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    1. Henry Shaw

      That moment when they are running out to josh in Marbella is honestly one of the peak moments in the sidemens history

    2. Yunus Miah

      16:12 I feel so bad for paco no one joined his chant “USA”

    3. Lily Jahza Goat

      2:11:51 Oh no

    4. nono user


    5. tater titties

      Bruuhhh tffff why does jj sound like and old black lady when he laughs 3:16

    6. J-Sim22

      2:00:18 lowkey one of my favourite sidemen moments ever

    7. 86 43

      1:00:19 what's the name of the original video

    8. Breadhead

      Music at 1:05

    9. zul fadhli

      So the watermelon was half cut before harry slam his head? Bruh now i know

    10. Matthew Hudson

      2:45 what vid?

    11. Mariejules Jiy

      congrats to the winner

    12. Mariejules Jiy

      you guy's funny

    13. Mariejules Jiy


    14. Mariejules Jiy

      guy's take good care of the baby

    15. Mariejules Jiy

      you pick the good box congrats

    16. Mariejules Jiy

      be nice choose any box

    17. Susan Wearn


    18. Estelle King

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    25. Asher Jaggers

    26. amy cairns

      song 2:15:19 ?

    27. Deshang Gurung

      1:29:00 which video is this clip from?

    28. EddyBPlayz

      ayyyyy this vid just hit 10 mil

    29. Anurag J

      11:48 tobi just taking his time and sitting down like nice good goon

    30. Av3rageP1ayer

      you lot should do a video where ethan and harry are hype men!!!!

    31. Haines Meacham

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    32. Killershot 224

      Little did they know what would happen later

    33. john doe

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    34. Egjjf Fhkkd

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    35. daddy shrek

      what video is 4:18

    36. Seby Gomez

      song anyone ? 1:37:45

      1. ׄ

        Xavy Rusan - Spare Changes

    37. the duece

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    38. Lichtboys

      8:22 video name?

      1. Lichtboys

        @Kelly Chesebrough thank you

      2. Kelly Chesebrough

        Sidemen $10,000 v $100 holiday

    39. Sawyer Cascone

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    40. Mckenzie Wicks

      10:47 ngl that crap right umm...a little umm...SUS

    41. Anna Pham

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    42. 함영웅

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    45. Trashmash 24


    46. Harry Whorton

      Y does this video remind me of when homer Simpson was a super hero coz with Ethan is fat in half and ripped in the other half

    47. princebilliano btw

      People who watched all 2hours >>

    48. Illegal Upload

      which was the dating video of harry and vikk with the same chick

    49. Luns Kiss

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    50. Jake BG

      Anyone here in 2021

    51. Qzoic


    52. Qzoic

      10:35 best part

    53. Qzoic

      10:10 surprised Tobi still alive after that beating...

      1. Kelly Chesebrough

        @Rebeka Morgan KSI vs Sidemen

      2. Rebeka Morgan

        Do you know the name of that video?

    54. Katie Grace

      "cReAtUrE wAs sHiT" *intensely smashes bottle on jjs head* - harroldinio 2018

    55. Giorgio Russo Entry

      10:23 jj smashes zerka in the head tobi: *YoU bRoKe mY fUcKiNg wHiTeBoArD*

    56. damn thats crazy but like who tf asked

      Miss 2019

    57. BradyBeast

      3:15 that episode was probably called tinder in real life. What it should’ve been called was Sidemen impractical jokers🤣

      1. BradyBeast

        @Tristan Tonks oh ight

      2. Tristan Tonks

        It's called sidemen speed dating


      Drive those damn cars carefully

    59. Bence Takács

      1:21:39 Kick Buttowski hood version...

    60. Valentijn Barendse

      Who randomly got this in their YT recommendations and got sad about seeing the good times?

    61. Hathers03

      1.19 had me dying

    62. xkiller_1092

      Harry just carries these montages

    63. About Everything

      The ugliest and the worst Sidemen is Josh and even worse thing is, he tried to rap. I wonder how he is in that team.

    64. Azwad Sifat


    65. Jack Walls

      Wtf these videos were 2 years ago

    66. hangming zheng

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    67. Chubs Dubs

      1:37:26 but have you seen his dad? That’s probably where Ethan got it from

    68. DvZ _

      I wanna know the magic spell

    69. hangming zheng

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    70. Kyle Patel

      1:46:48 what did Harry say

    71. Erin Quinn

      When Harry jumps off & falls off the taxi’s roof, Josh is the first to go over to Harry & makes sure he was okay and even noticed he had whacked his head in the first place, he’s such a good person he looks after everyone and is overall just a great guy

    72. Jack Wyatt

      I feel asleep and found out I slept through 3 hours of sidemen

    73. Withrow Portugal

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    74. Okami-Rose

      4:50 Welp That didn't age well

    75. jordon briggs


    76. John Lee

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    77. WEED 4 DAYS

      Jesus christ looking at ethan when he was fat

    78. Stem

      bruh where can i find 1:00:30

      1. Kelly Chesebrough

        Sidemen learn to dance ft. JABBAWOCKEEZ

    79. He H

      who came from 2020 version?

    80. Courtney Wood

      The thumbnail has brought back my nightmares

    81. Will Myatt

      1:03:48 to 1:04:24 all I need to say is R.I.P 😢



    83. OscarBeast29

      Jj: THERES 2 POOLS Josh: There’s 3 *Ksi vs Greg Paul 2021*

    84. Pityfool

      Hahaha great stuff guys!! I Challenge You to the Black Ice Shotgun Challenge 2021 !! Let’s see what you got. I Pity the fool that try this challenge

    85. Ginger 0709


    86. Lizzy's Gacha World

      1:59:27 me when temporary fix (by one direction) comes on

    87. Maxwell Russell

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    89. Jamie Andrewsj

      Oh pp

      1. Jamie Andrewsj


      2. Jamie Andrewsj


    90. Ai Mi

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    92. Withrow Portugal

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    93. landon beall

      1:05:55 they forgot to put on their suits

    94. Comely Cities 4K

      Nice video

    95. Dr Predatory

      11:20 Vik pulling up with his star wars bb gun that he bought from his uncle at the corner shop

    96. Torin Magliocco hodgkiss

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    99. Quentin Chung

      luv how tobi just like I'm done after breaking the window

    100. Evienotfound

      Tobi: yOu BrOkE mY wHiTeBoArD