Tom Scott & L.A. Express ☆ Live [1999]

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    01. Sherry Intro
    02. Smokin' Section 0:43
    03. Cruisin' Bayou 5:03
    04. Lonely One 10:38
    05. The Song Is You 15:30
    06. A Short Visit 20:20
    07. The Board Walk 28:54
    08. Back Burner 34:18
    09. If I Cloud Cry 39:55
    10. Pick Up The Pieces 43:50
    11. TCB in "E" 54:22

    Tom Scott - Alto Sax, EWI
    Tom McMorran - Keyboards
    Paul Jackson Jr. - Guitar
    Andre Berry - Bass
    Johnny Friday - Drums

    The band L.A. Express was one of the original supergroups of the jazz-rock fusion era in the mid-70s. Under the initial leadership of saxophonist Tom Scott, the first versions of the ensemble produced two albums for Lou Adler's Ode label. That band initially featured Scott, the veteran jazz bassist Max Bennett, who switched to electric bass guitar, legendary Los Angeles studio drummer John Guerin, keyboardist Joe Sample, and electric guitarist Larry Carlton. They collectively produced the LP Tom Scott \u0026 the L.A. Express, featuring the crossover hit "Sneakin' In The Back," as well as an interpretation of a John Coltrane composition, and some of the first contemporary jazz music to feature Middle Eastern rhythms and melodies. The second recording, Tom Cat, had Scott, Bennett, Guerin, guitarist Robben Ford, and keyboardists Larry Ford and Larry Marsh. But by 1976, Scott was pursuing a solo career, and the band retained the name and carried on without him, releasing two more LP's -- L.A. Express and Shadow Play -- for the Caribou subsidiary of the Epic/Columbia family of labels. David Luell took over Scott's chair as lead saxophonist while Bennett and Guerin ostensibly co-led the group, retaining Ford, replaced by Peter Maunu, recruited keyboardist Victor Feldman, and for the Shadow Play album, vocalist Paulette McWilliams. During this time, members of the L.A. Express performed with Joni Mitchell on her albums The Hissing of Summer Lawns and Miles of Aisles, and Mitchell returned the favor on Tom Cat. In 1999 Tom Scott revived the L.A. Express with none of the original members. Assembling a hodgepodge group of West Coast players, the CD Smokin' Section was produced. Some of the better known bandmates included Alex Acuña, Harvey Mason, Ralph MacDonald, Vinnie Colaiuta, Lenny Castro, George Bohannon, Pete Christlieb, Robbie Nevil, Melvin "Wah Wah" Watson, Patty Smyth, Paul Jackson, Jr., Chuck Berghofer, Mitchell Foreman, Phil Perry, and Lynne Scott. The Tom Scott \u0026 the L.A. Express LP was reissued on CD in 1996, and the L.A. Express album by Wounded Bird records in 2008. ~ Michael G. Nastos

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    1. Roman Tahirov

      Great concert !!!

    2. catholicdad

      What is that 2nd song? Sounds like it's from a film score.

      1. catholicdad

        Ok, Cruisin' Bayou.

    3. catholicdad

      This is AWESOME! Thanks so much for posting this!

    4. Steve Aubrey

      Who is the drummer on this?

      1. S A

        @catholicdad lmao

      2. catholicdad

        Looks like Steve Gadd with a perm.

    5. devin inman

      💯💯💯💯💣💣💣💣♥♥♥♥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍺🍺🍺🍺✌👌👍👉👉😎😎😎😎👏 👏 👏 👏 nice one

    6. Justin Sublett

      Tom Scott is one of the best American studio saxophonists ever. Period. End of story.

      1. Andy Jackson

        Is he killing the lyricon at 50:00 or what? He has no peer when it comes to sax and lyricon. Check out his new podcast, started in April of ‘21, called “Tom Scott’s Podcast Express.” Awesome guests and interviews.

      2. DCTV DubzCo

        Pretty good live by the looks of it too

      3. catholicdad

        I'd go further--THE best.

    7. naglma


    8. Ron green

      Nice work Mr. Scott....I used to watch the original LA Express play Sunday afternoons at the Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach...They rocked..

      1. catholicdad

        You lived a charmed life sir.

      2. Sky Gazer

        Ron green, lucky you!

    9. Ron green

      Paul Jackson is incredibly versitle....

    10. Ron green

      Andre Berry leaning into it. Nice bass work bruh.

    11. MandyMannheim

      He uses a kind of chorus time by time. But I see no footswitch or anything. Sounds cool. Like a Horn Section

      1. Thor Stevens

        Tom is playing to backing tracks of his sax harmonies.

      2. Lucky Mojo

        with Grateful Dead, he used Lyricon on Estimated Prophet. 😎gets that double horn sound

    12. John D

      Paul Jackson Jr on guitar. He is amazing. So incredibly versatile.

    13. Nelson O

      this is nice but I prefer the band from the Tom Cat album, with John Guerin and Max Bennett

    14. Mary Thompson


    15. Jesse Campbell

      What song is that at 44:20?

      1. Johno F

        Pick Up The Pieces. Originally by the Average White Band.

    16. OneAndDone

      For drum fans, listen to John Guerin playing with Tom Scott and LA Express in the early '70's. Nothing else, no other things Guerin played on (which are epic and went on for years and are countless), just that. He is one of the greatest modern drummers ever if for just what he did with Tom Scott.

      1. sbdrumr

        John was also a member of Victor Feldman's Jazz Crusaders that backed up Michael Franks. I saw them recording his first album at Columbia Records and I remember John driving up in a Jensen Interceptor.

      2. Sky Gazer

        OneAndDone: and Joni Mitchell loved him too. Guess he was always good with his hands :)

      3. marcus walden

        Guerin was such a monster! I saw him with LAE backing up dude called George Harrison. I was not close to the stage but could tell that dude was good. Later on record. Wow. I love his mid 70’s with Scott......He has a magic. And those know it’s Guerin right away!

      4. Julia lloyd ross

        @Keith ! ewe

      5. Sky Gazer

        OneAndDone, Great comment. Agreed! Inventive beyond description..

    17. daniel oswald

      klaus doldinger/david sanborn smoothjazz wicki? jazz-rock/jazz-fank /the best of sanborn/grover`w. next exit

    18. Gevorg Rostomyan

      What a solid Band... Thanks for sharing

    19. 김레오

      Paul's solo 29:00 31:25 46:38

    20. Mike Troupe

      Wasn't that the original drummer John Guerin applauding at 34:15?

      1. daverheu

        Max Bennett & John Guerin founded L.A. Express. Somehow 30 years later Tommy wrangled the name away -- no doubt in their passing. Victor Feldman on keys was height of their breezy best. Try Transylvania Choo Choo... expresses that steam train

      2. Steve Rose

        That's not John, he would've been 60 in 1999. Looks a little like him though. Surely Tom Scott would've introduced him if it was him.

    21. Stefanie Kronberger

      Beautiful !!!!