rem

      I guess that means vsauce is wisdom.

    20. Kirnupiimä

      ANNA VAA!!!

    21. Renne Haapanen


      1. niduoe stre

        Fine, ya know what... fine

    22. PlayerFridei

      Any Finns here? 🙋‍♂️

    23. Saunis

      Torilla tavataan!! \o/

    24. Aaro Kuusinen

      Aika söpö

    25. Max Söderlund

      As a finish person myself i can confirm

    26. Olexxus


    27. Nob

      Man, do real life has frames?

    28. Dhiraj Ranit

      Glad it wasn't Vsus. Imagine lads saying another reference.

    29. Yue Zen M.Paroginog

      Hoh I'm ganna buy V-souce for my food so I can get smarter

    30. VikingLordgaming

      Return of the Vsauce?

    31. Gunnar Getz

      This title sounds like a big bang theory episode title.

    32. Sam Lemieux

      i was expecting him to have already knew he was wisdom

    33. Noob Master69

      Mmmmm monke

    34. Timo Junttila

      Finnish language is like Elvish in Lotr, it's a made-up language for a fictional place. Finland is a hoax and doesn't actually exist.

    35. Tropical Penguin

      Fine, ya know what... fine

    36. TechSupport Boy


    37. Headphone


    38. Kamal AL-Hinai

      What did you translate in Arabic, Michael?

    39. Mateo Claure

      This channel is cancer

    40. MestariTyyppi

      Literally every Finnish person just clicked this



    42. Jake_State_Farm

      Vsus 😳

    43. Ad Hoccer's Wings

      That "VSauce" pronounciation is fucked up, really does sound like what a bad Finnish pronounciation would be

    44. Bilal Azhar

      more like v saaaaaaauuuusee

    45. Max Rosengren

      älä laita tällästä

    46. Toasted Macaron

      Vsauce sounds like Dean Pelton from community and I love it

    47. Jimi Alastalo

      Suomi mainittu :D

    48. 4aDaBest

      as a finnish person i can confirm too many things are translated to kuusi palaa

    49. A.P.G 23

      "saaaaaaaay whaaaat" by Vsuase

    50. AIM 4 GAME

      Glad I played CLASH OF CLANS that too originated from FINLAND 🇫🇮

    51. köyhä welho

      Tekis mieli viinaa

    52. Mr. Thing

      Wisdom is vsauce. Or is vsauce wisdom???

    53. Sol

      wt- 😂

    54. Rapuska

      Pitäs vissiin torille taas... Wouldn't the word wise (viisas) fit better for Vsauce?

    55. just an amogus fan


    56. Treymey

      Vi sawce

    57. Alex H

      The coucil of Finns have summoned me.

    58. Aiden and Brantley

      Hey let’s get this video to 7777 comments

    59. Kuura

      as a finnish person, I will say TORILLE

    60. Ben the Drummer

      Vsauce how does clapping stand for a round of applause?

    61. Seeveli

      I did not even realize this before even tho im finnish

    62. dandc2011


    63. Benkku


    64. SaxyButters

      But Finland doesn't exist... 🇪🇪

    65. Red Ziee

      Heyy wisdom vsauce here

    66. Joonas Anttiroiko

      As a Finnish person I have nothing original to say about this. I just wanna fit in.

    67. RegisSoldier


    68. Demiurg fon SirSninjSh

      How can I contact Vsauce?

    69. littlemonkey321

      I commented this to some of your videos years ago 😀 greetings from Finland

    70. Huh Buh

      That’s awesome ngl

    71. Abather

      I thought it was video sauce because he used to take a tape and squeeze it til this green liquid thing pops up

    72. Efic ETH


    73. LoSeR

      More like vsus

    74. Cayle Pavey

      When you care so much about your name but no one gives a shit

    75. 90ds

      The only good thing about shorts


      Oh I'm sooo finished

    77. mallu_allu

      bruh its nice to be finnish for ones. :)

    78. logical memer

      so did vsauce come first or the Finnish language *queue vsauce music

    79. Henkka 28

      *inhales* Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

    80. KermisTheRetard

      How have i not realized that before haha

    81. viirus 13

      Oligatory torin zoom meetissä tavataan

    82. Ciucalau

      inteleptul ne invata

    83. BadDay - Lets Plays

      Ask a Finn if he helps you to learn his language and you have found a friend for life. Not because he is grateful or something, its just how long it will take to teach you finnish.

    84. butti fdft

      As yet another Finnish person, I can confirm that by merely mentioning Finland or something Finnish will summon all the Finns to your video.

    85. vertti niskanen

      Finland mentioned. To the town square!

    86. 7S Diablo FF

      Title : Finnish People of Finland : *We've been summoned*

    87. Winston Knowitall

      As a Pole I have to mention that Finland lies pretty close to the North Pole. What a coincidence!

    88. Michel Rahman

      How did vsauce 2 and 3 start?

      1. butti fdft

        I'm finnish and I just now got it

    89. rodger2275

      Say whhhhhaaatttttttttttt.........

    90. Chris Leone

      I've been using that website for years lol I have so many accounts signed up with names from there. The email thing came in real handy before too

    91. Soccar Guy

      In Dutch you pronounce it the same *XD*

    92. Essi Leaks

      I speak Finnish and I live in finland

    93. Tanya Chacko

      The way he says ‘say whaaaaatttt!’ 🤣

    94. RadicalShuz

      So it's supposed to be V Sause Mm got it

    95. Jack Johnson

      I speak Finnish, but I have never noticed that the name"jVsauce" is pronounced almost exactly as the Finnish word "viisaus". (The difference is that "Vsauce" is pronounced as "viisaas" and not "viisaus".)

    96. Redapo

      Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

    97. Lizarded

      This is vitun pog.

    98. Lizarded

      Oh my fucking god PERKELEEEEEEEEEEEE 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮😎😎💪

    99. Тимофей MYR

      Hey viisaus

    100. Peasant M

      Wisdom here