The Item I want could Cost me my HCIM Status

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    Find out how you can get 3 months for FREE #ad
    Risking my HCIM status... will it pay off. High Risk HCIM (Episode 8)
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    1. TorvestaRS

      Was a good run... thanks for the support during this series

      1. Ventic-_-

        Hey torvesta what do you use to record with and make FIblock videos with?

      2. Koude Kroket

        Please dont quit🙈

      3. Danny Mills

        When's next vid out making us all wait lad 👀👀👀

      4. u 1HP me

        Yp @TorvestaRS i just finished my first/only pk video with 9-10 way switches featuring Sparc Mac. I would love of you could check it out. All i ask is to watch 10seconds and then you can closed it if you are not hooked ;)

      5. Richie maccord

        I threw my fkin phone when u died and cracked the screen. Rip my life

    2. George Smash

      I enjoy that the d spear spec has never been changed/nerf'd even tho its been abused for years.

    3. George Smash

      Clans are lame.

    4. Lebard

      This journey is so Pog :D I can feel the stress

    5. skorrn

      good luck on the next run

    6. Jose Rea


    7. Brandon Shanesy

      why do you play with my heart like this

    8. Black Eye

      When u upload another hcim video 😔😔😔😔😔

    9. KcWeezy

      RIP torvesta IRL

    10. seba malin

      You'r arch enemy "framed" uploads more vids than you bro, whats going on

    11. Fast Lane Garage

      Rip torvesta

    12. Harvpapi

      Dad we need a new video please help, preference being your sister related

    13. Doctor White Black

      Hope u get better from covid, prayers up

    14. Chris Kujawa

      you gotta get scorpia pet now... RIP!

    15. Brian Oehm

      *poke* Do Something! jk, feel like waiting usually pays off here

    16. I’m Sonny

      I’m confused, did he die and lose the status or not?

      1. Oscar

        no it was a troll

    17. Jose Florez

      where are you? :'(

      1. Dopeweed La

        he has covid 19

    18. Lilly Sayles

      You still alive?

      1. Dopeweed La

        he has covid 19

    19. Retro Gamer

      The dirty bastards! Nooo :-(

    20. DanielsCollection


    21. Denis Omeragic


    22. RodriFUT98

      post a video bruhhhh

    23. Makaveli Today

      Dude post a new video alrwady

      1. Dopeweed La

        he has covid 19

    24. Pharo

      Been subbed to you for a while , your slacking dude . Come on

    25. A hussein

      Yo what happend to the vids???

      1. Dopeweed La

        he has covid 19

    26. Makaveli Today

      Dude upload another video

      1. Dopeweed La

        he has covid 19

    27. DeeZer

      I have never played runescape and probably never will but i still like ur vids

    28. Adam Dubois

      not as pathetic as i, trying to get top 10 or at least an easy 99 whilst breaking from mining when hcim was in it's first months stayed ranked 666 for a few

    29. Black Eye

      When is the new hcim video:(

    30. Makaveli Today

      Dude post a new video already

    31. Alex Carlson

      Can’t even believe it bro, was hoping it was a joke 😮😵

    32. Johnathan Aponte

      It's been 2 weeks man, where ya been?

      1. Dopeweed La

        he has covid 19

    33. jeffrey fletcher

      How did you fake that death lol.

      1. Dopeweed La

        he has covid 19

    34. CensoredByJack

      Your ISP still has all history and searches even with VPN and they sell it

    35. MrStrongBro

      Way to scare the crap out of us. 😂

    36. Natural Scape

      Got a coool video idea. Go and two noob account deep wild and fight each other 1v1 look like bait then non skullers will try lure

    37. MrSexypotato

      I dont understand what happened.... Didnt you die? Or was that like Photoshopped lol.

    38. Twosadcows

      I'm super new to osrs and have fallen in love with your Channel. Got any suggestions on how to start to learn osra pvp?

    39. der Mugana

      yesterday i downloaded old school runescape but i have a other overlay than all that i see on youtube. how to get that overlay ?

      1. Just WOW

        It’s in settings called classic fixed layout

    40. WigglesICU

      I had to rewatch it like 3 times RIP

    41. Midwest Mike

      I had no idea long boned can be used for that . Thanks torvesta . Love u m8

    42. RS Views

      Yiii i

    43. Klaus

      would be nice to have another torvesta vid soon

    44. Joseph Sindelar

      where tf the new vid tho.

    45. TheL0rd0fSpace

      What's the track at 1:08

    46. Truth Hurts

      What an anticlimactic death

    47. j j

      I pulled lever, was a great night

    48. Statistiqs

      omg no way u died rip hc

    49. BornSinners13

      You really do got balls of rune boy u better knock on wood

    50. Scott Kirby

      Gg. Sucks you got so close just to die.

    51. JaacobVee

      Can you do another pk tutorial with specs and switches n shiz

    52. Gneiss Guy

      my heart bro RIP

    53. French007

      @torvestars the queen is overrated and the queen you call a king is super overrated world 308 fight me bruh

    54. HaiPlay

      Who wants pre-eoc back?...

    55. John Johnson

      F in the chat

    56. Omegamonkey

      Does anyone know what song is playing at 1:00

    57. David Recinos

      So you’re still a HCIM or not?

    58. RageGamer123

      what happened when he died?? i cannot understand how!

    59. sondre østvold

      As an OSRS Noob, what actually happened when he "died"

      1. sondre østvold

        @akbar Ramzan thx bro

      2. akbar Ramzan

        Died on a diff account and edited it

    60. MurderOfCrows ,

      Damn bro rip to a goddamm clan

    61. Bryce Rogers

      i still cant believe he died like that. I really cant explain it

    62. Doctor White Black

      53% not subbed because only 1 vid per week, or even 1 per 2 weeks not surprising...

    63. Friday Monday

      "wildy bosses no gains too much risk" he says with a full team protecting him

      1. Truth Hurts


    64. Real Nindu


    65. Glenjamin Rodriguez


    66. Later Gator

      Hey torvesta I can’t find the video where you advertise which editing software you use. Would anyone mind telling me? If they know. Thanks.

    67. Joseph Rodriguez

      You new content plzzz help wait for a group of pkers doing drop party’s!!! Please kill them all got me for 8m

    68. 2000chevy4x4

      Your ad drops are so on point!

    69. grimsithe

      Damn, rip

    70. Vernpeppers

      Hurts as bad as WhiteCat22...RIP


      Good try man. cant wait for the new series.

      1. PTC-Guides

        Ppjt babyyyy

      2. Zack Wilkerson

        Real surprised to see you here man

      3. MudWhisperer21

        no way we see you here! at least some good from this tragedy, welcome back to FIblock btw

    72. parits12

      RIP so close and yet so far

    73. Soar

      Hello Torv why don't you do a video on pissing people off in wildy gwd? sometimes if you annoy them and take there kills in hopes that you may get a key, they go out of their way to skull on you to get you off maybe you can get some nice pks

    74. S1Vader YT

      Bruh my stomach fell out my ass when u fake die man gz but that's cold lol


      Torvesta pleeaaseee make a video about the amountless challanges youtubers do in runescape, as if there are 1000 events each week but there are NONE, please u are THE guy for it XD

    76. Jacky C.

      rip good run

    77. Calvin Matson

      You trusted Ray BLOODY Purchase? No wonder you died.

    78. Jake DeGroot

      2153 total on the iron when i found out you could bank karambwans w/ servant

    79. zelden666

      Dude why on earth would you not have an alt to tag the mobs first? Dumb death. GG

    80. Subtle Bogan

      Cmon, dude! as if you didn't bring your clan mates with you.. dumbass.

    81. Chewylord

      rip torv

    82. Benjamin Pianos

      Ooof rip lmao 😂

    83. OBEY JMB

      We want to see Pking or skull tricking anything ,Not Hardcore Iron man stuff

    84. Insculption

      how you blend the ads into the video is so good lol

    85. Turkse Maffia

      Rewatching the video

    86. Jiezl Galanto

      Can someone help me understand what Hardcore iron man mode is and the significance of the death

    87. Kayla Haas

      Oh my god I can’t believe you would die THERE. 😭

    88. SiMplyNoMeRcY


    89. Nick B

      Click bait horevesta. Specs is your daddi boi

    90. SM8TAL

      "imagine if i die on my way to the volcano " "DIES AT VOLCANO" FUCKK DUDE RIP I WAS ENJOYING THIS SERIES SO MUCHHHHH

    91. anime is evil

      holy shit died on the way to make it... big F

    92. Ignatius Hazzard


    93. Max Tidd

      Do a 1v1 vs 25 buttholes.

    94. Steve Lyons


    95. zac lehnen

      U sly guy you XD

    96. Chillnkill


    97. Above Heroes ~ Overall

      Wow I was in a torvesta video

    98. john rosciolo

      Can't believe you lost the HCIM

    99. its Robb

      Rip broooo

    100. JakeD_ HD

      Rip, bot