The IMPOSSIBLE Chocolate Illusion!!😦

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    1. seby

      Can someone explain this to me please?

    2. J. Branum

      Vsauce actually did a video on this concept a few years back. Pretty good explanation

    3. Alan Clark

      It fits perfectly around the border drawn inside the box, but it doesn't fit perfectly around the inside circumference of the Box.

    4. Sleepy Korby

      So can I eat it

    5. i know face but idk name

      This is me repackaging the packages mom sent me

    6. KokisanRo

      So how much chocolate are you eating?

    7. Shaikh Owais

      Well time to go for Vsause cause i haven't yet

    8. xplode1818

      That's because you didn't put any of it back in the same spot.

    9. being chitrakar

      there is more space

    10. Rey Rey

      Hmm Really how 😐

    11. Zodiac wit Dah tea

      It not broken from the start you put the wrong chocolate piece make it look perfect but really you missing a whole piece

    12. Toprak Aydogmus


    13. R4P1D YT


    14. BlueDiamondEye


    15. Lil money

      You can get a normal chocolate bar and do this it’s not that hard

    16. Double Yo

      I knew that

    17. Superior 2


    18. RJ CAMUS

      I am the watching the space my whole life, you can't trick me!!

    19. James

      Wtf how😧

    20. Daniel Forbes

      0h my g0d h3 cr34t3d ch0cl4t3 0ut 0f n0th1n9 😱😱😱

    21. Jessica Broom

      Wait.... if you do that, melt it (but not the bonus) and then cut it to the first shape. YOU GET INFINITE CHOCOLATE!

    22. idk im just doing this for no reason

      He probably just folded the box or slid the back of the box. I mean look at the corners at the beginning half and last half they have marginally different gaps. He did record it in a way good enough to fool us for a few seconds

    23. Avin PlaysRoblox

      When u opened it the pattern is different when u assembled it

    24. Estevan Ariel Scalsavra Ferreyra

      Vsauce already warned us about you, Mr. chocolate maker

    25. XxHxney_DrxzzlexX

      6 chocolate peices at the beginning and 5 at the end

    26. Loida Mamaril

      Not an illusion it's only angles man

    27. Ethan Sumang

      Lol this is the same as the infinite chocolate bar hack

    28. LightPlayzz

      Sort by recent comments, people forgot what an illusion is...

    29. eric orr

      Umm.... would have had people going until you go and press down on the folded up price of the box! You can clearly see you folded the box up to the line on the words then put the pieces in .... no extra price at all LIES I TELL YOU!! ALL FRICKIN LIES!! YOU STOLE 30 SECONDS OF MY LIFE AND ME THINKING.... I WANT IT BACK

      1. LightPlayzz

        Yes kid.... an illusion is literally a lie that tricks your brain... that is the entire point of an illusion.

      2. eric orr

        **Piece **

    30. M H

      Maybe that's not chocolate but actually poop made to look like chocolate.. ever think of that??

    31. ReduX

      Title: Impossible chocolate illusion! Me : *puts the chocolate the same way it was in the box, simple*

    32. Crazyizzy2811

      Da bonus piece was in the first clip and then he took it out and it’s still the same size.😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    33. Phoenix

      It’s not duplicating it’s reducing mass very very small bits of mass but still mass is being reduced

    34. Joie Francis Ambongan

      Measure it damn

    35. xZeno x

      I wonder if you melted the chocolate back to it's bar form so it's all in one piece (without the bonus) and then you cut it again the same way... will you create... more chocolate?

    36. Phillip Boggs

      You eat the bonus piece of chocolate

    37. Lala Sky

      Seriously. The dude kidding right

    38. Bump

      find someway to put this back together (maybe heat) and keep doing it it will become smaller

    39. yuoop noke

      You can literally see the spaces he left on the box. We can fucking see it, Chris.

    40. LazZanZaz

      I mean that bonus piece covers that boundary line right beneath where you lifted the bar from, near the end of the video it's visible

    41. 레몬청과 달

    42. Naomi Duron

      So did anyone else see the cut

    43. bastianstark

      Because it clearly does not fit perfectly…*sigh* cmon, man.

      1. yuoop noke

        gets narrower on the bottom, the paper in the beginning was holding it up higher in the box

    44. Nicolas Boero

      You trying to trick us without a trick...

    45. e lol

      Simulation is failing a bird froze in mid air now this jeeze we need an update

    46. Noah Hamilton

      Youve just displaced it

    47. kayla wayla x erotica

      “dont play with your food!” this guy: nah

    48. kayla wayla x erotica

      yk u can do this with REGULAR chocolate right?

    49. Gregory Sullivan

      *visible confusion*

    50. Gabe Williams

      Smaller box

    51. ryancantfindthat

      God will patch it in a couple of days.

    52. Michelle

      It started with 5 large pieces, ended with 4 and a tiny nibble. The bar is smaller when he puts it back together. Looks yummy tho 😍

    53. X-gamer Pro-HD

      Yea it spells chocolate when you make it spell it. But when you buy it it’s in random order to fit perfectly. 😂

    54. Shaan I Memon

      The answer to this is... Look at the length of the chocolate. It shortens...

    55. Horizon

      It just gets shorter gradually. But you already know that.

    56. NarutoUzumaki 2nd channel

      You didn’t create it the creator of the chocolate did

    57. It’s Private

      The word chocolate on the box has a chocolate colored ink border, so when you put the chocolate back you can’t tell on camera that it’s actually smaller than the box and the box gets narrower on the bottom, the paper in the beginning was holding it up higher in the box

    58. Shiggy_rat

      But can you eat it

    59. jellyfishesarethicc

      "the law of equivalent exchange"

    60. xxMythicPugz

      It’s smaller?

    61. learei

      Well, this is a form of squaring a square. And yes, you're missing pieces at the edge

    62. 1qotz

      "Ok." -vsauce

    63. Кристиян Миланов

      Conservation of space, please work

    64. Liz | リズちゃん〜

      Vruh, is he really an adult?

    65. Super_saiyan 17

      vsauce explained this like 7 years ago, keep up

    66. Amrit Sharma

      Chocolate became smaller when bonus chocolate was removed and I was a perfect rectangal due to some unique shape combination 😂

    67. Michał Pluciński

      No you didnt

    68. bander Meshal

      There were 5 pieces when u opened it and then you made a cut in the video then there came 6 u took the bonus chocolate it gave you and put it along with chocolate. case closed i found it out

    69. Melissa Storti

      Do you think you can do it infinitely? Because if you think of it you can

    70. DiamondPro_X

      Buy 2 melt it with and without the bonus. And compare the volume in 2 same sized cups

    71. game _boi

      I watched the vsauce video lol

    72. Rose Hirstius

      Not the Tumblr infinite chocolate

    73. Amv only 123

      I’m tryna figure out how it magic


      You don't just buy you earn it.....

    75. bCloud

      Look at that brown square line

    76. Nivek Fifth

      Apparently math is hard

    77. Emily Mann Hatzaw

      The chocolate just got smaller

    78. Salah Al Din

      It's shorter .vsause made a video about it

    79. Diana Vorobushkina


    80. Master playZ Asian

      The size of the chocolate shrinked

    81. Ragnorok

      Probs just angling but willy wonka!

    82. Aniki

      It depends on how you rearrange the pieces by there form and size

    83. Fresh Naz

      No he didn’t

    84. SledgeDragon

      Inventory management

    85. Nitsujin Plays

      It is just for content guys dont be mad on him.

    86. Isabella Plays

      It was flipped over

    87. Sheldon Decker

      Bruh the bonus was under the actual bar

    88. Super Sniper

      Duplication glitches IRL

    89. MusicMiller

      The bonus bar just creates more distance in the middle.

    90. RaAwR_ Itz-m1ku

      It fits perfectly because the word chocolate your putting it on is smaller than the whole box and that’s why your left with one bonus peice

    91. When you

      Or, the bonus piece was just on top of the other pieces and wasn’t actually perfectly in line

    92. Kimbra Harper

      Like literally how can you be magic it’s supposed to have like toys in it and stuff like a kinder egg weirdo

    93. YOUR CRUSH

      My whole life was a lie🥸

    94. Rj lord Pua vlogs

      Can someone explaine me this?

    95. Connor CSMM

      What if some hungry delivery driver were to do this with a normal snack? You'd never know that you were missing out on a part of it without knowing this trick.

    96. Max Pratt

      Matter can not be created nor destroyed its replace with an another object or substance of matter

    97. °•~sunflower gacha~•°

      Yer a wizard, har- chris

    98. Mr. Chip The Teutonic Knight

      Where can I buy this?