Top 10 Connor McDavid Plays from 2019-20 | NHL


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    Counting down the top ten highlight-reel plays in 2019-20 from Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid
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    Julkaistu 5 kuukautta sitten


    1. KillingWithaSmile613

      simply unreal.

    2. kwelitysoul

      Amazing how he uses his off hand or stick to fend off defenders and shoot within milliseconds.

    3. Phil J

      Nothing short of phenomenal.

    4. Jake Carroll

      NO one can shoot that in tight

    5. Banjo

      3:02 The calgary fans in the back lmfao

    6. i feel like i'm a TOAD

      He isnt even trying

    7. Challenger 1

      I the watched the #4 goal live. It hits different watching him play live.

    8. Angelo Maldini

      That last one.. what beast

    9. uboo

      If you're even with McDavid, you're two steps behind!

    10. Jacob Banman

      When it comes to McDavid the smartest thing to do is poke check him

    11. Alexander Kahn

      Number 1 will forever be my favorite one on one move I’ve ever seen by anyone , the look away then the quick cut back is soooooo smooth

    12. W D

      Conner mcdavids middle name is Andrew

      1. Bruce McKinlay

        And his first name is Connor.

    13. Rob

      On the last one, homeboy heard the other team's crowd gasp and waved at them after. Thats badass lol.

    14. BigBlue91

      That last goal is absolutely filthy

    15. Eric Last

      We were a lotto pick away from building around him, instead eichel is the foundation of the crumbling house of hockey in Buffalo

    16. Brynn E VanKoughnet

      no way how is he so good

    17. Helena Hiebert

      McDavid is the best

    18. Subitrash

      hes fast

    19. dave houston

      faster skater than Gretzky was but Greatzky was overall better

    20. B R

      Most probably will be rated the best of all time (GOAT) if he wins a few Stanley Cups.

    21. Scatter TheWinds

      most players don't even get half of these goals in their entire career...

    22. Marc McRandall

      NHL is gonna get demonetized for showing this absolute filth.

    23. Tommi Rissanen

      Talk about making it look easy

    24. MG

      Lionel Messi of hockey

    25. RaisedByCats

      Dude's got some serious skills.

    26. BGD Dav

      Hes is a man beyond all of our powers...

    27. Richard

      Mc David destroying o' Reilly. Never gets old :)

    28. Kawaiii Foxiee

      The best

    29. Tristan Laboucan

      Where is this commentator this new guy aint it

    30. James Brant

      sometimes it looks like shinny. like beer league. he makes the best in the world look old and slow.

    31. Logan

      Idk how tf he operates in tight spaces like that with such a long reach. Most guys that can do that are using small sticks.

    32. africaRBG

      Love watchin the toronto fans give it up to him. U can hear the collective 'oooo'

    33. Bryce Parker-Murray

      This is most peoples career highlights this is from one season

    34. Juan S

      I still can’t believe he’s only 24

    35. Dmitriy P

      N1 шайба вообще пиздец!

    36. NeoTSZ

      I don't even watch hockey, but this guy has some really nice plays.

    37. Faydn

      Seeing the crowd is making me depressed

    38. Kissa Kissa

      He has speed/accelaration like young Selanne hands like Kane and the ability to utilize those hands while going mach 3

    39. Lombzi

      I was at the game where McDavid undressed Rielly. Lower bowl, that same side too. One of the craziest things I've ever seen in my life

    40. Vishal Reddy

      I'd consider hockey a very team centered sport but he literally makes it look like a one man show on so many nights. I don't think anyone has ever made it look this easy.

    41. Серёга Никонов


    42. Александр Архипов

      McDavid - Ronaldo "Phenomeno" in Hockey. Natural talent

    43. klaus m

      does he ever pass?

      1. BlackDogsMatter

        @klaus m Sorry man I thought you were trashing the guy.

      2. klaus m

        @BlackDogsMatter i know it was just a bad joke

      3. BlackDogsMatter

        FIblock McDavid Draisaitl. He's a phenomenal passer

    44. Mushroom People

      I can't believe these are all from one season only.

      1. Speedy Fish

        These are better than most players career highlights

    45. absolutetuber

      He loves the top shelf and those goalies just aren’t fast enough to stop it

    46. luca pascucci

      He's not the best because he's the fastest. He's the best, and it just so happens that he's also the fastest on top of that. From another planet.

    47. Clark Nawrocki

      It doesn't get any better than this

    48. Jef Coble

      He's my favorite player. I wonder if you guy will be able to figure out why.

    49. matthew kohler

      Yes he's fast. Yes he can make flat-footed defensemen look silly. Yes he can do that one move where you go backhand-forehand across the grain... Congrats! Now here's the hot take: All of these goals look exactly the same and it's a snoozefest to watch as a fan of the sport (I imagine it's a lot of fun to watch as an Edmonton fan). Two hot takes for the price of one: Someone's eventually gonna get tired of being turnstiled and put on the highlight reel every time he steps on the ice, and they'll start taking the body. Once that happens (and because of his speed) he'll get injured badly and that'll be the end of that. I wanna be clear that I don't want to see that happen, but it'll become an inevitability if he keeps this stuff up.

    50. Ali Dez

      Life is an EA simulation, and McDavid is God’s OP created player.

    51. MegaJiiRo

      Such a shame that this guy and Dreiseitl is playing for this garbage fire of an team

    52. Stephen Aylward

      He gonna use his speed to blow by guys for years to come. A lot of those goals weren't even

    53. Etienne Dupuis

      This guy is unreal

    54. Titan Segundera 2.0

      Surprise, surprise... the Mac Daddy is here.

    55. Benjamin Cross

      He’s absolutely insane. Crosby will always have all of his accomplishments but like Connor looks like he can become the better player for sure

    56. Sean Fakelastname

      if he stays healthy he could score well over 120 multiple times in his career, unreal

    57. [MxQ]SaucySev

      This mans skill is honestly scary

    58. Caden Lacher

      His stats might not show it as well but he’s the goat

    59. Thomas Brown

      Mcdavid is one of the Best NHL player he's a All star@browthom40

      1. Speedy Fish

        McDavid is the best NHL player

    60. Colorado Countryballs

      He will get 100+ points many times in his career

    61. romgor76

      Вот кому теперь очень нужен кубок Стэнли!

    62. cndh hu

      Buddy's playing on rookie mode

    63. Cole Bush

      Mcdavid is in his own league stop comparing players to him lol

      1. Speedy Fish

        Yeah, I’ve seen a bunch of people saying Mackinnon is better.

    64. Joseph Bennett

      I would personally swap #2 and #1. Both amazing but that recovery and deke on Anaheim was absolutely disgusting and on an actual goalie, not Hutchensen lol

    65. ramen noodz

      Pens fans be like Crosby invited sliced bread and developed a covid19 vaccine. What has McHype done?

    66. Crappy Chef

      So glad he plays for ma Oilers. Been through so many dark years

      1. Cliipz

        Fr :(

      2. Hypn02

        Yet it still feels like dark years because the team has no depth that any level of skill from McDavid or plays from Draisaitl can make up for. They will never make it to the conference finals with the team they have right now.

    67. Bill R

      His leg speed is awesome, but his hand speed is mind boggling.

    68. Terry's Twig Reviews

      Jeeze this kid is an absolute beast.

    69. Honest Hockey

      Sometimes I still cant believe he's real.. he's just that amazing

    70. Soul Scout

      This guy is from another world ...

    71. Rankedscrub

      Gagner held his shot form on his 2 v 1 and froze the d and goalie who both should have been dealing with McDavid

    72. es 76

      that horn after every goal annoying

    73. Keenan woodruff 2

      This kid is so filthy man

    74. Kyle Hatty

      How was this only one year

    75. Brad Brown

      Can someone breakdown why he's so good other then his skating.

      1. Peksi Sarvinen

        Well the foot speed obviously is a big part, but the reason he can use that speed so effectively is because a) he has the hands to handle the puck at such high speeds, b) the vision and the brain to see the plays and the ice, and think about what he's doing and going to do at such high speeds and c) the agility, balance and strength to drive around defense, rather than try to force his way through. The speed is the thing people see. But there are a lot of fast skaters in the league. What sets him above the rest is that he can actually play precise, smart, efficient hockey at that speed, not just skate at that speed. And even if you took the speed away from him, all parts of his game are so good that he'd still be a superstar. Having the speed just promotes him from a superstar to overpowered.

    76. Luis Enrique Reyes

      Por siempre y para siempre lo mejor la NHL es lo mejor

    77. Dee Wade

      Its men vs boys when Mcjesus is on the ice, makes defenders and goalies look silly its so sick

    78. dusty2good

      He’s alright I guess

    79. carl cederhorn

      He is one of the best in offense and one of the worst in defence

    80. Adam Gagan

      Press F to pay respects to the fallen defensemen: Ben Hutton Kevin Connauton Shea Weber Justin Braun Derek Forbort, Drew Doughty Noah Hanifin Olli Maatta Oliver Ekman-Larsson Jakob Silfverberg (actually a forward) Morgan Rielly

    81. Cam Jensen

      That last goal is outright gross, I will never get sick of watching it. No player in the world can replicate that.

    82. Kevin Skavinsky

      Can we get a Jack Eichel one next?

    83. GoWings LGRW

      time to watch something and not take advantage of it and then complain about never seeing something like this again once he retires.

    84. Hanz USMC

      What an amazing talent. His skating is unbelievable and the speed is ridiculous. There are a lot of fast players in the NHL, but he is the only one that can keep full speed and still be able to stick handle and move. Everybody else seems has to slow a gear when they have the biscuit. I’m a Flyers fan and it’s sucks Brendan Manning broke McDavid’s collarbone when he was rookie because he should have the Calder in his trophy case and that’s the only reason why because he missed almost half the season.

    85. Andre Alexis

      Incredible player

    86. Gurtej Singh

      I think that Sydney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin and Connor Mcdavid are the greatest ever

    87. YorkU Degree

      Absolutely incredible player.

    88. kalan layden

      I could watch mcdavid highlights all day

    89. The21abc

      This guy really loves dancing around Doughty😂😂

      1. Teams

        Doughty is a scrub

    90. Pauls Klucis

      Can't wait when this guy gets in NHL to play against the serious guys... oh wait

      1. Farmer Dave


      2. Farmer Dave

        “once he gets to the nhl he will just get hit”

    91. Switz9

      #1 doesn’t even do it justice, in person is the only way to comprehend what he did

    92. Michael A

      Didn’t we see this already

    93. MG

      he will be the greatest player of all time to never win the cup

    94. Chantelle Wilhelmina


    95. D-Mac14

      My favorite player

    96. Ron Gulyarin

      When are you gonna do jets!!!!l

    97. buzzstevens

      I love watching him play just not when he plays the flyers

      1. Speedy Fish

        Are you a flyers fan?

      2. Sign in

        Why not flyers?

    98. FaZe _gtsun

      Love him and he’s play ❤️ and the nhl ❤️❤️💯

    99. Dottiest Toast

      These are also the top 10 Oilers plays of the 2019-2020.

    100. Myles L

      Most top 10’s have maybe 1 or 2 really good ones. All 10 of these required real skill

      1. Myles L

        @fghockey it kinda is bawd

      2. fghockey

        Myles that’s not true bud

      3. Dolph Mcfearless

        @Jenna McCalla What a dumb statement

      4. Jack Crawley

        Hands is skill

      5. Jenna McCalla

        You don’t need skill you need hands