Ultimate Chainsaw vs Pepsi!

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    1. Beast Reacts

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      1. sPeNnY


      2. BigJeffery

        Why did I read this as: subscribe to Santa or we will give all your presents to rob reindeer.

      3. Josh Francis


      4. Luke W

        Excuse me?!

      5. rockisbaccus 1969

        Get this dude out of here

    2. Mickena Orosco

      Shakespeare writes sonnets that usually have ABAB rhyme scheme.

    3. jhonni13

      I miss Jake And Weddle and blonde Karl LOL

    4. Spike Fedora

      its karl and weddle lezz goooo

    5. andi riddle

      i deadass love karl so much jfc

    6. Samichu


    7. Lee Berg

      Karl and Weddle are so awkward,I love it lol

    8. baxter msft

      What did those sodas do to the guy to deserve that chainsaw? :))

    9. Monkey D. Emshwee

      At the start of the video they tried fusing😂

    10. Lillian The clown


    11. WhatIDo


    12. Lucas Wright


    13. Vicki Tran

      4:20 that was Vietnamese u idiot


      Ima go watch Hunter hunter

    15. Among Us

      Karl is so cute, he need to be in more of these.

    16. Benjamin Coombs


    17. Levi Gulley

      Karl's new nickname is karlo

    18. Jean-Ru Serfontein

      karl =cris ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)Ɑ͞ ̶͞͞ ̶͞ ̶͞ ̶͞ ̶͞ ̶͞ ﻝﮞ

    19. Anthony Gotzit 21

      Jesus Christ is king 🙏

    20. Allyson owo

      6:13 *OWO*

    21. Allyson owo

      petition to have karl in more of these vids *owo*

    22. Nichole Venable

      Karls smile is the best

      1. Allyson owo

        he paints his nails *owo*

    23. Christopher Erickson


    24. Frankie & Noah

      12:24 my dad did fire breathing in his shows when he lived in Portugal, I just noticed no one wants to know that, bye

    25. Vanessa Mencia

      We’re is jimmy

    26. Jer12

      LAMFO look at Karl's hair

      1. ʚLilianaɞ

        @Jer12 fair enough.

      2. Jer12

        @ʚLilianaɞ Nothing its just now his hair is just straight brown now but before it was blond. It just looks different to me.

      3. ʚLilianaɞ

        what’s wrong with it ?

    27. Hash

      Mr beast video under a million views? That's one for the history books

    28. Ur local Mha and fnaf fan -

      K a r l

      1. ʚLilianaɞ

        @Allyson owo that’s a flex tbh

      2. Allyson owo

        he paints his nails *owo*

    29. Gamergirljuls

      Omg you unlocked a memory I forgot I had, those little red rings with the gun powder I rember bring so fucking afraid of them omg 😂

    30. Ebenezer Sam

      The loving particle bacteriologically hum because rugby prospectively knot on a bloody apology. nervous, glossy dime

    31. Maryn Sanders

      3:24 is MEEEE!!!

    32. Shannon Chen

      did anybody else notice that Karl was wearing a shirt that said "Jesus is Kind" lolol

      1. TheCultureshock101

        Actually, it says "Jesus is King" which is a true statement.

    33. Ella Kalis

      Well 2 brain cells and better then 1... I guess

    34. Hamezz

      Shoutout to the editors

    35. sugerinmyface mmm

      Did anybody notice chris was wearing a nickelodeon jacket and a cartoon network shirt

    36. janeliz cardona

      karl is so cute i like him as a friend

    37. janeliz cardona


    38. Menkil

      6:50 thank me later

    39. Cassie M

      Karl is such a cutie plus he is repping my state with a Detroit shirt 🥰 That mans 🥺

      1. Allyson owo

        he paints his nails *owo*

    40. Timber Ridge Kids

      My problem with many of the hacks is either they aren't hacks or they are almost impossible

    41. Ninja Noice Fortnite

      1000 degree chane saw

    42. John Solorio

      Who is funnier? Karl or Jake?

    43. SincereOwl

      6:14. Me and da boys when we get rejected by our parents

    44. LGT ROK

      this meme is literally the best thing ever! 6:38

    45. actxve_komo

      I heard the WII music playing -

    46. Alexander Fishback

      Why does carl loock like a e boy

    47. kirby06 ___

      Mr beast reacts is actually better then mr beast because more of its videos have Karl because Karl is the best of the beast gang

    48. zahraa chehab

      Why the comments are all about karl af I mean he is cute btw

    49. Solas Composer

      Good fun 😆

    50. Alex flames

      I love these edits please get credit to the editors they are the best

    51. Boot Gang

      You suck

    52. mish roeder

      Weddle :)

    53. Katie Beaulieu

      Weddle and me would be great friends talking iambic pentameter and musical theatre together

    54. Unknown Specimen

      Comment number 669

    55. Katsuki Bakugou


      1. pizza girl


    56. sam lynch456

      karl is the best

    57. DaAftongirl

      KARL Ned’s ta be in more videos

    58. DaAftongirl

      Karl Ned’s to make best haks

    59. hajitooru

      I love Karl sm

    60. MegaPokéGuys MPG

      The dorks meat

    61. Johar Barlas

      karl is so cute and handsome. love him so much by the way i am Alisha.

      1. FBI


      2. Allyson owo

        he paints his nails *owo*

    62. Sweets And Candy_YT

      Comment number 661 is me.

    63. Neon Wolf


    64. Talia Salomon

      Chris’ off camera joke: “What is that? Soap for ants?!”

    65. Lisa Forness


    66. not_elie

      Karl is the BEST!!!!

    67. Alexander Christofi

      Subscribe or Santa will give all of your presents to Rob Reiner.

    68. Annika Singh

      Karl got🔯 HYPNOTISED 🔯

    69. ItsCharapy


    70. Sierra King

      Karl is so adorable.

    71. Antonio Subnaik

      isnt that crazy russion hacker

    72. Moon Stone

      Chris is so weird

    73. Larry Yang

      6:45 thar got me laughing so much

    74. Jahden Vlogs

      Carl's mind is dieing

    75. Scrible Nible

      This is just two guys talking about videos

    76. Jamie Hill

      Karl is so damn cute. Also Chris is Karl’s dad.

      1. jhonni13

        Fact check that bro

      2. TheMehGuy


      3. Frankie & Noah

        @Jenesis Bennett I think ur taking it seriously, it’s a joke

      4. Jenesis Bennett

        Karl is baby it’s so CUTE! That’s why Chris loves Karl so much!🥰🥰🥰🥰

      5. John Solorio


    77. Jamie Hill

      Karl’s laugh is so cute.

      1. John Michael Lumasag


      2. Allyson owo

        he paints his nails *owo*

      3. MadstheHooman

        Amen fellow human

    78. Nolan Runge

      carl is back

    79. Halle N

      Why does Karl remind me of Yoosung from mystic messenger.

    80. Death Stroke

      Its flower

    81. Archana Issac

      I like different reactions thanks

    82. Stewie Stiffen

      I love you Karl

      1. TheDragon !

        Karl looks like Carl from Phineas and Ferb

    83. Gabriel Yacaman Zeron

      11:30 congrats you singlehandedly destroyed the ozone layer

    84. It's Olivia

      1:33 all my friends call be Garfield

    85. Kawaii GachaYT

      I love Karl he should be in more vids!!!!

      1. Lisianette Candelaria


      2. WolfCat1234 5

        Megan Clayson yes yes is should

      3. Mentally Married To Karl Jacobs


      4. Sierra King

        Yes he should

    86. DiamondSpear

      Karl needs to be in more beast hacks.

      1. Allyson owo

        yes *owo*

      2. Beckham M

        I agree with that but it's a good thing that we have cris

    87. Angelo Portal

      Nice Adventure Time Reference.

    88. XsummaX Ella

      Karl is so wholesome I love him soo much 💕

      1. ً


      2. Mason Maurer

        @the corrupted casual i said it u r wrong

      3. Mason Maurer

        @Ulysses I said it your wrong

      4. Mason Maurer

        And Jake is the 1 year old

      5. Ulysses

        Said no one

    89. DaToasterz

      6:40 I need that video

    90. Boo the bear

      Karel is better at jokes

    91. Fizzy

      Karl very punny We need him more

      1. Nana707

        Now we have much Karl

      2. WolfCat1234 5

        Fizzy we do

      3. Yay Donut


    92. Reid Davis

      2:07 looks like grandma's a little stumped

    93. Kxted

      10:54 wuts dat song??! This is like the 3rd time i watched this vid lol

    94. Noah Bitzer

      I could listen to it for HOURS

    95. Noah Bitzer


    96. Leah :D

      1:19 ....my guy....

    97. Aiyan Ahmed

      Bring back chris chandler back

    98. VF Sky


    99. Daniel Brophy

      The wierd Pepsi bottles where 1.25L bottles

    100. ThatOneLampGuy

      *snorts grandmas ashes