TOP 50 Inventions & Experiments

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    TOP 50 Inventions & Experiments
    This video is a mix of cool experiments and inventions! Enjoy :)
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    1. Aditi Thakur

      you are so amazing and Very creative

    2. tecno dwivedi

      I love this vedio


      Stop as if he could invent like a scientist. But sometimes I still do not understand some of the ideas he created for what? 😂

    4. Ayu Leris

      Mantap anjing

    5. Gudrabish

      wood king

    6. Rame Skaf


    7. סגיב כהן

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    8. Samsad Alam


    9. zwe naydana

      marble ball maching video in hand is what happen bro

    10. zwe naydana

      good bro

    11. TJ LOWKEY

      11:16 wow

    12. Devanand Wagmare


    13. nm63

      This guy's addicted to coke

    14. Abdul Salam

      you lok like Elonmusk

    15. JOsiya0307 Nurmagambetov


    16. Elisabeth

      This guy could literally figure out how to escape prison this guy is a genius

    17. Alawssa

      Esta tecnología no la tiene ni la nasa




      Sab local

    20. Jenny Moratin

      Cool inventor

    21. Suresh Korat


      1. Suresh Korat


    22. निला टायगर


    23. Ahmt Buğra Demir

      Where did you get the f1 wheel

    24. Creative Channel

      Everything you do is amazing

    25. black gamer

      13:20 Does anyone know what this is and And what is his name?

    26. Zak Thu Rein Htet

      Can you post how to do it

    27. Aron john Pangilinan


    28. MECHLOUF Mohamed

      افضل مدع منازل على الاطلاق

    29. YO! WHAT!? SUP!?

      I really like the 0:54 I really wanna make one


      Una sugerencia. A mi me parece que seria bueno que citen la fuente. De manera que además de sumar el like por su buena compilación, miremos como se hace, y le demos like al invento que nos gustó. A suggestion. It seems to me that it would be good if they cite the source. So in addition to adding the like for its good compilation, let's look at how to do it, and we add like to the best invention' s channell .

    31. Low. Key

      Am I the only one who was fooled by the stairs in the small house?

    32. Cristhian Castro

      El mejor canal que pude aver encontrado gracias por existir son los mejores



    34. Haley Herzog

      5:35: r/cursed

    35. Atit Toppo


    36. Muhammed Ömer Say

      ilk türk

    37. world information

      This video is a mix of cool experiments and inventions

    38. Ashok Awchar

      What is the stupidity of coin falling

    39. ashok gupta

      How to make

    40. Lalengi Kawilam

      Cool invention

    41. Сабит Жакипов

      Керемет! 👍

    42. Kyle

      Flintstones wallets be like 9:53

    43. supersonic td7

      what happened to your finger? 13:46

    44. قناة منوعات مشوقه

      الي يحب القرءان يشترك في قناتي منوعات مشوقه 😊😊😊😊 واتمنى تعجبكم

    45. FuriousGray33

      How much coke do you drink?

    46. SAI FF GAMER Telugu

      World record bro, awasome bro super👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌

      1. Naman Baisa


    47. Advik grover

      Thats good

    48. Benjamin Bass

      1:44 that was all the money from his collection

    49. otajon axmatov


    50. Iman Tardiman

      I waited the thumb.

    51. Shyam kumar Sah


    52. Anil Kumar

      Yah Banai kaise hain yah bhi to bataiye

    53. Trishen Cooppen

      Coka. Cola

    54. neglect

      Please help me out. What type of cardboard is that cos it’s clearly stronger than rubbish cardboard

    55. The Black Banana 1

      Me: gives this man a pepsi him: So you have chosen... death.

      1. NEWS العقبان



      if you named every video then this compilation would be more better.

    57. Felix R


    58. Tsz hei Leung

      Nobody is born cool except of course (The Q)

    59. Hasama Mahmoud

      احمد محمود

    60. T Jaswanth Reddy

      Thans up

    61. Luis Mendoza

      This guy loves wood and cardboard.....but most important.... He loves engineering!!!!

    62. Ashwin Divya


    63. that one animator

      0:45 I need this

      1. A SOWNTHARI


    64. Salma Jama

      Syco and fftcf

    65. trendy vlogs by bhuvanesh and honey

      How u did the rock zip one

    66. Виктор


    67. Tùng Mèo TV

      Hay quá sếp ơi


      Hello Guys. Je vous promets, Abonnez-vous à ma chaîne et je vous abonnerai, je vous le promets. Like aussi merci

    69. Anju Singhal

      3:30 that one is MIB 3 bike

    70. sk asmr

      The q please help me and sub me

    71. ᗩᛕᔕᕼᗩ丅 JI

      The Q - Kabhi kabhi lagta hai apunich baghban hai.............😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    72. Simone M

      Anche io vorrei dedicare il mio tempo a questa passione. Purtroppo sono povero e devo lavorare 12 ore al giorno e arrivo a fatica a fine mese

    73. Girish

      3:25 that's quiet uncomfortable to ride

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      some kits

    75. tech solutions

      some kites

    76. J Srisai

      Wow it was amazing

    77. Glorious_Squad_gamerz

      Make a wall stand for phone like computer stand

    78. Eli Fry

      subscribe to Eli Fry

    79. 타앤코 Ta&Coh

      Always enjoying your creative videos!! It motivates me so much with my woodcrafting! Wish I could be crafting like ya! XD

      1. Eli Fry

        subscribe to Eli Fry

    80. KALSA tutorial

      Top gaes

    81. Regar POIN

      Fun fact - everyone in comments section blessing others parents for no reason 😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

    82. elKeyzerMC




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    85. Majd sn

      Please show us your all tools and equipment

    86. Diego Issai Miranda García

      Alguien que me quiera regalar un iPhone

    87. Craft simple

      Super smart Mr .Q I like' all video The Q..👍👍👍

    88. Nicole Tiburcio

      Has un volante para ps2 porfavor que sea facil

    89. Krishna Pal

      Bro please make automatic rubis cube solver

    90. Widhi Priyo Fattan

      Hai aku dari indonesia seruku!!!😀

    91. حسن عبدالله اليحيى

      Hi I just wanted you to 📻 was the night you were 😂😂

    92. Musab Bunjaku

      I like clever people like me😏

    93. Martín Tolagasí

      Como extraño ver como crean nuevos inventos.

    94. TonicBoom

      Je suis le seul francais ?

    95. Shaurya Jeet Singh

      Hi can you pls make a pocket pistol out of popsicle sitcks

    96. Ahmad Soran

      you can make air hockey

    97. Sumera Khan

      How to make nerf

    98. dimino tricks


    99. bot Dav693


    100. حسن عبدالله اليحيى

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