Turning a Rusty BEARING into a Shiny but Razor Sharp KARAMBIT

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    I Turned a really Rusty Ball Bearing into a Mirror Shine but Razor sharp Karambit.
    Some of Clips were captured by my personal Phone.
    Always wear leather gloves while sanding knives. Always keep a First Aid Kit at your work place.
    Turning a Rusty BEARING into a Shiny but Razor Sharp KARAMBIT
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      1. Aziz M


      2. kin-késone syharath


      3. kin-késone syharath


      4. SliFly

        shiny AND razor

      5. Ozan Bayram

        You's Special Man You

    2. Tan Dat Nguyen

      I saw a ant in the video

    3. Cristian Arboleda

      Ah el brayan lr gusta este video

    4. Chad Devine

      I am in the rebar steel trade I tie rebar for a living It would be cool to see you make some Knives Out of rebar and leaving the actual rebar for the handle I have a guy on my Facebook think his name is Jeff Jones I forgot what state he's in but he does this and make some pretty cool knives I do know that it takes a lot less skill then what you are showing us in these videos but with me being into rebar my whole life I like it I think it's pretty cool

    5. Chad Devine

      A lot of people who don't know about steel and metal probably wonder why do these guys use these old rusty pieces of metal the reason being because these guys know the quality of Steel that is used in certain products that have to maintain a long life in this case such as a bearing that has to be able to withstand a lot of heat and a lot of pressure so these guys know that products like a old bearing the quality of metal that is underneath that rust is high quality and would make good Steel to make a knife out of what impresses me is the talent of blacksmithing and metal work it takes to even get it to start resembling a blade these guys know what they're doing pretty cool

    6. Zy Knife

      So beautiful. I keep coming back here to look at the knife. 😄👍

    7. Туманность Андромеды


    8. Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein a

      how does this guy only have 4 subs

    9. Vance Lewis

      How much?

    10. aiinoii

      Coca cola company is really mad

    11. Dan right

      Wow men👌😎👏👏👏

    12. Mohammed Ibnu

      When you cut paper easily with a knife you know it's hella sharp

    13. Mohammed Ibnu

      This dude....... Props to him for making these videos and putting so much effort into these that even if he cuts his finger he still won't stop. He probably spends more than half a day working on these!


      🇭 🇪 🇱 🇱 🇴 🇮 🇲 🇵 🇺 🇧 🇬 🇴 🇫 🇫 🇮 🇨 🇮 🇦 🇱 ✔️

    15. NightK_RC05

      12:10 imagine if this was all a coke advert

    16. TheKratos1988

      My favourite working is katana!! You’re the best Smith

    17. ZXL000

      Me like shiny stuff

    18. BoredPilgrim

      Romans 6:23 Romans 10:9 Romans 10:13 Ephesians 2: 8 & 9 John 3:16 God bless

    19. TOXIC Z

      Wait was that gold, he found gold from scarp what a lucky find

    20. Рустам Шафиков

      100% араб

    21. Moperru Fepe

      Its a talon knife

    22. Mister Z

      What are knives for? Random hands: "cutting paper"

    23. Time Odessy


    24. Reena Singh

      I am the one who watch this video on normal speed 😂😂😂

    25. Helin Heman Shao

      Arsenal players be like

    26. AVeryRandomName

      The dude's getting glory kills on coca cola bottles

    27. Angel gabriel Mendez castro

      A qui siendo el unico que abla español jajaja

    28. Toxic Creeper

      Random hands Cut its finger Learn a lesson Put on glove 3 minutes later Bleed again cuz he didn’t wear glove (jk)

    29. Toxic Creeper

      Noobs: hah this video’s thumbnail is FAKE , how come he will make it that shiny ??!! Noobs click into the video and watch to the and Noobs: mirror shine✨✨

    30. Raven claw

      how does one control weight & balance in forging to get a perfect blade.

    31. आदित्य वर्मा

      Watching from India 🇮🇳 amazing work

    32. Murat Tasova


    33. Кузя


    34. Кузя


    35. mohamad karami

      Hi bro how much is s it iit?? Tx

    36. Jonathan Alfred

      nice band-aid

    37. Saatvik Srivastava Vines

      Are you Indian

      1. Saatvik Srivastava Vines

        Love from india

    38. PAN CHUK LU


    39. Yusuf Koy


    40. Rujjivit Tapashcharya

      Why didn't you dipped in oil this time Instead water?

    41. Irshad Ali


    42. david jashinsky

      this guy can difende him self well

    43. Ahmet Fatih

      6:06 gardaş küçücük bişi açılmaz biz türkler aciya dayanırız sende türk olsaydın sarmazdın ama sardin biz sarmadiklan kafam yarıldı sarmaşık

    44. Chad Kent

      Absolutely incredible. Turning Waste to treasure with your efforts!

    45. Faizan Lone

      Coca cola bottle: What i have done to you ,please forgive us

    46. tyler

      this guy: cuts his finger and says to wear gloves also this guy: proceeds to not wear gloves

    47. Froggy Hop Godzilla Gamer

      you know you made something sharp when it easily rapes a peice of paper and disembowels waterbottles

    48. Tako uwu

      I need a karambit :(

    49. Ramon Adria

      que bona papa!

    50. luka seslak

      its work i have karambit thx bro :)

    51. pok3r f8ce

      How big are your fidged spinnerss damm😏

    52. super gohan

      To the people reading this comment God loves enough to allow you to repent in, order for us to be free from sin , repent and go to heaven. PLEASE REPENT NOW

    53. Abdulla Gaur


    54. Spaceify

      This guy is somebody youd want to have in your team if there ever is a zombie apocalypse

    55. TotallyChoccyMilk

      The bit where he stabbed the coca cola bottles was so satisfying

      1. Advait Dalvi

        Oh i find stabbing people satisfying too intrested

    56. イカレパンチマン


    57. Yen Hong

      Becareful dude

    58. I _ ship it

      Imagine he just Turns his diamond play buttons into a giant katana

      1. ツ투 세이 벨로 디

        He already did that he forged it.

    59. Alper ışıklı

      It is love

    60. Jeremy Dahl

      POV: you are his neighbor

    61. SaintsFan77

      He just needs to add music and the videos will be perfect.

    62. Mayank Sparsh

      Please Don, waste water it can save some lives

    63. Annders Brynning Pedersen

      You are good

    64. LE5(9) Khan Daniyal

      In 3:56- 4:00, it looked like fireworks!

    65. bobbillybob

      beauty is not always you're friend

    66. Diane Ruiz

      Beautiful job!!


      12:06 I hope that never becomes me

    68. Gamer Bandit

      12:14 your throat sshhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeessssssssshhhhhhhhh

    69. Manoel Roberto

      XD 😂

    70. Me rrick

      Are you sure that you didn’t buy that from the store

    71. Gaming BOi2

      My guy cut his skin for our entertainment

    72. Pinoy Lakers Fan

      8:04 no gloves again!?

    73. Tanish Agarwal

      You should have gone to forged in fire 👍

    74. maira mekebai

      Ты шо пошарапыліса

    75. Samurai


    76. Samurai


    77. mr_panda s

      The military should hire him to make melee weapons

    78. Naika 13

      Подориш пожа я живу в Шамхала улица кальсамольская

    79. SnapsDude77

      This looks like something Id carry with me at all times, even in VR

    80. Ayaan Mohammed


    81. Harley Rafael Pia Dormitorio

      is he really going to play arsenal in real life 0_0

    82. sajmon

      Does anyone know what did he use in 8:16?

    83. Dark

    84. ThaoB Remix

      God job

    85. Azhar Fiqly Mubarat

      Wow immezing

    86. Migs M

      random hands? more like best hands

    87. Leandro Duarte


    88. Cyndie Pham

      How kind did it take to make that

    89. Dusk

      what do you do with the weapons i'm curious? like do you hang them on a wall or like sell them?

    90. Tina Tina

      Good job bro!

    91. PS4 y cosas ramdom.

      This remenber me csgo

    92. mehmet tatar

      l is turkey

    93. Multi- Media

      5:53 silently says "oh wow" the exact same time I did lol

    94. Ry0dite

      *grabs baby* "This will make a good karambit knife"

    95. Sonics Corner

      lol you can see his phone in the reflection in the thumbnail

    96. ZentaX

      he will make a shotgun out of his leftover bubblegum in a zombie apocalypse hes crazy

    97. Bertil Fritzon


    98. ً

      That thumbnail looks like a drawing holy hecc!

    99. Child Of The Devil

      6:08 I tought he was gonna sand down his injury and polish it

    100. Shadow

      Why does he say "This is why you always wear gloves while sanding gloves." Me: he's not wearing gloves tho