This Lady Just Wants To Be A Baby (Diaper Included)

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    Me and Pewdiepie are reacting to TLC My Strange Addiction where this lady is addicted to living as an adult baby! Diapers, bottle, the crib...all of it.
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    Riley, a 25 year old woman, spends twelve hours a day living as an adult baby. She wears diapers, sleeps in a crib, and drinks from a baby bottle. Her addiction costs her over $400 a month, but she wants to live as a baby for as long as she can.
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    1. CinnamonToastKen

      Rest in peace pewds doesn't understand baby diapers.

      1. muhammad mustakim

        tells pewds if he had that diapers..he woudnt shit on the shower..haha

      2. Adam Hassall

        I am an adult baby Why not interview us instead if commenting. You might learn something

      3. iiTz Dax

        Im the 10.001 Like lets go

      4. Zoë Nightshade

        But Edgar and Maya use diapers right????

      5. JK F1

        Referring to this guy as "she" is incorrect. He's a "he".

    2. Hannah McLaren

      Wow. I wore diapers because I have a spinal cord injury and it was so embarrassing at my age. But also people use wheelchairs for attention too so stranger things have happened

    3. Abigail H


    4. Star Bunny

      Felix had the same exact comfort thing! I finally decided to watch this

    5. Deja Zoo

      Adult child? Thats lolly kind of stuff

    6. Jule Bierwagen

      "Every woman ever" bruh my boyfriend is over here not eating apples unless I cut them into wedges and serve them to him

    7. your moss friend

      Everyone please dont be rude to any adult babies..they arnt hirting anyone..they are all just doing what makes them happy..check out the Anthony Padia video it explains so much better then the crap shows that just want to make money..

    8. Talyn has time

      Two minds about this: One, this could be caused by trauma. Two, there are adult babies that find it a kink or find it fulfilling to be taken care of in such in a way (someone who is willing to wipe your ass is rare af. That’s love).

    9. Jeremy O'Keefe

      100000000000000000000000000000000000000000$ says that some body called the insane asylum and the police

    10. Jeremy O'Keefe


    11. Meozy

      Some kids have an earlier memory! I remember some memories as early as 1 or 2 years old. I remember breastfeeding once, going to the park and getting carried home (we didn't have strollers), crying in the yard for some reason, being stressed out and crying over Ben10 Edit: I also got rammed in the stomach by a goat

    12. Roonifer

      Ken has a daughter and he doesn't wipe her when her diaper is filled with pee... It is so easy for girls to get infections down there, man... D:

    13. Popopopol

      19:22 dude im deceased

    14. Brody

      I can remember back when I was two.

    15. Impala67

      Pewds and ken content brings me sm joy

    16. Glen Ayers iil

      This girl just pisses in diapers in public? I mean at you home is one thing but what if it leeks? You're going to need more than one aren't you?

    17. Benjamin le rigolo

      She look like a face swap

    18. g like ya cut

      evolution bs cause where the f are our wings

    19. g like ya cut

      100 years old

    20. ryley headroom

      for people that want to be more educated on the topic of ab/dl, ddlg, littlespace, and age regression, i got you. i’ll start with age regression. age regression is a coping mechanism used by people who have childhood trauma or had to grow up too fast due to their unique situations. it helps them get a sense of childhood that they never got. age regression is NOT a kink. (littlespace is the childlike headspace used by age regressors) in psychology you learn about regression used as a form of stress relief (things such as blowing bubbles or coloring to send your mind back into a state where you had very few stressors) ddlg and ab/dl ARE kinks. it’s essentially where the dom has control over someone who has a sense of innocence to be corrupted. it’s NOT p*dophilia. they are attracted to the body, not the age (there are exceptions but that’s just the definition i found) ddlg and abdl do occasionally use littlespace but it’s not purely associated with it. most age regressors are “closeted” due to fear of judgement or people misunderstanding their motives. most age regrsssors are sfw so they don’t associate with ddlg or it’s subcultures. some littles have caregivers to act as a parental figure to take care of them. in ddlg there are often rules and punishments for their littles and that’s where the lines between ddlg and age regression start to blur. these were just the basics to learn about this, i encourage you to do your own research if you still have questions and feel free to reply and ask me anything!

    21. Aatrox The Accursed


    22. Alexander Ross

      I hate how people hate on this like understand age regression or look it up its not funny and its serious

    23. Peek Chan

      _pewds vs babies_

    24. Christine Moore

      My landlord wears diapers it started out as a medical thing then a sexual thing

    25. dannyd626

      She lives near me lmfao

    26. chris

      If I was going to identify as a certain age, it would almost definitely be retirement age.

    27. coochie pig

      I said 26 so ha I win

    28. eat lead

      I don't remember being a baby or toddler

    29. Ninjay 42

      How do these people get/stay employed after these episodes air?

    30. andre asp

      its a fetish

    31. Michael Haney

      We didnt want our daughter which is our only child to have a pacifier they gave her one in the hospital without even asking. I was so mad they tried to feed me some garbage about it helps with her feeding. I dont think a thousand years ago they gave their kids a pacifier and they survived just fine. It's such a hard habit to break for kids.

    32. Lilytoon

      Imagine going to hang out with one of your friends of 7 years and they just reveal to you that they've been wearing diapers for enjoyment that whole time

    33. Erem Hans

      ken: we didn't want our kids to be 25 and sucking on a pacifier me: *20 years old, just vibing with my paci while age regressing*

    34. The Human Blob

      “Riley is also transge-“ Twitter: so you have chosen... death.

    35. Memoriam Victoriam

      so felix just admits he doesn’t wash his ass

    36. Nick stds

      Do yall think that the fact of her being trans has anything to do with it? Maybe theyre making up for the childhood they spent as a boy.. By doing the female childhood in adulthood

    37. DeMarie Jones

      Okay dressing and acting like a baby is one thing... using a diaper though and not just playing at it is a whole other thing..

    38. arsonist chair

      also sometimes regressing to an even smaller age even if your trauma was at an older age is something i go through too, but it is interesting to see riley's responses. maybe it's just something she likes :) ! it's honestly interesting. just as long as your regression doesn't get in the way of your daily life things then it's totally okay

    39. Emilie Flowers

      Not me thinking about the story pewds told about him pooping in a shower at work and then his coworkers having to clean it up the next day 🤭🤔

    40. TheRubinator13

      5:09 the great and amazing Tiny Tim actually wore diapers. He never used them, he had extreme OCD and thought it was cleaner to have disposable underwear than ones you wash. He had lots of issues, but that didn't stop him from being one of the most iconic ukulele players of all time! Now all that being said, unless you NEED diapers, you shouldn't be wearing them. It's just a waste and a huge detriment to the environment

    41. tinytron

      why did i watch this video while eating

    42. aashotosh sk

      I feel really bad for her. She said she got bullied in 8th grade. 8th graders are typically 13 years old and She also told us she started wearing a Diaper at 13. We got the cause and effect right there...

      1. Still a Nigga


    43. SirProcsAlot

      Hey mom, i know you have raised a son this whole time, but i am now a woman and you must address me as such going foreword. Oh and not only that but i am an adult baby. Have a nice day mom

    44. charlie__woodchips

      plot twist: the newest episode is her putting the same girl on the spot by revealing shes actually a baby furry 😂

    45. Jake Warda

      plot twist. it's a man.

    46. arsonist chair

      me a little watching this like 😃✌️ also just realized pewdiepie is here YAY

    47. Kristen

      This honestly just seems like someone who is a little?

    48. Jessica -aka JessaNae

      *Omg.... imagine her walking around in public smelling like she just took a duce?! Wtf is wrong with her?!! That's a whole other level!! I mean even the smell of urine.... she probably likes it and I can't even stand thinking about this!!*

    49. Jessica -aka JessaNae

      *The blanket over the sofa is bc she has potty accidents and she doesn't want ppl seeing how stained it is....blahhhhh! Ew!! Lol!*

    50. Jessica -aka JessaNae

      *Ooooo... can a pacifier possibly cause a child to grow and have eating issues since it causes them to have that habit??!! Hmm... I bet it can cause some kids to overeat especially if they use a pacifier for too long?!! I think pacifiers are the dumbest, rudest, and most lazy things honestly! I never gave my son a pacifier bc it becomes a learned habit!*

    51. Paul Negrean

      I am guessing 36 hehe also POSTED ON MY B-DAY

    52. Haider Radhi

      I started watching Ken from pewds and I'm used to his editing style and when I saw ken's editing style I was very confused at first but now, I watch ken's videos all the time

    53. That1powergamer

      Pewds is right it's got its own Community and there are some people who have been bullied for it and it has even been in the Yakuza games. I think there are atleast 2 it's premiered in Yakuza 0 and I can't remember the other one. :/

    54. Cosmic Dib

      Goth anthony fantano

    55. Kitty Pryde

      Me at the beginning: ...this is a fettish, isn't it. Me in the end: ...pain.

    56. spook show

      Baby Powder literally causes colon cancer. They’ve literally pulled it from the market.

    57. Desirae Taylor

      Love how pewds just like I'm not getting cancel today not me sir 😂

    58. Erika Hi

      This lifestyle may be cringey and weird to some people but just know it's a way to process and deal with childhood trauma by recreating your childhood. It's a healthy coping method and is smiled upon by many professional psychiatrists

    59. Bookgurl 656

      This is actually a syndrome called "the little syndrome."

    60. Biblio Wolf


    61. Mei K.

      Funny that Ken said about his first thought he remembers, my first thought was also kind of phylosophical, I remember waking up and staring at my mom and asking to myself "How do I know that's my mom? What if I'm adopted?"

    62. Ángela Sofía Jaime Moreno

      Thank you for the CW, I gathered strength to watch this video

    63. Anaya Games

      Omg I used to the same thing as pewdiepie I used to chew on my finger and play with my hair I loved to do that

    64. fish sticks

      glad to know what she looks like so i can avoid her😱💀

    65. Candace Jackson

      Ken: is this james charles? Me: (screams in laughter sounding like a pterodactyl)

    66. Laura

      She went to school with Anthony Padilla

    67. Janyce Brown

      Not so special WHEN YOU GET A DIAPER RASH 🤣

    68. Llama Girl

      This is rly the definition of “Hey girl, welcome to my c r i b!”

    69. Kayleigh Haines

      I love their catphones

    70. Łé - H’érø

      guess pewds is still a kid

    71. Un.kwn.

      _"The best age is 12"_ - Pewds 2021 -

    72. cherie1151

      I sucked my thumb until 21 and now i have no teeth on the top right. Ken's saying facts

    73. Frapechino Kelsey

      People are watching like this : - on bed - not in full-screen - reading comments......😂😂

    74. Lori Curl

      That guy shaking poop down his pants leg is probably Johny Knoxville in Jackass dressed as the old man!! There is a movie too!! Hilarious!!

    75. The_fuzzy-one

      Don't ask me how I know this -pewds

    76. Osito Cedar

      Omg when Felix was talking about sucking his finger and twirling his hair was so cute, My cousin did this, she was adorable, but of course grew out of it 💕

    77. Chasin9 Elliott

      My son never used a pacifier he does twirl his hair though which I do too. I love twirling my girls hair and I twirled my mom's as a kid, I just like the feeling of hair. Call me weird I don't care. But being a baby as an adult is strange.

    78. Millerwhale

      I know someone who could date her... but I'm not sure if the family member I'm referring to would ONLY be interested in infantile play or whatever it's called.

    79. Tracy Briskar

      Where did you find this information on the sub community?? Now I want to check it out.... LOL

    80. Blessed Girly

      So what I'm getting from this video is he does not wipe his own bum or he would know you have to wipe after every poo.

    81. [Username Deleted]

      [Comment Deleted]

    82. Sirène 3

      i hope pewds will stay Child Free! xD he will be so lost ! xD

    83. Abhay Nayak

      poop jokes will always be funny

    84. Nionyx

      Honestly when Felix talked about being around 12 is the perfect age, *I felt that* I was playing Pokemon platinum (my first Pokemon game) on my DS Lite, sleeping round at friends houses, eating ungodly amounts of junk food. It was the dream

      1. Nionyx

        @Unicorn 666 If it’s any consolation I’ve only kept in contact with two of my childhood friends and even then I only really speak to one of them 🥺

      2. Unicorn 666

        Jealous, I was trying to keep the friends that I had ✌🏻🤌🏻

    85. Lachlan Wood

      "wtf bitch explain evolution I'm ready!"

    86. Clojo 14

      “Well we’re canceled Ken” 😂

    87. laito sakamaki

      This isn't meant to be hateful and I don't know how old this video is but this is called Age regression and it's a very serious thing that people use to deal with trauma as a child perhaps stress in their life and can be used as a way to protect them from something that may have happened to them when they were younger I to sometimes do this The pacifier can possibly be a reference to not being loved enough as a child and and in no way shape or form is this any way similar to ddlb which take some more sexual turn on being a baby so this is quite possibly a form of trauma and a way of coping with that trauma such as some people get multiple personality disorder from trauma this is the same thing it is a mental issue and should not be treated as something that should be ridicules and they should not be called weird it is a mental issue and I do it to and if you want to hate on it then go ahead but I just want you to know that it's a mental thing and you looked like a horrible person not saying Ken would ridicule people for it just putting it out there

    88. Jana's Al ali

      I think that the person is like "addicted" to being a child because when she was growing up she had a "boy childhood" so now growing up she's like claiming what was stolen from her childhood. So that why now she chose that lifestyle.

    89. Disappointed creepy AJ

      Me who never had a paci as a kid. But uses them now for anxiety so I don’t bite off my own skin😳

    90. Katie Hidde

      Ken: *clears throat* “James Charles” Felix: “NIce nice” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    91. Harry Ginger linn


    92. Alessandra

      Me trying to eat my pb and j while watching this🥲

    93. Prestige Wookie

      This is a bad representation of the trans community :/

    94. Keven Woods

      this will be one video I'll keep coming back to. this is 2013 quality

    95. Matt Madill

      Pews asking the questions people want to avoid the answer to........

    96. Hugh Mann

      NOT a Lady! I aqm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and guess that you meant "Ladee".

    97. Urbex Nation

      Let’s see more colab with pewDiePie

    98. Mikki Hesson

      my first thought if i was that friend when i walked into that room would have been "omg does she have a secret baby shes been keeping from me?" not "omg she is secretly a baby" lol

    99. Elliott Blake

      I live in America, and nothing about peeing in a public toilet makes me ever want to wear diapers again.

    100. Dark Wolf

      I had a ex who was like this and I was like nope I can't.