Tom Scott vs Irving Finkel: The Royal Game of Ur | PLAYTHROUGH | International Tabletop Day 2017

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    FIblockr Tom Scott has flown drones through lightning, he’s taken on the first human-powered theme park, he’s even visited Penistone. But he’s never taken on a British Museum curator in the world’s oldest playable board game… UNTIL NOW!
    For International Tabletop Day 2017, Tom Scott was challenged by British Museum Curator Irving Finkel to a round of the oldest playable board game in the world - The Royal Game of Ur - a game whose rules were rediscovered and deciphered by Irving himself.
    Interested in other mysterious cuneiform tablets deciphered by Irving? Check out his book 'The Ark before Noah' to find out how he discovered the oldest account of the Ark myth:
    How Irving deciphered the rules to the Royal Game of Ur:

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    1. Irving Finkel

      Urgent! This is Irving Finkel. The British Museum has at last brought out a reasonably priced playing set of the Royal Game of Ur with board, pieces and rules, obtainable from British Museum Shop Online, Now's your chance!

      1. SUPER

        This is 2021 man choose a profile picture lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Ardor van Tijd

        To make the gameplay more authentic you can easily play in *SUMERIAN LANGUAGE* Score: *1 - "DEESH"* (diš) *2 - "MEEN"* (min) *3 - "ESH"* (eš) *4 - "LEEMU"* (limmu) *no score / 0 - "TUSH"* (tuš) - Literally "tuš" means _"sitting"_. *"UR"* - by attacking an enemy piece and removing it off the board. Literally "ur" means (one of the meanings): _"to surround"_, _"to flood"_, _"to throw overboard"_, _"to drag (over the ground)"_, _"to erase"_, _"to wipe out"_. *"EENANNA"* or *"EESHTAR"* (Sumerian: Inanna / Akkadian: Ištar) - by landing on a rosette. Inanna / Ištar is a Sumerian goddess of war, political power and fertility. Her most prominent symbol is the eight-pointed star, which you see as a "rosette" on the game board. *"AKASHAD"* (akašad) - by taking the own piece off the board. Literally means _"I conquer"_. Symbolically not Sumerian, but an Akkadian word. The first player who gets all her or his pieces off the board at the end of the track should be called by the opponent as *"NINGAL"* (female) or *"LUGAL"* (male), as a gesture of respect to declare the end of the game. *NINGAL* = nin (lady) + gal (great) = _"queen" / "great lady"_. *LUGAL* = lú (man) + gal (great) = _"king" / "great man"_. *DUBSAR* (_scribe_) = dub (tablet) + sar (writer). This term could be used during the game for _"player"_, who is _"writing" the own fate on the "tablet"_.

      3. phantom walker

        @The British Museum its more than 4.5k old. try 100,000 + old.. 4.5k ago,the sumerians were absorbed by the mesopotamians.. who were taught everything they know,,by the sumerians.....mainstream history is rubbish.. get it right..

      4. the last  gree  dragon


    2. Lars Petersson

      24:10 i thought Tom Scott was mathemacially capable

    3. eXpat مغترب

      Wow interesting

    4. Rebecca G

      Can the British museum please raffle off an opportunity to play this game with THE WORLD’S GREATEST CURATOR!! and YES PLEASE bring this game back. This is one of those games you can play with your kids or with a group of friends after dinner and wine.

    5. CJspellsfish

      oh man, Irving Finkel is talking like a level 100 Ur Master final boss hard mode. I'm going to have to take note of that for the nest time I write really menacing dialogue.

    6. Allan Dallas

      It looks a good game and it's nice being transported back 3000 years in time by a wizard.

    7. Paulius Lizdenis

      Lets be realistic here, NO ONE would simply put 5000 year old object just like that on the table near two guys playing board game. Seems like fake history and marketing of the game they want to sell :)

    8. Codynstef21

      That was amazing! Definitely buying this game

    9. Lord Snave

      yes make more

    10. LockYourDoors

      15:16 "I'll be behind him and can take him"

    11. Rotzlöffel

      Finkel: Everybody plays Backgammon Me: what the f is a backgammon

    12. B Kaung Htet

      I use 4 dice-6. Odd number (1,3,5) as Negative and even Numer (2,4,6) as Positive.

    13. Ian dlV

      I love Irving Finkle, what a character.

    14. Adam Laceky

      I (and a friend) invented a card game like cribbage, but my goal was to remove luck from it. It took a couple of years to perfect. In the process, I came to understand that it is impossible to remove luck from a card game. Minimize it, sure. Eliminate it? No can do.

    15. محمد مهدی ترکمانی

      i want to make android app for this and i dont care i have quiz this week

    16. Andrew Holaway

      As a longtime fan of TableTop, the interview vignettes interspersed in the game gave me some strong nostalgia and now I wish that TableTop was still a thing :-(

    17. DerMUE1

      This video sprinkled with british humor, perfect!!! 😂😂😂

    18. 5Andysalive

      "4 centuries old"? wow. :P

      1. chazer 007

        No 4 millenia

    19. SnowblindOtter

      So it's a 4 thousand year old version of Sorry.

    20. D. Sir

      There you see the father of colombian Parqués

    21. Bryson Frank

      Oi! The British Museum is making timely jokes with their edits. Props!

    22. Mr Bushi

      I need a copy of this

    23. Dominic Swinton

      Post covid observation here: Why was it the first thing you should do is to shake hands?

    24. Steven Gandhi

      I feel like there's a ur mom joke in here somewhere.

    25. Romuland Meier

      I see, this is original "Ur" from where the indian "pachisi" were created and later "ludo", "Parchís", "Jeu des petits chevaux" and "Mensch ärgere dich nicht". Such a simple idea and it is still around. I wonder if one day archeologists will play a remake of "settlers of catan" and wonder what all the additional stuff was for.

    26. Autonomous

      This is my favourite part 21:45

    27. Shandiemann

      Irving Finkel actually invented the game

    28. Separate Realities

      If you have a hard time making a three sided dice, you could substitute them with 6 sided dice with three sides with dots.

    29. Bear Hall

      So is Hamarabi gonna sue Hasbro for Sorry?

    30. igor

      That was pretty exciting

    31. igor

      Tom Scott finally found someone who can speak non-stop faster than him. Never seen him silent on video for so many seconds.

    32. Iron Clad Ranch

      What a fun video!! I'm going to make a replica of this game using fine wood for the board and stone for the game pieces.

    33. Minhaz Rahman

      They: I think we have to shake hands first. Me: Laughs in Corona.

    34. byVerbel ESP

      Well that 21:46 rant sure was funny.

    35. Wenceslaus Zepeda

      old yahtzee

    36. chrisu664

      Late & urgent. I was surprised to find this video. I own this game in a somewhat 70s or 80s edition from German producer Ravensburger with slightly different rules. Once you reach the final field you can turn over your stone and go both directions and you can capture your enemies' stones. Anyhow I plan on trying out your version of the rules. Thank you.

    37. Mentino 714

      this is like a proto-ludo

    38. Aster Grei

      I’m sure everyone’s thinking this, Irving is who the legends spoke of. The King of wizards. Mage of Game. The Gamekeeper. Irving the Indecipherable. Pfft sorry it’s just this guy is so cool

    39. RVKE

      awesome video

    40. Barien Dexter Elgar


    41. 7th Boss

      While Tom is correct that the chance of rolling a 2 is the most likely as opposed to any other throw with 3/8, it is important to note the chance of rolling something other than a 2 is 5/8

    42. designerstuart

      This was so so good. Well done whoever matched these two. More please!

    43. JIME

      What is this

    44. xpirate16

      So how do you play this game with the betting system? This promise of drink and women is intriguing :D

    45. Herr Klamm

      I’d still beat him at kerplunk.

    46. p 0 0 x

      Shaking hands... yes, I remember...

    47. Donald Collins

      Marvelous game, I would definitely buy it. You could have a deluxe version with inlays and semiprecious stones on the dice. 😜

    48. Mad Max 1988

      Yes I’d buy one

    49. Reezuleanu

      The transition between "i frankly can't remember the chap's name" and Tom introducing himself is smoother that people sliding into my mom's DMs

    50. Pascal Leers

      It reminds me a bit of the game "Mensch argere Dich night." Except for 2 player.

    51. Q W

      This has a lot of humor. It’s not like a comedy but it’s happily humorous

    52. Patricia Bristow-Johnson

      Irving honestly kind of talks like a caricature of a british person xD

    53. Margoth195

      I wonder if Dr Finkel has dyscalculia?

    54. Shreyas Sali

      imagine if irving finkel was on tom's team in only connect

    55. Zeenix

      Fia med knuff (Fia with push) Is the exact same thing but bigger From what i know its a scandinavian or swedish game

    56. utunga

      Marvellous game. Marvellous idea to make more. But I think maybe share the proceeds with some charity or other from Ur I mean Iraq. It is after all their IP

    57. Piece

      Oldest D4 ever. Maybe they used magic missile.

    58. Neumo500

      Can someone explain what backgammon is? I have never heard of it

    59. do pe

      this man is the face of british man

    60. Hitch

      This was a great watch.

    61. salty sponge

      It's a super old version of 'frustration'

    62. Sybertooth Games

      Not gonna lie! 14 mins into the video and I REALLY wanna play this game against Irving Finkel!!! Seeing the game unfold in some mins I can see so many strategies Tom Scott missed.

    63. Darshan BK

      So ancient RNG game. Nice

    64. Umair Rana

      gAME is nothing BUT "" LUDO"" played in subcontinet (Pakistan | india) nothing espicial here

    65. Sidney Johnson

      Kickstart it.

    66. Frantic Mower

      This man looks like he could give a side quest at any moment.

    67. Ruta Bartkute

      I would love to have this game in my home!

    68. It's the MOONMAN

      This, quite possibly, could be the best conversation starter ever. I'm buying one.

    69. Sam Najian

      im actually gonna build one for myself

    70. Brodie Gress

      Shout out to the chyrons, 10/10 for both fact-checking and comedic timing

    71. SickLead

      15:07 that's what she said

    72. tamarin

      This is the first video i watched when i learned about tom.

    73. Christopher Bailey

      Ancient mesopotamian sorry

    74. Snus Hnus

      Rimworld brought me here

    75. CasualGamer

      plot twist. Hasbro discovered this game. and created sorry based on it

    76. Wolf2k5 Games

      It's Santa

    77. Bow-Tied Engineer

      I'm surprised this hasn't been included into those multiple games bundle things, it would be really easy to superimpose an Ur board onto either side of a chess board, painting the symbols onto the 3x8 grid of either side. I think I'm going to try and make something like this.

    78. Bow-Tied Engineer

      it's an ancient version of "sorry!". complete with random frustration when you have absolutely no moves, a shared section where you can remove your opponents pieces, and separate start and end zones.

    79. Red Zorks

      this is kinda like Parcheesi

    80. ulv schmidt

      I love that museum guy

    81. Dio Brando

      what a chaotic grandpa, i'd be so intimidated in his presence

    82. Isaac Gardner

      that mans beard is legendary

    83. Zion M.

      I keep coming back to this video every so often. Each play-through is still thrilling. I want to see a rematch very badly.

    84. MrTitian

      I'm waiting a new edition of the very replica, as glamour as it may be, nothing less than that, thanks! ;-) One can play "teoretically" this game with paper and beans and 4 cubic dice (counting 1 if the number is odd, and 0 if the number is even, probabilities are the same) but the "game experience" is much more than any sort of "mathematical theory" the game should not be an "abstraction" a real game lives in mind and body too. ;-)

    85. BasicXavier

      This is why i love old people edit: that's not what I meant

    86. Eduardo Margulis

      This man is just an old Lindybeige

    87. MattheLord

      This man has the beard of a guy who kept 800+ peoples secret

    88. degrind64

      Man, Tom really played the british opening here

    89. Eva R.

      I guess Ludo, Pachisi and Mensch-ärger Dich-nicht are the today’s versions of this game

    90. Pria E. Agung

      Board game which played by kids and king gilgamesh in F/GO absolute demonic front babylonia episode 5 Production team really do the research

    91. Kol Andy

      The flimsy cause hemperly check because dime astonishingly tumble throughout a ahead spleen. thundering, glib driver

    92. Principe

      FIblock Recommendations, I have to say I don't know how you do it but I am never disappointed 8)

    93. Red Wood

      Watching this with pure enjoyment I’m reminded of how many times I’ve told my 12 year old how I would never understand watching weirdos on FIblock play Minecraft or any other video game as a form of entertainment.. I realize I just watched two men play the dinosaur vs of the gaming videos and I couldn’t take my eyes off it!! This video was well played chaps! P.S I’m not admitting anything to my 12 year old. 😂

    94. LaBuhoRosa

      THIS IS OLD-FASHION PARCHÍS! That’s a board game we play in Spain (and I presume in many other countries) it is its predecessor!!! 😱

    95. MeatStick

      😁 i am pleased to say this game is alive and well today! Aggravation uses marbles and a round track and has been one of my favorite games for years. This was a lovely video.

    96. Christopher B. Kundiman

      this game reminds of the game called ludo.

    97. Drone person Channel on

      Why did I get this recommended 3 years later

    98. David Cavale

      Dumbledore found a new job, I see

    99. Mr Commenter

      I told you guys not to let out Dumbledore when hes on his meds...

    100. Rocco a secas

      Young british man is annihilated by wizard through millenary techniques