Trisha's Birthday Celebration - Frenemies # 34

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    1. blndsundoll4mj

      This was so special 🥺🥺 thank uuuuu 😭🙏🏼🥲

      1. PastelMeghan

        58:33 is something you need to listen to and really take in.

      2. DemonFaction


      3. Catie Leduc

        I am LIVING for the Beetlejuice re-creation. My absolute favourite movie! I was even obsessed with the cartoon growing up

      4. Minnie Manson DIY

        HBD Trish! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      5. DragonSlayerBigPimpCumDrizzler69

        @Jae Bell yassss

    2. Larry Lom

      not trisha being a good actress

    3. Aerithgirl

      This is sad to watch now, they had such a great rapore

    4. Hannah Perkins

      "mental health issues aren't an excuse to be a shit person" ouch that didn't age well trish

    5. Briya Rose

      Trisha you’ve given this all up and for WHAT

    6. jessxbabyy

      watching the beginning of this a month later hurts. like ethan really loves trisha and went out of his way to do this for them and they sit there and say the most terrible things about him. he’s their only genuine friend and it just crumbled in front of everyone. it really fucking hurts.

    7. Emily Crim

      Zoloft legit saved my life. Just be careful because I was taking a larger dose and antidepressants can numb your feelings if your taking too much. Talk to a psychiatrist over a general doctor. Trust me it makes a difference 🥰 appreciate you Ethan

    8. Charlene Riel

      Watching these after the big blow up all I can see is how Ethan tried so hard to do things that made Trisha happy. During games and competitions if Trisha wasn't winning she was sour, during drama Ethan always supported Trisha 120% but when Ethan had drama Trisha sided with the other person several times. I understand she has mental health issues and you can see Ethan trying so hard to make a good environment for her but seeing the bullshit Ethan had to deal with isn't right. He is human too with his own mental health issues but Trisha never seemed to consider his feelings.

    9. Jeremy Sawyer

      58:32 this did not age well

      1. Andrea

        Lmaooo she literally contradicted every single word she said

    10. Miera J.

      They treated her so well and she ended it just like that. Ugh.

    11. Marlena M

      It's so sad to watch for Trisha, she ruined something so special, she finally had people who actually care about her and tried to help her, understand her.

    12. Fuzzball Supreme

      2:00 that didn't age well 5:17 ethan thinks the absence of "no" means "yes", and then when trisha finally shows him he reacts like THEY are the one who did something wrong. this is so creepy. it's no wonder trisha wasn't comfortable around ethan. who knows how much worse it was behind the scenes?

    13. ehr

      If someone threw a birthday gig like this for me, even if amped for the cameras, I'd never let them go. They really went above and beyond on this podcast to make her feel welcome. I hope they hash it out in time.

    14. Es Ma

      Ethan really went all out to make her birthday special for her and now look how this relationship ended. So sad.

    15. kp

      Starting around 36 they start discussing how difficult it is to dispute blatant lies from other creators… hello !

    16. Ciaobella

      Ethan played this very well haha

    17. musty papi

      58:00 girl wtf that’s realllllll ironic

    18. Ashley Gant

      I’m so happy I found Ethan and Hila through Trisha

    19. Jo Neff Draws

      21:58 🤣 Ethan’s reaction is priceless.

    20. xxIluvyouguysxx

      I fucking love the movie 😂

    21. anellie

      what a shame

    22. Peri

      Ethan really did care about her, man. it's sad :/

    23. Hoodman129

      Dude pulling up tweets from 2010 and before stop going back to cancel shit

    24. Cora Kuehl

      58:40 didnt really age well.....

    25. Abbie Patterson

      damn i’m going to miss this if they’re actually done :(

    26. reallymagnolia

      This is sad now

    27. Shagun Segan

      I watched this after the latest (hopefully not last 🥺🥺🥺) episode of the Frenimies Podcast. I teared up at the so many points. 😭

    28. del rey lolita

      rewatching this made me so sad ethan cared so much for her n the crew as well so seeing everything go down hill is just so😭

    29. Truth

      Did this mean NOTHING to Trisha?!

    30. GeekMuscle

      the fact that they did this for her and she STILL goes after them and it's not enough for her screw that crazy nutjob

    31. par_kor

      For anyone coming back to this video looking for the time stamp where she talks about mental health not being excusable for shitty behavior it’s 58:34 you’re welcome ✌🏼 and ❤️

      1. K WD


      2. J Kinzel

        Thank you!!

    32. mom spaghetti

      watching this after what’s happening right now is heartbreaking

    33. Gabrielle Webb

      I think there is too much tension. I think Trish is in love with Ethan and she hated Elia for getting pregnant. And the more babies Elia mentioned the more trisha got wild.

      1. Thatgirl

        Woah. Honestly tho nobody knows how Trisha Is so that could be possible

      2. Lannister Filth


      3. lauren

        is this satire

    34. Jaime Berger-Cohen

      Wow had to comment here, look what Ethan and the crew did did that spoiled brat! Trisha is awful. She didn’t deserve to be in with him.

    35. Shannon Staley

      So Trisha didn’t pick out this costume? Ethan didn’t even know anything about beetle juice.

      1. J Kinzel


    36. Maple Syrup

      11:00 this is a great example why trisha made a mistake leaving ethan

    37. MotherHen007

      Ethan is such a sport and a rock star. This was SO sweet!

    38. Richard Heath

      Remembering the good times :(

    39. albertchauwithapow

      me rewatching this after they broke up

    40. Faiz Khalifa

      This was amazing. I'm glad they showed her all the love they had for her even though things have not worked out well. Shoutout to their families

    41. Keely yeet

      2:02:57 this moment. so sweet when Trisha looks kindly over to Ethan after his comment :'( I will miss it all

      1. Faiz Khalifa

        I'm already missing it

    42. Tubbiez Official

      Ethan looks like Ozzy in the thumbnail

    43. Jeremiah Tatola

      Ethan not waiting for a fork, makes me so angry and idk why

    44. L D


    45. Olivia Van Slyck

      it’s funny how trisha doesn’t know the basics so they do pop culture lol

    46. Olivia Van Slyck

      ethans role was a lil disturbing in this episode

    47. Olivia Van Slyck

      trisha when she’s winning: i love this trisha when she’s losing: this is dumb like i messed up because you...

    48. Emma Collins

      Does that Scott's music video official? or is it just a parody??

    49. Emmie Leland

      45:01 i can’t stop watching trishas reaction. it is my favorite thing ever. i love this podcast

    50. Amoon Az

      Anyone else teared watching Trisha open her gift? I felt so happy for her.

      1. Marilyn's Girl

        @Amoon Az Yes. I started watching her right before the Jason era. I was really shocked by her behavior. She has the money, the mansion, the cars, and the purses….but I don’t want her life. She IS totally alone.

      2. Amoon Az

        @Marilyn's Girl I used to watch her years ago, I remember back when she was unboxing her pink Chanel bag and "what's in my purse?". But I stopped watching in recent years and didn't know she has a pattern. Wish she would be grateful to who treats her with kindness. This life sucks when you're alone.

      3. Marilyn's Girl

        @Amoon Az I know. She’s awful. This is her pattern. Anyone who gets closer to her is on borrowed time. I cringed watching the kindness they showed her because I knew it would end horribly. I feel bad for the new fans who didn’t know her behavior. They’re all hurt and shocked by this.

      4. Amoon Az

        ​@Marilyn's Girl tbh, I take my comment back.

      5. Marilyn's Girl

        If you’ve ever watched Trisha open gifts before she’s usually very weird about it because she never believes they’re sincere. Her reaction to that told me that she felt the gift was given genuinely and with love. She also saw the research and effort they put into it.

    51. Melack Samson


    52. Louie Art

      Ethan eating the cake lmao

    53. hope abraham

      “i hate gen z” literally 2 seconds later “i love gen z”

    54. Josh Smith

      34:15 Hila does look pretty good tho! Keemstar is so god damn childish!

      1. Marilyn's Girl

        He’s pretty nasty for someone who strongly resembles a garden gnome.

    55. Jaded J

      45:00 This 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    56. Hamiana Grande


    57. Hamiana Grande


    58. Hamiana Grande


    59. Hamiana Grande


    60. ashley m

      And Madison productions are owned by Adam Sandler. And there’s some he’s not in.

    61. ashley m

      Hot chick with rob Schneider is the best movie tho what😩


      So you’re telling me Trisha Paytas could’ve been on Euphoria!?

    63. a ham sandwich

      it wouldve been so cool to see trish on euphoria....

    64. Liv Nemier

      No I’m not crying over the intro song because I love everything about this 😭

    65. Liv Nemier

      The way Ethan treats Trisha makes me cry so often because she deserves it so much and I relate so much to Trisha it just it’s so heart warming

    66. michelle valentin

      The ill-informed door presumably trot because narcissus advisably sniff a a racial single. early, tense rest

    67. v g

      1:26:49 😭😭😭😭

    68. James Monfort

      This guys is a huge part of the problem

    69. Beejanew

      What kind of tree ....? Trisha: I don’t like geography. Hahaha I love her so much

    70. cream boy

      i love how they quickly try to brush past talking about gen Z lol

    71. s. imahni

      trisha‘s rant about mental health was so intense. i definitely agree with it all. maybe someone should send scotty a clip of it so he can do better. part of growth is recognizing where you went wrong instead of just victimizing yourself

    72. Nadia M

      Trisha is the best gift receiver AND giver 🥺💕

    73. Samantha Weiss

      does anyone know an email where I could contact Trisha?

    74. makayla johnson

      Just a heads up, Mauna Kea on Big island Hawai’i is actually the tallest mountain on earth, everest is the tallest from sea level.

    75. headwardo

      she's so cute: *politely waits* "no singing?"

    76. Yanantin

      13:52 lmao Ethan 😂😂😂

    77. Tasiana Collins

      Obviously attractive people watch you I mean I watch you

    78. Latesha Presley

      The enthusiastic loan conceivably fear because donkey controversly listen despite a dreary cooking. rambunctious, protective cappelletti

    79. Charlotte Wallis

      Who else is in the school bathroom watching this😫

    80. Star-Ava Mendez

      "Im the ghost with the most"- BettleJuice (Played by Ethan)2021

    81. Skittles 2111

      Trisha not knowing what Mt.Everest is hahaha

    82. Holly Clarke

      Thank you Ethan and Trisha for normalising conversations about mental illness and medication! It’s so good to see people with platforms talking about this ♥️♥️

    83. Alex

      @22:38 Trisha: what sign is he ? a Pisces? Ethan: why is that a Pisces thing to do? Lmao it really is a Pisces thing to do

    84. TheFirstHurrah

      58:35 - 1:00:18 -- this is *rich* coming from her Just a few months ago she was on the Dr. Drew episode crying about how people are going to see her as a manbeater after she... beat her man, calling it personal, a weak moment, blaming Ethan for making the pictures public (which I don't think he even did), and generally acting as the victim in a situation where she was definitively the perpetrator.

      1. Marilyn's Girl

        👏👏👏 that stuff is gonna be heard now. The people new to her wouldn’t listen before but she’s done what we all knew she would do this.

    85. Rmcco

      I truly mean this with nothing but ✨peace and love✨ but Ethans Tourette’s adds even more perfection to the Beetlejuice character and I am here for it 🤌

    86. explicitcorp

      You guys should rename this show to two gross people sh1t on other creators

    87. Viktor Alexander

      Trisha spilling on Scott

    88. Sarah Elliott

      ethan has good pitch, you can tell when he mocks scott’s song. he’d be a good singer!

    89. Anna B.

      Happy Late Birthday Trish!!!

    90. Kathryn Lamb


    91. Joey Cool

      Happy birthday trish love you sweetie

    92. Jahsjdhjsbbx

      sometimes it pisses me off with how much trisha doesn’t know

    93. Jahsjdhjsbbx

      are there different types of Tourette’s? i haven’t heard ethan ever yell out random words or noises but ive seen movements he’s done over & over, like his eyes closing & wrist turning a lot. genuinely curious no hate

      1. yogurt

        yea there are different ticks, his are mostly eye twitches but sometimes other twitches. others can’t control when they say stuff or what they say in that moment

    94. justen thompson

      Thumbnail game 7/10

    95. ais the prophet

      i hope everyone sent love to justine

      1. ais the prophet

        and i hope she saw this and heard trisha’s advice

    96. Nasira A.

      happy late birthday!!! hope it was awesome :). Proud to see you grow!

    97. Amanda Johnson

      I love Ethan's "Whaaaaaaat!" Reminds me of A Christmas Story mom on the phone.

    98. jess j

      since when are AB and Trisha cool with each other

    99. rummagingchaos

      seeing how happy trisha is with her cake and present fills my heart with joy

    100. Miranda02

      the beetle juice sketch felt like a middle school play 😭 i cant stop laughing