Trying the World's Strongest Alcohol

Cold Ones

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    We Tasted the Most Powerful Drinks in the world!

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    1. Cold Ones

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      1. Sprint Wyvern

        Sam n Max gettin' drunk as hell... Me: Australian dollars exist...?

      2. Luke Zarz

        Well done cobbers and I love the Stroh I’ve gone out and got it a couple of times.

      3. nay mac

        @Jason Voorhees Joe mama

      4. toasty boi

        Sellout intensifys

      5. Edgar Armenta

        GAHAHA i want some of that absinthe mate, im from middle earth let me come on the show 🍻

    2. Ian B

      What's his last name?

    3. atim ann mary

      Welcome to video 😩😂

    4. Dylan

      What the outro song ?

    5. Rashaun Walwyn

      You are trying to embalm yourself,you are drinking those shots too fast

    6. goonf!sh. beeets

      That blue hundred proof Smirnoff is just the trash $1 nips that hobos and single moms drink here in Massachusetts.

    7. FinnGames

      No don't break it my name is deez

    8. faza arif T . ganteng maksimal

      8:54 whats name the song???

    9. Terri Robinson

      He’s screwed 😅😅😂

    10. Kosher Pig

      I am from siberia bottom text

      1. Kosher Pig

        we got 4 dollar vodka here, it can power our submarines

    11. Neko san


    12. ARFY

      Try alcool etilic from România, 96%alchool

    13. Ohe

      my boy with the mango whiteclaw

    14. House Vollmer

      All that we’d drink in high school was smirinoff blue 100 proof...

    15. Sarah Rojo

      High school students in Texas buy Everclear for their parties. 95% ABV/190 proof. I can’t tell you how many times I blacked out within an hour of the party. 😂

    16. Michael Duran

      “My name is deez” at the end had me CACKLING

    17. James Taylor

      How drunk was deez when he started this vid

    18. PAZUR

      me, watching this as a 100% Pole i must say I am fucking shocked how long u guys standed up

    19. ScaryRates

      Drunk as shit lmao

    20. Key Holer

      blue bottle of 100 proof Smirnoff is like 11$ at my local costless market lmao

    21. Michael Holland

      You can tell they don’t drink to enjoy. 😂 just shooting every one.


      RIP to thy liver.

    23. E .G

      That 100 proof smirnoff only 20 buck here in the states 🤣

    24. Drippy Cherish

      By time u just see them get drunk😂😂

    25. FamiliarLake687

      I went shot for shot with rum for the first 8 minutes 20 seconds. 6:49 So ima go beat my wife now bois me bottles gone

      1. FamiliarLake687

        40% 😂

    26. Allen Elett

      I wonder what his name is

    27. Tom Lane

      Old j with a dash of coke is the shit… my drink of choice.

    28. slıce my veıns

      ALE CAU! :D

    29. raid

      *The show take me out*: yur goin to bardadosssss😂

    30. John Samuel

      The tested scallion baly follow because porter histochemically sigh outside a kind push. unable, arrogant diploma

      1. Katie Ohara


    31. pykumyku

      Still waiting for Spirytus, 98% alcohol xd

    32. D Black

      looks like drinking with you guys would be super fun

    33. Landon Snopek

      My liver hurts from just watching this.

    34. Carpov Alexandru

      So youtube started to recommand me alcohol videos.. well the algorithm works very well :D

    35. Thatayotlhe Ralekadiba

      "'The chaser did nothing''😂😂😂

    36. GhostKing 5150

      Your DAF you're both are

    37. GhostKing 5150

      Did anybody else see Austin Powers when the one with the glasses is talking I might be too high right now

      1. Katie Ohara

        Bro I seen it,deffo the weed

    38. Emalinu

      im from germany can i come on the show

    39. Deivid Cardona

      Can't imagine the hangover after all that mixin

    40. my channel

      deez what

      1. Social Reject


    41. Jack Chapman

      Yes we are man drinks kApache for breakfast and old j for lunch lol big Blackpool piss head lol

    42. Matt Harper

      You need to try Malort, it's a Chicago classic

    43. Cheezygordito

      Bruh how am I just now seeing this for the first time. 2 hilarious Australians drinking hella alcohol, I should have to pay money to see this

    44. Sav

      wait is that max lmao

    45. Lee Jay

      @shoenice give the man his props if you mention him 🤣

    46. Scott Free

      I guess you don't have everclear or Bacardi 151

    47. Wiktor

      95% alcohol is avalible in almost every shop in Poland

      1. Slm0n W

        yeah its basically cooking/cleaning alcohol

    48. simplydoz

      You can take shutty Smirnoff and filter it using a charcoal water filter. Most of the flavors are from oils and other crap in the water. So if you filter it, it doesnt really change the alcohol part, but it does make it taste WAY better.

    49. Yoda Minch

      Chug a jug of bad moonshine and make a donation found for eye surgery next👍🏻😃👍🏻

    50. Bryne Uno

      The Silent Bob who drinks

    51. Tori Barnes

      they actually drank so much holy fuck

    52. Tori Barnes

      Can anyone explain why they have a gemini sign

    53. Alzidan Ambadar

      They should try oolong tea

    54. enigma amgine

      Sheesh that hangover must've been hell

    55. William

      Test acid next

    56. Jordan Newsom

      I MAY (or may not, can neither confirm nor deny) be a smidge not low rn but.. Did Chad’s beard and hair not get longer as they got to the higher proof booze and got drunker as the shots started to catch up with them..?? I literally swear to God it did!!

    57. B Kain

      Need to send these guys a bottle of Gem Clear from the states. It's pure grain alcohol 190 proof, it's basically jet fuel.

      1. Lucas Rogers

        Damn straight they ain’t know nothin bout that clear.

    58. Healthy Cloth

      Hey guys,we are trying the world’s strongest alcohol.Also it’s homemade

    59. Tennyson Roberts

      Lol my family owned most of the lands of Scotland and where kings and lords

      1. Katie Ohara

        Tennyson Roberts-the bruce

    60. spook show

      You better quit before you get cirrhosis of the liver. This shit will catch up on you.

    61. Schurtz Fielder

      I pop this on as so I'm not drinking alone.

    62. Jaz Nuyle

      what kind of jumper does yuri have?? i must know

    63. Kult_Snxps

      Fun fact: Max’s name is deez

    64. Jehu Medina

      Please play drunk games lmao

    65. Chico Meow.

      Deez 🥜🥜 ... Read more

    66. Akeel Joseph

      You should try...Foress Park Puncheon Rum...Made in Trinidad and Tobago...🤐

    67. Tron Tron

      Salute to deez. And chad.

    68. Jordan Eddings

      I remember having 180 proof moonshine. Never. Again.

    69. Vicente Macias

      how many shots was that in total 😅

    70. Demo the Wiki God

      Can't believe Wray & Nephews never cropped up on here!

    71. Daniel Johnas

      The bitter melody cranially hum because answer subsequently trot around a tested jogging. nine, defiant pin

    72. Pauly Shore

      I love watching you guys descend into alcoholism! Yahoooo!

    73. dxvid_946 _

      Im from Germany and im shocked how much they have to pay for fucking normal Alkohol Like Stroh With is 20 around Here and smirnof is 30

    74. upbeat

      I ain’t watch this yet but Everclear better be on this list

    75. Christian Otto

      You pay what for Stroh 80?? This stuff costs only a few bucks in Germany

    76. Aimee Kane

      The fact that max gets drunker and drunker every minute is funny as

    77. Rasmus Jørgensen

      At our school we got the taste 100% alchohol you need a poison permission to have it and we got a few drops and it hurt like shit

    78. Jonathan Keeler

      My brother bought a bottle of Stroh 80 back from Austria when I was a kid, it sat in the cupboard for at least a year before we put it on a Christmas pudding, the fire was substantial. He said he used it for cooking and cleaning.

    79. damian_0174 on insta

      I love stroh rum gets my shitfaced averytime

    80. 01god01

      the % is actually how much ethanol is in the bottle random fact for you

    81. マルティネスアレックス

      Bobble Deez nuts

    82. Bodo Bagger

      You are supposed to use the Stroh for Grock...

    83. João

      watching this sober makes me wonder why the fuck do people drink alcohol in the first place lol these guys just spent thousands of dollars on literal poison so they could feel dumber and waste the next day

      1. ONIBUREI (Moderator)

        fun ! funny ! People been getting shit faced for millenia, and is integral to a lot of cultures. If you use it as a nice treat every now and then I see no harm, of course if you don't know when to stop thats when problems appear, but if you're sensible enough it's just a good time to let some inhibitions loose and goof around!

    84. MobyfromDick

      I feel like puke

    85. meelis meriste

      estonians casually drinking 80% vodka which is 16 eur

    86. sammy - whirl

      Is this good myghical morning for alcoholics

    87. Eugenia Charles

      I think u guys need to come to the Caribbean island to test the rum here.

    88. MathewMnamko

      In my country STROH cost 10 euro.

    89. MrAlucard7

      I feel like I can smell this video

    90. Kalashboy

      Chad: *starts reading where the tequila comes from* Max: "WHO GIVES A FUCK?" Me: "But but I give a fuck :("

    91. Yash Oza

      WTF do they not have alcohol poisoning!!

    92. kiero1236

      How much is 1ltr of ethanol?

    93. Alex Campbell

      I'm drunk from here damn

    94. Concrete Clouds

      this is an expensive fucking video

    95. ChosenTripster01

      Spirits are any distilled alcohol with no added sugar over 20% liquor is any non-brewed or distilled alcohol

    96. #nodaysoff

      Rum drinkers beat their wives

    97. ChonkyTank

      my name is dees

    98. Bonk Bonk

      Mainly Germany but also most of the rest of Europe: *Pathetic*

    99. Scylla Time

      Take a shot every time he says my name is Deez.