The Joe: The Detroit Red Wings & Joe Louis Arena


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    Although construction began without a budget, architectural plans, or a tenant - Joe Louis Arena became the destination for hockey royalty and the home to champions.
    “The Joe” chronicles four decades of unforgettable moments in Red Wings history retold by the players, coaches, and managers that lived them. Dubbed the “Dead Wings” for their futility during the late 70s, the transition of ownership from the Norris family to the Ilitch family began a renaissance in the Motor City. Future captain Steve Yzerman arrived in 1983 and Detroit quickly established themselves as a perennial contender for the Stanley Cup.
    After disappointing playoff exits in the early 1990s, the Red Wings, led by future Hall of Famers Sergei Fedorov, Brendan Shanahan, and Nicklas Lidstrom, finally ended a 42-year championship drought in 1997. Detroit repeated as cup winners the following season and won two more Stanley Cups in 2002 and 2008 - all while making 25-straight playoff appearances at the Joe.
    In addition to cultivating a culture of winning on the ice, the new owners created family atmosphere throughout the franchise, arena, and fan base. Players, fans, and staff mingled within the rink’s corridors and shared highs and lows, not just as a team, but as a community.
    Every moment is here - from Gordie Howe’s return, to the Russian Five, to the emotional final ceremony. “The Joe” utilizes exclusive access and never-before-seen archival footage to present a unique perspective of Detroit’s storied past in one of the NHL’s most iconic arenas.For the latest hockey action, subscribe to our channel by clicking the big, red shiny SUBSCRIBE button

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    1. TDG 13

      As an die hard Avs fan much respect to the Wings

    2. beelzeebub1

      They gave away a CAR every game to avoid 4000 fans

    3. fasteddie777666

      Probie wasn't a farm boy...he was a city boy who grew up in South Windsor !!!!.....shut up Kocur.....bahahahahahaaaaa

    4. Neils Reel Reviews

      Got enough ads? Good grief...

    5. Chrome Noir

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    6. Mark Balkwell


    7. Sire Kumasutra

      It was cool going there for many games including a playoff game in 06. Coolest thing was going to the last public event at the Joe which was a WWE house show and my best bud trying to smuggle a steel chair from the arena haha. He was stopped by security. XD

    8. Owen S.

      Strange not much mention of Bob Probert or Mike Babcock.

    9. Privacy Gg

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    10. charlene aguirre

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    11. William O'Leary

      I only wish I could of seen a game there. Especially one of those against Colorado when those two great franchises were getting after it. Thank you NHL for doing this

    12. Ravens3547

      As an Avs fan, man those Red Wing teams were INCREDIBLE. Those match-ups were so good. Respect.

    13. Amad Mak

      The hypnotic footnote extracellularly walk because galley extragingivally interfere against a acoustic knight. abashed, fabulous trick

    14. gunnner vader

      I remember the 80's and then 80 and 2000's Boy the memories. Of Probert being the best fighter to yzerman game winning goal. To Colorado rivalry. Sucks it all ended. Obviously no best fighter anymore. The wings won't be good for a while. But hopefully, they can get in good form.

    15. hosersupreme

      I'm pretty sure I cried for 45 of this videos 71 minutes, maybe more. As a life-long Red Wings fan, this just hits all the notes - the Detroit Red Wings have become much more than just a team and no matter where I end up, I will ALWAYS be a Red Wings fan until the day I die. When someone asks me where I'm from, I usually say "Hockeytown" - LGRW!

    16. Ernst Gruhn

      i miss datsyuk

    17. Paul Feinberg

      To bad there's an ad every three minutes.

    18. Tommy Robinson

      "You get judged not by when times are good but when times are tough, how do you react when things are difficult not when they're easy" I don't know where that quote it from but it's my favorite

    19. Ursto

      Unfortunately it's just a clearing now :(

    20. Étienne Kosa

      Bobby Orr is the greatest Dman ever but Lindstrom is number 2

    21. Tracy Lewis

      The scintillating tip contradictorily jail because cell impressively unlock underneath a cheap plough. tired, dazzling hearing

    22. tom bois

      Season Ticket Holder from 1970 ( at The Olympia } till 2010 when I finally moved to Florida. Went to over 400 games there.

    23. Шурик Т

      Надо перевод на русский.

    24. Alexander The Great

      Sabres fan here. I love this documentary.

    25. John Patrick

      F D’twat

    26. Mero81

      Actually disgusting how there’s an add every 2 minutes... legit can’t even watch this. Such a joke.

    27. Eric Brewer Guitar

      I’m a Pens fan but the story of the 90’s Red Wings is one of the most inspiring in sports history. I loved watching that team, especially the Russian 5. And then 10 or so years later to watch the Penguins do the impossible and lift the Cup at Joe Louis after losing to the Wings the year before, was really something. Long live the Joe!

    28. RawbHD

      As a hockey fan going to a game at the joe was a surreal experience.

    29. camelCase

      God I hope the Leafs are currently writing a similar story to the resurgence of the Red Wings in the 90s. I seriously still get chills thinking of the Red Wings-Avalanche playoffs series while I was growing up. Great memories.

    30. Chad Eagle Plume

      I bleed red and white lol this team was the my favourite of all time and Stevie Y is my all time favourite player lol used 19 all through minor hockey

    31. Billie-J Armstrong

      Steve Yzerman will rebuild this team around Anthony Mantha and Dylan Larkin

    32. Richard DeJoode

      As a super casual NHL follower, I knew the Red Wings were one of the old teams with some championships but that was about it. Learned a lot. This deserves more views.

    33. Chris Large

      I absolutley hated the Red Wings...but seeing Vladdy holding that Cup was beautiful!!! 😂

    34. Sarah Druker

      For nine years the coach got axed. Will dapper Marc ever be held accountable. He has sold Geoff a warehouse of goods.

    35. david web

      As a caps fan I remember visiting Detroit a couple months before they demolished the joe and I remember walking around the arena and balled my eyes out. Along with the forum in Montreal, the joe will always be in the hearts of true hockey fans. I just wish I could go for a game a the joe.

    36. Janet White


    37. Double Dutch

      It is our life and our spirit.Hello from Kyiv,Ukraine.

    38. LesterOW

      The ads in this video are unstable

    39. HashBrown Hertz

      Wonderful watch 313

    40. Mohammed Khaleel

      Lca is a clear step down from the joe and the palace

    41. Justin Ingram

      unwatchable with the adds

    42. Boss Key

      Federov....Best Hockey player I ever saw with my own eyes in my life time. That guy could have played any position and been a hall of famer

    43. greywolf0167

      I am a leaf fan but my all time fav player was Stevie from Detroit i met him once and he is classy on and off the ice

    44. Daniel Young

      As a long sufferring LEAF FAN good for you! Imagine Leafs change name of their barn every so often for money. 0 = zero cups at ACC/ROGERS/BELL/and now SCOTIABANK ARENA, so pathetic. What LEAFS got is KARMA for ALL things past/present/future!

    45. onelow vdub

      Bowman and Stevie y are like McDavid and tippet

    46. Gerald Ward

      I saw the Red Wings there, I saw U2 there. I shook my hockey hero Gordie Howe's hand there. I have photos of it being built.

    47. Puknut

      Wow what a team they had, for a long time too. Stevey Y was a god on the ice!

    48. Koby Bland

      Is there a better line in all of hockey history than the Russian Five? Like, in their prime, is there one better? I know of a few contenders, like the 01-02 Wings, the 50's Wings, the old Canadiens lines, some of Gretzky's lines. But as a unit, I don't think there are any better.

    49. E Kim

      The Detroit Red Wings became a powerhouse again with Joe Louis Arena and Mike Ilitch and getting Jim Devellano as GM. First great move was drafting Steve Yzerman. After that getting Nicklas Lidström and Sergei Fedorov along with coach Scotty Bowman set the path to success from the mid 1990s to the 2010s. The Russian 5 added another layer to the revival of the Detroit Red Wings and great teams that won numerous Cups and games. Also, to become a great team, there needs to be a worthy rivalry and that was with Colorado. They had great players and team and worthy competitor. The new arena in Detroit is great, but as a wings fan, nothing beats Joe Louis Arena.

    50. Remis_oconnell

      As a kid who grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, playing hockey my whole life. Even played on “The Joe’s” ice as a kid during a pregame event. I just literally cried. I don’t know how many games I’ve watched at the joe, but I do know that building had a soul

    51. Just Another Michigander

      Seeing us win the cup for Vladdy in 1998 is one of the best experiences of my life.

    52. A Fluffy Cookie

      They will be a contending team again soon with Larkin, Mantha, Bertuzzi, and Hronek leading the core. They have a lot of great draft pjcks that just need time to develop.

    53. ruffrida100

      I can’t wait for the day when the wings dominate again

    54. Nancy Ward

      Saw Gordie and Alex and Steve play. I was blessed.

    55. Steven Crawley

      The pink diving quickly separate because step-son fortunately copy till a earthy canoe. endurable, available insurance

    56. AwiO

      18 ads in 1 hour video.. impressive!

    57. Paul Convery

      I'm only at the 23 minute mark and this to me, is one of the best Red Wing videos I've seen anywhere. I had no idea Detroit Mayor Coleman Young was the driving force in the construction of Joe Louis Arena. I'm sure his motives were money related, but despite his shortcomings I can say thank you to Coleman for helping keep the Red Wings in Detroit.

    58. Steve Rose

      I haven't accomplished much at life, but I saw the Wings play at the Joe. Did the hide-your-wallet walk to Tiger Stadium, too. Detroit adores an underdog.

    59. Preston Wint

      Awesome keep making videos 🖒

    60. Taylor Bevill

      This arena has so much history to it. From Gordie Howe to the Russian Five, to all the legendary moments in WWE with the Undertaker winning the WWE Championship from Hulk Hogan to Smackdown vs Raw at Survivor Series 2005.

    61. heyhawks24

      Detroit Sucks

      1. BUGZ

        Homie your city is literally falling apart and dying. And that’s saying ALOT coming from Detroit..

    62. Nexus

      if you watch a game at the joe, you will never forget it

    63. James Kennedy

      That was an Awesome documentary!

    64. conspiracies are just great stories

      Konstantinov was an absolute pleasure to watch play that shut down defense. His ability to step up and throw the body was incredible. His vision was insane. And not to mention, he had the most intense focus I've ever seen. A shame his career wasn't longer. I hope kids today get to watch his highlight real and learn what it's like to be automatic in your role

    65. Motown Lions89

      I wish I had a chance to go to the joe, silver dome, tigers stadium, and the palace.

    66. Vxzzo

      Take me back 😭😭

    67. Essential Listening

      I WISH, we had more audio of Brett Hull Talking with Pavel Datsyuk

    68. Troy R.

      The joe was built into the city. Literally. You walk through the curtain and see the blue roof before anything. No matter where you walked into the bowl. The most iconic arena I have and will ever set foot in.

    69. Justin Pruett

      Proud to say I was at the brawl in Hockeytown in 1997. Unforgettable.

    70. Vad Orkow

      I am Russian and I am 58 years old. I remember Soviet hockey and the first series with the Canadians. Great movie. Thanks.

      1. Brian Morgan

        We love you Russians here in Detroit

    71. Jimmy Tweedale

      Imagine hearing Brett Hull say youre the sickest llayer hes ever seen

    72. Jimmy Tweedale

      You know the bruise brothers were doin mountains of blow and sandblastin glizzy lizzards!! Hahaha

    73. Jimmy Tweedale

      First NHL game ever attended was at this arena with my dad and many more followed, and absolute atmosphere that place was when it was on fire! Always had number 19 as a kid playing hockey because of Yzerman, RIP Joe Louis Arena.

    74. Поручик

      The great Russian five! From Russia with love my friends...thx Joe...R.I.P. 1979-2020

    75. R M

      Hey FIblock you ruined a cool video by putting in ads every 3 - 4 min's

    76. Loukas

      Olympia was far more magical

    77. Alexandro

      Whenever I see footage of Vladdy I get emotional. Tough & hard but a great defenseman

    78. Hockey Town

      I tell this to everyone.. When Detroit makes it back to the playoffs. you better be scared.

    79. tree rat76

      89 draft was a heck of a draft

    80. tree rat76

      March 26th 1997 is when we won the cup in 97

      1. Justin M

        Haha yep. I was 8 years old. Still remeber. Cant watch it without goodse bumps

    81. tree rat76

      I still hate turtle boy lemieux

    82. tree rat76

      Chris Osgood still looks like he's 20 years old

    83. tree rat76

      Best hire the red wing hire in team history

    84. tree rat76

      For people who like my self who grew up in the 80's he is the greatest red wing who ever lived

    85. tree rat76

      Let's go red wings

    86. tree rat76

      Mr. Hockey was the greatest player too ever live

    87. tree rat76

      Gone but not forgotten. It was a dump but it was our dump

    88. Dave Timmer

      I can still remember taking my date to the Joe for the GLI tournament the first year it opened. We parked in the construction lot and walked in.


      How bout that? 18:16 Yzerman assisted Federovs first goal!

    90. Johhny Ohrl

      I grew up in East Germany and was always amazed about the "Sbornaja" (Russian national team), then we deflected to the west, and I learned about the NHL and a guy named Gretzky. I liked the NHL from then on... But from day one I fell in love with the Red Wings (and individually, Mario Lemieux as the most skilled man on ice I ever saw). I remember their rise in the late 80s, only to see the Red Wings losing in round one year after year (so it seemed)... Then came the "Russian Five". The re-birth of the Sbornaja. I felt sent back in time. The best hockey played I ever saw, after the already great team that lost to the Devils the season before, then finally... winning the Cup. It was long overdue... then the tragic loss of Konstantinov... But the best was yet to come: the "All star team of all stars". The 2002 Red Wings... Yzerman, Fedorov, Shanahan, Hull, Larionov, Lidstrom, Robitaille, Chelios, Hasek, and so on... even a young Datsyuk already around... The greatest hockey team put together in the history of mankind (not statistically, but it felt like)... And what the Red Wings became of nowadays. I still can´t believe it.

    91. eric duncan

      The two kids and a goat line will forever be my favorite... It's funny to hear Hull reflect on it so fondly too

    92. Cameron R.

      That 2002 team doesn’t get enough credit

      1. Nate Enochs

        Best team of all time, in any sport.

    93. Richard Dekoster

      Fuckinmg idiots

    94. Гашек ТВ


    95. Darren Bednarz

      Nothing like being a fan of the most American Stanley cups

    96. Sean Kehoe

      Draft reporter to Steve Yzerman " Hows that jersey" -Yzerman "Its a little big I hope I grow into it"....mission accomplished wooooooooooo lgrw

    97. Mike Barber

      This is an amazing documentary about The Joe. My greatest regret as a Red Wings Fan is not attending a game there 😥

    98. ziggy morris

      Have zero love for the Redwings, but this was excellent.

    99. William Hartline

      Good bye joe Louis and thank you

    100. My Entertainment