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    1. PewDiePie

      0:59 LUNK ALARM!!!

      1. LawlessElf


      2. TruBornStraw

        Im claiming my reply before it hits 500 limit. Imma come up with something creative later.

      3. Norah A

        Yeee boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      4. Pancake Dragon

        Who is this?

      5. Vibius

        Somebody stop him!

    2. 6r6rRed_Demon6r6r

      "You thought I would forget about funniest home videos?" Me: *Y e s .*

    3. jasper bohem

      14:57 when will jack realize that he used this product with felix in a video a while ago

    4. Rayleigh Tafoya

      ack you should buy a few of the products and review them that would be AMAZING!

    5. Tanner Whalen

      18:38 Is it weird that I actually have this in my home?

    6. Aiden Toms

      The Irish accent is legendary, potaters

    7. Nicole

      you used the robotwist in a video with Felix

    8. JordKiller __

      3:45 goes full irish/giberish

    9. Zevox 90

      15:37 I mean, he's also trying to not shatter the jar...

    10. Zevox 90

      3:45 jack you good?

    11. Karli Parker

      I’m gonna be honest, at 18:30 I was like, punched in the face with nostalgia, cause that was a commercial I actually remember watching when I was like, 10.

    12. XML studios

      12:15 we never stop these are our revolutions, i had to say it

    13. MaZe Ruiner

      My Nan has magic mesh

    14. Cloudax

      Watch the subtitles just fail when Jack opens his mouth 3:40🤣🤣🤣🤣

    15. ILuvGlue

      My man just skipped clever cane...

    16. Kellen Wilham

      9:17 sounds like my family

    17. Chris Grimes

      My grandma used to run a food truck she bought the magic mesh. I hated it because the plastic covering the magnets were cheaply made qnd they kept braking so thats why i hated it so much

    18. Initial_ Memer

      POV: You came here for 9:55

    19. Denki Kit

      my new biggest flex is i had a 'magic mesh' before the actual magic mesh existed

    20. Shahed Ahsan

      The video: *continues* Irish: *Intensifies*

    21. HeWhoBitesFirst

      The jar of jam came from WalMart. They didn't think anyone would notice.

    22. Fuka TheIdiot

      I don’t understand why he doesn’t have more subs... :I This dude is a king! 👑

    23. Piper Lawson

      1 Mississippi, what the max fukin amount of these bowls i can buy

    24. Greg Cutting

      I wonder if he actually bought the sunglasses if not I’ll buy him a pair


      Ronny is the new vince

    26. Lancsdragon

      He sounds more welsh than Irish honestly

    27. Thelilsavage

      The stuff you do in beginning of the video though......funny

      1. Thelilsavage

        15:38 the muscle guy trying to open the jar there probably just gorilla glue on the jar cap

      2. Thelilsavage


      3. Thelilsavage


    28. Lukas Adams

      Don’t talk about Steve Irwin in vain

    29. Gizmo

      3:44 Translation: ?????plenty of that?????you’re Ronnie. That’s all I could hear after listening to it 20 time over

    30. Yoshi plays

      "hey... Hey watup" *dies*

    31. Slythiechick1

      ok, for real, I have one of those Magic Mesh.....they are pretty sweet.

    32. Rory Cat

      no one talkin about "tacsepticeye"? that's tragic

    33. Scoured

      Dude I saw the magic net thing when it first came out when I was younger and my mom bought it. It’s actually pretty good.

    34. Misty wolf

      Hey Jack do you watch these when your trying to sleep?😂

    35. SlakkHusky

      My grandparents had that magic mesh in there house. It was pretty lit

    36. Falcongang

      He says h like hay-ch

    37. J4cobf1

      in the country I live in sweet potato is called kumara

    38. Queen of All Killjoys

      My friend’s parents have that magicmesh thing and it is legit dope

    39. _ KobFam _

      Is it bad that I like eating straight onions and i do t tear up?

    40. Cyphir115

      A jeasus Ronnie's got da feckin charm of da IRISHHH

    41. Wiley Burum

      Tf did the elves go!?!?! Did you lay them off!?!! Is that why you used us?????

    42. BlackBird_ Fly

      My personal favorite moment: When i see that little Leprechaun walk into frame and just say "Hey!" in a cool, but random way and the proceeds to choke then crawl onto his chair

    43. MiniNebzGamer 56

      just inelligeble irish noises

    44. MiniNebzGamer 56

      just evelyn hearing this in the background

    45. Chatty Catty

      It was the mandolin. My parents had one........ my mom still got cut but she did need Stitches from a plastic spoon and I’m not even kidding she needed like five stitches because she grabbed a plastic spoon and it cut her middle finger:

    46. Megan Newton

      I have them screen door thingies they break so fast tho

    47. Felix Dowling

      1:02 BUT ITZ BAG BABY

    48. Linus Kakonda

      Don't miss out don't miss out

    49. Finn Carns

      MY BOY NEVILLE (longbottom)

    50. Lillith Of Eden

      when hes watching the robo twist video all i can think about is him and pewds cheering “ROBO TWIST ROBO TWIST ROBO TWIST”

    51. Enchanted Limestone

      7:19 NONONONONONONONONO dont be doing that

    52. Golden Sunflower

      My dad has a pair of glasses that works basically the same as the TakGlasses XD it surprisingly works really well

    53. Cameronjr.13 gaming

      I think this is how he got his girlfriend because if you make some one laugh it shows you have redeeming qualities

    54. ColorfulSkyWisps

      My father installed that door magnet thing on our back door back when I was a kid. I have insectaphobia and I would have panic attacks when wasps got in the house...he figured this would be a GREAT substitute... This shit SUCKED. ASS.

    55. Kevin

      Why does séan have so many missed calls

    56. Laughlin Vetter

      You had the robo-twist for a 5 weird stuff online with Felix.

    57. Kamil Jozwa

      I normally dont comment on funniest home vids

    58. Emma

      18:05 "Baba" *Balkan intensifies*

    59. Coltan Peters


    60. Coltan Peters

      My great granny has the magic mesh

    61. EpicGamer49 0

      Jack *sees a potato* Also Jack: goes absolutely nuts over it. Faur play

    62. Julianna Flora

      I got an ad and it just said "Your skincare routine sucks, i had to say it" I feel attacked

    63. Ryan Schram

      Please get those damn glasses and review them


      And it says it closes automaticily but after a few uses you have to close it yourself in rippoff


      We actually have the magic mesh and our cats are like good luck we have a new obsession (climbing and breackynd the thing)

    66. xd NIGHTLAZAR


    67. Ethan Buringa

      I put headphones in and sung the laugh song and my mom walking right as I said a is for ass of which I love to eat I died

    68. Rachelle schepaniuk

      Hello guy Dr ighalo7 on FIblock herbal medicine help me cure my herpes virus, i so much recommend him.

    69. Phoenix Flight

      Only those who remember Felix and Sean using the robo twist can like this comment Anyone can, because this JFHVs and we got our laughs

    70. Fallen Feller

      My family had the door screen magnet thing and we had to use nails on it to keep it up, that may be one of the reasons comments are turned off

    71. DJ Fontaine

      i can’t imagine someone new coming to jack’s channel and sitting through this 3 minute intro HAHA

    72. Darth-Mando

      I have that chopping thing

    73. Darth-Mando

      Did anyone understand what he said when the guys said the products name

    74. MrDuckYT

      I remember watching the magic mesh ad in 2009

    75. Holly Dauparas

      *incoherent Irish noises intensifies*

    76. Holly Dauparas

      WAIT YOU DONT HAVE SCREENS ON YOUR WINDOWS? I’ve only seen a few places here in Australia that didn’t have screens on most if not all the windows... do you just let the insects in? Aren’t you afraid of letting in a snake or a venomous spider or some other murderous animal? To me you’re either crazy brave, crazy stupid, or just plain crazy

    77. zangetsu102

      Jack: sees another Irishman Jack's Accent: KAIOKEN x10!!!

    78. Yoloson

      3:44 *Unintelligible excitement*

    79. angsty taxidermist

      My childhood friend had one of those “Magic Mesh” things... from my memory, the Velcro and magnets are weak and it’s suuuuper fragile

    80. Lorena Amato

      we live in germany and we have the Magic Mesh at home on our balcony door...the thing is the magnets can fling off cause of a fast as frick doggo xD

    81. Lucifer Morningstar

      imagine Roonie watching this

    82. James Grabban

      i almost god damn died from not being able to breath because i laughed so hard

    83. IceyGamers 6

      Anyone miss when try not to laugh was try not to laugh and not let’s react to some cool products and some bullshit ones?

    84. Adam Roquemore

      we actually have the screen door thing. It works fine as long as you're careful not to let it trip up the actual door. It doesn't make that clacking sound, though.

    85. Elijah Martinez

      Hi is to cool

    86. Enclave Main-Comm

      I like to think Jack is saying Ronnie (my name irl) and I like to pretend like he's talking directly to me cause I'm a fucking loser.

    87. ManiacalPrism54

      The "jam jar" was from Walmart so it makes sense that it would already be covered in shit even though the jar looked full.

    88. random person.

      My dad bought magic mesh when I was very little. It was good for letting the mosquitos and flies out. good product.

    89. unclemoose tv

      I have the magnet one to keep the bugs away. It works

    90. Cooking with Miles

      You reviewed the robots ist on the video with Felix with a bunch of shot he bought online

    91. AGHfreal h

      Am I the only one that lowkey wants to see jack do a whole video with 2014 vibes with the hat and SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE LIKE A BOSS

    92. Notdeadshot14

      Fun fact if you wet a paper towel and cut the onion on top of the wet paper tower it won’t make your eyes cry

    93. HW HellWalker

      how many of ye lads rewind the video to see the phone numbers?

    94. Cris Michel

      Living in Florida I 100% know at least two people with Magic Mesh and one loves it and the other hates it because it doesn't hang right and ends up getting tangled in itself and leaving gaps because it doesn't clack together properly.


      The reason they have so many dislikes on these bc people who bought these know they are complete shit and don't work at all

    96. simp_for_dream

      18:50 my family has this, but it NEVER shuts itself behind you and is just a bother, we have it inbetween the kitchen and living room and the only reason we have is to keep cold from in our front door and not make the whole house cold you have to open it yourself and instead of just bursting through animals rip it up with their nails or gat stuck in it :/

    97. Raymond Martinez IV

      I’ve had a magic mesh before when I was ten or 9 I can’t really remember but it doesn’t last too long when it comes to home daycare and autistic kids like myself

    98. Daniel Livingston

      Ya wanna know what made me watch this three times in 2 days Ronnie the Irish man

    99. Samuel Kreutzer

      But your starts with a y not a u

    100. Randy Porter

      This was very fun to watch thanks