The Worst Typo I Ever Made

Tom Scott

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    When 'undo' won't do. • Sponsored by Dashlane, the password manager. Get a 30-day free trial at • MORE BASICS:
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    1. Tom Scott

      Thanks to Dashlane for returning to advertise on this video! If you're techie enough to be watching this, you should be using a password manager:

      1. WaxyLT 2146

        can we please see the 5000 pages of content?

      2. Nichtdu

        Bro I accidently typed password forgotten on dashlane without premium and then all my passwords got deleted :/

      3. LowLinK

        No thanks

      4. Rashiro

        I never understood the point of password manager. Isn't it a way bigger security risk to store all you password in one place. What if Dashlane gets hacked? I'm one of those few people who uses different passwords for every single page and just keep those passwords in my head. If a random website I registered to gets hacked, doesn't matter, because my password from there won't work anywhere else. But if a password manager service gets hacked? Now the hackers have access to every single website you have an account for.

      5. Daffa_FM


    2. It Beat

      God... this would be a nightmare

    3. Pac Tube

      This is the most common mistake I've ever found on FIblock.

    4. Joseph

    5. Laika Tankz

      anxiety flashback from me; I worked at a software company who provided an application to the Sexual Health services of the NHS. We had a table that contained static data for medications/prescriptions, so stuff like the dosage, the quantity, the frequency of use etc.. The customer had asked us to delete one of the medications as it was no longer prescribed by the NHS, I used to format my SQL so it was easily readable (one line for DELETE, one line for FROM, one line for WHERE), except this time I ran only the top 2 lines and missed the WHERE, without a rollback. So I deleted 30,000 rows of medication. This took me about 15 hours of near constant working to resolve, as it had a massive implication, the customer wasn't even able to load up the data of the patients to log notes against because the tables were so tied up. In the end I had to restore a backup from 2 or 3 days prior (ironically the backups had been failing due to a space issue too). one of the most stressful days of my life, so thanks to this video from bringing back my supressed anxiety. I now use begin tran, rollback tran, commit tran so much I can type the whole thing in about 3 seconds, muscle memory of where those letters are :D

    6. Rinaldo Jonathan

      I once 'rm -rf *''ed my whole website.

    7. Faraway Brawl Hacks

      Of course I would find this after a HDD loss (which happened to have months of work in it). And during those months it didn't occur to me once "this HDD could one moment suddenly stop working, I should archive a copy".

    8. Ceyhun ay


    9. RayMan

      The Basics.

    10. Anna Darko

      Ah yes, the many times I've worked on the master branch when I really shouldn't have...

    11. guywithknife

      Haha I noticed the typo right away... ouch! An easy mistake to make!

    12. therugburnz

      The worst typo you ever made. Good one. What about the worst typo made EVER. The worst one could make for a certain time period, on the interwebs, on a database, that killed X# of Phones, Megabytes of data, Rea! Humans !

    13. Dylyn02

      The worst type ive made was "Watfjcdskolas".

    14. Samplex

      Onosecond alot of men have noticed this moment of regret after they **********

    15. The Notorious V.Y.S

      That was like watching a character in the movie getting out of an extremely awkward situation by lying, but then it haunts him for the rest of the movie

    16. Braden Sorensen

      I just realized I’m living in an Onolifetime.

    17. GaMMer 500


    18. Giacomo Bertolini


    19. Joe Christo


    20. Katze

      I just warched this video, went out for school and realized that i forgot half my homework and a certain circle drawing device. Oh no. I need both today

    21. vmannv


    22. Aaron Morgan

      I once ko'ed a shiny pokemon

    23. Skiller50 General

      When I saw the thumbnail, I thought the typo was to write "onosecond" instead of "one second".

    24. Pali33

      When you type something about your therapist and you accidentaly press space.

    25. Misz

      I need to change my syntax highlighting to make single quotes and backtiks completely different colors

    26. Miranda Keigher

      I was looking at the thumbnail trying to figure out what's so bad about typing "onosecond" instead of "one second". I am a fool.

    27. nikola plays

      OnO!!! A second just passed and I still haven't handed in my exam!!!

    28. Miroslav Zahariev

      I gave every user in our DB the same bank account number with a similar mistake :D

    29. Martti Innanen

      And how exactly did anyone let you near a database before you learned about binary logs, mysqldump and what they're used for?

    30. Povilaz

      It took me a year to understand what onosecond means. Onosecond -> oh no second.

    31. Vibez Development

      I deleted my source today so thank you for this one FIblock, mocking my dumb mistake as usual.

    32. Rhiddhi Prasad Das

      everybody gangsta until real content creator appears

    33. TheYazi

      Even before FIblock, all Tom would write was content.

    34. Pedro B. Luís

      I would have typed this before 😁 select `content`, replace('content','---','') from `articles` limit 1; +------------------+---------------------------------+ | content | replace('content','---','') | +------------------+---------------------------------+ | yada---yada | content | +------------------+---------------------------------+

    35. stev ryu

      This is the most entertaining and depressing comment section ever. Schadenfreude at its best

    36. C Arai


    37. yogi

      wait why didnt u just change it back to when "content" turned into "---" like ye

      1. Matías García Casas

        There was no way to change it back. All the articles were completely gone, all of them just said "content"

    38. Ririfi Ri

      I almost made a mistake when i told to change every number in visio drawing to a quarter of what's there. There's a lot of pages, so i should use replace to do it much faster. And then realized that it wasn't that easy right before i press enter

    39. Ian Taakalla

      As a question, how was that situation you put yourself in work out?

    40. Arslan Ahmad

      That makes you the fastest 'content' creator, I guess. and I use Bitwarden.

    41. Peter Farr

      This is why you take backups, oof

    42. Mikira


    43. Adam Řežábek

      does Dashline avoid some passwords becouse they are reall words?

    44. Udbhav Mandapaka

      Fun Fact: The onosecond is now replaced by what the kids call the bruh moment

    45. Tggamer

      thats an onomoment :(

    46. Vedprakash

      tom is my favourite 'content' creator

    47. Rafał Dydkiem Machał

      I always run SELECT query before UPDATE just to make sure I didn't make a mistake like this one 😅

    48. Exectech

      A series of mistakes due to oversight will almost always result in a catastrophe.

    49. Henry the Green Engine

      I thoght that the onosecond was a typoe for "one secodn". Find three typos here!

    50. mustachesrcool

      idk what u just told me

    51. Ronnie Roo

      I looked at my gears as I thought my chain popped I looked up and a giant nettle bush uh oh

    52. SmallerHumanoid

      Everyone’s had this feeling at some point...

    53. Ross Tapson

      Been there :) great video.

    54. John Moyle


    55. 64Yoshi64

      3:02 "easy to reach" sad qwertz keyboard user noises :'(

    56. Fuzzy Images

      I didn't know you worked on toy story 2

    57. Luigi - Fan

      "...that easy-to-reach keyboard shortcut of Ctrl-Z" *laughs in QWERTZ-Layout*

    58. Robert Marchini

      I saw a tweet a while ago, can't remember who wrote it, but it was a quote of one of those "scare a developer in 5 words" and the tweet was: "mysql> done. 5847293948 records changed." I still have nightmares about this.

    59. Pranav Pothanis

      I actually thought the 'onosecond' was a typo

    60. 3DMax

      There's something we like to say in our IT-Department: "Kein Backup, kein Mitleid" Eng:"No backup, no pity" :P

    61. maria fe


    62. Don Johnson

      Not that bad, I once saw a typo that led to a suicide. Remember, could be worse...

    63. Seal Boy

      So everything I do while playing chess?


      I upgrade the family pc from windows vista to Windows 7. I wiped the only digital backup of my parents wedding photos

    65. Commenter339

      hey, you explained it simply enough that I got to the end of this video, but I wouldn't call myself 'techie'... xD really entertaining story. relatable and mortifying 😬😅

    66. Commenter339

      clbuttic mistake. what a brilliant word!

    67. Fallenriverie

      Clbuttic mistake is the most genius name I've ever heard

    68. Thom B.


    69. G

      Come here for a tech topic, leave with a profound life lesson.

    70. G

      A Brit who says zee, not zed, cool!! 🤣

    71. Kitty Cake


    72. Kitty Cake

      the second you send a screenshot to your school project group and realize you had a yaoi website in your tabs..... -__-

      1. Bonkle Man

        Cmd Shift F Win Shift F Please.

    73. RyanSpacePineapple

      i had one WHILE WATCHING THE VIDEO on twitter

    74. HungerGamesFan88

      as a student in uni panicking my way through existence itself this brought back the nauseating sense of OH GOD WHAT IS THIS from trying to figure out what the hell Git is and how it works after barely paying attention in class

    75. honk friend !!!!!!


    76. Seushimare Jikaze

      -"writing a bat file that opens itself for infinite instances and running it on your own computer, to see if it works" moment -"deleting some sys files to see what happens (i have copies, right?)" moment -"flashing bios during thunderstorm, experiencing power failure" moment -"putting old cd into the drive, lid launches through the room and loud thud can be heard" moment seriously this video made me remember so many of my "ohnosecond" that i had a serious laugh for at least 10 seconds

    77. Clark Potter

      "oh no" second

    78. Budrose

      Me thinking it would’ve been worse Example: misspelling of the word ‘bigger’

    79. Nick Leui

      OnOsecond. OwOsecond

    80. Luca Dario Bützberger

      I am obsewsed with backups. I have a ton of backups of everything. You know what I don't have backups off? The only stuff I somehow manage to loose even if I still need it. :/

    81. Alex Heap

      bet you done it on a friday afternoon aswell

    82. Tedj

      6:30, your welcome

    83. MenyeMC

      Him: smiling and retelling the story me: *sweating profusely*

      1. MenyeMC

        Well i have learned my lesson

    84. MenyeMC

      Him: smiling and retelling the story me: *sweating profusely*

    85. KoLMiW

      Reminds me of that old bumblebee typo where they had an extra space in: rm -rf /usr /lib/nvidia-current/xorg/xorg thus, it deletes /usr

    86. LRC

      Im sorry I did laugh at the "content" of this video XD


      The UPDATE with no WHERE. And also, this is one of the reasons I use PostgreSql. MySQL has a very poor command line interface and very strange habits on the quotes. This is important for me, I deal with the production database daily. Also, restoring a database content, is the worst thing ever, one day we might have a better solution for this problem, so it could be rebuild, not necessarily restored from a backup.

    88. Priyam Mascharak

      I feel sick in the stomach

    89. pudding!

      that feeling of "oh no" is one I'm all too familiar with lul


      My worst typo was “vore” instead of “vote” on discord. That was my worst

    91. Daniel Wey

      Why a mysqlbinlog couldn't help you?

    92. Nicholas Johnson

      Yahoo: "Hold my beer" (They did a typo of "bigger" to the N-word in the headline of an article and published it).

    93. Thierry Pauwels

      My worst typo: as root on a Unix computer network, with all other computer disks and backup disks mounted, I typed something like "rm -r /tmp ", with three blanks after "tmp". Just for aestethic reasons, I wanted to remove these blanks, while the cursor was just behind the "p". But because of a wrong configuration, the "delete" key acted as "backspace" leaving the command "rm -r / ". Without noticing that, I pressed the return key. And then I was surprised it took so long to delete just this single directory....

    94. EnchantedCrystal

      My biggest onosecond was when I was doing an exam and I had a question wrong. No problem here, just erase it with Tipp-Ex. But since it takes a while to dry and I didn’t have much time, I went on with the exam, and I completely forgot about it. It wasn’t until a few hours later when I realized and could do nothing about it. I had just left a question of my exam BLANK. A damn easy question too...

      1. omp199

        If the biggest "oh no" moment of your life is missing one question in an exam, then you have led a charmed life!

    95. Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa

      You really *are* a content creator.

    96. Milton Sibanda

      Ahhh yes, the minute you push 10+ years worth of Windows updates to 800 computers in the middle of the working day, proceeding to bring the entire network to a standstill. I still wake up in a cold sweat about that and it was 7 years ago and I have definitely done worse since

    97. AmPalp

      coding is like making wishes to a magic Genie, you have to be as specific as possible and you have to make sure there are no mistakes within the wish.

    98. Taliesin E.


    99. LeffeUP

      The onosecond, more commonly known as wildly smashing ctrl z even when you know the website doesnt support that

    100. Hword5 NotsoOfficial

      o no