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    ... until the next one.

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    1. Daniel Johnson

      We've all had that Harry moment when gaming. Feel for you lad!

    2. 武蔵 門

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    3. 武蔵 門

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    4. Jeremy Beihneitha

      at this point..i think the GTA gods just favours josh🤷🏼‍♂️🥴

    5. Galina Boynes

      The unequal wrench medicinally watch because blinker systemically remind versus a oceanic pet. shy, best novel

    6. Road Side

      GME AMC

    7. Jack Howe

      You can tell Harry has the worst pc of them all because of how fast the flags are moving on the monster trucks as the speed of the flags depends on the FPS of the game either Harry has a worse pc or for some reason he’s got his FPS locked to about 80-90

    8. gkount

      KSI GTA W/L With hands on controller: 45-572 If Handsfree : 572-45

    9. Swastik vrat Singh

      17:28 its pain

    10. Optɪmus Weege


    11. John Cena

      Yeah we want moreeee huuu huuuu

    12. Zonia Schumaker

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      1. Dream smp moments


    13. benraimondo

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    14. Johann Fernandes

      We want/need more. There can not be a "last" GTA

    15. Tristen Randomz

      I love watching jj play gta funniest stuff ever

    16. Furqan Ochoa

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    17. Isa Khan


    18. Og gamer

      Damn ksi doing that shit hands free

    19. joona jurvelin

      playlist link


      where is tobi

    21. Nathan Estephanos


    22. huey ho

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    23. Scott Sapcariu

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    24. Ba11er_29

      I would politely say we would like more!!!!

    25. Nathan Ingram

      The first race would’ve been so much easier if the Sidemen knew how to twist their cars in mid-air...

    26. Dahmsy

      13:16 * Ethan speaking his native tongue* 😅😂

    27. FrenzyBoi

      Well that was a complete f**king lie

    28. Jack Young

      How do I play this on xbox

    29. horoe nipau

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    30. Ainwin 69


    31. Kisron Chandra

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    32. Salim Abawa

      Please more FIblock challenge 🙏

    33. King BONES gaming

      KSI always last LOL

    34. Krystal Long

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    35. Sema Çakır

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    37. Viggo Maintz

      if i should make a highlight og these clips it wouldnt be edited. just the whole vid LMAO

    38. AugUuUuu

      16:50 i love how harry is like 1 second behind the game LMAO

    39. Ben Radcliffe


    40. Happy Thoughts

      The guys who play this game (and racing games) off camera should make it a bit more fun for those who dont, to keep this fun for all. No need to keep going for the win. play for content

    41. Michael Tolle

      How do I find the first races on the social club

    42. mert

      1:59 I CANT LMAOOOO

    43. Honour Jayy

      How do I find this race?

    44. TLF Football

      29:40 let me guess jj did that he was standing there before

    45. Abdullah Tawfik

      Guys where can I get this race to play with my friends

    46. Salim Abawa

      When Simon is shouting in the last bump

    47. Precarious Deify

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    48. Sema Çakır

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    49. I-drxp 7

      We want more plz

    50. BigZyKinG

      9:03 are we not gonna talk about how S M O O T H that landing was o.o

    51. Ghoste

      read the description

    52. TANX

      I feel for JJ

    53. Cloudy CODM

      JJ is the most skilled pilot

    54. Thomas Searle

      What drugs can do to a man

    55. SuPa Kevin

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    56. skyler Hu

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    57. eytan urmans

      how can i find this map

    58. Meg

      How normal people tell time: hours, minutes, seconds How Harry tells time: games of football

    59. TripleSlashAnime


    60. LS15 Gaming

      22:05 Tobi “fam fly”😂😂

    61. J. Bennett

      God and Jesus are great read the Bible Jesus can come any time turn your life to God before its to late

    62. Daring pigeon

      I love noodles

    63. J. Bennett

      a God and Jesus are great read the Bible Jesus can come any time turn your life to God before its to late

    64. Angell King

      What's the name of the map

    65. Sophie Lloyd


    66. Edith Johannessen

      No more Gta what am i going to watch now:(

    67. yellow screen

      2:02 2:03 2:04 nice how sweet is tha josh helps ksi (jj) with saying: 'go to top. go top.'.

    68. Jxshy Fxshy

      25:45 OH WOW

    69. Centurion21st Gaming

      When Simon fell 17:10 he sounded like R2 D2 from Star Wars that screams 😂

    70. Aaron Cable

      Typical youtuber something happens next minute that's a good title for a video harry does now let's make a video then itll get a tonne of views

    71. DomijuricYT

      How can you play the ultra ramp

    72. Willy Boii

      How is Elon gonna build a flying car when JJ can’t even drive one

    73. john ward


    74. alina 16


    75. alina 16


    76. SPARKY _477

      So that was a fucking lie! (This is with contrast with the vid the was uploaded today)

    77. Vo Quoc Tru

      The chubby actor meteorologically park because police microscopically flash failing a creepy value. level, deserted tanzania

    78. Brook The Skeleton


    79. Albari Rashid

      13:11: JJ became miley cyrus and said *I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BUS!*

    80. Albari Rashid


    81. Karim Abdalla

      what's this stunt race called

    82. Jayplaysgames

      the day they uploaded this was my bday

    83. Jack Sim

      anyone know what to search to get the first race?

    84. Charlie Lomax

      What is the name of the first race?

    85. Isaac Hyde

      3:05 was it just me or does Toby sound exactly like DaithiDeNogla? 😂

    86. David Jarrah

      The nervous tune exclusively enjoy because toad cephalometrically tick on a understood bandana. macho, descriptive dresser

    87. lukemann ulahq

      josh: thats bulling vik vik: yeh get used to it that hade me craking up

    88. Magnus Vikedal

      How can i play this race

    89. Basil Masood

      19:20 Ayy @angryrantman made it to the sidemen video 😂

    90. Alex Donis

      This is cap. They uploaded last week

    91. Mukarram Humayun

      19.09 @angryrantman

    92. Vince

      22:34 Why’s Harry a mood

    93. Justin Cracked

      Jj getting bullied is so funny

    94. lewis hunnam

      just me that heard randy talk at 9:35

    95. M3li Dr

      Well that was a lie.

    96. jonki leshi

      The nasty dinghy inexplicably borrow because airmail experimentally flap since a complex sphere. amusing, periodic door

    97. Abinash Sharma

      25:45 thats a meme material right there

    98. Lucivaldo Manoel Alves

      Plz don’t stop it’s amazing Contant

    99. Soren Axelson

      They may have hated recording it, but I really enjoyed watching it.