The World's First Solar Powered Train

Tom Scott

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    The Byron Bay Railroad Company runs the world's first 100% solar-powered train. It wouldn't work everywhere - but in the bright sunshine of Australia, it might just be the right tool for the job.
    More about the railroad:
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    1. Tom Scott

      It was incredibly difficult to film in sunlight this bright, with shadows this dark. It mostly worked out, though!

      1. Kevedsa4esan

        Thats australia for you scott

      2. 898792

        You have the best job ever, traveling the world and show us amazing things we all wouldn't know about otherwise.

      3. baylinkdashyt

        Reflectors, polarizers

      4. charlie brownau

        Why didnt they use electric trains powered by an solar powered electric grid ?

      5. charlie brownau

        Please upload your content on Bitchute Too much censorship on fb/twatter/google/yt

    2. CUBETechie

      2:31 nice fronius Inverter ? This company make amazing welding machines

    3. CUBETechie

      I think it need to have more solar panels it looks like not enough

    4. CUBETechie

      I mean using DC motors and if you break it use recuperator

    5. Nathan Fischer

      0:28 Mount Warning out in the distance?

    6. Brickticks


    7. Caleb Thul

      Scottland would be perfect for a wind power train

    8. Bread man

      Byron, byron, we're gonna beat em, bust em, thats our custom, GOOooo byron. That school song has been stuck in my head for years.

    9. Matthew Bergin

      What a total waste of effort.

    10. Bigg Dubz

    11. Myst

      I know they keep saying that the train is carbon positive, but hat about the trees that have been cleared for the tracks?

    12. Bardo Film

      I came here just before the pandemic in late 2019, wish i knew this was here

    13. Tethys

      Formula E: Railway Edition

    14. bla dee

      If it already works with the solar panels flat on the roof, just imagine what they could do if they weren't scientifically illiterate and would make the panels face the sun.

    15. vf fa

      Then again, germany's trains (and i believe france and austria too?) All run their trains electric. And the electricity is "100% renewable" but don't quote me on this, it's probably some marketing trick with statistics and what not. But damn that train looks good. Also, Australia is cheating.

    16. Alder the Transport Thing

      This would be perfect for the Stourbridge Shuttle in the UK.

    17. Ryer TONIC

      I adore the messaging in Tom Scott's electrical power focused videos. Diverse, contextual power solutions designed to be robust and effective in the contexts they are used in. Great stuff!

    18. Fadi S.

      What if a live wire touches the tracks? will it go back to the future?

    19. Restora SenriSei

      I mean, it's Australia. 94% of the population is just Hostile UV rays.

    20. Robot Lorekeeper

      Literally all I want in this life is for Rob to be happy driving his train.

    21. Juan Hernandez

      The nimble polyester medicinally cover because report micrencephaly label vice a erratic bibliography. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, illegal collision

    22. Erik Klaesson

      It’s very interesting that we get these new electric trains. I hope we can one day replace our combustion trains, with electric ones.

    23. Jack Gross

      Would it be possible for them to line solar panels on the tracks under where the train goes?? Or would that be too costly and be in the shade too much for it to be worth it?

    24. BananaBox

      Ah a time before practical electric cars

    25. Da Belli

      I think you could do a good job by using normal electric trains, and using all the roofs of all the stations to produce energy to run into the power line of the train, wich then it's fed the same way as usual (overhead cables).

    26. Kansas City Shuffle

      Hmmm does it have dynamic braking? That could be used to recharge the battery in certain situations.

      1. Mr. Hat


    27. si2foo

      will only work in aussie land

    28. Fireball Xl5

      This would be good for preserved railways as most are short lines,Solars no good in the UK but it could charge at each end while waiting for passengers.

    29. Laundry Lurker

      Ok but why do they plug it in instead of running a bit of metal on the side of the platform so when the train pulls in it automatically charges up. The train could easily just push out a little rod that gets energy from the metal rod. Also I don't think that this will become a large thing in the train industry, but I still think this would be good for regional train rides like the one that this one is on because you're still not wasting a lot of energy and your cutting fuel. I would assume diesel is not as efficient because you're wasting alot of fuel trying to get up to speed and then you're already there so this would make more sense for smaller chips kind of like all electric airplanes which are only used for regional trips. Currently at least.

    30. Jamie Jammer

      Me: **Clicks on this video because I'm bored and it seems interesting** Tom: This is in Byron Bay... Me: 0-o Byron? Tom: Australia Me: AUSTRALIA!! THATS WHERE I LIVE!! TOM WAS IN AUSTRALIA!! Needless to say I get excited when someone I like is in Australia

    31. PurpleDevil R

      You could easily automate that as well.

    32. Swiss Trail TV

      Add some steampunk deco on the train and its perfect.

    33. Харе Кришна

      0:08 actually it needs lesser energy to push a massive train carriage because of low friction between train wheel and rails. Once the inertia is overcome, the train needs lesser energy to move.

    34. RoadTrain

      And here I'm wondering what kind of train is in the shed off a siding, 3.35

    35. Keintrock

      0:27 mans look like jack frost

    36. shaun jamers

      Meanwhile Northern Rail cant hit any train on time. and then theres these guys

    37. MayoChips

      meanwhile, all dutch trains already run on wind energy.

    38. Deepankur John

      If they produce so much extra power couldn''t the train afford to go a bit faster? It looks like cycling pace right now.

    39. Boone Keller

      Of course it works, trains are efficient

    40. El Andru

      slow train

    41. Unexpected Potato

      Don't take this idea to India, it won't work.

    42. Lucy

      An electrified train running somewhere that uses solar power for electricity production should also count haha

    43. The Real JL Films

      I'm suprised their aren't more of these

    44. Adam

      That is the most Australian looking and sounding Aussie

    45. avi

      me: "woah, how could a solar power train even work? thats insane!" tom: "-built in australia" me: oh ok nevermind

    46. YMandarin

      It's a carbon neutral train... Well, Austrias train network is fully carbon neutral (except for some none-electrical tracks). They produce 100% of their electricity with water turbines.

    47. Lukas Ger

      looks about as fast as a bicycle...

    48. J. Katura

      wow!!Amazing. Have you tried to sell your idea to countries in Africa and latin America?

    49. Jeremiah Lloyd

      i still find my county weird in these ways

    50. Jay R

      a hydro train would work in any heavy rainy places like england

    51. Simon

      Sheldon Cooper would go crazy...

    52. weakhunter13

      *Ancient magic-knight and cat genie not included.

    53. 506 independent VIDEO

      this would be perfect for maglev. put a roof ovee the tracks, add solar panels, and see that the demands and supply dont match. :- /

    54. Snow Blue

      CHUG TRAIN IDK what to put

    55. Palmberry

      I mean, it’s quite practical.

    56. Justin He


    57. Nicopavvi 8

      Maybe solar power could be an idea for rapid transit

    58. Nihonium Mapping

      Looks at Solar Train: Impossible Sees the panels on the station: Oh that makes sense

    59. Kilroy was Here

      I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened earlier

    60. mirkinza athnar

      is this a place?

    61. Gong's Brand Cube

      When an British guy pronounces Australian words. Me: that dude sounds weird

    62. Jordan Skene

      I’m proud and glad to be an Australian

    63. Michael4201

      3:40 anyone else notice that engine on the left in the shed? Wonder what that one is.

      1. Dan_Der_Man

        Its a simplex locomotive, used for the old jetty/meatworks in the area. It runs, but they dont use it on that line.

    64. R69NiX

      So it works. So why aren't we doing more of this?

    65. Filipino Mapper

      oh it's byron bay well that makes sense XD

    66. Splosh

      "They trained me up" I hope there was no pun intended

      1. kashii chan

        He's an Aussie; of course the pun was intended. (; The only time we're subtle: sandwiching puns into sentences.

    67. Adan Baldonado

      Update fh3 with this bad boy

    68. Adam The Aussie

      Why have I not seen this video earlier, Any way Byron Bays just up the road from me (well a 3 hour drive which is nothing for us Aussie’s). I actually watched the 2 Carraiges go by Port Macquarie where I am on the back of 2 trucks and it looked good then, So we have a Solar version of the 620/720 class as well as a restored version in heritage use which is 621/721 in the same Indian Red Livery but retained its diesels. 623/723 is also undergoing restoration and has been put in the Reverse livery (same Indian red but a more prominent striped yellow front) and I think a 630/730 class is also undergoing restoration which is the same basic style but different as it was used as a mechanised track vehicle in Sydney for a while but being put back into a Passenger configuration down in Canberra.

    69. Erik Bergström

      Wouldnt it be more efficient to use lighter materials instead of a massive super heavy vintage train?

      1. Dan_Der_Man

        Eirk, this train was already built from the start with very light weight materials, Featuring aluminium fuselage construction - like the body of an aircraft - bolted onto lightweight steel railway carriage frames :) It is lighter than most Light Rail vehicles

    70. Shakil Nasir

      That seems great idea , it's environmentally friendly but unfortunately, it's not going to work in England.

    71. DIProgan

      Now imagine the gains if they replaced that train with a lightweight modern one.

      1. Dan_Der_Man

        this train was already built from the start with very light weight materials, Featuring aluminium fuselage construction - like the body of an aircraft - bolted onto lightweight steel railway carriage frames :) It is lighter than most Light Rail vehicles

    72. Whatever NAme

      Best train in world 👌

    73. Fauzi Rahman

      I'm thrilled with the idea and would love to ride this train someday but isn't it a solar train only on a technicality and is more of a battery train? It's probably got very low carbon impact but wouldn't it be better to have the batteries placed only at the stations and have it run off an overhead wire connected to a battery inverter?

    74. XaverDerSchnitzelFan

      This, this is terribly inefficient. Batteries? Rlly?

    75. John Kuzma

      Is it VR Brod gauge or standard gauge?

      1. Nihonium Mapping


    76. Edward Sira Clarkson

      why not attach the solar plate to the whole train body

      1. Nihonium Mapping

        Or maybe at least the whole roof

    77. Charles Hollinshead


    78. Deus Inc.

      Of course there would be a solar power train in Byron.

    79. Le Daverix

      I see the inventions coming: Australia: Solar Train UK : Hydro powered Train Germany: Holzgas Train

    80. Shitty Mart

      "I didn't believe solar power could do it either" I still don't even though I already know I'm about to be wro- "So here we are in Australia" *That's cheating*

      1. Kevedsa4esan


    81. Niels Daemen

      Why is so slow?

    82. Gregory Little

      Byron Bay like in forza horizon 3?

    83. George RailFanner

      This is a good environment idea I Wish the USA would do the same for the future

    84. David Miller

      Me:*sees this* Train:*can go through tunnels or at night*

    85. PixzL.

      How's this working nearly one year on?

    86. Sydney Metro Vlogs

      1:31 This rail company doesn't seem to be using all their assets very well. Why is there a second pair of train tracks, and why are there trees covering it up?

      1. Dan_Der_Man

        The second pair of tracks are a old privately owned railway, the only run 1 train anyway, so why would they need a second track?

      2. Amos Walker

        Likely the track was adapted from a portion of a larger network, which would have needed two tracks. They've only been opersting it for 16 months, so it's probable that they haven't had the time or incentive to pull it up.

    87. geonerd

      Wow, it runs 3km over a perfectly level track, hauling a few tourists around. Bravo! How much public funding did this thing chew up?

      1. Dan_Der_Man

        It was privately proposed and funded, in the future they may extend it to a park and ride facility so that less cars are on the busy road into Byron Bay

    88. Tom Chappell

      ooooh ive traveled on that train!!

    89. tijmen131

      "they trained me up"

    90. Diamond Lightning 7500


    91. Roger Carl

      So what is the price of a ticket?

      1. Nihonium Mapping


    92. STEF.B.M.L K190

      The loco in that shed at 3:38 is the simplex loco that worked in Byron Bay all its life it is nicknamed the green frog

    93. RBStudio

      Byron Bay Forza Horizon 3

    94. Sahil

      A gorgeous carbon positive Retro Train? Noice!

    95. Zapan 99

      My dad helped make this

    96. Windows XP

      Meanwhile in the Netherlands the biggest train operator company (NS) has gone 100% wind energy.

    97. Cheeky Mescalito

      wow, that train from Trainz Railroad Simulator 2005 !

    98. Leo Callan

      Nice! 👍👍 I'm spending my quarantine time (COVID-19) going thru your portfolio of videos, good stuff here

    99. QuarioQuario54321

      What do they do at night or on a cloudy day or when there’s rain or snow?

      1. QuarioQuario54321

        @benrgrogan Some metro systems operate 24/7

      2. benrgrogan

        1)Trans generally don't run at night. 2)Solar panels still work in cloud (although less efficiently) and there are probably not many clouds in Byron Bay anyway. 3) See point 2 4) Very little snow on Byron Bay.

    100. Lucas Giles

      How much did it cost sounds like a good idea I wanna use it for the fun