Trump Fanboy Matt Gaetz’s Wild Sex Parties & Bachelor Colton Comes Out

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    Former Bachelor Colton Underwood came out on Good Morning America, there were hints along the way, Billy Eichner has proof that he knew it, Trump fanboy Matt Gaetz is having a heck of week after one of his associates told prosecutors that he had encounters with women who were given cash in exchange for sex and that he had wild parties with Republican officials, President Joe Biden and Barack Obama are teaming up for a TV special to convince those hesitant to get the vaccine, scientists in China have discovered what is believed to be the oldest reptile with opposable thumbs, and Bernie Madoff died in prison.
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    1. MultiMatini


    2. muriel hatesyou

      Trump & Gaetz in jail would be a hit reality show they could do the Bachelor formula to finds Trumps prison wife. Someone please pitch this to Trump so he will sign a confession and be on TV again. It would be the highest rated show of all time I promise

    3. Thomas Earl

      When the Gaetz is slammed shut, may Roger Stone be behind as well.

    4. Aman Nougrahiya

      Nooooooo. I was about to title my research paper as "Jumping the fence" 😂😂😂

    5. Jose Lopez

      Colton is a virgin because he never partied with Gaytz...

    6. Douglas Marshall

      hunter biden is chillin smoking crack somewhere as we speak

    7. Pellona Nisya


    8. Mike Willis

      Is it just me or does Gaetz’s spokesman look like Ralphie from A Christmas Story?!

    9. HENG CHEA

      I love you

    10. HENG CHEA

      I love you

    11. Eva Dahlberg

      Gud, hur ledsen jag är för att leva

    12. Mark Owens

      Go to hell

    13. Mark Owens

      🖕piece of💩

    14. craig cas

      Birds of a feather f-- together........

    15. Jon Quick

      Can't wait for the day when Kimmel is no more. Dude is wack

    16. Zan Jayna

      When do we get to hear about Jimmy Kimmel’s Wayfair cabinet collection?

    17. Conny Bartels

      Matty and Fatty 😂😂😂

    18. donamick

      The ugly faces of the Republican Party vote straight blue in every goddamn election

    19. ShaunieBNaturalista

      How do active Marines have a choice as to whether or not to take the vaccine? I recall they had no choice but to take the anthrax vaccine.

    20. Camren Mugabe

      1:28 "Should marriage even be a gameshow prize?"

    21. MotherLoveBone

      Trump living rent free in Kimmel's head.

    22. Mich Sza

      Kimmel is good. now we have to question everything, should marriage be a game show prize????... hahahahaha

    23. Whitney Remington

      You know your show is terrible and you have no creative content when you still are making videos slamming Trump and those who are associated with Trump.

    24. joetylerdale

      Brilliant Jimmy!

    25. divinecomedy0

      He sees Donald Trump, he turns into a human selfie stick! Hilarious!! 😂

    26. marian smith

      Jumping the Fence, lolololol.

    27. marian smith

      I NEVER watch that show.

    28. King David

      Just the title cracks me up. Matty and Fatty.

    29. Foppish Dilletaunt

      I knew about Colton from the first words he spoke (still Mazel tov on coming out) but I knew from the 1st second I saw Matted Gaetz that if He wanted to be done he would have to hire a woman. What a skeezy scareshow that creep is. How long before his fiancée goes over a wall ?

    30. Magnate News

      Put me on it.... I would hit all those honeys

    31. D G

      ABC really hates the guy and Jimmy has the hard job to trash him! Just disgusting!

    32. Halil MZ

      Maybe the poor guy wanted to relife highschool because he did not have any girls during that time. Just like Mickael Jackson

    33. Kiriu Xeosa

      Nothing makes a woman feel better than for a guy to tell her: "thank you, after being with you I realize I like men"

    34. shamus Onyu

      Pizza Gaitz

    35. shamus Onyu

      Yaya binx

    36. Ken Spitz

      EXACTLY, Jimmy is right !

    37. Jimmie Price

      Goofy Gaetz and Dimwit Don the Con are comedy gold!

    38. sonnenblume569


    39. sonnenblume569

      Ich heiße matty

    40. Jeebs Unabia

      Jimmy's sounding like a frat-boy again.

    41. Chandani-in-Sg

      The Bachelorette is the stupidest show ever!

    42. Carlos Carle

      Skip to 4:30 if you don't care at all about The Bachelor

    43. Ada Bellana7

      Matt Gaetz has had to put up with this smear circus just because he makes some people uncomfortable with his ideas.

    44. Saurabh

      Billy Eichner's gaydar is pretty strong.

    45. OEDDO Cambodia

      Does this mean that The Bachelor may not actually represent authentic human romantic relationships?

    46. jake moyer

      Jimmy Kimmel is gross. And so are the people who find him entertaining.

      1. Abraham Szekely

        Guessing the vast majority of us think your beliefs are gross and there are move of us than there are of you.

    47. Chris Linhares

      Maybe now Colton can learn about past participles.

    48. Bruce Bryant

      You've go to love how real Jimmy is....

    49. Mort Snerd

      The picture of these two is like fingernails on a chalkboard for true Americans.

    50. Wally Rad

      Two worst idiots

    51. What's Up

      Jimmy, jimmy, not funny, shows how messed up the world is!

    52. Myles Mooney

      Nuts country!

    53. 03207521 Nadayag

      Gaetz always accused somebody and now it’s a karma poor boy your in deep trouble even your soul is not enough to pay what you did to this nation to what happened in DC riot fool

    54. I.T.

      "Poor donald; all he ever wanted was another show on NBC, and now Joe Biden has one".🤣

    55. god Time

      Miss s Caroline is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

      1. Mercy Joy

        You are totally correct ma am

      2. Mercy Joy

        I've seen different recommendations about expert Caroline

      3. Thomas Villa

        Miss Caroline is obviously the best, I invested $3,000 and she made profit of $28,000 for me just in 15days

    56. Atypical Family The series

      Ehhh those pita chips is what got me

    57. ChibiHoshiDragon

      Those MARINES should just suck it up. I did for the Antrax Vaccine. It was MANDATORY for all Marines, no excuse acceptable other than medical, and you violated a direct order if you refused to take it.

      1. ChibiHoshiDragon

        @Abraham Szekely I remember there was a big stink about the vaccine back then (They said it was new - It wasn't as Veterinarians that work with sheep had been taking them for decades - I almost got a summer job with my UNR Animal Science professor in college in 1996 and she worked with ovine so I would have already been vaccinated come enlistment had I gotten that job. The problem was when they started to mass produce them for the military the manufacturer altered the procedures, some plants couldn't pass inspections and there was a concern about inconsistency in administration). This was back in 1998 for me, when it first became mandatory and before the first court marshal. Semper Fi from a 4th Battalion Parris Island Grad

      2. Abraham Szekely

        Yup. The 'real men' right wingers are all special little snowflakes now. Trump is a perfect leader for them. Weak and cowardly.

    58. Chris H

      Will Spielberg be collaborating on a Bernie Madoff documentary called "Swindler's List"? I mean, 40 years is a long con.

    59. Andrea

      They should definitely share a cell together, so they can finally realize the real the friendship they made along the way.💞

      1. Tyler Jakes

        Hello 👋 How are you doing? Hope you and your family are safe

    60. Alicia Campbell

      Now I am really wondering where all that hair gel Matt Gaetz uses really comes from!?!?

      1. Tyler Jakes

        Hello Alicia How are you doing? Hope you and your family are safe

    61. Brian Emmanuel Grey

      Wow! Talk about a bunch of sellouts. Let the weeping and gnashing of teeth begin.

    62. RottenRroses

      What a dirt bag way to tell someone that he is fired.

    63. Virjunior

      Remember when certain people were saying "what'll they talk about without Trump?"

    64. Jos Lose

      Funny how all pedophiles for the majority are all more you know

    65. Damnmac1

      Mark my words: If Matt Gatze doesn't resign he will be reelected.

    66. Peaceful Poetry

      Why don’t they have a bachelor or bachelorette for people who are LQBTQ+ people

    67. Rupom Mahmud

      FInd something by yourself........tis mainstream media is not trustworthy

    68. Desiree Lococo


    69. loyal Bird

      They all knew and the drink bleach crowd was entertained...

    70. Master Temple

      No no no, have that crack head, low life, white privileged Ukrainian board member back on was funny how you laughed at his life of indulgence but never mentioned any of the people he has hurt or ripped off...I love the way you never mentioned he had to be taken to court over child support....Ha ha ha Jimmy now that's funny ha ha ha

    71. Phantorang

      Mike Lindell parody please :D

    72. tarcms

      What about the broader it’s on Biden nothing kids in cages? Nothing ? Trump is not President?

    73. Vipul j Vashhi

      Please have some Compassion dude LEARN

    74. Boudicca _Official


    75. Hibiscus Flower

      Seems like a nothing burger to me. Show me the evidence!!!!

    76. Serg Vargas

      Jail time Boy’s we would love you long time specially Don Jr hahaha!!!

    77. Jhulia Landown

      Hahaha 😂🤪as if he’s not doing it so hypocrite ☺️😜lol

    78. Alejandro Jerez

      Yo, youse a power bottom, dawg!

    79. Zeta Husi

      Lies he just wants to get of the charges

    80. Jesusisking

      Repent Repent the day of the Lord is at hand! If you have not received salvation from Jesus Christ you will spend all eternity (trillions and trillions) of years in hell. There will be everlasting torment for you and everyone you know who doesn’t know the Lord. Repent today cry out for mercy! A man must be born again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    81. Nicholas Headway

      And you brag and talk about politics every night

    82. Nicholas Headway

      And you brag and talk about politics every night

    83. Nicholas Headway

      Who is RunPaul.? I don't watch the Batchelor or tv I don't care for money either

    84. Alec Y Not.

      Matt Just look behind you, do you see all your friends, Don, Tucker, Hannity, Jim, Mitch, Ted, josh, Lynsey, Ron , and all the GOP slime.

    85. Spencer Calvert

      Is that really a live animal/bird/dinosaur???

    86. RomeIsNot TheLight

      Greatest President in history

    87. John P Jones

      It just occurred to me that Gaetz looks like Robby Rotten on "Lazy Town".

    88. bosox40oz

      Is Colton a top or bottom?

    89. Paul Gordon

      Anything to not talk about Hunter Biden's laptop with actual pdo videos.

    90. mesaeddie

      With Mat Gaetz forget all hat no cattle it's All Forehead No Brain.

    91. Uchiwawa

      Jimmy secretly loves trump, ratings have never been better

    92. Democracy Saved

      Trump looks like a clown 🤡

      1. Joseph MALLOUHI

        Kimmel survives off the clown lol

    93. jake k

      Jimmy you really can’t stop talking about Trump

    94. Flummoxed Marmoset

      I sincerely sincerely hope we dont find him on Grindr in 5 years looking bleary eyed, with the screen name Colton Underwear.

    95. Jordan Royce


    96. James Mills

      So I see Kimmel doesnt need to move on from bullshit stories. Stuck in a Trump world. I'm Republican and have moved on. Russia collusion was a big lie from Kimmel and all. Now this big lie.. Why try to divert attention from crisis at the boarder and Gov. Cuomo. Thiese jokes about Kimmel and you sad lefties just write themselves. Enjoy life in hell liars and treasonous people

      1. James Mills

        Sad day for liberals

    97. Sam Iam

      I BELIEVE JIMMY KIMMEL IS PRESIDENT TRUMPS BIGGEST FANBOY... He’s constantly bringing up Trump. If it weren’t for President Trump, Dickhead Jimmy wouldn’t have any material. I seriously think Kimmel is attracted to President Trump.

    98. Felecia Scott

      Love you Jimmy you nothing but the truth LMAOOOO

    99. RaymondKym Suttle

      I’m totally on board with jumping the wall rather than coming out. Much more dynamic!