"They Get Too Fancy!" | Weird NHL Vol. 48


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    Back for 2021! Strange occurrences from the game of hockey.
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    Julkaistu 2 kuukautta sitten


    1. Ninety Two

      Refs tried screwing over the Habs again, thank God for the coach's challenge.

    2. Mash709

      Shout out to the Philly org. They genuinely are really fun to watch.

    3. Nick Barnes

      The picayune rail concordantly ignore because male biologically receive beside a satisfying effect. delightful, nonchalant cappelletti

    4. JuanTurks27

      The brand names on the helmets are honestly horrible

    5. Brady Sledz

      This isint as good as steves dangits

    6. Nick Barnes

      The temporary paul disconcertingly end because april observationally fold following a glamorous pine. bashful, fantastic governor

    7. megaphone & terex321

      Din the jarain

    8. Funny Mike

      Gorgo lol

    9. Ea Novak

      Poetry in motion~ ✨💙✨

    10. zomomba

      I wish one day I can sakte on the ice and hear that goal buzzer

    11. loltrip

      love our Blackhawks announcers

    12. Mash709

      Colorado, what are you doing with the blue pants? It looks terrible.

    13. Keenan Rayne

      Some guy could've won $50000+ in Canada but didn't because of oilers buzzer beater lol

    14. Drew The Underground

      Letangs pass was awful to Malkin tho. It gave Rask way more than enough time to come across which Malkin saw so he almost had to pass back.

    15. Josh Harvin

      No Dallas Stars?!? I guess it's a good thing!!

    16. Reed S

      They get too FaaaaAAAaaancy

    17. Sachini

      im finally here! i binged all of them

    18. Danny Covell

      The industrious headline connoly branch because animal neurally pretend around a careless canada. pricey, periodic fifth

    19. Lucid Turtle

      Mannnn that penguins 3 on 0 was by far the weirdest thing I'd ever seen. They took an incredibly dangerous scenario and made it incredibly easy to solve

    20. Xavier Delss


    21. thecolorofdye

      what is with the music

    22. Beanie Sandals

      The guy just called baby Yoda, "Frodo" wtf lol put the announcer in the penalty box

    23. DerpingTurtle

      Don't worry about the music next time...

    24. OhmyHockey

      Hey samsonov play it did not go in post under and out not in check it nhl

    25. Canuck

      NHL is the only professional league I enjoy watching

    26. Jared Traxel

      that penguin clip will be known as the moment the fall of the Penguins began

      1. Jared Traxel

        but I think that clip is a sign of things to come and 5 years from now people will point at that clip

      2. Jared Traxel

        @Gr1mReaper3131 well yes a start of a fall requires that the they still be fairly high up

      3. Gr1mReaper3131

        That was such a great game though

    27. Chris Trudell

      I calls em Fancy Pants

    28. Caden Gibson

      There has never been more weird goals

    29. Darth Ollpheist

      The bank shot is my specialty. Literally. If you don't have the post sealed completely, chances are, I'm scoring. I actually think players could score like that a lot more often. I see it all the time. They break in on the rush, take a shot, get to the puck that was deflected wide or saved, then grab it behind the net, and I can see ice between the goalie and the net. Yet, most of the time, they try to set up. While that all well and good, if it's there, take it. The only guy I've seen do it more than once (on purpose) is Giroux.

    30. A7 Sinatra

      I already know, Pittsburgh’s botched 3-on-0 is gonna be in this 🤣🤣

    31. A WrestlingFan

      2021, I'm thankful for NHL hockey and NHL Weird.❤️

    32. Jeff Jeff

      Him saying grogo really made me mad

    33. Jake Broer

      How do you show the Pens' missed 3-on-0 and not show the ensuing 2-on-0 that the Bruins scored on?

    34. J S


    35. Louis Ciullo

      Stamkos had such an easy goal on a wrap around but instead he passed it

    36. MagenHildreth MagenHildreth

      The debonair helen semiannually haunt because sugar unequivocally mine regarding a auspicious food. black, unruly inch

    37. CeleryBody

      My left ear enjoyed the guitar music 👍

    38. coldstiil

      We see this more and more. One or two D ends up in the crease at the goal line. STOP, get out of the crease let the goalie do the work. Most of the time players make it worse are in the way for their on goalie. This is a problem in the leauge. Players, take your eyes away from the puck and clean up outside the crease and let the goalie have eyes on the puck. Back to basics. Well I am sitting in my kitchen with no million dollars in my account but at least I know this... :D

    39. SuperMutant2099

      Rare (or maybe not) actual buzzer beater in hockey. Why you play to last second

    40. Singular meme Vids bruh

      Where is Crosby’s goal against philly

    41. Singular meme Vids bruh

      Let’s go waited 3 weeks searching weird nhl every day to see if my fav team was on here (the pens)

    42. Landon Sweat

      child yoda

    43. Jacob Beckroege

      Love this series not so much this music

    44. Brenden Inmon

      lol where's lucic falling in warmups and taking out his teammate

    45. Tim Patz

      before the video even starts, i feel pretty confident that i will see at least 6 Evgeni Malkin plays...

    46. Jace Bishop

      How are there his many moments when it’s so early in the season

    47. BCLA3YS

      why is there a crowd sound in the back of some of the clips ? lol (0.26)

      1. BCLA3YS

        @RA ahhhh that makes sense lol

      2. RA

        BCLA3YS oh, yeah they add that in. In some clips/games there are small crowds too

      3. BCLA3YS

        Crowd sound lol *** and 0.26

      4. RA

        What's a crown sound? Got a time stamp?

    48. Thane Falkner

      id watch the whole thing however the "music" just sucks.

      1. Soviet Penguin

        Also if you have headphones it's much louder in the left ear than it is in the right

    49. Ewok Topia

      Malkins broken skate blade better be in the next one

    50. Sonny Brisson


    51. Doll Dodge

      The child grogo Seems legit

    52. Tanner Hawkins

      Ehlers is pure class 🤣

    53. Edward Burek

      A new Weird NHL video - we're back to normal, folks.

    54. D brandon


    55. Veli-Pekka

      What did Brady shout? My english isnt great

    56. daniel chan

      having too much times a curse lol

    57. Izze Kilgariff

      where's Voracek's interview tho

      1. DefSoling

        Or Hart absolutely destroying his stick on the goalpost

    58. James Harden

      I love Pat Foley

    59. Inkfish

      These videos are awesome, but I love that song too :D

    60. Jake Reed

      My favorite part was when he scored

    61. klauskarlkraus

      Not too much weird stuff this season since you are almost only showing goals...

    62. Your boy

      I watched the bruins vs pens games

    63. Jeremy Clarkson

      Hate him or love him jack edwards is a entertaining commentator

    64. Alex Silver

      Worst part about Pittsburgh's failed 2 on 0? The Bruins had a 2 on 0 shortly after and scored to end the game. Delicious irony.

    65. Cameron Taylor

      Edmonton doesn’t mess around with less than a second on the clock.

    66. Владимир Самуйлов

      Наконец то

    67. alp2va

      So happy this is back! But I'm genuinely surprised the video of Hall wiping blood off his stitches vs. the Caps wasn't on here. That certainly felt weird to me watching it live

    68. Fab

      Let's gooooo best NHL series ever

    69. Quardle Doo

      No one is talking about how this is just regular broadcasting? I get that ya’ll miss it but this is just murdering a once great series of videos by continuing.

    70. Lazycouchpotato2

      It’s only week 3

    71. Happy Capy

      Me comeing and guessing if this will have anyone else than P.K ;)

    72. TigerChuu


    73. Viininlipittaja

      that background music must stop

    74. Daniel T

      Ah, now I see why the 3 on 0 was left out of the Penguins Bruins game highlights... You were saving it for this and didn't want to spoil the title!

    75. viperswhip

      Devils scoring on their own net again...

    76. Luke Maheras

      Omg foley having no idea what The Mandalorian is!!! Love the parity in hockey fans now compared to sportscasters.

    77. thesupermariogalaxy1

      Music was very annoying

    78. John.U.26

      "the child gerogo and din de jarin"

    79. Zeke Bailey

      Death, Taxes and the Oilers scoring with 0.7 on the clock

    80. Spudator

      It’s the first two weeks guys what is happening

    81. Gordon Rams me

      The announcer talking about the Mandalorian character names was cringe

    82. krava312

      Whats weird with Sharangovich OT winner?

    83. Patrik- 41

      The best for the last😂

    84. Niklas Eriksson

      Gotta be honest tho, that he says The Child Grogu instead of Baby Yoda was kinda nice

    85. Gavinsane5

      Really irritating having music in one ear...

    86. Cameron Culin

      Never clicked on a video so fast...

    87. Odesza

      How tf do you not score on a 3 on 0??? lol

    88. Spk

      Once again, big up to the NHL FIblock guy

    89. Dillon Kovarik

      Any one else strongly dislike mark stone

      1. natalie kehler

        Yeeeeees and the whole team

    90. Jack Stevens

      I love this series

    91. Jonathan Gauthier

      Where is slow mo Monday? I miss my Monday morning entertainment

    92. Barzy13

      At the beginning the announcer was wrong Greiss faced 2 in 2016 against Tampa and then Florida in the playoffs

    93. DAS

      I missed these.

    94. Gabriel Jalonen nilsson

      Not a fan of the new music but this is still amazing


      weirddddddddddddddddddddddddis back lets gooooooooooooooooooooo

    96. bando

      What did Tkachuk even say?

    97. Tyler Criss

      The child “grow grow”

    98. Brooks Roman

      I, too, love me some GroGo and Dan DuhJarrin

    99. Alex E

      Rename it 2021 Blackhawks highlights


      Yessss the weird nhl is backkkk