The Rule Changes F1 Got VERY Wrong


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    There have been times when F1 could have done a little better with some of their rules...


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    1. EgglestonS Robert

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    2. geoffrey ethelston

      How about a crossroad on the track where random monster trucks fly across

    3. Christian Ramirez

      instead of double points in the final race, try these: 1. with each race, the points increase. so, a win in the season opener is 25 points, but a win in the 2nd race is worth 28, 31 in the 3rd race, 34 in the 4th and so on. 2. allow tyre changes, but, each team would have to choose only one grade of tyre for the race. depending on strategy, some teams would run hard tyres with fewer stops throughout a race and others use the faster softs, but with more stops. wets always available in case of rain. 3. taking the fastest lap in a race, but still finishing outside the points results in an automatic Q3 spot in the next race; even better, an automatic p2 start in the next race. gives the midfield teams and even some tailenders something more to fight for. imagine what would happen with a slower car starting on the front row.

    4. DaniMacYo

      Here’s one giving Mercedes a V6 Turbo.

    5. Jim N.

      Why should 4th place be worth twice as many points despite the result being the same? Because the race scored double points. Pretty basic.

    6. OneOfManyDaves

      They pissed around with the safety car rules a few years ago (2006/7 I think?) to try and eliminate the advantage gained under safety car pit stops. The pit lane would be closed if the safety car was out. If it was a round of pitstops at the time and cars were running out of fuel and had to stop for fuel they'd have to take a penalty for doing so. Absolute nonsense that massively benefited drivers who pitted before the safety car came out, as the field bunched up, and then drivers would have to stop under racing speeds. Terribly thought out and everyone hated it. In the dustbin of history for a long time now, thankfully

    7. IIGrayfoxII

      Removing refueling. Bring it back. Allowing teams to decide how much fuel to start with or add per pit stop adds more elements to strategies. Give each driver the same 110kg of fuel per race. This also means the cars can be faster since they can be 1/2 filed, since lighter they're faster and since lighter they're more "Green" since a lighter car does not burn as much fuel.

    8. PolarBearMama37

      The format they tried for the elimination qualifying in 2016 was flawed, but I do think it had potential to work better than it did, with some tweaks.

    9. Schorsch Krachbummduke

      4:02 Sorry, but if people don't watch all session it's on them.

    10. Sai Pawan

      Lol ...5:49.... question: what do you do Nothing I just stare at the tires and get paid

    11. Marcos Casado

      Well, no tire change would be pretty good now. Counting that Pirelli is literally rubbish.

    12. British Lads

      Them banning things

    13. davekirk100

      I'm sure someome once proposed running the race in reverse format ie anti-clockwise instead of clockwise - terrible idea, all the barriers and escape lanes are in the wrong places

      1. Mandy B

        Last year, for the second race at the tracks which held two. And it was the safety reasons that stopped it, IIRC, because the drivers were otherwise game for the challenge.

    14. Arthur Regueira

      "Massa would be F1 champion with medals system" - Me, a man of culture and patriotism (only in sports): "BRING BACK ECLESTONE"

    15. zeus 5029

      Still got it wrong. Tires should be. Any combination any axle at anytime. A race that runs with only 1 or 2 tire changes is “ BORING “.

    16. dangerouscool

      I kinda hope that (after they get the cars somewhat dialed in through 2022) they mandate 2 pit stops in 2023. Am I wrong?

    17. Jiri Lappalainen

      Whats next rule no pit stops this gets so boring

    18. Neovo903

      I still think there should be a 1 constructor point for fastest pitstop

    19. Tinship

      Supercars are doing a great job with qualis.

    20. Paddy Plays

      Worst F1 current rule no refueling during race.

    21. PannenTheKoek

      From no tire change allowed, to mandatory pitstop lol

      1. Matthew

        ? they have always had mandatory pitstops

    22. Ryan Tobin

      Correct me if I'm wrong but Nico didn't retire from the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix did he? I'm sure I remember him asking to still finish the race

      1. Extreme Griefer Jesus

        He's talking about the 2014 race, mate...

    23. S S

      What about changing the engines so they sound shit?

    24. TheHooverBreathingDogPaddler

      The change to turbo hybrid engines is by far the biggest rule change they got wrong.

      1. Extreme Griefer Jesus

        @TheHooverBreathingDogPaddler That... has absolutely nothing to do with the engines and everything with the aero, mate. I have no idea what point you're trying to make here. Do you think 2021 cars would magically become competitive in overtaking if you put V10 engines into them? You did watch old races, right? Races like Monaco 2001 where Coulthard was stuck behind Bernoldi all race long, or Monaco 2004 where Button was on Trulli's tail end for 30 laps without having any chance of overtaking? Alonso vs Petrov in Abu Dhabi 2010? Is that what constitutes as exciting racing in your mind?

      2. TheHooverBreathingDogPaddler

        @Extreme Griefer Jesus As opposed to now when Mercedes dominates, it's mission impossible to overtake on certain tracks, and the vast majority of overtakes are DRS or tyre life assisted. If you can't see how engines have any influence on the racing spectacle, you clearly have never been to a live race. To quote Sebastian Vettel referring to the turbo hybrid engines, "These engines are shit."

      3. Extreme Griefer Jesus

        @TheHooverBreathingDogPaddler I'm sorry, I don't see how engines have any influence on the racing spectacle. We had V10s as standard in the early 2000s and the races were dreadful because Ferrari was dominating the field and overtakes were a mission impossible on certain tracks.

      4. TheHooverBreathingDogPaddler

        @obimk1 LMFAO... sorry internet engineer, a 10% hybrid is hardly ground breaking, and thermal efficieny alone does not provide a good racing spectical.

      5. obimk1

        Automotive engineer here, F1 Hybrid Engines have one of the highest "thermal efficiency" from all engines, you have no clue about this.

    25. Scheffel

      i for one would've like the medal system very much... mainly because im brazilian and the dreaded "is that glock?" haunts me to this day.

    26. BananenBoerBob

      I like the medal system in addition to the points. Every win you get a 5kg medal that you have to carry in your car for the rest of the season. Second place gets 3kg etc. If you lose a medal on the way while driving it is deducted from your total unless you DNF the race. Final race is going to be some cars on near full fuel load weight at the end of the race with a plot twist. Not finishing in the top 10 in the last race deducts a gold medal from your total unless it is trough a DNF that someone else got a penalty for. That'd really bring the field together without actually changing the final result much.

    27. Рост Яковлев

      No refueling should be up there

    28. rawednylme

      “It felt artificial”. That’s just modern F1 though.😐

    29. xtlm

      So they changed the rule-book to try and stop Michael from dominating the sport. Have they tried to change the rule-book to try and stop Lewis from dominating?

    30. D.j.O'Connor

      F1 has to do something ...its stagnant... the racing is not getting any better ...i love f1 but can barley stand to watch it any longer

    31. almighty probow47xd

      i really like the idea of double points.

    32. Zacharie Guillerey

      That's a 1989 picture not 1988, Mansell was with Williams in 1988


      5:30 this is the most stupid rules ever released by Formula 1. No tire change is justa deathtrap. Anyone behind that idea should be exiled in the Komodo Island.

    34. Joshua Gadsby

      If that rule about dropping some results was still in place Mercedes would definitely drop the Monaco Grand Prix this year

      1. Joshua Gadsby

        I see my comment has aged like warm milk

      2. Jiacheng Zhao

        Mercedes at Baku: Am I a joke to u?

      3. Matteo Schelbli

        Azerbaijan GP: hold my brake magic...

    35. Migraine Gainn

      Bernie always came up with batshit ideas. It was part of his...'charm'... Blue flags being 'get out of the way' instead of a notification is one change that I'd love to see gone..

    36. Nick Pomposi

      Since I was a kid, I ALWAYS supported the medals championship scheme. Hope they'll change their mind soon!

    37. Randy Gravel

      F1 is unwatchable. Like this video.

    38. Alessandro Mazzini

      Lol Hamilton Is bad, today It was show that he Is 80% car

    39. Sarah Schoper

      The old-fashioned sort observationally yell because gymnast perinatally employ with a mushy gosling. puny, arrogant knickers

    40. John -117

      The no tyre changes regulation didn't work back then because teams couldn't change between tyre distributors. That was the problem, not the regulation of the no tyre change. I wish it returns, only properly this time.

    41. Michael

      The terrible hybrid power units is BY FAR the worst rule change ever... It gifted 8 titles to Mercedes and made for the most boring decade of F1 EVER!

    42. Joshua’s Limitless Gaming

      How are the Grand Prix sacred?

    43. bruno henrique

      bad exemple to use against the medal system, because now i think the regular system is stupid

    44. ThatSly B

      "Fans would tune in on sunday and not know what the grid was." Oh my god the horror! -_- F1 fans worry about the stupidest shit. First of all you can guess the grid with 90% accuracy... Imagine tuning in to watch cars finish in positions based on manufacturer that you could guess from the start of the race

    45. Chris Becke

      I don't know how we went from forced no tyre stops to forced tyre stops. Running a single set should be a valid reason to not change tyre componds.

    46. ihathtelekinesis

      2005 and 2014 really did have double whammies of awful rules, didn’t they?

    47. chenenzejackson

      I still think the one-lap qualifying was the best. You have one shot. Pressure is on. No room for mistakes. Very good chance to mix up the grid. Also you save on fuel and every hot lap gets televised thus attracting more sponsors.

    48. Dave Russell

      04:52 - Everyone should like chaos in F1. I know I do.

    49. Johnny Rico

      Bring back elimination qualifying! Isn’t a mixup what we’ve been craving anyway??

      1. Johnny Rico

        @Extreme Griefer Jesus it was good when the cars were more equal, but if Hamilton gets lodged in the back let him prove himself instead of coasting for the entire second half of the race. 😴

      2. Extreme Griefer Jesus

        No, because qualifying is good the way it is. It's the races that are the problem. But don't worry, FIA shares your quite nonsensical take, which is why we got this crap idea of sprint qualifying in the first place.

    50. jennine moore

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    51. Alex Does Stuff

      james 3:10 From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so. (Also Jesus is king God is king).

    52. WhiteNinjainblack

      Best rule ever, FIA need to introduce it from time to time during one team dominance. Like Ferarri and now Mercedes.

    53. Mellow Fellow

      This is just my opinion, man, but F1 has got everything wrong since about 1995

    54. GamingWithTobi

      I Really Wonder For The 2022 car bc off the metal blocking the brakes so how are tehy gonna change the tires tho

    55. ForburyLion

      Award drivers medals but also insist that they wear them round their neck at all future GP's, that will help slow Hamilton and his Mercedes down!

    56. Formula Carl

      Sprint races need to be 30 minutes long and the softest compound only allowed, no pit stops under SC either.

    57. ForburyLion

      Drivers drive to the rules, if medals had been in place or dropped scores were not a thing then it's not as straight forward as saying this driver would have been champion instead of that one, because the driver and team tactics would have been different as they would have had different targets to aim for

    58. Alex Haslett

      Bring back the double points.. but double the race length, races are far to short these days

    59. Darth Bane

      I wish tyres would last like 15 laps at most. Shit ton of pit stops

    60. ZeshXD

      I don't get why it's not 1st = 10pts, 2 =9pts,... and so on

    61. 1389

      also try aggregate and q3 top 10 shoot out qualy, one car at the time, one lap only

    62. Yoyo

      I liked aggregate Qualy. I still think F1 would be a lot better with it now. You only needed to make those 2 sessions one after the other. I would be better than q1 q2 q3 like now. I hate this system. Or at least make a combo from them q1 like now, q2 superpole. These guys have it too easy. F1 must adapt to counter the effects of much better technology and make teams rely on human instinct and decision making, rather that which is now. Calling the factory, get me the best strategy, calculate everything blah blah. Also team radio brings nothing to the sport.

    63. Chuckiele

      They fucked so much with qualifying and now they wanna fuck with it again. Dont they realize that quali is pretty exciting but the races are bad?

    64. S3 Bayaya

      If FIA want spectacle, they need to introduce something like Challenge Card. Each race the last driver in position will draw a challenge card that other driver must done during the race, like do a donut, drift on first turn, drive naked, what have you. You get extra score if you finish the task.

    65. Avyay L.S

      the medal system literally made me burst out laughing... i mean, uhh its creative... :/

    66. Renaldo Nel

      If F1 wants to be a real Race sport...the one rule that is eluding the rule maker's is,,, the same performance car for All Driver's.. give everyone the same ammunition to fight !!

    67. Gerard Montgomery

      I was all for the medal system. Or at least much less point scoring positions and lower points for those positions. If you reduce the amount of point scoring positions drivers would need to fight more and if you reduce the amount of points on offer you reduce the chance of a driver running away in the standings. If you want a last race championship decider then I think this is how to achieve it.

    68. Zulu Romeo

      Bernie's crazy trackside sprinklers?

    69. Zulu Romeo

      The dropped results rule never made sense to me. Incidentally I only started watching F1 in 1991 when all results counted and 10 points were awarded to the winner for the first time.

    70. ba55bar

      how do i stop certain channels appearing in my feed? Asking for me

    71. Francisco Kurpiel

      DRS? The small hybrid turbo engines?

    72. Maiden

      Been watching f1 for the first time this year and just when I start learning the rules their are already changing

    73. stijnVDA1994

      Honestly if they would ad the medals as more to honor certain action wich but in a non championship manner, like if you had a mishap but made sure nobody else went out of the race because of it or even giving up a place because you did something really bad. Like in sportsmanship type of things. One thing i find really bad is the fact that the cars are so silent compared to the older cars, i feel like they need to scream at their loudest to show off how f1 is: the coolest race in any way shape or form. One thing i would like to add for point is driver of the day: the selected driver of the day gets 1 extra point even if the driver has not finished looking also at grosjean's crash last year..

    74. Matthias Cerebri

      I must say the Abu Dhabi finale had at least the advantage that it made it more exciting for the German fans- and left some of the constructors places more open.

    75. Angelus Bellum

      I was an F1 fan from the early ’80s until they stopped refueling. F1 has become uninteresting. Aerodynamic changes prevented overtaking without the use of DRS and KERS. No more real side-by-side duels we remember from the time of Senna, Prost, Mansell, Piquet,... etc. That’s why I follow only Moto GP. I only watch F1 sometimes and rarely watch the whole race. F1 has become boring by regulations and stupid as hell. No thanks

    76. avada

      5:30 That wasn't very wrong at all. Maybe a little wrong. (F1 raced with one set of tires for decades. ) They should have banned refueling as well, for it to matter, instead of it being mandatory. And set a minimum time like 10 seconds for tire change, instead of not allowing anything but replacing a single damaged tire. Which I don't even remember happening. What would it have been like? One tire in perfect condition with all the grip and all the rest in worn and slippy.

    77. Bogdan Andrei

      For the next episide: why dea is off-line when its raining

    78. DraconicDusk

      Not at all surprised to hear that Berny had terrible ideas. The man was a bane to the sport.

    79. Elliott Henderson

      No tyre changes or pit stops should be standard! Race should be a 100% blast from lights to flag. Like MotoGP/WSBK etc

    80. mietok

      Veto rights for big teams. That sucks.

    81. PrettyBird02

      Perez: *It's Free Real Estate*

    82. Chop Seuy

      Here wondering why the f*ck matt is not yet posting his Internet's reaction in the Portugese GP

    83. Manuel Kumli

      Quali were every racer got 1 Shot on a fast lap would be interessting championshipleader would have to go first

    84. TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1

      Are you alive, Gallagher?

    85. Ajay Bansal

      They stop sharing internet reaction’s?? Where are you guys?

    86. Javier Perez

      New rule for 2021, the pilot that wins a race, in the next race will drive a Hass

    87. Lukas A.

      1:33 Snoop Dogg - California Roll

    88. Un Thenner

      RIP MattyG 😦

    89. IGGS 🇬🇭

      Where is Portugal IBR

    90. Jay D

      Dropped scores have been used in many categories and it was a joke in all of them

    91. JID

      Where the fuck is the IBR??

    92. vamsi ganesh

      It's Monday midnight here in India and I just got a dream where Matt is struggling to pronounce "Hamiltonverstappenbottas" 5 times before getting the entire race run down order correct for portuguese gp in his ibr video.... Woke up and Searched in youtube and realised there is no video uploaded!!!! Hope you are okay Matt (or are you still in sleep from second lap of this Sunday's gp)

    93. p1mento

      i came to the channel looking for the usual reactions for the portuguese gp and there is nothing.... im starting to get worried

    94. u2zero2u

      The worst, at least obvious to me, was allowing teams to throw out their worst races considering it did change at least one world champion, Prost.

    95. Vincenzo Melisi

      you should expalin How is the garage order determined in pit lane

      1. Karlimoor

        It is determined after the previous season's team championship order. So in 2021, the team champions of 2020, Mercedes, have the first pit box, Red Bull have the second, and Williams the last. I'm not entirely sure, however, whether this changes when the drivers champion is from another team, which team gets the first box, the team champions or the drivers champion's team.

    96. Vimal Beniwal

      I think the rule of best 10 of 12 results was a great rule. It actually tells u who is the better driver and who actually wanted to win rather than just being calculatively 2nd

    97. Niclas Hedhman

      1. No refueling = more boring races. 2. Must change tires and to a different set = why? Just make them more different from each other so that a short lasting soft tire actually gives a speed advantage. 3. Restrictions on Engines, Parc Ferme and all that nonsense is no longer needed. Total season budget cap will force teams to prioritize where to put the money. Artificial restrictions to "lower the cost" should be removed again.

      1. The Sunnynation

        Nahhh... All you ask for isnt going to be you know tha if youre a long time f1 fan. Althou i got absolutely the same opinion as you.

    98. Bill Weeks

      They need to knock back the gap in points from 1st to 2nd.

    99. Georgerussellfan 63

      Hey matt this youtuber his name is *Phlzie* he built silverstone in minecraft a few weeks ago I have asked him if he can share it with you. It is incredible I want you to review it please