This is why we can't have nice things

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    This video is about stuff: light bulbs, printers, phones and why they aren't better. Go to and use code VERITASIUM to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!
    The Man in the White Suit -
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    Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Mac Malkawi, Oleksii Leonov, Michael Schneider, Jim Osmun, Tyson McDowell, Ludovic Robillard, jim buckmaster, fanime96, Juan Benet, Ruslan Khroma, Robert Blum, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Vincent, Lyvann Ferrusca, Alfred Wallace, Arjun Chakroborty, Joar Wandborg, Clayton Greenwell, Pindex, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson, Sam Lutfi, Ron Neal
    Written by Derek Muller and Petr Lebedev
    Animation by Ivan Tello
    Filmed by Derek Muller and Raquel Nuno
    Edited by Derek Muller
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    1. DR. SOLO

      Philips exclusive deal with Dubai is going to be expiring soon. We might very well have access to 1 watt LED light bulb 2 watt LED light bulb 3 watt LED light bulb with twice as many diodes as our standard LED lights have. All running off a fraction of the power. Look it up oh, it's called the Dubai light bulb

    2. S Zn

      I mean how else are we supposed to make money

      1. S Zn

        Yes, spending money sucks but these companies provides folks with jobs. Money keeps the world sort of in order, unfortunately

    3. M JR

      I'm constantly changing LED light bulbs. My experience is they dont last. Perhaps I'm getting the one with the built in obsolescence

    4. Chris Leone

      Pablo Escobulb?

    5. True Leaf

      You mean there were literal "mostly peaceful protests" over nylon panty hose.

    6. D Boyes

      Everything lasted longer until the major greed set in. My dad refused upper mgmt position because he knew that they were making the product to break within a set amount of time.

    7. Killerwit Heynow

      My LED bulbs still burning out rather quickly IMHO

    8. 4ppl3z

      Remembering the MFs who say "capitalism creates innovation", yeah if making products worse to increase profit is innovation, sure.

    9. Rob T

      The new business model coming is not to own anything, everything will be rented and leased. Software has already largely moved to this model. "You will own nothing and be happier." - World Economic Forum. But of course to achieve this, just a handful of corporations will need to exist that will have an anticompete agreement to never actually sell their products to the public.

    10. Jonathan Nguyen

      Good ole capitalism.

    11. Rob T

      "You're more likely to sell your house than to buy a light bulb to replace in it" - Well, I guess you haven't bought a GE LED bulb.

    12. Crono454

      Describing the battery slowdown as planned obsolescence is stupid. How does limiting performance force an upgrade more than random restarts? The battery health management is actually in the consumer interest and extends the life of iPhones. You can complain that the batteries aren’t as easily serviceable and you’re on more firm ground. Having grandmas iPhone go a little slower instead of powering off tho? That’s normal performance throttling and allows people to keep their iPhone long past its battery being worn out.

    13. the descended

      Same can be applied to cancer treatment its so profitable

    14. It's Me

      The comment section here is painful because of all the hypocrisy: 90 % of the people here have day jobs related to planned obsolescence. Changing the world starts with you.


      If the idea of these companies is to sell more stuff, the least they can do is to take ownership of recycling the older phones once the consumer returns them. May be they can insentivize it, just a little. Of course, repairs should also be reasonable.

    16. Viking Child

      Fluorescent bulbs don't burn out. Westinghouse took four years to figure how to make a bulb burn out. Old news. 😎

    17. Goos

      Claude Bernard: "The experimenter who does not know what he is looking for will not understand what he finds." -> The video just found out that capitalism is a cancer that only seeks from you endless consumption in a world that has finite resources. Infinite concept vs finite, irreconcilable concepts.

    18. Nathan Bruce

      Doesnt the 100 year old light bulb run because it stay on at all times, whereas normal damage to bulbs sustain most the damage alternating on and off? Also wasnt the apple thing more about prolonging battery life than making their product worse so people bought new ones? I believe in right to repair but these examples seem a bit intellectually lazy dishonest

    19. Dave Althaus

      Silly question but is being born planned obsolescence ? And when you buy a new car for 2 years do you find the value in that 2 years before the purchase ? just askin.

    20. Pablo Amerio

      The companies that have their production completely robotized, automated, should manufacture them without obsolescence, on the other hand, those that hire human beings should manufacture with obsolescence

    21. Alan Clark

      Led bulbs like that have only ever lasted a year for me

    22. Andrew

      The office of Planned Obsolescence. Thats not creepy at all....

    23. FLIP !

      Pure capitalism and free market ideals do work when properly implemented, and companies are fully subject to the downfalls that beset them. Not when corporate free for all’s , and “to big to fail” protections and bailouts are all but guarantied by the government.

    24. Gsiwytw Xhsuwyhs

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    25. James Spur

      Interesting how I still have to replace LED bulbs fairly regularly.

    26. FLIP !

      Who is John Galt?

    27. Lucas Walker

      Thanks Capitalism!

    28. Freezee

      Very nice vid!

    29. Peter

      So GM is the inventor of custom skins? Insane.

    30. Linda Scoon

      I'm ok with this. I like new shiny things

    31. niduoe stre

      are hard to find but worth it every time . We are slaves to the things we own .

    32. Devin Young

      Really fantastic episode. My thoughts for consumers: if there is a clear technologic monopoly (one company or several conspiring together as in the Pheobus cartel), they are only incentivized to worsen their product as their only competition is themselves. However, they did not begin that way. As a consumer, it is important we recognize when this inflection point occurs. When product quality begins to diminish for profit. I think about my own experience buying the original Google Pixel in 2016 after having an iPhone for several years. They were innovative with unlimited cloud storage for photos, incredible facial recognition software to organize photos and search, and also it was deeply integrated into my google account for my own personal interests. Within a year, Apple had implemented many of these same technologies, and both phones, to me, were comparable. I decided to buy a Pixel 3 two years later, developing a bit of a brand loyalty after being happy with the original Pixel and the innovation had waned by that point. They had a market and no longer needed to compete as much. Recently I was notified that the cloud storage for photos will no longer be unlimited and the forced obsolescence, in terms of software, is beginning. If you are a consumer, recognize when a company is moving in this trend with a product and look for the smaller companies that have reasons to innovate and offer better products.

    33. Thomas Werner

      If you ever used a LED light bulb, you know they are rubbish and just fail as regular as an incandescent light bulb!

    34. Debra James

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      1. niduoe stre

        At 09:32, I live on that road. The Raglan wharf itself has been redeveloped, but enough remains to give a sense of the heritage of that part of the canalside industry that was o

    35. Ashish

      Wow the production quality is increasing year by year. Content - The best as always.

    36. kuatum Poole

      You missed that LED is deadly to life.

    37. Vin M


    38. Leon Sandro

      This is the same story with tires

    39. Brian Evolved

      try getting an LED supplier to replace an LED bulb if it goes wrong, some things never change (but lightbulbs do)

    40. CIA1776

      2020 LEFT ME FEELING VIOLATED BY THE GOVERNMENT. This just provides the link to the corporate cartels that also work behind the scenes to screw the people over. I love this video.

    41. liquidwombat

      If I’m not mistaken the man in the white suit is basically what happened to crocs

    42. Vinnie Davis

      I'm so glad I learned about planned/engineered/dynamic obsolescence in school way back when I was 15, I haven't purchased an iPhone since.

    43. Mike Makuh

      Why not? If you were older you would know that EVERYTHING use to last longer. Except cars that were produced by the "big three".

    44. Jim Scimonetti

      I just bought a new iPad - My trash can is full now with boxes and packing material. Good job Tim Apple.

    45. Nikkos

      I guess that happens a lot with motherboards. I had 3 that broke next month after guarantee end

    46. Elkin Henao

      Thanks, again. I willl spread it among my friend. We have to increase global conscience. Even the discussion is still open. I fell there is a programmed obsolence from current leds lamps, up to th energy sources. Infinite energy supply is closer; Is this better for humans? Why not? Water was almost abundant and was not a problem in the past.

    47. Stupidly Clever

      always stick out till the end to see his creative plot of product placement :)

    48. ORION

      Glad to hear that someone on the internet still knows the difference between the word conspiracy and the phrase conspiracy theory. Millions of idiots (pim tool for example) do NOT understand this.

    49. Kevin Lee

      The right to repair is for the farmers who aren't allowed to use another person who isn't part of the company that sold the machine to repair the tractors they bought and the expense of returning a very large and important machine especially during harvest times

    50. Stu lee

      At 09:32, I live on that road. The Raglan wharf itself has been redeveloped, but enough remains to give a sense of the heritage of that part of the canalside industry that was once there. Wood and timber was the main commodity of the wharfs of that area as south Hackney was predominantly dominated by the cabinet making and other woodwork production of the time. Great to see a snippet of the past related to an area I have lived in all my life.

    51. TecunUman Tonatiu

      The Pharmaceutical Cartel The biggest of them all!!!

    52. PhauxtoN

      Glass VS Plastic

    53. chris Castle

      Lets be honest everything is controlled and has been since day one

    54. Henri Naths

      We've been fighting consumerism for almost 100 yrs. a very complex problem can't be just turn on a dime. The key is self awareness and what is needed not wanted out of life. Bling or solid personal growth. You pick. (Btw another solid vid. Always refreshing when intuitions are backed by historical and scientific facts. Much appreciated )

    55. Ben

      It’s called the “Meeseeks method”... well that guy over there is charging me a bill...well THAT guy overTHERE is charging ME a bill ! well because THAT GUY is charging MEE a bill?!?...

    56. dardoukLYS

      And here I am with my 12 years old car since day one and my 8 years old smartphone.

    57. William

      It's greed, pure and simple.

    58. Rusty

      I think living conditions for people would probably be twice as better then they are now at least if it weren't for planned obsolescence. It might be good for the few, but in exchange everyone else pays the price of falling closer to poverty, while using resource, while generating waste, thus creating a worse living circumstance. I get there will always be bad parts to the world too - but what is the point in being a part of the world when you know your actions aee actively making things worse - I don't believe for even a second this stopped any depression- it might hold it off for awhile, but this makes everything worse lol.

    59. Hape Meatbeat

      Capitalism. Great.

    60. E C

      You'd be surprised how many secret meetings happened in the early 1900s that subsequently changed the course of Humanity for ultimate enslavement. To start, search for the Titanic and the creation of the Federal Reserve.

    61. John Kuhles

      For believers proof is not necessary ... for non-believers proof is never good enough or "impossible" ... BOTH believers & non-believers suk! ... Because they want everything to be spoon-fed to them! ... It takes more effort to go beyond the conditioning (for or against). I avoid the use of the word "believe" for a very good reason ... I rather consider ... or I know ... or I am aware ... or I have experienced ... etc. etc. ... (believe systems often begs to be corrected) ... the moment some one asks you: "Do you beLIEve?" it is a MIND TRAP to lure you in to assuming that there is "nothing" to know or to experience. Am not seeking agreement ... nor the opposite ... as long as I stay in my own integrity and self-honesty ... we all have to deal with (partial altered) perceptions ... with many assumptions that are based upon what has been spoon-fed to all of us in a certain way ... Letting go of the "need for agreement" is very liberating and still respecting other points of view! ... Nobody has "all the right answers" and nobody has all the "wrong answers" either. There a lot people who want to control the narrative fanatically (left & right). This extreme need to force one-sided thinking is often a sign of severe insecurity. Real Honest Conspiracy Researchers studies Proven Conspiracy Facts and sometimes have "Theories" about KNOWN liars mixed with hard evidence of corruption, colluding, deceptions etc. To label some one "Conspiracy Theorists" is to falsely assume that some one "only" cooks up "theories". This need to control the narrative by MSM is part of mass dumbing down of a nation! Look up the word "Conspiracy" in any (LAW) Dictionary ... then ask yourself is that "science fiction"? ... When 2 or more people prepare to commit a crime or to do harm is that so "far fetched"? ... What MSM tries to do is you to be associated with certain people that are FAR from being a true researchers or being an honest conspiracy analyst. The reason MSM never can share an honest representation of that what they attack is because they assume most will not verify their own sold claims & judgemental assumptions to them! So they count on you being lazy! cheers. John Kuhles aka ExomatrixTV

    62. Zach Dugan

      Thing about conspiracy theories is...people conspire. And by definition, they try to hide it. While you should certainly expect evidence before coming to conclusions, it seems the negative connotations surrounding "conspiracy theorists" are largely unjustified.

    63. Bettsbe58

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    64. mario barcelon

      Custom make is the key for long product life.

    65. Deborah brune

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    66. Olcay Sözen

      Fun fact: The lightbulb in the firestation outlived multiple webcams which were livestreaming the bulb

    67. no

      Because you break them, I had to take them Awaaaaaaaaay im sorry

    68. Gabriel Borges

      About 3.4k rich businessmen disliked that.

    69. Paula

      LED bulbs are actually NOT eco friendly. They contain lead and nickel, arsenic, copper, and other metals. Use and disposal of LEDs present health risks. It is suggested that , gloves and masks or special broom should be used when cleaning up broken bulbs! Not disposed of in conventional landfills.

    70. Leslie Piper

      "antiquated model" ?? so say the dinasours

    71. firebirdcas

      Imagine how inefficient that lightbulb in itd energy usage.

    72. Simply Electronics

      And if you're like me you're entire home is Philips hue and you can't help but upgrade to the next version 12 months down the line.

      1. Mika de Grote


      2. Richard Rester

        I manage, and there's nothing special about me.

    73. Radar Long

      Phoebus Cartel, is the deal made by the deep state of American government.

    74. Petr Kratochvíl

      With the LED lightbulb it is not true, because the drivers die too soon, manufacturers use intentionaly bad components or the worst posible solder. Also the RoHS helps it a lot. Solder without Pb is much easier to crack and wear down quickly due to heat from components.

    75. Nasseh Khodaie

      The materials is very similar to a documentary names "the light bulb conspiracy". Except leaner in details.

    76. Desert Dove

      Brilliantly done. 🥰A privilege to view your videos. Thank you:)))

    77. psycheisssdelic

      I think some COB/chip on board LED lights I bought a few years ago were rated to last up to 50k hours. The light to heat ratio is also a lot more efficient. There are some good vids about cob lights on youtube

    78. Tai Man Chan

      business bu sin ess

    79. Vault Spply

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    80. Fastertrack

      So much waste from planned obsolescence 😕. Like there's an annoying problem with my speakers where they hum but since I'm not that good at electronics there's little chance of me successfully repairing that.

    81. Zorro Zalai

      I had to replace 4 led bulbs during the last 2 years. In all cases the driver asic has died. They deliberately design the driver circuit to overheat and die in a year. It looks like planned obsolescence.

    82. William Pedersen

      This should be called "the toxic psychology of industry and consumer"

    83. Bob by

      Honest question Did anyone not know this before the video? No judgement, just curious

    84. Zaraspe, Bong Jr. G

      14:21 - 14:24 Thank me later

    85. Doc Me

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    87. Mr Moss

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      A thorough study of every profit amassing models would reveal a conspiracy. Even the concern for privacy that pushes us for VPN!!!

    89. darksideX

      The statement about LED light is not true either sadly. Ever heard of the Dubai Lamp? Big Clive reviewed them on his channel and its clear the rest (ours) are engineered to fail. Cheers

    90. Inducto Service

      LED bulbs last about 2 years. Problem is not light element itself but electronics inside bulb is made weak. Purposely of course.

    91. N01Spl

      The cartel is still alive and well. Remember "The Button" Incandescent Light Bulb Saver? Is it a coincidence that those are no longer being manufactured? I think not! This type of cartel cronyism rules the world!

    92. Gowtham K

      "replacement is better than repair". I guess no one is focused on saving resources and businesses just want profit.

    93. tresemes

      If I recall correctly from the first time I read about this, the original meaning of planned obsolescence was the last one: to create the urge on consumers to buy the greatest and latest even if they didn’t need it so there was no need to design lasting products anyway. I reckon what Apple did with batteries wasn’t exactly planned obsolescence as it was straight up fraud. That being said, I understand that the meaning can change over time and making things harder to repair (soldered memories, glued batteries, serialized components...) can definitely qualify as planned obsolescence without being fraudulent...yet :)

    94. Brian M

      Is it me or has he been working out?😳💪

    95. Alessandro Poles

      A different iPhone comes out every year only because there are customers which don't know how to spend their money except by buying a 1300$ MOBILE PHONE which does not do anything more than a 2012 model. I saw people with no job, asking for a basic income from the government, buying the latest iPhone only to show it and elevate themselves to a.. I don't know. But hey, if I were Apple or any other company who has a bunch of idiots buying my 'new' product every year for more than A THOUSAND DOLLARS each I would definitely go on. It's the same in politics: if I'm a politician and I see that making stupid, empty, popular speeches filled by stereotypes, or semi-racist points, or any sh*t you can think of, and I still get 30% or 40% or more, I would definitely keep on that way. I would not be the stupidest there.

    96. Eddie Cochrane

      I toured a cave at Jenolan Caves (west of Sydney, Australia) about 20 years ago. The tour guide pointed out a light bulb that was one of the first installed in any cave around the world. He pointed out that while the light bulb was still working, the company that manufactured it wasn't...

    97. Hugh Mc

      We can't have efficient, good quality products in a capitalist system. Things are designed to fail.

    98. Alan Hazard

      In dubai you can only have Phillips 60w incandescent lightbulbs .

    99. Vu Me

      Durability is bad for business.


      fire station 6 is right down the street from me!! I can't believe you came into my "small" town haha