Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege - The Playbook


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    The Road to S.I. culminates with this moment. Get ready for the Grand Final between Team Mira and Team Ash! Tensions are high, and some operators will do whatever it takes to win. But the victory may be bittersweet… Follow the playbook or win at any cost? Pick your side.

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    1. Paul Benedict Alberca

      Tk in 4KHD...

    2. wiky

      3:02 thermite getting pushed back first for nothing

    3. Toxicicity

      I’m not happy till outbreak comes back

    4. Monster Hunter Fries

      I like how Mira is quick to support Ash in that final fight despite them having competed. Also NightHaven makes for some good content lol.

    5. Stevan Gomez

      Imagine a civil war event, where you can use any operator for either side, whether it's attacking or defending

    6. Skyツ

      1:12 WAIT A MINIT aruni doesn’t have knife

    7. _ ProTwo58120 _

      Ubi, y'all gotta make a fist fight scene between all the rainbow six ops

    8. general grievous

      Ash big angy

    9. Aditya Parikh

      I feel like a "Civil War" is coming between Nighthaven and Rainbow.

    10. Tim M

      ANd why if Sam is undercover in team rainbow that he is not called by his undercover name?

    11. Tim M


    12. Javier Guizar Real

      *We do not use people as bait here* That's part of playing on casual

    13. Travis Maguire

      I’m sorry but how is kali in the wrong at all she simply has what it takes

    14. Nemo Hiltunen

      We want road to SL back

    15. Manoli

      Didnt cav say she would be back?💀💀

    16. BIRD

      They should make a short film of year 1 ops vs year 2

    17. Kurudo Asgar

      I wonder are those guns real or not?

    18. gyu

      interesting that clocking vigil is invisible

    19. i have infinite life

      Doc's do spawn peeking

    20. Rodrigo Yañez

      You know he's a new player when he tries to breach a soft wall with thermite's...

    21. Jam Beard

      Can we all appreciate that Thermite and Thatcher were obviously mad at Kali's boasting and Thermite stuck with Thatcher and didn't simp for Aruni? Whereas Pulse was just scared of sleeping on the couch


      We don’t use people as bait here! Every siege player: I don’t think so...

    23. Wyatt Quinn

      Yo Arumi kinda cute tho

    24. Reed Choudree

      Why would you take zofia withstand out just because of one good pro league play the withstand makes her zofia. Might as well take out exothermic charge for thermite

    25. BatSlayer2448

      When the announcer gives more callouts that my teammates. Every time

    26. Blade Porter

      How did finka go out?

    27. Glory Memes

      Kali got a teamkill warning.

    28. WOLF GAMER

      You know we all joke around but i think i get what exactly is going on. Sam and Harry didnt expected something on their playbook so my guess sam fisher and harry trying to find the best operator for the next rainbow six game or splinter cell game ubisoft left some couple of hints

    29. yaj

      Ok where is the sequel

    30. Iceberg_ _

      My boi Therm didn’t do anything, just got clapped :(

    31. Fiv Lightning

      What happened to finka? Did doc eliminate her bc she was still shooting last we saw of her

    32. F95ZoneGaming

      Damn Ubi, my favorite so far

    33. [redacted]

      Ash: 5’7 according to bio Kali: 5’7 according to bio Cinematic: Kali: 6’1 Ash: 5’6

    34. I3tr

      Bio in the game they both tall 170 cm. but in cinematic Kali taller than Ash

    35. nawa 786

      i love how all of Nighthaven was there except for Ace, who was probably off somewhere not wearing his mask correctly

    36. HUNK

      I'm surprised not enough ppl are talking about Aruni's wink at Thermite. I hope it won't be tradition to confirm ships through R6 invitation CG cinematics.

    37. RogerTaylor#1

      Dude they could make a movie with this animation and we won’t even care...

    38. Fulcrox

      Why is Mira so cute, even after losing to her she is backing Ash

    39. vAxelVIIv

      There needs to be a version of this where Sam (Zero) walks in and goes "Do I need to put you kids in time out?"

    40. TheWillinator5

      Siege civil war is gonna be just a 5 foot 3 guy punching a British guy who is named after Margaret thatcher

    41. JonoBoio123

      1:09 I love how they still stand by the fact that Thermite and Aruni are great friends. Even in a serious situation like this Aruni still gives Thermaite a playfull smile before capping him

    42. Alex Garza

      Finka no shotgun spam????

    43. The all seeing triangle of faith

      Barney stinson

    44. Mr. Nobody

      Hey, at least pulse tried and didn’t get eliminated cause he was a simp

    45. Epic Gamer gg

      Ash is crazy bro just like the people who play her

    46. Mattia Tomei

      Like if ya vote Team Ahs 👇

    47. Firman Pudge

      Did anyone notice no other Spetsnaz operator expect finka why????

    48. Monarch4321

      So this game is named after a dead guy ?

    49. Thomas B.

      Did I miss some important Lore, or why are so many original r6 operators siding with Kali? Even if they don't particularly like Ash, they have a HISTORY with her as a teammate and leader while Kali is just the new girl being all cocky and mean... There are guys like Sledge and Thatcher on opposite sides as well. What the hell

    50. The Trash Gamer

      I just realised the attackers sided with ash and the defenders sided with kali-

    51. Christian Chen

      I hope defenders win next year.

    52. Ben Lehman

      Cav: “There’s always next time” Also cav: *Gets replaced by aruni

      1. s2sboc

        Cav was on team ash's defending team tho so she still got first place

    53. Tuxedo Alien

      Ash is bitching over the fact that Kali stole her kills.

    54. mukka mirrau tv

      Area f2

    55. mukka mirrau tv

      Area f2

    56. mukka mirrau tv

      Area f2

    57. mukka mirrau tv

      Atea f2

    58. mukka mirrau tv


    59. mukka mirrau tv

      F2 f2

    60. juanathan martinez

      Any body else think of noodle from gorrilaz when aruni smiled at thermite

    61. TFL

      1:11 what the he*ll...

    62. Travis Maguire

      Aight am I the only one who really didn’t see what kali did wrong😂😂😂ash is just bein a typical American crying cuz she didn’t win

    63. The Rock013

      If ash got that wound on her ear from those fake bullets, how does someone like Wamai handle a headshot?

    64. Enzo Libonati

      Dead game omegalul pepega clap

    65. Homeworkhate

      Team Ash just wins because of plot armor.

    66. M_42emir

      3:03 ARE YOU OFF YA NUT?? :D

    67. nukeman1303

      I hope they keep working on the siege story honestly. These little cgi videos are amazing

    68. 1mtoxicYT

      Everyone: Defending Ash/Kali Mozzie: Staring at Thatcher's chest

    69. Khmeron Muongvang

      Why is it that the Americans always lose to hand to hand combat

    70. no良くない

      kali was an undercover champion who decided to solo carry

    71. g04279 TKO

      0:29 Hey Cav!

    72. Burit Maneerat


    73. Deni Jurkacek

      please remove ubisoft or nerf ash spoil the game rainbow six sige. ash is terrible op

    74. V Hg

      I love the fact, that Mira is on Ash Side. Cuz they don't like each other (see bio) but have the same thoughts about that.

    75. TDT chazer

      "we don't use people as bait" Oh don't ballshit the community ash

    76. Wayne Kim

      Now Ash turned into anime girl

    77. CroIsPro

      Wtf? I want the defenders to win once.

    78. oDaiCu Aydan

      After one week I realised that they didn t show us how Finka died R.I.P Finka

    79. Don The bong

      0:27... Well someone's salty...

    80. Adam Neulander

      2:58 Ash: me when my teammate steals my ace Kali: the teammate

    81. Lord Minos III

      Team Mira literally just ditched Cav from last year and took in Aruni instead.

    82. Hank Hill

      It's official. Team Rainbow is no longer a CTU but an extreme sports club. Ubisoft's E-Sports obsession has invaded the Clancyverse

    83. Mrjarjar 8153

      False advertising: Kali's sniper did not fully open the barricade 1:39

    84. DJ Tachanka

      im obama

    85. Ismael Rodriguez

      Sam Fisher can’t even get another game because of siege

    86. Mehmet Nuh

      I had 4089 mb when I was playing the game, but now there is 1009 mb! please someone help!

    87. Gauro

      Is that it boring

    88. Litavious

      This is actually to promote their new game, Rainbow Six: Civil War

    89. jonas kristensen

      oh Toxic just like the game it self xD

    90. Onuralp İnce

      When'll Turkish operators come? We've been waiting for 6 years.

    91. mikin lirou

      Rainbow 6: Civil War

    92. TehEpikHanXin

      I guess the next cinematic is going to be a civil war

    93. Adrian Klein

      Oh yay, so next year is gonna be the "my little pony" episode, where the ruthless ones fight against the team of "power in friendship" and will somehow come out on top despite being at a disadvantage, I'm calling it now, next year is gonna be cliché

      1. Adrian Klein

        @mikin lirou I don't, better to use people as bait with minimal losses and maximal results than be "moraly correct" and perhaps get everyone killed/more killed/ be set at a disadvantage.

      2. mikin lirou

        I agree with ash

    94. Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt

      I like how Mira despite being a rival to ash and being on the other team still sided with ash when Kali’s actions would have gotten them killed a real situation

    95. Carlos Chocano

      Kali taking off her coms is me muting everyone when they tell me how to play

    96. Alpha Omega

      Game is so broken. Fix your God damn hit registration. Stop making stupid remakes of maps, stop making rip off elite skins, stop making shitty 1 week game modes that get deleted. Fix your damn game Ubisoft you sad human beings. Honestly the game has been out for 5 years and head shots are still broken since day 1 of the game being out you idiots.

      1. Tuxedo Alien

        I've quit the game for a month now and have no intentions in coming back. I'll only return if they add a gamemode as good as Dr's Curse.

    97. Maxim Dyatlov

      Finka scope physically hurts me

    98. Shaun XD

      No one else gonna mention that Doc fires his shotgun like an SMG at Finka?

    99. L.A. Monkey 19