The Never-Used Road Where The BBC Crash Cars

Tom Scott

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    There are lots of disused and never-used roads and bridges in the world. But the Road to Nowhere in Yate, in south-west England, does still sometimes have traffic driving on it. And crashing on it.
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    1. Tom Scott

      This feels like the sort of video I'd have made years ago: just me and a GoPro in a weird bit of infrastructure. Normally at this point I'd thank all the folks I worked with, but today, it's just me. So, uh, thank you, me.

      1. FlyingScotsman 93

        Wait, this comment if five months old but the video says it was uploaded 3 months ago. What sort of Tom foolery is this ?

      2. Mr Bee-Zee


      3. Kwibloop Da Something

        round of applause for Tom, for doing everything

      4. GSW Cooper

        A couple of people came down my road once, recognising it as having been used for filming by The Bill crew on multiple occasions - thinking that they could walk right down to the end, follow the road around to the right, and carry on walking along. I pointed out that no, they actually couldn't - just after that bend, the road came to a dead stop (with two separate footpaths, the entrance to a cul-de-sac and some parking spaces behind another small estate, rail lines, and a Railtrak equipment yard all coming off it, but I didn't go into that much detail). They insisted the road continued on around the corner, they'd seen it on the show before with police cars coming screaming around that corner and shooting up our road at 50mph. They thought they knew the area better than I did, and I've lived here all my life. Well I wished them a good day and walked off and they then walked down, around the bend, and nothing. Honestly, I'm so impressed that those stunt drivers can get a car cornering that fast when it's coming out of a literal dead-end like that (there's like 60ft of road round there!), they can really sell it well on camera. :D :D :D

      5. sa7man 0808

        Tom and gerry

    2. Virus ._.

      I live in Gloucester and never knew this existed

    3. Lizard King

      Take it over and start building houses next to it

    4. EggoWaffle


    5. Sophie Hawthorne

      Well, it would appear that a Tom Scott video was actually the best thing filmed on Yate council's white elephant.

    6. barkon

      We've got a road like that in Burlington VT. Not as a film set but, as a half-built highway. A good portion of it is now covered by a home-built skatepark: 44.44666796074772, -73.21106983906739

    7. MajorRageGames

      You should put this on tv Tom, its very educational!

    8. Melonpan

      That's good place for jogging

    9. Filip Oščádal

      you've never been to Czechia 😂

    10. Jolly Blond Giant

      Pennsylvania is full of half-completed highways that dump you onto local roads without warning

    11. BH


    12. Sebastian Gorka

      They say if walk this road at night and turn around before you reach the rail line, you will be lost. Forever cursed to walk this road to nowhere until you pass out. Then you will wake up ON the rail line.

    13. NFSHeld

      50.9140586409798, 6.3233632882367266

    14. Roger Szmodis

      There used to be a road like that where I live but it was sold about 20 years ago and now the land is a racetrack. There’s only like 3 races a year, I think the guy just wanted a private track to drive his antique F1 car. Same reason too, they started then were too cheap to build a required bridge. Now they are building that bridge like a kilometre down stream .

    15. spooper

      scott is malding

    16. unosturgis

      There is one in Chicago too! That is where they filmed Groundhog Day

    17. Ethan Forsyth

      I don't understand the title?

    18. jad Rahal

      Come to lebanon the whole country is un complete

    19. Noor Ono

      Which camera are you using

    20. ronald reagan hate account

      Ok now I want to ride my bicycle on that road.

    21. Abigia Jones

      Big fan. Your pronunciation of the word ‘convincing’ makes my ears bleed.

    22. Dominick NL

      AGH! so annoying, just finish the road already! it's so close to being done

    23. Jean Marceaux

      It's amazing how much Britain loves Richard Hammond to build him a whole ass road to drive on.

    24. xtps1

      wow youtubes compression is realy bad

    25. aquatrax123

      This reminds me of rt 55 in New Jersey. It was called the highway to nowhere when it was built.

    26. Andrei Fluster

      Come to Romania to see so many unfinished roads.

    27. Oshu

      I love watching your videos

    28. Nakul Ghate

      Now that's the final road of Need for Speed Most Wanted

    29. Coco

      "I don't actually know, I gave up on researching this project halfway through." *drops the camera*

    30. MemeMaykr

      "I don't actually know, I stopped researching this project halfway through"

    31. Seppuku CR

      How much is 400 meters to miles?

    32. monny287

      This is so convenient. Unlike in NYC, which is host to over 50 TV shows (they boast on their digital kiosks, which include city trivia) and God knows how many movies, and they'll just shut down whole streets and park trailers right in the middle of where you need to go. And despite all this, I have never seen a celebrity.

    33. ugcheleuce

      Sometimes, a road like that does get completed. The bridge at -25.775124, 27.831583 in South Africa is a (locally) well known example of a bridge in the middle of nowhere, and the road adjacent to it with a bridge across the lake used to end at a T-junction right after the lake for many, many years, but recently the road that that bridge should have served was completed and the road now continues through the gap between the hills (where on older Google Maps photographs the abandoned blasting can be seen). In fact, if you move south from this bridge in the middle of nowhere you can see a gap between two more hills where the road was planned to have gone all those many decades ago.

    34. Thom

      Shame it's closed to the public. Would be perfect for driving lessons

    35. Simon Turner

      Now for the rest of the day I'll have a Talking Heads song stuck in my head.

    36. Enzo Ocampo III

      as if bob ross build a road design for the city and its just a happy accident

    37. KyrohJc

      respect to tom scott for travelling all around the world for these 2 minute videos

    38. Juan Hernandez

      The dapper architecture problematically load because chauffeur latterly prefer along a damaging hockey. strange, old c-clamp

    39. My name JEFF

      Tbh that would be a great place where to learn how to drive without traffic

    40. HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

      In german we have a term for bridges that stand around in the middle of nowhere: Soda-Brücke, which roughly translates into justhere-bridge, because the bridge stands just there.

    41. A day in the life of a Yeti

      haha I've been to yate and didn't see it, and there's nothing there, like how did I not see the most interesting part of yate

    42. Stan Marsh

      Isn't the BBC singular? Shouldn't it be "where the BBC crashES cars"?

    43. Wikan Saktianto

      The Never-Used Roads Where The BBC Crashes Cars? Is IT ToP GeAr???

    44. Recorder Knight

      someone should 100% start racing there

    45. dominik nik

      to be honest, a movie set could be a nice attraction. at least more than a finished road.

    46. offaloffadangoo


    47. Lexi Curtis

      Anyone else see the graffiti willy right at the end?

    48. Craig Anthony

      Er, Mr. Scott... it’s self evident that a road never used cannot be used to crash cars. And, there are no roads to nowhere. Where is always present at the end of any road. OK, I’ll leave now. Peace, love, out.

    49. Gareth Symons

      "There's Frog's walking their dogs here" ? I should go.

    50. Cod4mw123

      When covid-19 pandemic is over, you should go to Georgia, the country, it has alot of interesting history, both new and old

    51. Hellblazer

      Yep lived here, been here and walked dogs here 🤣

    52. Nikola Tovar

      We've got a road like this near me in the US, but they keep reviving it and bringing it back into circulation like a sort of 'zombie' highway.

    53. josh Ryan

      That road was used in line of duty to for a ambush

    54. Cranberry-Kitsune

      Tom Scott: *makes a video about something random* The internet: Well well well, let's find out

    55. Reman1975

      I always liked Yate. It was close enough to Bristol to be convenient, But far enough away that all the screaming, gunfire, and police sirens didn't wake you up at night. :D

    56. Reman1975

      Considering the title doesn't say "Yate" or "Road to nowhere" there's a fare few comments here from people in Yate. :)

    57. Podh Music

      That road describes my life

    58. Nevar Stopme

      Im sorry britain, but whenever i see the BBC, my internet addled brain has to figure out which of two possible acronyms im supposed to be seeing, and well, lets say its a little bigger and darker.

    59. Poopy Papa

      I hate how europeans have no idea what a BBC is

    60. JJ Chilidogs

      Thank now I will be looking for this when I watch a BBC, Channel 4, or ITV show next time

    61. Dušan Angelovič

      bam bloody boozeled

    62. James Mayo

      Miss April Nicole would always say; "crypt0 now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today" My sons a¢¢ount just ballooned to a staggering 23k in just 6 day's, wow... T eleqram; {talk2nicole}

    63. FilmsK

      English is not my main language and I had a different meaning for BBC

    64. Fors Tech

      Tom has unstoppable cheak-tongue.

    65. William Thirry


    66. Jake Holloway

      I live in yate and i feel we should have a statue of tom scott in the centre just because of this video

    67. Demian Slobodian

      This is so nice and fun

    68. Artistic Dreamer

      Okay-everythng-werd-cannot-press-some-buttons-thought-ths-would-make-for-funny-story-cannot-ht-spacebar-doesnt-work-ht-wrong-buttons-whle-tryng-to-do-somethng-now-am-gong-to-yt-support-hope-am-don't-have-to-descrbe-all-not-askng-for-help-thought-was-funny-am-one-who-done-ths. wasnt-sure-who-to-send-ths-to-but-thought-was-worth-tryng-to-type-whle-stll-a-problem-yes-all-the-shortcuts-work-whle-am-typng.

    69. Ralf CrabAppleTreeChopper

      We have one of those "Roads to Nowhere" in Blacksburg Virginia USA next to Virginia Tech. They called it the "Smart Road". Its a big four lane highway but it just goes nowhere, dead ends

    70. Juan Hernandez

      The vivacious jumper additonally race because mouse dewailly arrive against a proud freckle. upset, historical feast

    71. TiagoTiago

      Would it be cheaper to make the cars go above or bellow the train-track?

    72. Ste Wright

      Tom, another video you could do similar to this could be on the Litchfield canal M6 toll aquaduct, or maybe the abandoned Mam Tor road

    73. Matteo De Fazi

      Someone should really add it to Mapillary ("diy" street view service)

    74. Internly

      Looks like a perfect smoke spot to me lmao

    75. ZwanzwaN

      why is the very beginning of your script always cut off in every single video

    76. CE Waffles

      Well Placed Joke, at the end...

    77. Jim Baker

      For decades there was an unfinished set of interchange bridges, three levels, two bridges each level, over Interstate 84 west of Hartford Connecticut USA, for a kind of ring road that never was built. (Not building did save a nice forest north of the bridge.). I no longer live in that part of the country, and understand that it was finally torn down, presumably to avoid needing further maintenance on it.

    78. Snookbone

      "Never-used" Lists several things it was used for

    79. Adam Minaker

      I bet there are some nice cars there at night

    80. Gring

      Didn’t clarkson crash a volvo on that road

    81. John Wolverton

      This is also where the Batman begins, tumbler chase was

    82. John Wolverton

      Hey I’ve been here

    83. William Reid

      I think this is where the Slow Mo Guys filmed their “Car Aerodynamics” video.

    84. Toomany Francis

      I may be crazy but there's plenty of unfinished roads where I live. I drive for ubereats and just last week I had an order that gave very specific instructions on how to get to their house because the road was never complete, there's about 15 feet of grass between the road they live on and the road Google Maps thinks they live on. This is in the middle of a developed suburb, and this is actually a fairly common occurrence here, it's just usually more than 15 feet. I would say even more common is the 3 way intersection disguised as a 4 way intersection, then if you go to the other side of the trees you'll find the road the intersection is supposed to connect to.

    85. Chris Oliver

      Well we know where we're going But we don't know where we've been

    86. IHaveAn EricShawn

      I shall call this Richard Hammond road

    87. Александр С.

      Your 400m nowhere road is nothing compared to our giant highway intersection, that going nowhere. Really

    88. Flab 2 Fit

      perfect location for speed training for running and cycling though

    89. AppleJuice

      "We're on the road to nowhere..."

    90. Tushar Gupta

      So Top Gear shooted their episodes here (The one with Jezza, James and Hammond)

    91. chazer 007

      My favourite kind of road :)

    92. IrishHungryDwarf

      I doubt it is the same place (because they film in America) but it looks like the highway from season 2 of the walking dead

    93. Sam Lowry

      Thought this was going to be the tes road complex at Longcross in Surrey - but this was just as interesting

    94. Compo Simmonite

      That’s amazing

    95. Becky

      When I started binging Tom Scott videos today, I didn’t expect to stumble across a video of him 5 minutes from my home 😅

    96. Salutations YT!

      2021: this road now is one of the most flytipped roads in Britain

    97. Grant Beerling

      If ever there was a metaphor for my life......

    98. hobrin


    99. Walterthecat

      Who's here after they completed the road

    100. Nate Rickard

      Sums up the British quite well. Refuse to fork out money.