The Theme Park Inside An Old Nuclear Power Plant

Tom Scott

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    Wunderland Kalkar, near the German-Dutch border, is a family amusement park... inside a nuclear power plant that was never turned on.
    Thanks to all the team at the park! Their web site is at
    The video from Zwentendorf:
    Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin)
    Filmed safely:
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    1. Tom Scott

      This video was originally scheduled for late November, but as Wunderland Kalkar only has a couple of weeks left in its season, I thought I'd rush this out before they close for winter. (And yes, their Covid-precautions were thorough.) Thanks to everyone there, including the ride attendant on the Vertical Swing: I had to ride quite a few times to get all the shots I needed...!

      1. SoldJor BRICKS

        I have been here, it is a cool place, strange but cool.

      2. say my name

        you're so cool

      3. BettlaEye

        No way! I live in the village next to it! I can see it when I walk on the rhein ugh would be so cool to meet you there 😔

      4. june paul

        tom this is really neat. i love your vids. cheers from america friend. ive never watched a video of yours i didnt like. you always have the most interesting stuff on here. alot of us Americans dont kno much about europe and u sho us parts of it that we would never kno unless we came and saw for ourselves. even then the stuff is so obscure tourists would never find these gems. your the best at what u do buddy.😁

      5. Rick Polar

        Do the hanging gardens of Babylon next

    2. Spunky McGoo

      "We want to create a winter landscape out of this nuclear power plant" HMMMM

    3. SlovenMalaphor

      Tom Scott, making my bucket list longer....

    4. angel !

      Tom Scott, being swung from a pendulum attached to a satellite at the edge of Earth's atmosphere: So. Last week, I got an email,

    5. LilacDoe

      People are so stupid. Nuclear power is the safest form of energy production per MW. It is even safer than renewables after accounting for installation and maintenance deaths. Granted, the waste storage problem is a huge deal, but that's not why most people object.

    6. Joe Mc

      And his name was Groot.

    7. Riley Carpenter


    8. J Byron

      The motto is "only 3.6 rotgen"

    9. Parklawnz

      Now they are burning wood pellets and calling it “green energy”

    10. Mat Foster

      This is some RCT type stuff

    11. DV_laeffy

      plot twist the season didnt continue

    12. Roel Wieggers

      When i was a kid i took the tour in the reactor building with my dad. I had no clue what the guide was saying because i didnt spoke German at that time. I wish i could take the tour again. I will probably have to go somewhere else.

    13. randomguy8196

      Wouldn't the view be even better if the cooling tower wasn't there?

    14. TheCCPfearsANZ

      Sad how power stations like these were replaced with coal fire...

    15. plastic vork

      Crazy to see tom somewhere i've been. I remember going there once as part of a trip organized by my mom's workplace, i remember we had access to free food and drinks. They had fries sprinkled with paprika powder, really tasty. Rides were cool too.

    16. Folfie Lukather

      as cool as this park is, its frustrating that somthing as safe as nuclear power has a bad reputation because of less than 5 accidents, all cause by natural disasters or poor communist saftey protocol

    17. mantis013 Weiß

      I was there

    18. Divya Vyas

      Imagine if someone started getting headaches in there.

    19. Magnus Juul

      The real problem hear is how stupid the German politicians are for shutting down and stop construction of all of their nuclear powerplants and instead build more coal powerplants. That's what there should really be public outcry about, instead of unfounded fear of nuclear powerplants and their waste, which is far less dangerous than the self-righteous environmentalists and other seemingly uneducated people think it is.

    20. overbanked

      The park is seems like something straight out of Roller Coaster Tycoon

    21. Coco

      "I should not have looked down." *Tommy Wiseau laugh*

    22. Matjaž Meža

      The most expensive theme park.

    23. V. Neto

      Another place to go on my list.

    24. vq_ qr3


    25. bitkarek

      this is crazy... they could have (and paid for) a nuclear powerplant... a clean source of energy.

    26. Crabbycrab

      Imagine all the green energy missed out, on making it into a theme park instead, burning coal to fuel a bunch of attractions.

    27. Corey TV The Epic David

      Dream island be like

    28. It was the man in the chicken costume!

      I wanna go there now

    29. Edward Haybell

      So, Chernobyl Amusement Park when?

      1. Mr. Hat

        Feburary 22, 12021, mark my words.

    30. Ryer TONIC

      This is 100% on my list of places to go if i ever visit Germany

    31. Animal_Gal_Adventures

      2:12 wait a minute

    32. Todd no last name

      Heck, I couldn't even go on a standard one of those. There's no way you would get me on that swing.

    33. LoLFilmStudios

      Tom you're fkn sociopath aren't you?

    34. Captain Cymbal

      They need a rig of projectors to project cool visuals on the inside of the tower

    35. tommapar88

      Nice, the owner of that place got der Most out of it.

    36. I ll

      this is so stupid, not the amusement park ofc tho but when people, and historians, look back at us, they will laugh and/or facepalm hard. building a reactor to just return to coal.... it's like using radioactive cancer treatment materials as fun glow in the dark paint, and showing it to all the people with cancer.... we could have tried to cure your situation but nah, lets party until we drown

    37. Pixelated Parrot

      Next I wanna go to asbestos land

    38. Novo 902

      I am living there😍😍😍 Greeting from Germany

    39. Nit Nurray


    40. Julian Smarts

      0:47 this shot is really funny for some reason

    41. Chong Li Yang

      nuclear power plants arent actually dangerous.....people are still very ignorant

      1. Comedic Noob

        @Lars Damn, that's cool

      2. Comedic Noob

        Wait they're not???

    42. bla

      Ah, but what was its nameplate capacity?

    43. E&A Productions

      1:52 now thats a big ass shelf

    44. Snoopy


    45. Petya

      Is Tom recording with a 360 camera and positioning it in production?

    46. Dante

      2:03 isnt that a drop tower thing on there?? did it used to be a drop tower ride?!?!

    47. drsPascal's Archive

      I went there once as a child and I still think it's a bit of an odd place but cool nonetheless. They had really good fries there. Half the people there were German and the other half were Dutch, it seemed. It feels very unpolished if you've ever been to a bigger amusement park but it has its own charm. Good to see it still exists.

    48. Kpyle

      this is so crazy tom thank you so much for this incredible video

      1. susful

        WAGE GAP

    49. Marcel Imthorn

      The cooling tower is also massive climbing wall, all the way to the top. I crap my pants just thinking of it.

    50. Elwyn Mabila

      "I should not have looked down"...I felt that.

    51. Leffy Tee

      1:42 I guess you could name it 'Nuklear Winter'

    52. WillzVR

      Is it just me or do I get anxious when Tom is inside the cooler tower and that I have meglaphobia?

    53. Skoper

      this was released one day before my 18th birthday

    54. james hallam

      30 feet up, attached to a little seat on a rope, being spun at 2G, Scott just calmly talking

    55. MiningSquirrel 1

      marcel vos runs this theme park and you can not tell me otherwise

    56. C

      You won’t catch me at any swing ride. I get motion sicknesses. Your welcome to put me on it but you will Need to pay me.

    57. P B Physics

      What a waste of resources. Nuclear energy is cleaner than petrol or diesel which emits harmfull gases which kill people more than a nuclear powerplant would kill.I mean a lot more. See the video of In a nutshell?

    58. Jace Smith

      Tom makes rides look easy

    59. JpegXguy

      It's so sad that we aren't using nuclear power. Coal is so much more dangerous

    60. goldentapes

      realizing Tom actually knows the term Hyper Coaster 👁 👄 👁

    61. Demetre Jakhaia

      0:49 **camera off** Tom: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh heelllllpppp

    62. Ceri Ellis

      Now do the nuclear power plant inside an old theme park

    63. swagerdager


    64. A Dolite

      im scared the production quality will one day disappointed me as I can't help but raise my expectations when I see gorgeous production. 2:13 what falling

    65. Not a nice name but loves rock and roll

      No one's going to talk about Groot being the General Manager?

    66. Richie P

      Those Germans sure don't like to let unused buildings go to waste. They also have the world's biggest indoor waterpark, built inside a never-used blimp hangar.

    67. Avealua

      No "the" before Ukraine, please.

    68. Isaac Stevenson

      0:24 Scully?

    69. AnxiousStoner

      What a waste

    70. Aaron Price

      This comment has been made to better promote this video by exploiting the FIblock algorithm, have a nice day 😁

    71. drzitbag06

      parallel universe in DARK.

    72. The Bone Man

      Why did Scully open a theme park?

    73. king james488

      they should put go-carts in the reactor building...

    74. appealinbanana

      If that were a movie, I would not have believed it. My definition is ‘bizarre’

    75. Vincent Martens

      I`ve never been there, but from where I live in the netherlands to my father also in the netherlands, the shorter driving route through germany made me see it every time xD

    76. Andre. H.

      Nice vid. But this never ment to be a nucleair powerplant, but a "enrichment" plant , for nuclear fuel. Thats a big different.

    77. Дима Самсонов 2

      -Сhernobyl is just like Disneyland, couse you can spot a 2m tall mice here. -my dad.

    78. Geir Erik

      "I should have not have looked down" hahaha, best comment! I felt that hahaha

    79. I'm a computer

      Offfft the mention of hyper coasters 👀👀👀 theme park fan by any chance?

    80. BajaBlast

      Thing is, this isn't the only amusement park at a nuclear power plant, in Meppen, Germany there is Funpark Meppen, a theme park dedicated to motorsports (as it is located next to Racepark Meppen) in the shadows of a huge nuclear tower which unlike Wunderland Kalkar, has its tower still in use.

    81. clamflesh

      get the nuclear reactor park a giga !!!!!

    82. xilno

      "public protest and political problems" is a very polite formulation. It's an euphemism. No, it's a shame that we have buried this technology here in Germany due to ideological narrow-mindedness. However, as a substitute, some children now have an oversized playground.

    83. Nasty Breyahdsticks

      Title correction... “I visit NukaWorld”

    84. V L A D I M I R

      0:34 Is that an airplane engine?!?

      1. V L A D I M I R

        @Jose Luis Delisau Monroy bruh, i know 😂

      2. Jose Luis Delisau Monroy

        A turbine engine

    85. drip

      This sounds like something that would fit in the fallout series

    86. Django

      "of the shelf" damn thats one big shelf

    87. Mikania

      Came from netherlands With family and friends. Was so much fun. We went some Times

    88. LQC

      Fun fact: There's a gigantic coal mine in Germany which was created relatively recently to fuel coal power plants. Why? Because environmental activists shut down all the nuclear power plants, forcing energy companies to switch to more environmentally unfriendly coal power. Thanks, environmental activists.

    89. e p

      Refuse to believe Han Groot Obbing is a real name

    90. Faasgamer_m

      i have to say that the big rollercoaster really sucks but for the rest its a great time

    91. Faasgamer_m

      i went here on a school trip isnt it named kalkar

    92. CapnTates

      Ironic how Germany wanted to reduce carbon emissions, but cancelled nuclear in favour of wind, which caused them more emissions than if they went fully nuclear.

    93. satyris410

      The Sellafield visitor centre was absolutely fantastic, I'm sad it no longer exists. I wonder if a ghost museum still exists at the Sellafield site.

    94. Goro Majima

      God I hate going for a day out with my 2 kids and coming back with 2.5 kids

    95. TheDarkever

      Damn, this is cool as hell! Must try that next time I visit my dear friend who lives near Essen!

    96. Zeal of Sparta

      That view from inside the cooling tower is amazing!

    97. Orion Nebula

      I need to visit Europe at some point. Hello from across the pond!

    98. Yeri onimous

      Ich wohne einfach nen Kilometer von da.. Fühlt sich komisch an xD

    99. Lethal Chicken

      How in the hell did they get that ride into the cooling tower?

    100. jill Harrison

      would have made a good climbing wall venue