Viewers Control GTA 5 Chaos - Expanded & Enhanced #1

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    The incredibly popular 'Viewers Control Chaos Mod' is now Expanded and Enhanced to include cutscenes and on-screen chat. This Grand Theft Auto 5 mod now has over 300 effects and include some meta effects that vastly change how the effects are applied. Viewers now control the likelihood of any of the 4 effects occuring, so if 60% vote for A and 40% for B, that is their chance of occurring. This keeps things somewhat random but viewers still have a say. Everything from Doomsday, Beyblades, Brad coming back to life, Aliens, to rainbow vehicles. I have held world records in all GTA V speedrun categories at one time or another and its nice to find something to change up things so drastically. This mod has also been called a ‘cheat mod’ or ‘Chaos%’ due to is similarities with a cheat possible in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Glitches and oddities can occur, but its all a part of the fun.
    Pongo's discord server for people who are interested in following the developement for chaos mod (and potentially other mods in the future)
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    1. DarkViperAU

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      1. Vaas


      2. Vaas


      3. Vaas

        @bongos lndo

      4. Hi-Tec Potato

        Please can u do a voiceover episode where u just run all the cutscenes xD laughed my ass off when u did the shrink part

    2. Kuhny1

      Got some stupid people in the chat saying the bar is gone...

    3. Bobby Lopez

      8000+ hours and doesnt know those are basketball courts

    4. Sniping God

      13:26 Think Lamar is on something

    5. Remington Buckley

      Imagine you do a seirs.were you are the characters like you were doing right after prolong

    6. Hexmonkey 2020

      Chaos no hit when?

    7. Silly Flames

      Why is Michael sleeping in the car with a gun in the first place

    8. Jetz

      chaos bigger longer and uncut

    9. Drake Johnston

      Hi chat.

    10. Lisawati Goh

      *If a tornado is an airquake; is a fart a shitquake?*

    11. Daniel Brown

      hello marco_polo_100

    12. GPzomblolz 123

      High pitch%

    13. golden 24

      What would Matt's alter-ego be

    14. bashy61988

      after 1 month i get to see black tank topped matto

    15. k

      33:38 ENDING D:Franklin dies in a car crash at fort zancudo, and the story of gta 5 never happens.

    16. Miichi5

      wah chain

    17. NotBrokeCatYT

      45:15 the only dialog I know

    18. wxvyy_editz

      Can't wait for expand and enhanced premium edition where he does all the side missons(strangers and freacks ex) + random events

    19. Bacony Cakes

      The sponsor sounds like a front for the Chinese government.

    20. Zarzavat

      01:13:05 nope, I still play gta online on ps4 with 25-30 fps and also unplayable because of input delay

    21. Modern Retro studios

      The console vision is just insulting to consoles by Xbox runs better than that


      Matt vs. Meteorite.


      I need a timestamp for when he wins against the meteor

    24. Daffa Pratama Aufa Riyadi

      14:36 The Timing 😂😂

    25. Die Finsternis

      18:00 ... they have a failure message for "both cars got destroyed". How often do you destroy both mission critical cars exactly at the same time, let alone in the first mission, to warrant that message?

    26. Chernov Brichtofen

      45:42 he read my mind

    27. Leather Elf

      What is an air shake? It is called an asteroid or comet.

    28. Ian Morrison

      1:42:27 Humanity Restored

    29. captianobvious

      Riding dirty- chrammilioman

    30. Alexvd9 -

      road to a million subs boi

    31. discord mod #2506

      Was legit singing Our God is an awesome God before Griefer Jesus spawned at 1:50:43

    32. Cheatman97

      43:43 I laughed at it more than I should have

    33. MsJillVicious

      I never noticed the rims on the Ballas car. They're pretty sweet

    34. Cosmic

      hello nighthawk242lip

    35. jimmy morgan

      Other speedrunners: why does this guy have 48h speedruns? Them after watching the video: oh...

    36. NitroGummyBear

      It’s “one time”.

    37. FirstName LastName

      1:36:08 "dilf gets blasted on couch"

    38. Fluoride In the chat

      1:01:53 Rockstar when designing a new vehicle to add to GTA Online.

    39. killinassassin42

      1:12:40 I played gta SA back on ps2 and still play it on ps4 and beat it twice yet I still don't know what "HESOYAM" is

    40. Benjø

      Look to the chat Hi twitch

    41. The Magical Gamer

      I can't get enough of Matto interacting with the characters. Most speedrunners only use speedrun terms and speak with chat. Seeing him actually aknowledge he's playing a GAME outside of technical stuff Is so satisfying

    42. The Agent

      i havent even watched many of your videos but you seem like a chill dude.

    43. Spicystachegamer328 420

      Came here from callmekevin

    44. Hotdog Christmas

      Bruh just climb over the wall instead of trying to break the cactus

      1. DarkViperAU

        Try it my dude. Try it. Go nuts.

    45. Drift T

      I faking hate chat

    46. youdbettertube

      Why does the game seem to agree with Jimmy about the boat? He tried to sell it without permission and then blames his dad for the sale going wrong. Michael has every right to be pissed.

    47. youdbettertube

      Lore question: why is Michael even hiding in the SUV in the first place? Does he know Franklin is coming to take it back? Has he exiled himself there to escape his crumbling marriage?

      1. Lev Nikitin

        Xd definetly the latter

    48. youdbettertube

      No Chaos lasts way too long lol

    49. neatity

      1:07:13 “now let me be clear,”

    50. Joshiewowa

      12:59 kinda badass ngl

    51. Ttv Reggie

      this is lit

    52. BrodieRules321

      What is the mod

    53. youdbettertube

      Petition to refer to the police as wonton from now on

    54. The Dragon Of Canada

      1:17:30 "SHOW US YOUR MOD FOLDER" No you don't wanna see that ... All you will find is the HotCoffe mod

    55. The Dragon Of Canada

      47:00 Hehehe, Harry Potsmoker and the Tale Of The Funky Shrooms

    56. Mark Wright

      'As long as I can find it I'm fine'. Chat's next choice, invisible vehicles. :)

    57. Yaya Merin

      (spoiler) 98% of the video it's just him trying to escape of a 🌵

    58. Worms are cool

      twitch allows the n word from video games? didn't know that

    59. Lamont Williams


    60. Lamont Williams


    61. Xander Berry

      59:11 I thought because of the FIblock compression I thought it said cat girls instead of cat guns

    62. Mr GT

      That's actually not what the viewers votes that decide, the percentage of people who voted is the chance of it poping up Translation : It's based on RNG

    63. Intelligent Guy

      45:22 Franklin got roasted so hard he went straiight to heaven.

    64. Ro Cro

      40:01 Me after school

    65. Lil Sleep Deprivation

      Tony balcony

    66. Jeffery A Layton

      GTA5 but DarkViperAU reads the entire script

    67. DysPhoria_1 .0

      Apparently Matto is a Joestar with the amount of lines he predicted

    68. daniel boyd

      "The clowns are fighting the alien" -DarkViperAU

    69. Démian Gourdeau

      Dont skip, thats the point of this season

    70. Sharon Rankin


    71. slafy guy

      I was disappointed in the gta 2 I thought it would also make the graphics bad

    72. Parker Hamilton

      You should have the subtitles on in my opinion

    73. Mil-mi 24 hind

      How did no one notice how he skipped a cutscene where the cars were lowering their roofs and lamar was talking to franklin

    74. Mil-mi 24 hind

      How did no one notice how he skipped a cutscene where the cars were lowering their roofs and lamar was talking to franklin

    75. Mil-mi 24 hind

      How did no one notice how he skipped a cutscene where the cars were lowering their roofs and lamar was talking to franklin

    76. Mil-mi 24 hind

      How did no one notice how he skipped a cutscene where the cars were lowering their roofs and lamar was talking to franklin

    77. K1NG CHV0S #LLJ

      59:42 Where I left off

    78. EarthWormBarry

      That's weird I had to pay $100 to watch the rest of this video, ig I gotta pay more for the expanded and enhanced edition

    79. Captain Nightmare

      00:22 I won’t be mad at that guy in the chat

    80. java gg


    81. TechDeckBros _

      1:44:00 you know my WiFi today was kinda bad ngl. WiFi is kinda the best when it works and the worst when it doesn’t. I wonder how we went from rocks and caves to WiFi. How will WiFi affect our life’s and our kids life’s. WiFi stands for “what I’ve fucked is”. Edit: pause and read twitch chat comment if you don’t understand

    82. JFK

      55:47 Matto: oh no NPC IN BIKE: doesn’t die

    83. EmeraldSlayer 9

      Just F.Y.I the console experience is a lie unless you are talking about online. Otherwise it is not true. (Or if you play on earlier consoles.) e.g. xbox 360 or ps3

    84. Kingo

      Never knew yougov gave sponsorships, that's pretty interesting. One thing to note is that the rewards you can cash in may or may not be different for users in other countries, here in Germany I have the choice between 50€ cash, 50€ amazon gift card or 5€ to some organization that's similar to unicef I believe. Takes quite a while to accumulate the needed points and cashing out takes a good while (can be a day, but last time it took 3 weeks for me) but so far I've successfully gotten 100€ in the span of a bit over a year so yeah, it's worth it for sure since it doesn't take a lot of time

    85. Triton Lord

      1:48:56 new speedrun category?

    86. Triton Lord

      1:48:10 OOF

      1. Triton Lord

        @TechDeckBros _ indeed

      2. TechDeckBros _

        I love how you left like 10 comments on this video and you can tell you were commenting and watching the video at the same time

    87. Triton Lord

      1:38:30 rip jimmy

    88. Triton Lord

      1:35:43 Free For All @ Simeon's place

    89. Triton Lord

      1:26:36 was a shitty deal indeed lmao, a dealership without wheels

    90. Triton Lord

      1:22:05 straight out of michael bay

    91. Triton Lord

      1:15:00 - 1:15:19 this is the funniest shit I've seen all year

      1. Triton Lord

        1:15:49 - 1:16:24 I stand corrected This has to be the best GTA 5 Chaos session yet

    92. SupermotoFlow

      I LIKE YA CUT G. You need cut like this every few weeks man look so much better King

    93. Triton Lord

      1:11:52 everything about this is gold

    94. Triton Lord

      1:08:02 You had one job LMAO

    95. Ainz Ooal Gown

      Am I the only one that tried to open the twitch chat while watching this?

    96. William

      Who thinks he should do one hit and chaos mod. Like if you agree

    97. William

      Hi twitch

    98. Cris Formage

      Why did I watch this? I guess it was the expanded and enhanced.

    99. Cris Formage

      Someone give him an ncard so he talk along to lamars roast

    100. AlBro666 Tips and Clips

      1:25:27 FIblock literally crashed at this exact moment