Trying To Create an AI Tom Scott (on a $100 budget)

Tom Scott

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    Check out Jordan's channel! - or start with her video on AI diagnosis of coughing: or how deepfakes have fingerprints: • And, please don't try this at home.
    TEXT: Generated by Jordan Harrod using GPT-3 OpenAI,

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    1. Tom Scott

      I know in a world where Star Wars is using deepfakes, there might be a thousand "bUt ItS nOt PeRfEcT" comments here, so just to be clear: this is what AI can do with the work of one individual, no body or voice doubles, and $100. If you think you (or your plausibly deniable nation-state actor) can do better... then please don't try it on me!

      1. Death O: & Dev

        I genuinely want to try this once my skills with machine learning are better.

      2. RanMind YT


      3. Enes Malik Uzuner


      4. Thomasawl Roblox.

        Use the simulation with the AI script and idea generator and make a video!

      5. Matt Forbes

        Deep fakes have another positive application. Potentially can be used to create a "grief bot". An interactive simulation of a passed away loved one to help the user cope. Of course appropriate research and consideration will need to be given in order ensure it is therapeutic and not just creating unintended problems.

    2. Duxx

      So $100 is not enough, noted

    3. Joe Mc

      Tom Scott is not doing enough with his life....... We were promised flying cars dammit!!!

    4. RanMind YT

      It’s surprisingly good, But I can notice it immediately.

    5. Daniel

      3:53 looks like waifulabs...

    6. Pi Cubing Official

      Hmm yes, Gans The speedcubing company

    7. imsmol and angery

      Bots of New York ia generated faces are messed up now because they have masks and facial features smashed together now!

    8. Riley Carpenter


    9. Uli Schmidt

      watch in 144p to make it extra realistic

    10. MRCG Millenium

      Finnaly, the real Internet Ham.

    11. Rhubartu the Saiyan

      Probably because one side isn't smart enough to do it, and the other is smart enough to know not to.

    12. Bored

      4:07 Absolutely mind boggling that this was achieved in only three years.

    13. A G

      It was "riddled with factual errors and nonsensical phrases" ... cool cool cool. So the USA has already elected an AI for president. Way to be ahead of the curve!

    14. Zaid Lacksalastname

      There's an app for it now in my reigon, and it's definitely going to be misused. Doesn't help that honor killings are common here either...

    15. Dylan Slater

      Nice glasses.

    16. Shubham Singh

      Literally every good deeplearning paper : *GAN*

    17. lamty101

      I get skeptical about all your videos now

    18. Midi Music Forever

      Uh oh, you mentioned covid. Automatic demonitization?

    19. end my suffering

      dame dane...

      1. end my suffering

        @TaxEvader search up dame dane deepfake

      2. TaxEvader


    20. Ai rb


    21. Ai rb


    22. Big DogCountry

      4:18 Yep, you don't need deep fakes when you have the media on your side.

    23. Big DogCountry

      Max, is that you?

    24. Kwibloop Da Something

      0:59 Someone saw Matt Cohen’s video.

    25. Rodrigues.

      0:55 Not so amazing places flashbacks

    26. henryh10x_

      Why did Tom sound so worried when they switched the AI Tom Scott with the real one?

    27. jule klemmer

      AI Tom doesn't smile or laugh - I really missed that, Tom's smile is so sweet!

    28. Trial but permanent

      Tom Scott AI + OpenAI bot = perfect story teller


      0:56 you can't fool me, that's not tom scott!

    30. Blue Bandit

      Appreciate you calling out 2016 and 2020 election an both sides are guilty

    31. Blue Bandit

      I’m not gonna tell you what I used to do this.... but I will tell you who made what I used to do this...

    32. Resemble AI

      We're so glad to have been a part of this!

    33. IanIcoAir

      AI Tom Scott sounds like's Male US (Scottish Accent).

    34. Jay Swarrow

      I like, how after the 'mmuricans on the moon, "they" ( ;) ) ...~'re still trying to excuse themselves, and make us belive that this all wasn't just found in the pandora boxes of previous civilisations and used for ages before the things, we value to mind. All the "Yeeeh, we definately only cracking it now, see?? See, how blurry and glitchy it is? This is _realistically_ , *all* we can do, even with present day technology... swear on the book, it's true!" ...just laughable. * corrects his foil hat*

    35. The Cando Railfan

      This is not a Tom Scott video

    36. zirconium


    37. 22 Thumbs and 64 fingers Required

      HI Tom i am an Alien and i will come to take you to my home planet on the 14th september 2022 i hope you are ready for my abduction!!

    38. TECKERZ101

      "And here we have a wild deepfake"

    39. Parsely

      I bet people will say, "Oh no! Donald Biden didn't say that! That was only the deepfake!

    40. diarykeeper

      6:17 Yep. As always.

    41. cyton18

      Tom Scott: This is the real me, not simulated Me: That’s exactly what a simulated Tom Scott would say to throw us off 🤣

    42. Prayer Closet

      The mouth can be a lot better. Just let AI talk rather than cover you up.

    43. Funny Memes

      This makes me want to learn more about this now.

    44. Captive

      DeepFake Tom Scott porn ?

      1. TaxEvader

        I know this is a joke but this is a real problem

    45. Mz Interpreter

      GANon Link (Zelda)

    46. JMUDoc

      "This is the real me, not simulated..." Exactly what a simulation would say.

      1. Figgy

        10/10 for spelling

    47. TheGameRaider

      British Tom Hanks?

    48. Ⰸⰰ Ⰴⱁⰿ Ⱄⱂⱃⰵⰿⱀⰻ

      Honestly I would have awaited just that politics would be influenced by ancient methods and porn would be made already "smarther"

    49. tyro244

      Hello smartest person Tom Scott knows. :-)

    50. Anthony Valdes

      Tom Scott: You can’t do this at home. **off screen** Hey Bot Scott, I have to take you to the junkyard.

    51. atlys

      Hmmm, but what about feepdakes?

      1. Antan

        The next step

    52. Michał Kowaleczko

      Some voice correcting and I wouldn't notice sometimes

    53. J HS

      Not energetic enough

    54. Alley Cat

      A general rule for human ingenuity: If something CAN be done, it WILL be done - eventually. We may not notice, given the advances in 'A.I.', etc.

    55. Hailfire08

      I love AI text generation, it just tries to ram a bunch of things it's kind of seem before into something it thinks sounds alright but which is just utter nonsense

    56. Ksawery

      3:44 scottish accent

    57. That one Commenter Who likes Y.T. Videos

      Make a video on engineer gaming

      1. TaxEvader

        it's not funny anymore bruh. i see his face everywhere

    58. That one Commenter Who likes Y.T. Videos


    59. That one Commenter Who likes Y.T. Videos

      Do a video on engineer gaming

    60. That one Commenter Who likes Y.T. Videos

      Engineer gaming

    61. That one Commenter Who likes Y.T. Videos

      0:04 Do a video on engineer gaming.

    62. Wehdeo

      4:33 Great point. A lot of people are afraid of how deepfakes can be used to spread lies but tbh we’re already perfectly capable of doing it with what we already have.

    63. Zane 3.0

      She's really holding her right cheek to get her accent like that. It's so strange to me how accents work. For Americans our mouths aren't pointing in a direction, closed on a part of our mouth, or making... any face to make our accent. It's just a plain, US accent. Then there's other accents. Please make a video about this, I'd like to know why everyone except Americans hold in some part of their lips, it's like they're TRYING to make their accent.

    64. Eobard Thawne

      Thank you for directing me to a gold mine. This girl's channel is damn good

    65. Jory Putra

      "But i am, it's me, not a simulation..." Me: Hm, DoUbted

    66. SpiffSpaff

      why does tom bott sound so depressed

    67. 69 kronos_420

      no more non whites

      1. 69 kronos_420

        @Justin Ikeako i do not want to see any more individuals of the darker skin variant

      2. Justin Ikeako

        What do you mean?

    68. b do

      This lady talks like her jaw is wired together

    69. T_Dogg

      Hello me, meet the real me

    70. Varun V.P.

      Seems like this technology is creating more trouble than benefits. Can we stop glorifying this and let them get on with their research?

    71. Scraps Archer

      Hey Tom, could you give ecosia a shout out? If your subscribers planted 1 tree (45 searches) it would make a huge difference.

    72. Beerenmüsli

      Awesome Creation!!!!

    73. Brian Olson

      Trust nothing, absolutely nothing.

    74. SnakPak

      Watch this video with upbeat lofi in the background. You're welcome.

    75. Caleb Z

      The AI can't even get the right shade of red on the shirt. Pathetic.

    76. Egon Freeman

      "~70% of this is troubleshooting" -- that sentiment is correct for every creative technical venture, I guess. I'd say that's a fairly conservative estimation, at that. :D

    77. AnimatedAtom

      Should of gone to the corridor crew

    78. yuoop noke

      Deepfake: exist Captain Disillusion: Allow me to introduce myself

    79. Sid Arthur

      it's got the two tom scott expressions down, stern and bewildered

    80. abbsnn cose

      Tom Scott: "I'm not doing enough with my life" Me: oh shut up, you're literally doing everything with your life.

      1. Darrel Muliaba

        Copied comment has been detected by an A.I using data set of looking at a comments and see if there are the same comments out there

      2. yuoop noke

        spontaneously formed in the cold reaches of the computer network. Do you think that is possible? Do you think that as files are bouncing around the internet that little bits of

    81. Kerrash Landing

      I was interested until it turned political... yawn

      1. abbsnn cose

        didnt learn anything new watching this video, but its still looks cool

    82. Rozel Miranda

      3:46 " *Videoooooooo or images...* "

    83. Girliest Mammy


    84. Dodge Rider

      4:50 You're forgetting the hundreds of eye witness testimonies and dozens of hours of security camera footage....

    85. dolita windo

      "This is the real me, not simulated." Sounds like something an AI Scott would say. Hmm...

    86. James Needham

      At the moment it seems to be dead easy to spot in that the frame rate and lighting is off and the moment blurry in a way that isn't consistent with real video. Really I think until its easy to produce a animated 3d rendered model informed by data from the subject with ray traced lighting otherwise it will be too easy to spot.

      1. Casey Roy

        Keep in mind this is just 100 dollars with relatively new technology

      2. dolita windo

        7:10 "I'm not doing enough with my life" Oooh... That hit me hard 😌😭

    87. John Avery

      What should perhaps be of equal or even greater concern than making a deepfake from something real is that it's also easier to spread the disinformation that something real is a deepfake.

    88. Tomimated

      I was kinda waiting for the ai programmer herself to be revealed as an autonomous ai.

    89. Zachry Diehl

      Doesn't share resources and doesn't show much of the "A.I." ...What's the point?

    90. Raşit Arslan

      Literally her channels trailer is a clickbait but okay...

    91. Guillermo Monroy

      Very cool. The government already has something like this for audio + video with much less fidelity loss. Makes you wonder...

    92. niduoe stre

      “This is the real me, not simulated.” That sounds like something a simulation would say.

    93. HexCodeFF

      Lies and deception. obviously the one with the red t-shirt is the real Tom Scott.

    94. Fishe

      Jordan is super badass! Been subbed to her channel for eons.

      1. niduoe stre

        You can't even drive a robot arm with a mouse and keyboard

    95. milfinspector YT

      Tim Scoot

    96. trix Rabbit

      This video seems like a good place to ask this question. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. The book Speaker of the Dead has a character in it is an AI that spontaneously formed in the cold reaches of the computer network. Do you think that is possible? Do you think that as files are bouncing around the internet that little bits of information can slowly coalesce together until a digital consciousness evolves? Will true digital intelligence evolve like some Darwinian creature, or will it be created like some biblical extension of Adam?

    97. bon er sducks

      didnt learn anything new watching this video, but its still looks cool

    98. biboKralle

      FIblock channels like Toms with this technology in 5 years: "New videos ever 5 Minutes!"

    99. Michael Watson

      No no no no goodbye