Ultimate Hydraulic Squishy Ball

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    These life hacks are under a lot of pressure.
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    1. Beast Reacts

      Subscribe or Disney+ will crash.

      1. Aviation001


      2. Just one vid

        Disney is for baby's?

      3. Jen Babbitt


      4. jhonni13


      5. Blue Elly

        It already did for wandavision!

    2. Tristan Mayer

      Goodbye Viking 😭😢😭

    3. Urlocaljuan

      No truth, the baloon is heavy

    4. Payton Guzzo

      Chandler chop chop cho cho

    5. Park Gamin

      Twisted metal was also on ps3

    6. Eskil Vålaug Væringstad

      Its nor funny that you make fun of our national song

    7. Joaquin Gonzalez

      fun fact: you could also play twisted metal on the psp (play station portable)

    8. Tony Salvatelli

      John 3:16-21

    9. Dante is farting

      Are you 88 years old Yes 1:05

    10. Hunter Tominello

      I love twisted metal

    11. Specialmon10

      nor way / tord song fnf mod

    12. V Fülöp

      13:40 is the best part

    13. Vinny Saving

      Nuideq7hwedc8ydhc7sdcybd8uchdicjmxsm oilman is unscuynd. IUD n. Faxxxx

    14. BOOMEJ7

      Hi people!

    15. MuffinCountry

      Epic JoJo moment

    16. Taresa Curtis


    17. Purple Dud

      I’m from Norway

    18. Noah Boat

      5:04 my favorite park LMAO

    19. Adam El Sabeh

      0:02 and 0:03 had me 💀

    20. GlitchedSepGSTGM

      Goodtimeswithscar: Lest Jump into super fast build mode 6:25

    21. Lopez Lopez


    22. Josh Russell


    23. Evan Farris


    24. strangehugerock playz

      3:50 thanos agrees

    25. Noah Fondren

      6:04 Jake said "Do it your own soda dispenser."

    26. Jeanette Cathrine Sagen


    27. Elsy Trejo

      I BEARly watch MOOvies anyway

    28. Daniel Linsangan

      2:21 Cris just said “kinda sus”

    29. William Johannessen

      And im 11

    30. William Johannessen

      Hey im from norway

    31. Kyle Graham

      #beast hacks

    32. Abdul Rauf Muhaimin

      Do you play resident evil 4

    33. no one

      7:57 this is officially a jojo reference

    34. Roblox- ifartonyou12

      Twisted metal is actually a sick game it was my childhood

    35. baxter msft

      This is an oddly satisfying episode :))

    36. Maleek Leger

      When I saw him sneeze then I was like aahhhhh he have COVID!! And I left lol

    37. Bassfishepic

      Chandler and Viking is the best combo due to the fact that Viking brings all the energy, and chandler sits there a little frightened

      1. Bassfishepic

        @Onesia Grandson impossible.

      2. Onesia Grandson

        His name is jake

    38. Hapi Animations

      Who else has heard of the Twisted Metal game. I love it, I played it on the PSP or for you other people, the Play Station Portable. I also played Ape Escape abd even Socom.

    39. Toprak Aksoy ( Student )

      Bring the Viking back

    40. Jonas Granheim

      I am from Norway 🇳🇴

    41. SuperKage 5

      1:23 lol the grr sound

    42. Brian Kimmich


    43. MLG sonny

      Eren Yeager 13:00

    44. The Brothers

      I thought the lights was a cat

    45. Huskydog 1324

      Kingsman is amazing

    46. Andreas lang Jørgensen

      Oh no

    47. 1Shot

      Thiers the time laps music grian uses Ll

    48. Nathaniel Baker


    49. ALI Sharif

      Mr Owais Pagal Hai use Bachpan Se andruni padhte Hain Sangi Hai vah Bachpan se PC par Laga rehta tha aaj usko Chashma Lag Gaye Hain headphone vah bacchon se manta tha Uske handfree paise Humne unko donation ki thi cut please cut cut cut na pahle na five star Karachi Mein Signal per big Mangta tha bagman begging Karta Tha yah dukaan per begging Karta tha iske channel ko disc like Karen subscribe Karen ka dance

    50. Caydence Harris

      idk i am 9 ternig 10

    51. ¿Midnight Boba?

      Me trying to keep up: 👁👄👁

    52. Dominic Cool

      7:41 here ya go

    53. Bubba The Lord

      11:17 *ow my fingy*

    54. Hadia & Hashir

      OH MY FINGY!

    55. Elias Lange

      Love you have sub to All yous chanels

    56. _Spekky_

      7:30 ME WHEN NO TACO BELL!!!

    57. speczz-xd

      7:42 is hydraulic press vs stress ball

    58. 2Spooki

      Nice jojo reference

    59. LaceFN

      Hahah Im from norway🔥

    60. Ahaan Halwai

      I mean liquid

    61. Ahaan Halwai

      Inks are made of a pigment and liquiz

    62. Jessica Robicheaux

      Me lesbian you still like me?

    63. Máximo Hernández

      Chain is so funny the best

    64. world destruction


    65. Theo _Boxed u

      ♣️♦️꧁༺J꙰O꙰K꙰E꙰R꙰༻꧂♣️♦️ im Norway

    66. Uriah Drake

      Creeper oh man I am back In The mine

    67. Savannah McGowan

      Click bait

    68. Legend Bruhシ


    69. Benjamin Coombs

      Chris plural for octopus is octopi

    70. NotoriousNerd

      i like every video so chris can get his uber eats

    71. Stuart zombie12 Clark

      i know a game that you can easily practice skating, it's called skate 3 and it's on ps 4/5, the xbox 1 series and xbox 360.

    72. LilGamer YT

      Lol Im from norway

    73. I AM A

      7:56 Joseph joestar from jojo: OH NOOOO

    74. Eirik Stene-Johansen

      Am from Norway

    75. SmarD

      mr beast is a jojo reference

    76. Kellan Korenko, Youth Hunter

      OMG!! I just remembered Twisted Metal! I didn't remember it until it showed the picture of the clown! That was my favorite game

    77. keaton bryan

      Jesus loves you

    78. The Little Potato 🥔

      hi im dory

    79. Toig Gamer

      Im from norway

    80. KeysyJunior

      I like trains

    81. Aron Atg

      Think what would the guy be like when Beast Reacts his video

    82. VG_ Nicolai

      The reason why it was banned in Norway was because everyone skated in the middle of the road, and people got injured. And yes I’m from Norway

      1. Sigurd Rønning-Jacobsen

        Jeg og 😃😃😃

    83. Lacey Britton

      What is tar tar Tar tar? Tar tar sauce Tar TAR Tar tar use thunderbolt 4:14 Tar tar

    84. Sammy

      *10:39* when he hit your g spot 🤣

      1. Tute

        Tf is that

    85. Zomba lix

      Jojo's bizarre adventure find it's way into everything and I think it's awesome and funny

    86. nairb rekrap

      chris that wasn’t a shuv it that was a frontside 180

    87. Daddy Calling

      Love from india❤️

    88. andreas kildal

      I love Norway!

      1. Toig Gamer

        Im norwegian

    89. Whitty

      I remeber removing the net the squishing ball

    90. Ashley Vorhees

      when the skater does a front 180 and chris is like oh he did a shuvit

    91. Calling All Gamers I Have Joined Fortnite

      There is a tree on a lawn

    92. Alonso Sevilla

      The tall forehead mainly trust because veil presumably test amid a zonked lettuce. agreeable, handy rock

    93. terrell white

      The third punishment pathomorphologically claim because radish specifically dam except a ten digestion. straight, parallel crop

    94. the voiders


    95. TheMewtwo Wither


      1. TheMewtwo Wither


    96. Pickle Pete


    97. Big Boys

      Cris SHUT UP!!!

    98. It's Me Ashley

      legend has it that chris still hasnt finished his word \"pu"

    99. UnHeardPark02

      7:59 IS THAT A JOJO!

    100. Hellman

      I love the sleepover part