U18 IIHF Quarter Final Game Highlights | Team Sweden vs USA | May 3, 2021

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    Quarter finals - Full game goals and scoring chances highlights | Play between Team Sweden and USA on day 7 at the IIHF 2021 U18 world championship

    IIHF game stats here:

    Team Sweden Roster : www.eliteprospects.com/team/7...

    Team USA Roster : www.eliteprospects.com/team/1...

    day 7
    played on 2021-05-03


    1. Lena Rosa


    2. Martin S

      Good game Sweden.

    3. St fu


    4. Scott Willett

      How does a country the size of Texas beat our ass?

    5. NPC Necrofear

      team sweden had so many misqueues.

    6. Sverige

      Helt rätt - Sverige ska vara blåa (inte gula). 👍 🇸🇪

    7. Noel Nantais

      Is this one guy bias enough towards the American team?

    8. stanley13579

      Since these kids are under 18, that means that this is the first time IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES that the USA team will not get a medal in the u18 tournament. So.....yeah. I'd be crying too if I f**ed that up. Feels bad, bro. lol

    9. reioXyhi

      For those, like me, who don't want to see the scores before watching videos I recommend click "Duke sports" and block user.

    10. Maxim Mishchenko

      Congrats Sweden. Stable, disciplined both beautiful game. Sweden has hard path - USA now, Canada in semi-final. Wish only luck with them!

    11. J Barrett

      How does Hutson even make this team. 5-6” 140 lbs Dman..wtf

    12. murray andru

      Good Job Sweden way to work !

    13. Jarno Lehtonen

      Its allways. Better team wins. 👊👌

    14. Ben Dover

      Didn't sweden get smoked my Canada? Dayum team US must be really bad. Or team canada is just stupid good. I think team Canada is just too good.

      1. Bern Bladsh blad

        Sweden had a tough start a bad game ;)

    15. Lasse Hult

      Good tactical win 🇸🇪

    16. Dave smith

      Congratulations Sweden,a well played clean game by both teams.......And by the way Sweden thank you for #21Borje Salming a great Leaf defenceman for years...........Peace all

    17. wigsy99

      The fact that the US didn’t do well in this tournament this year is no surprise. For the first time ever due to COVID the best players from 2 of the 3 major Canadian Junior leagues were available. Because there were no playoffs in those leagues this year. So Canada Sweden Finland and Russian had many good players available for this tournament that they wouldn’t normally have.

      1. - EpicGamerSeb

        sweden dont have any chl players...

    18. Игорь Ростовский

      Why was the first goal of the USA canceled?

      1. Basil Carroll

        Goalie moved the net out of position . Bad rule!

    19. Евгений Малышев

      Why there is not one black guy in the US team and where does Black Lives Matter look???

      1. Samuel Tammisto


    20. jessup631

      Jack is 19....

      1. Jay 15

        Different Jack Hughs

    21. USA Sucks

      Thanks Sweden. From Canada.

      1. Slide-tester None

        np lol

    22. Guillaume Brouillard

      bunch of american crybabies. kinda funny to see ngl, good representation of the entire country

    23. Julien Bisson-Guay

      Nice ! I rather go against Sweden than USA

    24. Northlander

      American announcers "the U S is favoured " lol , not any more ...! Americans always bragging how good they are at everything , maybe they should shut up once in a while !!

    25. Jack Jacobson

      As Sweden Norwegian American decentents good job brothers America we tryed warning you 🤣

    26. Doug Ross

      Lights out , individual effort, on 2nd Swedish goal stole the scone.

    27. ThatRussianKid00

      Good job Sweden!

    28. Petter Strömkvist

      Anyone know when the semi-final against Canada is going to be played in Swedish time?

      1. carby

        @Lukas • ajjemen 23.00

      2. Lukas •

        I would think 23:00 but i'm not quite sure.

    29. Dawson J

      face masks kill the vibe of this being elite hockey.

      1. - EpicGamerSeb

        @Luke Maheras because they turned 18 this year

      2. Luke Maheras

        @- EpicGamerSeb if some are 18 how are they on a U18 team?

      3. Dawson J

        @- EpicGamerSeb hah funny.....ya i dont know the particulars of it but tbh it stops be from supporting it. how is the CHL different? private organziation for the national organizatio? NCAA hokcey would be so much bigger IMO

      4. - EpicGamerSeb

        @Dawson J once you turn 18 you should be allowed to switch to visor, but the thing is, these players are 17 (a few have turned 18) so theyre obligated to fear face masks

      5. Dawson J

        @- EpicGamerSeb right makes sense. NCAA needs to get gone with the masks too

    30. Väinämöinen

      Good job big brothers🇫🇮🇸🇪

      1. Zack Young

        @Lars Andersson in the bronze medal game no offense

      2. Väinämöinen

        @Lars Andersson hope so 👍

      3. Lars Andersson

        See you soon :-)

    31. Topi Heimola

      Woah this was not expected

    32. Женя Теличко

      Хороший матч!

    33. AwiO

      Hoping for a swe - fin final! Always great hockey between those two countrys.

      1. Carter Rollins

        to bad that will never happen with Canada in the tournament unless their entire team gets covid

    34. VadimCC

      Комментаторы в начале: "Ну эту команду мы обыграем..." Ну-ну, не знали, что по голове себе постучать нужно было)))

      1. Maxim Mishchenko

        Ну вообще-то он просто сказал, что США предпочтительнее, фаворит ) Ну понятно, я понял что комментаторы американцы.

    35. долбаный нигер

      usa raus sofort 👎

    36. Tsyren Tumunbayarov

      punish cocky usa

    37. Johnny Dong

      Unfair win

      1. Sverige


      2. - EpicGamerSeb


    38. William Dawes

      Couldn’t happen to a more deserving team ,, play like that a reap nothing because you deserve nothing

    39. William Dawes

      USA are a bunch of thugs ,, when they loose they act like spoiled children

    40. Mine Aver

      Well played neighbour, good luck against Canada! We will take on with Russia :]

      1. Slide-tester None

        good luck to u too!

    41. AlexG

      Yankee go home

    42. John Rambo

      Great job swedes, from fin. Usa just lost it completely after the 2-1 goal. Nice pressure

    43. Динамовский Слон

      Шведы молодцы, сумели собраться после того,что с ними сделала Канада.

      1. Динамовский Слон

        @Михаил Тверской почему ты такой пессимистичный человек ?

      2. Михаил Тверской

        Канада сделает это со всеми

    44. Bingo

      Goals for Sweden:Petrov and Bashirov-russian agents.

      1. Winston Smith - Ministry of Truth

        LOL we never gonna let that rest are we :)

    45. Oleg A.

      Great game Sweden! :)

    46. woolly3w

      Great video!

    47. Alex Fedorov

      HOMER is a BIG HOLE ib the NET ! US needs BETTER goaltenders

      1. Zack Young

        What are you talking about he let in a single goal this game

      2. Robin S

        None of the goals he gave up was his fault. The 3-1 goal was a perfect snipe and 4-1 was a scramble in front of the net where the US defenders looked like headless chickens.

    48. Федор Бабаев

      Какая грязная игра от Американцев!!! Грубость откровенная!!!! Надо уметь проигрывать!!!!

      1. Владислав Б

        Канадцы тоже такие же когда проигрывают откровенно грубят

    49. michael michael

      А синие с жёлтыми коронами красавцы!

    50. Filip Nässén

      Wow, I did not expect this! 😀

    51. Rihards

      Vot shto znachit detskii hokej.

    52. Михаил Тверской

      Что за песня играет когда шведы забивают?

      1. Nino Titan

        Тре Кронор и Пуделя

      2. Igor Gryp

        "Один за всех и все за одного"

      3. Cesoirontencule

        The Poodles - En för alla för en

    53. Street Boys

      And Canada won 12-1 against sweden😂

      1. Slide-tester None

        @St fu xd

      2. St fu

        @Slide-tester None lol revenge Canada beat Sweden 8-1 and went to win gold

      3. - EpicGamerSeb

        @Zack Young same, we'll see what happens tomorrow

      4. Zack Young

        @- EpicGamerSeb I was so shocked when canada blew them out thr water like that. Especially with multiple first round picks on the roster

      5. - EpicGamerSeb

        i heard that like half the team couldnt sleep at all that night so they were pretty tired, especially after the game against belarus 24 hours before

    54. 13SMGULD

      Behrens didn't seem to like his own goaltender :/

      1. Desperados HC

        Snygg profilbild

      2. Zack Young

        I dont think he liked getting absolutely dangled by lysell either

    55. Gans Hristian

      Well, now we're waiting for the FBI, CIA, and NSA investigations into the arbiters, ice pourers, outfitters and mascots. There was clearly a conspiracy here.

      1. С.В.В.

        Sweden is also good in finding Russian spies

    56. андрей егоров

      My congratulations to Team Sweden. Respect from Russia

      1. Nike Adidas 1234

        Thanks! Respect from sweden!

    57. Александр

      Camera from my Siemens A35

    58. Deniss Rudakov

      Хорошая работа !!!

    59. Азамат Аманов

      Молодцы синие!

    60. DethOfDrgnz

      I am a bit surprised USA getting knocked out, U18 is usually seen as the tournament USA dominates. I bet it will be Canada Russia in the finals.

      1. 12EXECC12

        Finland will smack rusia... Pussyans!

    61. JayR

      It showed Canada on the score board in the beginning lol

      1. Dave smith

        LOL yeah I caught that to.I did a double take and nearly quit smoking weed...............Peace Jay and stay safe.

    62. Petri Jokinen

      Good jobs Sweden 🤘🇸🇪🇫🇮💗💗🤘 From Finland

      1. Владислав Б

        @Yves Hebert GO USSR GO USSR. ШАЙБУ ШАЙБУ!!!😁💪

      2. Petri Jokinen

        @Yves Hebert 🤗Sorry Canada final Fin-Swe i hope 🤗🇫🇮🇫🇮🇸🇪🇸🇪

      3. Yves Hebert

        Go Canada 🇨🇦 🍁

      4. Nike Adidas 1234

        Thank you Finland! Respect from sweden! SE FI! :)

      5. Владислав Б

        @Виктор Боярских а понятно Спасибо :)

    63. Rockstar Status

      Good job Sweden