The Roop (Lithuania Eurovision 2021) "Discoteque" | Wiwi Jam at Home

35 t. näkymät17

    The Roop from Lithuania perform their Eurovision 2021 entry "Discoteque" at the Wiwi Jam at Home 2021.

    Video Editor:
    Cinan - cinansdl

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    1. SPASIBO

      I like this version so much more then on eurovision perfomance

    2. Ліля Друзь


    3. gavotteg

      love it

    4. thelightdreams1


    5. LT U


    6. Светлана Флай

      Pretty cool sound and song! 💖

    7. grgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgr

      теперь песня стала еще сильнее похожа на Depeche Mode

    8. marina mm

      Прекрасно 😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤💯🤪🚀

    9. pihuts

      How long are his legs?

    10. Kambariui, linksmai

      We need this on SPOTIFY !!!

    11. jlkjlk jkljklj

      The original version is an energetic bop that reminds me it's good to dance alone. This version is a haunting introspective piece that tells me my soul needs to heal. I love this, if they put this on spotify I'm absolutely getting it.

    12. Yulia Shylo

      I listened to this song the most out of all other esc songs. Absolutely adore their charisma and dance moves. Love from Ukraine 🇺🇦💋

    13. Christina Ziori


    14. raminta p

      Wow!!! 💛

    15. Zhu Thor

      Spotify pleeeease :D

    16. RNWLL

      Wow 🥺 love this version!

    17. Анфиса

      Like this version! Beautiful music 💕

    18. Mark Perez

      Wow awesome

    19. Danielle van der Meer

      So love this b

    20. David Dewhurst

      My personal highlight from a wonderful wiwijam. Thank you The Roop. Love this version.

    21. Goda Dzene

      super super

    22. Joana


    23. Георг Яремко

      ВОТ,ВОТ.ВОТ!!!!Это мне нравится!!!!лучшая как для меня версия песни!!!её бы на Евровидение и мой голос был бы за Вас, болею за Украину.

    24. Žygimantas N


    25. Watermelontastic

      I really want this tshirt

      1. Joana

        @Watermelontastic I hope they'll visit Australia one day! Thank you for your support and lovely words! 💛🖖🏻💛

      2. Watermelontastic

        @Joana When the borders eventually reopen, if they ever do a show down here, I’ll be there! They’re amazing. Best of luck to Lithuania in the final 💕

      3. Joana

        @Watermelontastic Haha, I get it 😂 Let's wait untill The Roop become international superstars and you'll be able to find their merch in Australia as well! 😆😊💛 Best wishes from Lithuania! 💛🖖🏻💛

      4. Watermelontastic

        @Joana oof okay I love it but not enough to pay €35 + shipping to Australia

      5. Watermelontastic

        @Joana Thanks!!

    26. Alex Y

      Can this be released, please?

    27. Oksana Deriabina

      Such a post-punk/ new wave vibe. Great!

    28. Stella

      Wait why is this such a vibe, I love it-

    29. Artem Chyornyj

      This is even better than original version

    30. GTS

      wow! this version fits better to my home discoteque. Like it!! 👍

    31. Maria Kulikowska

      So good!

    32. Vicki Guims

      This version is very interesting🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    33. Fly Nebula


    34. mick munn

      we love the Roop thank you for making the Eurovision great

    35. max max

      A very worthy rendering, well done!

    36. Children's Dreams Toys


    37. Bartek9260 Kowalski


    38. hot pepper

      Chill out version very beautiful ❤️👌

    39. Cameron Clark

      I love this version ❤️

    40. SideTastic


    41. Jelapenas

      Love it! Love it! ;))

    42. Lina Uraz

      Super! Sekmes siandien!

    43. G.G Ziu

      VILNIUS 2022

    44. Lesya Kras

      Oh, I like this version👍🥰

    45. Juliya D

      this version even better then original

    46. funkytown15

      Depeche Mode vibes 🔥

    47. Måneskin Edits

      I love this version❤

    48. kiskismiaumiau

      This version sounds interesting. GOOD LUCK TODAY BOYSSSS❤❤

    49. Maciej

      He is beautiful