The Tiny Monorails That Once Carried James Bond

Tom Scott

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    The Roadmachines Mono-Rail may have been the only truly useful, fit-for-purpose monorail in the world. Of the hundreds that were built, most were never meant for passengers. But they did carry a couple of famous people in their time, including a certain secret agent...
    Thank you to the staff and volunteers at the Amberley Museum - Harry and Gerry in particular - for running the monorail specially, and letting me film! The Amberley Museum is a massive industrial heritage museum in the South Downs, and you can find out more about them here:
    There are lots more videos of Amberley's rail vehicles at the volunteers' channel here:
    My research is heavily based on David Voice's "Mono-Rail: The History of the Industrial Monorails Made By Road Machines Ltd., Metalair Ltd and Rail Machines Ltd", ISBN 1874422877, available from Adam Gordon Books:
    Thanks to Derry Faux-Nightingale for the initial idea!
    The Tanat Valley Railway in Nantmawr is the home for the Richard Morris collection, more than seventy surviving Roadmachines Mono-Rails:
    Also a helpful resource:
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    1. Tom Scott

      Thanks to the Amberley Museum staff and volunteers team for letting me film their monorail! There's another James Bond connection at the site, too: the entrance to Main Strike Mine in A View To A Kill was filmed there, and some of the prop signs are still up!

      1. William Morgan

        I’ve been here so many times and seen all of these

      2. Lonnie Santrock

        Excuse the pun but you mentioned the right tool for the job well that describes you to a T

      3. James Woolven

        I was there watching them film the mineshaft entrance scenes for View to a Kill, looking down from the edge of what was then Amberley Chalk Pit museum. They even had the blimp fly over.

      4. Martin Sto

        monorails are also a form of transport for the desert. the example the lafayette monorailway, now thats Two ways a monorail is best at.

      5. A little bit of everything.

        Just to tell you it is petrol

    2. Max S.

      It's assumed that monorails are taken more seriously in Asia than in the west is because Disney using them gave them a "silly amusement park machine"-image. Also, the fate of the Transrapid (Maglev-Monorail) didn't help.

    3. mipmip

      did the james bond version use a diesel engine? would be a noisy set!

    4. mipmip

      1:23 that's quite a focal lenght! how do you even know you're in the shot correctly at that distance

      1. mipmip


    5. wayne h

      Did you say you were going to do a video on modern construction site logistics and solutions?

    6. Phill

      Well, sir, there's nothing on earth Like a genuine, bona fide Electrified, six-car monorail What'd I say?

    7. Jacob Thomas

      god i love amberley museum

    8. Liam Kennedy

      Monorails will always be a cool idea and if there is one I'll make an excuse to ride one

    9. Cargo_Vroom

      An amazing number of videos have Tom addressing the camera while a train comes up behind at the right moment.

    10. Riley Carpenter


    11. chuck voss

      Most interesting idea. New one for Texas. :-)

    12. Handy ManR

      The camera angle downhill bothers me Tom. I give it 2 stars.

    13. Alexander Stelmach

      There's one of these monorails going up Mount Hallasan on Jeju island, South Korea. Definitely a neat piece of tech.

    14. Johnny Carcinogen

      Idk - I'm not in construction, but this (or a modernized version) seems like it'd work well at construction & other kinds of sites with lots of mud & stuff where trucks & even wheelbarrows could get messy and bogged down.

    15. Johnny Carcinogen

      Monorail. Monorail. Monorail.

    16. DiamondSamurai0

      I have seen these before ther cool

    17. schnee snow


    18. furenaef

      Cliffs Mono= One Rail=Rail

    19. TastyBusiness

      "I hear those things are awfully loud" Well, now I see where they got that. :P

    20. Bruce MacGlynn

      Interesting. Been thinking about this constantly since your last video. wondering about some sort of feasibility and modern day use ever since. I'm sure something will come up. The most often thought is on a piece of large personal property, whether that be business or residential.

    21. Kangoo Tom

      Why is the Schwebebahn in Wuppertal a bad idea? It's running for 120 years and is the most important public transport in the city. The only reason you are enthusiastic about this crappy machine in the video, because it is located in the UK.

    22. Cyberwolf

      so do all monorail enthusiasts go to Alton towers to ride on the monorail?

    23. Just Another Brit

      I like Monorails. Especially the one at Chester Zoo!

    24. Stephen Little

      Just to let you know they had one of those building one of the tunnels on the Dawlish to Teignmouth stretch. And I was in my 20's when we used one on a building site to clear mud away for my electrical cable. I am now 68. As of yesterday.

      1. PITT LORD

        Happy birthday for 6 days ago

    25. Fastertrack

      Curious how do you get the permission for making videos of this sort of thing and in this case to set the monorail 🚝 running?

    26. Pfalzgraf

      I am no enthusiast - however, one other good use of monorails is very similar to this, just more permanent: steep vineyards (e.g. in the Mosel and Neckar valley in Germany)

    27. Bendy Fish

      there is absolutely no way i'm believing that in the history of that work monorail, someone has never rode in it

    28. Sherwin Binarao

      Why do I feel like that as you go through the video, the way Tom speaks get faster and faster. 😭

    29. Mech-E

      There are other companies that make these still. They use them in mountainous agriculture

    30. Edward Varby

      Actually, such monorails are still made & used in asia. Monotec is a manufacturer, for example. They're mostly used for agriculture in steep locations, I think. I didn't know they had ever been used in construction, or Bond. Informative video.

    31. Mustang Flyer

      Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!

    32. Gabriele V.

      Lego 6399 and Lego 6990 owners and fans: angry noises

    33. commonnerfer

      I get what your saying but In places like Florida you dig underground to make a subway you hit water. Then the constant threat of flooding from hurricanes make monorails a safer endeavor than subways.

    34. JetSetDiva

      If there was one of these in HO scale I would totally create a mini-layout with it. Especially if it would just go back and forth all day.

    35. bistromathics6

      Can't get the book from the ahgbooks website, I believe because it isn't set up to deal with international shipping (to the U.S.). A used copy of the book is available on Amazon right now for $103.99. Or I could wait for the right time of day, and call ahgbooks up to try to set up the sale and delivery...meh

    36. Hayden Biggs

      this video is backed up by the simpsons episode

    37. Peter N

      Mono means One.


      Worth noting if it hasn’t been mentioned already that lots of scenes from A View To A Kill were filmed at Amberley Museum as well.

    39. GHILLIE7566


    40. Natø

      I wanna ride one home from the pub!

    41. cam acaze

      fun fact there is a monorail at a parrk called moss bank park, bolton

    42. CL0WN

      "the last time I said that, Springfield got angry"

    43. Pa da

      I like how the thumbnail makes it look like a miniature model.

    44. Ally W

      Poor George Takei

    45. nopenopenope

      Saw some of these in Tuscany, Italy. Really fascinating

    46. dic thunders

      What technology replaced the wheelbarrow monorail? My guess is a conveyor belt system.

    47. Holm Reuter

      Not sure where you got the information that Wuppertal suspended it's Monorail system. It's still in use and most infamous for once accidentely dropping a live elephant into the river below in an stupid attempt to make a huge event together with the local zoo.

    48. Akeldama

    49. johannes lidenberg

      Just that everyone uses something, or that people do not use something. Is not evidence of something being good or bad... Love your videos, but that logic is flawed

    50. Reviewnimation

      Well, sir, there's nothing on earth Like a genuine, bona fide Electrified, six-car monorail What'd I say?

    51. vincent vegamas

      So then, Mono means - one and Rail means - rail.

    52. CIRCLE•

      Is there a chance the track could bend?...

      1. Mr. Hat

        There is a possibility but the tourque required to do so would probably not be able to be produced by the cart

    53. brndnhghs

      so dope!

    54. Oliver Worley

      I can smell this video.

    55. Julian Ackerman

      i will say yes, but no, to your views on monorail. i find them vastly superior over other forms of elevated rail and metro when there are space concerns, as they are the cheapest form of elevated rail, although technically, the cheapest form of mass transit thats elevated are aerial tramways. in my own city, for example, i find monorail to be the best solution, as we have no rail based public transport and are on of the largest in the US without it, but another Ohio city, like Akron, could actually work with a decent streetcar system, and even though im against Light rail, im still open to look into where it could actually work. you, like many, seem to just not like looking at where it could be practical, period. and while you do make excellent videos, and i woulld recomend going to the Metrocable in Medillin, Columbia, if you havent already, i do have to just say that EACH form of transit has its place, even cable cars, and monorails

    56. TheRABIDdude

      "Monorails are almost always bad ideas." The moment you realise Simpsons teaches genuine life lessons.

    57. Guy Incognito


    58. Swaffle


    59. De Dion-Bouton

      I like how the monorail is slowly creeping up towards Tom Scott.

    60. Thomas Myles

      I heard those things are awfully loud?

    61. Nick Young

      I've learned more from this guy than from anyone else

    62. Dragoneta Slayer

      I was at Disney when there was a late night accident where the driver and most of the few passengers died due to a miscommunication and the next day I heard someone explain it to her son as the sky train had a booboo

    63. Existey

      Rock approves

    64. Sam Oldfield

      I'll give you an argument you haven't considered, the original hovertrain, not a maglev, but a cross between a train and a hovercraft. This could achieve 720kph using a jet engine, but required a large flat single track to operate.

    65. TheDroidBay

      A lot of your recent videos seem a bit muffled, like they are missing the treble.

    66. TheNumberOneD

      Seattle wants a word. The monorail is the transportation for the future since 1960.

    67. Joe Blow

      Guess our cities 12 Billion $ monorail is a joke to you ! When we make the final payment, the Nigerian Prince is going to ship it to our city.

    68. Just Paul!

      As a kid I used to love riding on the Monorail that runs throughout the Minnesota Zoo. I can understand that it's not practicle for much beyond tourist places as a gimmick, but I still have fond memories of school trips to the Zoo.

    69. Parker Blair

      1:20 Thank you for keeping your attention on us Tom

    70. notproplayer 3

      Monorails such as this one are used in quite a few vineyards.

    71. Mickey412

      monorail, monorail, monorail...

    72. krisselissan

      A monorail to transport fish is the most Finnish thing I’ve ever heard about

    73. Thomas Zampino

      I think Disney’s utilization of the monorail is a good example of practical utilization

    74. Shipwright1918

      Ougt to have a look at the Listowel and Ballybunion railway. Similar idea, but powered by steam, had to balance passengers and goods to make it work.

    75. Carlijn Duisters

      I had to pause the video and laugh for a bit after hearing the phrase “got angry e-mails from monorail enthusiasts”

    76. John Van Boolen

      Hi Tom, an interesting video, I noticed you included footage of the Mono- Rail in Wuppertal in Germany, I did take a ride on this, a real feat of engineering, built around 1900 I think, Thanks for the videos jv

    77. Greyhood

      There is a monorail still active in Mumbai

    78. Nero Keita

      R.I.P Sean Connery

    79. Taffy Adam

      monorail monorail monorail

    80. Robert Hemsley


    81. MAGICLEO 01

      F in the chat for Sean

      1. Flavius Julius Nepos


    82. Zebady999

      there is a monorail in okinawa that i dont remeber having a problem on

    83. Nicholas Hibshman

      Angry monorail enthusiast noises

    84. Johann GALLAND

      When you think you can't learn anything more today, you stumble upon a Tom Scott's video talking about monorails... I love life ! 😆😁❤

    85. Teo 99

      2:05 RIP Sir Sean Connery, the original.

    86. Waggsmith YTP

      Rip Sir. Sean Connery

    87. Holy Khan

      There is an interesting philosophical point to be made here, too. Some things are good, but not suitable in most applications. Except for one, and and that place it does a really good job. It may even be made just for that place. It doesn't make the thing not good that it's not useful in most places. It just needs its niche. Like the toucan bird from Angry Birds. Or a fireman's pole in a multi-story building. Or sex.

    88. Anthony Zang

      "monorails are impractical and expensive because they need to elevated" * Laughs in British Columbian (Canadian) skytrains *

    89. GroovyVideo2

      monorails are Great - better all around- much cheaper- quieter - Faster

    90. Muhammed Jawad

      Well rip

    91. David Turner

      Does anyone else want to see those angry emails from monorail enthusiasts.

    92. Théophane Antipater

      Your father is the CEO of a train society ?

    93. Quinn Paulson


    94. JanTube

      There is one more good thing about monorails and elevated trams: They don't get stuck in traffic.

    95. KimDongSplooge

      f for Sean Connery

    96. Tristian Woo

      RIP Sean Connery You will be remembered In my mind you are the only James Bond

    97. Pasta Man64

      I remember seeing monorails in Thunderbirds. I had no idea they actually existed though, I just thought it was one of the many futuristic things the show had made up.

    98. anna jeannette Dixon

      talk about a contradiction now you say there a good idea case closed

    99. ccandrew111

      “I call the big one one bitey”

    100. bastian nenke

      0:17 that's in Wuppertal, Germany. I think they are a neat way of public transit, since they can be above a lot of things to can have cars and them on the same place at the same time without inference. It's better than a tram since it would either need a rail parallel to the road (no space) or could get stuck in traffic (which they have a lot of) and normal trains on this amount of bridges probably would cost more.