Trying To Fail A Drug Test On Purpose

Tom Scott

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    Check out Trace's channel! - start with brain-computer interfaces or going to space • There's an urban legend that poppy seeds can make you fail a drug test. Is it true? And if so: why? I ate a few bagels, and set out to flunk an opioid test.
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    Drug tests don’t just work as a buzzkill, they can keep doctors and patients honest regarding some of the more dangerous drugs known to man. The problem is, poppy seeds can throw a giant wrench in that circle of trust! Poppy seeds come from the papaver somniferum flower native to Turkey, and even though they don’t contain opium, consuming the seeds has historically caused the tests to register opiate use!
    In this video, I explore how these tests work, what they look for, and how something as simple as a bottle of seeds available at any grocery store, can cause a false positive for painkillers, heroin, morphine, and other drugs.
    Encyclopedia Britannica: Poppy Seed
    Poppy seed, tiny dried seed of the opium poppy, used as food, food flavouring, and the source of poppy-seed oil. Poppy seeds have no narcotic properties, because the fluid contained in the bud that becomes opium is present only before the seeds are fully formed. The plant, Papaver somniferum, is an herbaceous annual native to Greece and the Orient. Poppy seed is an ancient spice; the seed capsules have been found in Switzerland in the remains of prehistoric lake dwellings.
    Can Eating Poppy Seeds Give You a Positive Drug Test?
    It’s possible that even just one bagel or muffin highly loaded with poppy seeds can lead to a positive urine drug test.
    LabCorp: Testing Methodology,drug%20present%20in%20urine%20samples.
    Quest Diagnostics: Testing Insights,can%20indeed%20produce%20a%20positive
    Did you know that morphine, codeine, and heroin are produced from the seeds of certain kinds of poppy flowers? Morphine and codeine are often used as medications for treating pain, and all three-known as opiates-can be abused
    Snopes (true!)
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    1. ToasterBread

      step 1 do drugs

    2. Sam Brooks

      why aren't you suppose to toast fresh bagels?

    3. theragabash42

      Is acing the drug test lighting up all of the indicators or none of them?

    4. Joe Duffield

      Plot twist, the guy slammed a load of skag and the poppy seeds had nothing to do with it.

    5. Tuna mc

      I could easily do this 😂 without trying too

    6. SirFireball 3521

      How do we know you didn't get a FALSE false positive by actually doing drugs?

    7. Steve A

      Trace is just a tad flamey Flame flame flame

    8. Isaiah James

      My body can't properly metabolize morphine. I learned that at hospital after an open heart surgery

    9. RanMind YT

      This guy took “test” too seriously

    10. ichheissepieeep

      Methadone is not made from poppy! It's an opioid, not opiate!

    11. Vesa-Matti Loiri

      I can come up with a 100% certain way to fail a drug test!

    12. Jack F

      The US Doping Agency is actually a thing. damn America is weird

    13. Crazy wyvern

      I have never seen someone get so happy about failing a drug test

    14. simon De Ryck

      Méthadone is NOT made from poppies. It’s a synthetic opioid.

    15. Parke Without Reverse

      There are very few legit reasons to be drug testing people anyway. Those being tested should be suing for each and every false positive.

    16. Riley Carpenter


    17. Stuckun

      That was awesome

    18. playdoh1975

      I think telling people what they can and cannot do with their bodies is wrong..

    19. RaZorBack

      Title be like "Trying To Fail A Drug Test On Purpose". Imagine if Trace just pulled a bag of coke in the car

    20. Wildfire悪魔

      Eating poppy seeds straight up would be way better than stuffing yourself with bagels

    21. Joseph Conner Micallef

      Calling Lansing schools the "big bad schools" is the most Okomos/Haslett thing I have heard in my life.

    22. Chaotic Matrix

      I know someone who used to be addicted to poppy seed tea. Was very sad :(

    23. DiCasaFilm

      Does this mean that there actually is illicit drugs in the poppy seeds, or just some chemical that fools the test? I.E. can someone MAKE opium from poppy seeds???

    24. Devin Cloud

      Some poppy seeds ship unwashed. They contain enough opium to make you fail a urinalysis.

    25. Kirschesaftmann

      As someone who moved to a country (Austria) where poppy seeds are very much part of the diet and even a regional specialty north of Vienna, I've wondered what the system for testing is. You can get poppy seed cake, poppy seed noodles (think sweet gnocchi slathered in butter and spoon fulls of poppy seed), poppy seed breaded fish, and also poppy seed pastries (Mohzehlten and Mohnstrudel), where tons of poppyseeds, some sugar, butter and a bit of rum are wrapped up in a thin pastry dough. Im also guilty of putting 4-5 spoons worth of pure poppy in my morning joghurt. :P

    26. Sednas

      Dude I love poppy seeds, this is really bad for me.

    27. Will

      Suggestion from a former urinalysis lab technician: if you fail an opiate test for the above reason, request/demand a Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) confirmation test. This confirmation test exams the molecular level and can parse out the different compounds to a much greater degree and give exact ng/ML scores. In my experience, positive lab specimens are held for a period of time for the purpose of being re-tested and confirmation.

    28. Roger Szmodis

      I have no reason to be drug tested, but if I was I would fail. I live in a civilized country, no drug tests to get or keep a job unless it’s a dangerous job. I’m not even sure when I would need a drug test. I haven’t been able to pass a drug test since high school.

    29. serbianspaceforce

      This whole video is actually an entire cover story for his massive amounts of morphine and codeine use

    30. Greg Champine

      This is such an important video for the world. Also they sure as hell shouldn't be taking any babies away until well after the 48-hour mark when they can be retested.

    31. Ian Macfarlane

      I had no idea that it was papaver somniferum seeds that were on bagels. I thought it'd be a different kind of poppy.

    32. Ian Macfarlane

      Cancel believe how apt his name is for this video.

    33. Black Rocket

      Alternative title "what happens when you take cocaine"

    34. Liam Malone

      Seen this in a english show long ago they tried it with a priest and the dude tested positive 🤣

    35. Brian Doyle

      Me sitting in Lansing right now.... THATS MEEEE

    36. I leave mean comments

      omg this dude is such a flamer.

    37. - Blackemperor-

      I am confused. I thought this video came out a long time ago and that I watched it a long time ago, but it came out in 2021?

    38. Stoner posts

      Thanks, Now I can get away with my drug addiction.

    39. Nightcorex

      I'd like to imagine that all the drug addicts who saw this video just created an Instagram account where they upload smth with poppy seeds everyday just so they have an excuse if they get caught

    40. jeff molek

      Moral of the story: Not only are drug tests expensive and oppressive, they can ruin your life via their inaccuracy.

    41. Francisco Henriques

      I dont know whats so hard about failing a drug test. I fail them all the time with no changes at all in my lifestyle. If I can do it, you can do it too!

    42. Mel

      All this just to state the obvious!!! Yes poppy seeds give a positive test it’s no secret 👍

    43. Matthew Miller

      Haha, we have the same toaster.

    44. SimoWilliams

      @4:24 "This is why drug testing is so important..." Somebody please explain this to me. I don't follow the connection between 7% of people not fully metabolizing heroin and drug testing being 'so important.'

    45. August Pamplona

      It was unclear to me whether the actual lab test was at the 2000 ng threshold.

    46. ???

      “Trying to fail a drug test on purpose” Sounds easy

    47. Joe Blackmore

      best way to fail a drug test is to take drugs

    48. alsmith20000

      Isn't it actually a true positive? The poppy seeds did actually contain some opium or morphine?

    49. Shilpa Nalamati

      the only reason i failed the drug test is because i didn't want to go to drug school, mom.

    50. steverman

      alternative method to failing a drug test intentionally: step 1: do drugs

    51. Hel Pfeffer

      I checked the door when I heard the doorbell, because I didn't get it was of the video

    52. Philorg Neopolotin

      The fact that this is so widely known, but isn’t even remotely being fixed is so crazy to me. How they could know about such a popular food that can create a false positive that could ruin a job interview, a parole drug test, etc. but then just refuse to adjust they system to account for it is beyond me.

    53. PLK


    54. Richard Samuelson

      Boo! There's no red shirts in this video! Automatic fail!

    55. Woo Six

      Opium or not, poppy seeds are delicious

    56. meow meow I'm a cow

      My solution: Actually do drugs.

    57. Sky Luke

      It depends on whether the seeds are waahed that well... in the last few years seeds have been extremely well washed! Source: Former Opium Addict

    58. Niddy

      Middleschool af but i love this

    59. Arduenn Schwartzman

      So next time I'm taking an intravenous dose of heroin, I'll Instagram my poppy seed bagels and I'll be fine.

    60. lykou sar

      Sure mate it's the poppy seeds, we believe you

    61. IdlePit

      Now try to get a false negative, we wanna know if its possible and how to do it 🤪

    62. Totavo

      I always keep my receipt if I buy anything with poppy seeds while at work.

    63. Dean Lonagan

      Uno Dos of Trace!!..lolol

    64. good_night _tea

      Step 1: buy drugs.

    65. Haiku King

      I was secretly hoping that this video would just be him snorting a bunch of coke

    66. Steezboy3000

      I'm surprised and sad that it was that easy to fail.

    67. Elso

      Urine shouldn't be blue, you should really get that checked out 😜

    68. Not my real name

      I've failed for other fun reasons. Some cough/cold medicines will make you fail for amphetamine or something. Sudafed is an obvious one but I had taken something else. Nowadays they will tell you not to take any cough medicine. Also, I had been told over and over by the drug test people it was impossible to fail a drug test for 'just' being around people smoking weed. So I didn't avoid it and sure enough failed for that too.

    69. Jessie

      I'm going to cry. I had a random after a loaded everything bagel today and didn't think about it until I got home.


      Opiates showed on a drug test for me once when I had not taken any opiates. The only way it could have happened was from the poppy seeds in some bread that I ate. This was in the UK.

    71. katniptime4me

      I have never seen anyone happy about failing a drug test! Congratulations.

    72. G_Xavier

      This was a very convenient video, time to go to a bagel shop

    73. Ghostyscarab 372

      Who else learned about the poppy seed thing from Seinfeld??

    74. hawaiisunfun

      so this is why they don't sell poppy seed milk in the stores. I want my poppy seed milk! I'm saying there's sesame, soy, pea, walnut, hazelnut, but no poppy

    75. Steven

      But what is the effect on men?

    76. SonicAvalanche

      failing a drug test on purpose is easy

    77. kuroryuu010

      "Your drug test came back positive for-" "I had bagels for breakfast." "Well that doesn't explain the cocaine and thc though" "... It was an everything bagel?"

      1. Carbon 12

        I drank coke with my bagel and it was in a hemp lunch sack.

    78. Erik Tóth

      Greetings from Hungary! This is a magical land, where we consume poppy seeds (we call it "mák") regularly and in a high quantity :D Just search for one of our national dishes, "mákos rétes" (poppy seed strudel) or "mákos tészta" (pasta with poppy seed)

    79. Obi117kh

      Jesus, 4 videos a month and he’s talking a month off. 😂

    80. Lukas

      plot twist: he's an opium addict

    81. Sean McKinnon

      Methadone is a fully synthetic opioid not derived from poppies.

    82. OnlyLlamaLiam

      this is just a cover up

    83. Bruh

      For 6 minutes I forgot it was Tom Scott's channel

    84. avalapan

      Dont want to be a joykill but you cant make metadone from poppy plant its purely synthetic.

    85. alugwin

      As someone who failed a drug test from the courts because of poppy seeds. The company that they used for testing had an extremely low threshold for testing. The judge would not hear it and gave me more time.

    86. HetGameBoekje

      Task succesfully failed

    87. Super Luc Mario

      Test falsed positively

    88. Fosuke M

      Now i want some poppy seed muffins and bagels.

    89. Koia

      the best way to fail a drug test on purpose is to do drugs

    90. Thundercunt McGeezax

      drugs should be legalized and drug tests criminalized

    91. Hafflockman

      this isnt tom scott :((((

    92. Lufy

      Here's a way to fail a drug test Drugs

    93. Max Strand

      You can actually make a psychoactive tea out of poppy seeds bought at a baking supplies store.

    94. Imperium Productions

      I swear this is just that episode of Seinfeld

    95. Manzabhad Mann

      I genuinely don't see the issue. If I test positive for opiates I just say "I took some co-codamol the other day for a headache". Codeine is readily available - in low doses - over-the-counter at any pharmacy. How can you get in trouble for taking an OTC medicine?

      1. Ra Ku

        I don't that stuff is available just like that over here (Germany) as well as in many other countries. So we can't use such an excuse easily...

    96. Perigee Dynamics

      Uno Dos of Trace is a brilliant name.

    97. Admiral Ducky

      Flower coom

    98. Chuba

      just take drugs, not that hard

    99. Ulfsark

      Fun fact: poppy seeds are known as "hashash" in Turkey and Arabia, and the word "assassin" is a derivative of it. It is said that assassins of Hasan Sabbah frequently used poppy seeds to get high.

    100. Lillian kline

      Try eating a gingerbread cookie it has nutmeg in it. Totally failed drug test. 😆