These Regular Guys Challenged An NBA Player And Instantly Regretted It

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    1. cxrgez ψ

      His title was like a dhar man titled lol

    2. jayden hamilton

      I feel like I could take Paul george

    3. Cellâ Dor

      "The Vanilla Godzilla" : Nuff said

    4. mouad

      Pls upload

      1. Harman Baddesha

        he did

    5. C1ipzy _

      Guys jimmy dissapeared😭😭

      1. Harman Baddesha

        he back

    6. thehAPPYgunner

      I'll beat Shaq at FT.

    7. Paul Okogbenin

      Lil baby should be below the one old guy that plays at the local gym every Saturday morning

    8. Brandon Cole

      You're past due for another upload...

    9. Nrupen The Great

      Well these guys mistook NBA players for WNBA players.

    10. michael scoggins

      The vanilla... Godzilla... god I’m glad I clicked on this video

    11. michael scoggins

      “...has two trophies I guess”

    12. faceious2006

      I would play Labitch James. I’m from China and he would let me win.

    13. Nicholas Orsini

      I bet i could get 2 points before they can get 100. That would be a fair match, maybe.

    14. A l f r e d 0

      Bro its been a month 🙄

      1. Ajay Athota


    15. Gary DeVries

      Just buy NBA Live 2005 for Xbox or PS2 and I'm sure one will find Brian scalabrina's stats and abilities somewhere on that game, although it's been a little while since I played it. NBA 2K21 gameplay and graphics much better for PS4.

    16. zepsett

      There are about ten leagues worldwide that invest their own money in talent. They invest more money in people to FIND that talent. _If you're good enough to help them win, they'll find you_ .

    17. Gseric47

      Bro Scal was feastin' on some cheese puffs and was *still* clowning these dudes 😂😂🤣🤣

    18. Ivanners

      Man's really out here leaving us starved for a month 😭

    19. NotScummy


    20. Jean-Nicolas Vander heyden

      Who else is missing jximy's videos?

    21. Free Calls Online

      This gets a like just for the “Perspective” comments ;) lmao

    22. trueborn jester

      I could beat any pro basketballer..... at lawn bowls

    23. Macdonald Zharima

      its been a month jxmy

      1. Ajay Athota


    24. Andy Moss

      Played Steve Blake 1v1 and He beat me 11-0. 6’4 and still got worked 🤷‍♂️😂 Still was fun Jimmy is right #NoComparison

    25. James Sun

      5:30 Fred is 6 feet tall on a good day, and 5’1 on a bad day

    26. Wyatt Jones

      I scored a single basket on one of the Zeller brothers, I need a contract ASAP.

    27. Eric Serrano

      Please do a video about Michael porter junior heating up after jamals injury or just players who have gotten better because of someone else’s injury

    28. Dave Dederer

      Was at Green Lake court in Seattle one day in the 90s, Shawn Kemp showed up, joined full court game with big, bad UW Husky bball and football starters, messed with them like they were toddlers.

    29. Shybabyboiii

      Jimmy... do you need some help with finding vid ideas??

      1. Ajay Athota

        Lol yeah it's been a month

    30. MrBarosxp

      I want this guy to play vs peak wnba playerz lol

    31. Thaiquer Williams

      Ummm. Brian Scalabrine is a KNOWN mediocre. He averaged like 3 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist. Legend? LOL.

    32. Legendary Films

      In the last olympic games USA didnt even won a medal with better players than Scalabrine so dont underate EU pros

    33. Johnny B. Jabroni


    34. Sean

      P E R S P E C T I V E

    35. Albert Anderson

      Did anyone notice how good Scalabrini’s offensive skill set was in the video? His outside shot and post up moves? I watched him play in the NBA and don’t remember this and that’s because the people in front of him were so good he never got on the court that much. When you make the NBA you literally have beat out millions of people for that roster spot. The video is on point the last player on the bench of any NBA team will wreck any of us who think we can really ball

    36. Jay Nasty_69

      Wait scally is no average nba player he is the white mamba legendary player

    37. cinq tat

      I use to work at an office where this co-worker played at the famed Ruckers park in Greenwich village NY, and he swears that those players can be in the NBA. Your video proved him wrong.

    38. Air Plane

      The elite are the elite.... the elite of the elite.... now we're talking

    39. Ryder from AC street

      when is the stephen curry vid coming bro

    40. KLR


    41. whいつも

      This kind of perspective is very real in every area of life. It depresses me to think that I'm so far from even being "good" at anything...

    42. General Memeus

      The ONLY and I mean ONLY player I think I could 100% beat even though I am only 13 and 5,4 is Bob Cousy simply because he is 92, cuz there is no way he can even run from the three point line down to the paint in the time I can ( which is not fast but he is 92 )

    43. Chase Elrod

      Jimmy died guys

    44. cool boy

      professionals ballers literally live and breath basketball. i cant even imagine how many shots they put up in one month.

    45. Tolits TV

      Bruh how you disrespect the white mamba like that? His average did not show the right numbers coz they system only limited to double digits. White mamba averages 100+ points pergame

    46. Robert Cruz

      When next vid

    47. Sharif Abukar

      Jxmy where you been 🤔?

      1. Ajay Athota

        Facts it's been a month

    48. bahamabrz

      Never mind that the player filtering occurs in grade school leagues, in middle school, in high school, and in college. Of the hundreds of college basketball players that become available each year, fewer than 1% make it to the NBA. And just getting picked up is no guarantee you will be there for long. In summary, there is an astonishing amount of talent on that NBA court regardless who is playing.

    49. Alex Schmitt

      Omg drop another Video already please comon

    50. Bret Lee gaming y mas

      I would beat the hell out of james nunally or mugsey bogues

    51. explainyouandme

      You should try to get invited to the celebrity game.

    52. Shao Yang

      You were a pro for a reason. Just because you can beat some athletic dudes at the y doesn’t mean you’re anybody lol

    53. TheLegends x88

      oh god um like 0.2 points per season

    54. Baller Analysis

      _That high school basketball 🏀 player was a FOOL!_

    55. Jack O

      I’m beating jerry west no cap

    56. Somer Himpson

      Yo he should do one on Anthony Edwards

    57. Adrian Knelsen

      1k that disliked are the wannabes

    58. Jake Sutton

      Being a giant does help though.

    59. Mowy

      The vanilla Godzilla 😂

    60. Simon Jakob

      3 Weeks no video??? I‘m literally checking on your page since a week straight...

    61. Aslan King

      My guy ruined my childhood

    62. Sean Rodas

      What about the time when the 5’6 guy beat MJ on a 1 on 1

    63. NovaFB

      Bro please make another vid like this

    64. xMqt

      i came here to watch a short 2-5 minute clip not a whole documentary

    65. M Rodgers

      Scalabrine was a legit NBA starter and has a championship ring. Not sure why they're making it sound like he was a no-name. Doesn't surprise me that he can still ball and obviously he would school anyone you'll ever see at your gym.

    66. SNiper Aguilar

      They all had no talent and no type of strategy.. especially the 3 on 1. There’s no way they should have even come close to losing.

      1. Carl Lutz

        They should at least be able to score a few buckets. However I don’t think 3 radio guys who were probably 5’10” are gonna stop Brian from scoring ever.

    67. Chicken McNugget Gaming

      I want ur opinion on Julius randles breakout games

    68. Tom Baird

      This channel sucks. It is the most overrated sports channel on this whole platform. Can Jimmy not make a twenty minute video centered around one stat. Also why do all the videos all come off contrarian? I don't like this channel.

      1. Benjamin Cano


      2. Anthony Layman

        U sound like a man who doesn’t know his facts

      3. Tom Baird

        @Anthony Layman You sound like a hall monitor.

      4. Anthony Layman

        What r u on he is literally awesome he can do anything watch most of the the mans video then come back to me then see what u think

    69. Marcus Aurelius

      If I could criticize your take for one thing you missed it would be: mentality. Scal wasn't just playing rough physically, he broke them down mentally. The way he talked to them, went right up to them and pushed them around, that was a top-of-the-food-chain predator competitor on display. The two guys who should have done better, the college forward and the overseas pro, were both humble and not very assertive. Listen to my man talk (9:37). He already lost in his mind after the first shot. The mental pressure of real competition was too much. Now imagine coming off the bench in the NBA in the biggest lights on the biggest stage and everyone is counting on you. None of those guys have it. Not one.

    70. CoolStuff 1011

      I didn't see anything that impressive in the vid honestly.

    71. Samira El-hayouni

      When is next video

    72. Magnus Gaming

      The same thing is true in academics; many people lack perspective. Generally speaking, most people think they relatively smart, or even above average. Just like NBA players, most of us never come across truly brilliant people in real life because they are rare. I went to an above average college, but not top-tier. Every other person was the top of their class in high school. The average high school GPA was a 4.6. Mine was much lower. I was surrounded by people who could grasp really sophisticated concepts easily. I went from thinking I was smart to realizing I was barely average. The point is this: stay humble, work hard at all things, but don't overestimate your abilities because you'll sound grandiose and embarrass yourself.

    73. Jeremiah Wogerman

      This is the exact same thing that would happen to the Alabama Crimson Tide against the worst nfl team in the league.

    74. Alan Webster

      I can't wait to see a 350 pound old man Jokic messing dudes up

    75. Joshua Chaimson

      Everyone knows Jews are the best athletes on the planet... that’s all I gotta say. Shalom bitches!

    76. Noob

      I'd clap that guy

    77. MonteLDS

      Honestly I'm sure I would be sweeped by 82-year-old Jerry West in a one-on-one game right now.

    78. Ammar Fauzan

      yeah that top 1%

    79. Ned Roberts

      I played against Joe Smith during the NBA strike in the late 90s. I'm 6'2", was 35 years old and a decent player. At one point, Joe was dribbling left handed down the sideline. I moved over to cut off his dribble. As he approached me, I started to lean to pick his cross-over. He stepped over me without slowing down and continued on as if I wasn't there. LOL.

    80. jacob

      I wanna see how the radio guys scored

    81. mocha blank

      I swear people always underestimate the White Mamba.

    82. antione newton

      @JxmyHighroller really nice vid. Played a D league player WAY past his prime when I was in my prime. Easily played the best basketball I've ever played for 2 hours. Never won a game.

    83. A.I

      I’m telling u those nba players made it for a reason, and it’s not luck

    84. ZayonTop

      Man Jared Dudley gon have to show me he better than me

    85. Samuel Miščík

      Where u at bro?

    86. Zooko23NY

      I don't think that is impossible that he's gotten better, his technique and shooting, than when he was in the league. Now he's older and his stamina and ability to play at that level everyday may be the biggest issue now. Because.... Well... Aging sucks. Can't deny his skill though. 🤘

    87. Ok campione

      After seeing this video.... i think i am going to stop playing basketball i am going back to Esports

    88. Diogo T. S.

      Just dropping by to ask when the next video is coming out (as always, we can't wait for it)

    89. Potatoe137 Killua

      Now that I have this whole new perspective, kuroko no basket doesnt seem like an exageration anymore lol. The power dynamics/differences in basketball is huge!


      Is I versed an NBA player I'll dribble to half and hope I'll make it

    91. Brett Stalbaum

      I'd just go to the sideline to watch them warm up.

    92. Gametourny 4ever

      I wonder what the NBA elites were thinking when they went up against MJ on that 84 Olympian team.

    93. Mr Devious

      It’s been 3 weeks please post 🥺

    94. Kenny Williams

      Love this video. It’s amazing how the trash of the league is so many light years better than above average hoopers. #perspective 😂

    95. Moon Wolf

      I don’t expect to win against the NBA player, but I yearned to test my skills against the NBA player

    96. Bounty Rogue Cinemax

      I remember a random over seas player came to coutt... Short white guy. I thought he was easy cause I'm much larger than him.. then he turned into Micheal jordan, behind neck passes, oops, dunks, nothing but net shots. Could barley keep up with where he even is. He beat my team 10-2. He scored all 10 shots barley broke a sweat. 😂

    97. This is Important!

      I didn’t get a full chest tattoo of the vanilla cold killa for him to be disrespected by that kid fr

    98. Jon Hartley

      Cool video until OP decided to scroll though a leaderboard on basketball reference instead of just searching. his. fucking. name.

    99. James Patillo

      Kyrie Irving is “ Ultra Instinct”


      I miss you not posting please post