This *INSANE* Alpha Pack Opening Took 2 Years To Make...

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    This is the ULTIMATE Alpha Pack Opening, this Rainbow Six Siege Montage is all about the pain of duplicates when opening these forbidden packs....
    I just wish I made another Aruni or Tachanka Rework video instead...
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    1. cohen

      my first purple was a black ice on the shittiest gun

    2. Crazzy

      Is a Black ice Aaaaaa

    3. Carson Williams

      What black ice dont you have 😂

    4. Hollow Rat

      i'm guessing before watching this but *you only got 1 black ice and it's either a secondary or duplicate*

    5. The waffler

      10:08 from this moment kini start losing it

    6. HTX Miguel

      Sounds like amity

    7. Harry Dixon

      People without a black ice what level are you (I'm level 104)

    8. Liamkaos

      Madmadagescar 16:03

    9. Your Pal Cryptic

      How does he go 2 years without opening a pack

    10. KostaMiner

      Black ice is good? I unlocked it in a pack but idk why is so good

    11. phoenix polk

      Why does music play when he got legendary and cool weapon skin or cool skin

    12. Linxz _

      i have to watch this cause it took me 2 months non stop playing r6 to make 100k coins in rainbow to get the Dimond skin i know the struggle

    13. Isaac Griffin

      Bruh this would’ve been a cool video but you already had almost everything in the game 😑

    14. Skull6383 ndhdor

      Play it on 2x speed

    15. Xotic

      This dedication is something else

    16. Jarred Trollston

      I love the Pokémon mystery dungeon music in the background it’s nostalgic

    17. ElitePixel HD

      For everyone that didn't want to count: he got 22 black ice Wich makes it a 2.2%chance

    18. iZéY

      5:40 glad över att se Jerry

    19. Silly Goose

      I'm Canadian and you said liberté really good at 13:39 of the video

    20. Zentrix

      Does the deagle have a black ice ?

    21. Bergen

      72% duplicate rate hell yeah f this game and its rng

    22. Helmer Brännlund 7A

      are you swedish

    23. Danish Barmola

      He can buy 999 alpha packs with the renown he got opening the 999 alpha packs

    24. on 94879

      19:16 bro 3 hong kong=free hong kong, u are getting arrest

    25. Aryan Seerum

      This man is legend

    26. Gifted YT


    27. Aleksandr Zelobajev

      From like 1/4 through the vid i started skipping 10 seconds and eatch time i did it was a legendary

    28. TEKNIQUE Z

    29. Mafia Chief

      when 70% of the packs are dupes.

    30. Jenna Binkley

      who the fuck says muffin cake? i say cup cake

    31. Bobby Friese

      So many dupes

    32. Bryce Barry-Green

      at some point opening packs is just going to be quick renown for you lol

    33. Pedro Michelotto

      3:59 BRAZILE

    34. jean luca araujo sousa

      Salve brasil

    35. slasher

      and if you click that one .... you fucking cry yourself to sleep at night

    36. Zach P

      As a Frenchmen, the liberté at 13:40 is the best ine

    37. JirdaZZZ

      The tragedy of Darth Duplicate.

    38. Bubzy Murrant

      after 6 minutes of watching the video i noticed coconut mall was playing in the backround

    39. Creepercammy Gaming

      the perfectly cut screams kill me

    40. Flooded Rip


    41. Callum Storey

      I am lvl 95 and still dont have a black ice

    42. PAKAN

      When u come to my discord server I give u : Duplicate Master😂

    43. João Pedro

      Why dont are burning the amazon jungle skin?

    44. Juan Sebastian Muñoz Patiño

      Pablo Escobar hahahahha

    45. JimZone

      my first black ice was for bandits primary

    46. umbee

      Okay but look how many renown u got 🥲

    47. Jannes

      - How many game soundtracks do you want to put in the background? - Yes!

    48. Aery Naegi

      Bruh why did kini skip the 666 dupe

    49. Alexander Masson

      Äntligen en rolig svensk som inte heter FabianChills

    50. Matteo Ghidotti

      You guys are reaaaally strange

    51. Felpe Ricardo

      Não sei como eu sendo de outro país, não entender inglês fiquei 24 minutos vendo um cara abrindo aphal pack... Sendo q o cara já tinha várias skin iradas, acabou que de 1k 700 foram repetidas

    52. Lauren Jenkins

      This would be the biggest tease just having them stay there

    53. Younos

      Me who can't even wait to get 2 packs so I open most of them alone 🙃

    54. izdiath_Castillo 03

      Pablo escobas😂😂😎👍

    55. Le Mama Jama

      2 Years!!!!!!

    56. Riccardo Cipolletta


    57. Ghost Wave

      This man has gone through pain

    58. L3G3ND5R9G5M3R Stop

      Everyone when he bought to show he couldn’t get 1000 he had 144 I think now look at it

    59. Michael Haymes


    60. Resistol Cúter

      He had to win at least 999 games ,epic

    61. Pathfinder

      Tänk at ha ett black ice...............

    62. george siskas

      So much pokemon music from behind i love it

    63. Doctor Ironic

      10:00 *meatymarley wants to know your location*

    64. Russell B

      That was awful. 715 duplicates shows just how few items there are.

    65. Hoyt Sandomirsky

      Its nesesary to use Black ice counter.

    66. Tal'kamar

      I have a single legendary skin and its mac daddy for the deagle, ffs

    67. Elijah Kincaid

      I like how the Russianbager did him dirty in a tourtament

    68. Ant

      30% off half price lol? I love the way you tried to change the font too

    69. johan

      Är Du SVeNsK elle

    70. DeadEnd17

      I love how I’m a level 100 and I still don’t have a black ice

      1. LuukasSamuel Alton

        I am level 98 and have 2 black ices, one for finka's and kapkan's shotgun and one for buck and frost's pistol

    71. faddymaple

      my only legendary skin i ever got is the mew mew mew (cat) skin

    72. Lorys Thuliez

      "Liberééétt" 😂

    73. DoorCamper

      you know there is going to be a lot of dupes when he has to have a meter in the bottom left

    74. Opticzz !!

      At the end of video literally has more renown then started Ik this is late comment but yeah

    75. Alberto

      6:36 His mate reaction was my exact same lmao, that skin is literally the first one I've ever bought lmao

    76. KingVass

      13:36 is good but the accent is very bad

    77. Steven R

      That runescape back ground music 😂😂

    78. Cringe Center

      17:23 OH HAMBURGERS

    79. Nigh† Shade

      Now I wonder; 2 years to get the packs ior 2 years to open the packs

    80. RNG Sway

      was his doc a girl

    81. RareSwedishGuy

      Bikini u a swede?? I knew ur accent was kinda scandinavian but i thought u were like norse

    82. Kiko The Cat Baby

      1:00 SANS OST

    83. i can’t think of a name

      Bikini: oooOoooH amazon jungle, wait why isn’t she burn- me: oh boy

    84. sono Senza Nome

      2 years ago you start to collect alpha pack

    85. Masv1pe

      Nearly 3/4 packs you open are duplicates. WTF.

    86. Edgey Gaming

      this shit has me dying

    87. Corpse Monkies

      715 dupes out of 1000 packs, thats fucking stupid

    88. Jeffriennafair _

      13:46 it the good pronnociation

    89. Rodrigo Escuder Herrero

      15:46 is that buyable?

    90. aweirdpizza

      Marley might be so pissed after seeing that duplicate black ice for buck's primary

    91. c0de xxl

      the name : liberté your friend : liberite every french hate you

    92. Zailox

      how do you pronounce it "liberté" xDDD

    93. Soos Boons

      As an Arknights player i gotta say this looks so much like that game gacha lol. The colors just fit so much.

    94. Kaya Yildiran


    95. Luca Fusciardi

      I'm level 101 and still haven't gotten a single black ice camo

    96. Watermelon Robz

      Would’ve clicked on vid if it was 200 alpha pack opening he could’ve done this x5 but respect of patience

    97. iNevaSl33p

      The donkey Kong music the second time you the banana killed me 🤣🤣🤣

    98. SC1FF1Xx_ CRxCKED

      He gets a legendary*What the fuck is this*

    99. fear._no._1one._

      Me who got black ice the second time playing r6 and thinking it was cool but never equipped it