W2S has controversial opinion on immigrants


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    W2S has controversial opinion on immigrants
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    1. Gh0zt123


    2. Kay-On

      "if in doubt kick em out" this man has such a way with words XD

    3. MrNlwt

      What’s controversial about this.......? He’s 100% spot on.................

    4. Suraj Singh

      Can't get cancelled if you do it yourself *black guy taps forehead meme*

    5. Jens


    6. oliver coel

      Harry’s just pure sense

    7. Dries Roelvink

      In the Netherlands we have ‘Jan roos’

    8. Marc Lui

      I just realized Harry said this in front of 2 of the only 3 colored people in the Sidemen. 4 if you count Ethan

    9. rikako

      bro harry stans literally can’t go 12 seconds without saying something about “tAlIa sTaNs CancElling HarrY” what the fuck are you man on about 💀 for the record i’m neither a harry nor talia stan, i’m just sick of 13 year old harry fans worshipping him. Just enjoy his content and move on...tf

      1. rikako

        @.... harry stan spotted ^ i literally have never listened to a single one of her songs lmao

      2. ....

        Talia Stan spotted ☝️

    10. 3Gen

      The technical definition of aliens are beings or living things entering a place or location from which they are not from. So technically any one who isn’t born in the US or UK or whatever place and enters is technically an alien by definition. Here in the US if you cross the border illegally, you have done something illegal. So it technically wouldn’t be wrong to close off the borders so other people don’t enter the country illegally. The purpose of this is obviously to stop bad people and drugs from getting into the respective country of course. They just need a better more efficient system for others to enter a country legally.

    11. Rapden Lama

      he is right tho

    12. Charlotte Darrand

      True 😂

    13. D G

      not even joking though. sad

    14. Sloба


    15. Arktu Family

      "if in doubt, kick em out - thats what i say" lmao its hilarious as a reference, but even better that he said it so casually

    16. Eitan Amiad

      So being against illegal immigration is a bad thing?

    17. Charlonis TV

      Harry is based and hopefully redpilled on who is running the media and the banks

    18. Christy Cullen

      Need to get KSI on hot ones.

    19. Rodrigo de Miguel Lamminen

      I can imagine americans finding this and attempting to cancel him, but it's impossible

      1. Plane

        *Liberals and democrats

    20. Constantin

      it a fair and reasonable opinion.

    21. xSoporific


    22. Aja Vex

      excuse me mate you haven’t got a spare cig I can grab there have you? Nice one mate safe

    23. King Auba

      His opinion is fine

    24. Cole Chagnon

      Like him even more now

    25. Donnie Dawid

      You know he is talking about Illegal Immigrants

    26. Random Gamer

      Keyword: illegally

    27. daniel smith

      Why are they controversial tbf he's right 😂

    28. God

      Why does everyone keep saying hes gonna get canceled? What does it mean to be “canceled”?

    29. Evan Corr

      You see u made it look bad by saying immigrants he actually says illegal immigrants bud

      1. ItssLevii

        mate he posted this himself

    30. MrCactus

      Why is it controversial to say if they are illegal here you want them out... it’s literally what happens in real life wake up you snowflakes

    31. brisa

      Legit he’s my inspiration in life

    32. Cristobal Colon

      Illegally it's ok......

    33. Chairman Meow

      Brexit means Brexit!

    34. Onelast 21

      But i am an immigrant 😕

    35. HungryMonkey

      Illegal immigrants? That’s not controversial, nor is it viable of cancel culture. The left has gone way too far.

    36. Syndicate

      He’s just on another level lmfao

      1. not me

        It's been years and ppl still remember that you're a scammer lmao

      2. M_uz12

        Hey you should check out this CSGO loot box website it's called CSGO lotto or something?

      3. B Ruh

        @A B money’s money lmao. It’s fair game. Shouldn’t be gambling on csgo if you’re a child too lol

      4. B Pat

        @A B was there really a need?

      5. A B

        Remember when you scammed kids with CSGO Lotto?

    37. An Ton

      If you say something with enough confidence no one will actually care

    38. alfa kolisti


    39. mah sayed

      as an illegal immegrant iam offended

      1. Gabi

        @Bloodyheaders I did

      2. Bloodyheaders

        No one asked tf

    40. Aniket Patil

      Harry is only person whos constantly trying to cancel himself .. but people are not allowing him

    41. Abdul Amz

      We all know he doesn’t actually believe it, he just says it for entertainment

      1. Alanis Mitchell

        Exactly,he’s mocking the people that say this 🤣

    42. Demetri econ

      Is he wrong though

    43. DragonDarkBlade

      it’s unfortunate that this is considered a “controversial” opinion

    44. James Mcdonald

      What's wrong with him not wanting people to come into the country illegally???

    45. lianne sells

      i just love him you can’t cancel harry lewis you juts can’t

    46. Bailey Lonie

      Tbf I agree with him

    47. Skelco

      How is that controversial? he's right and a lot are with him. but jsut because people are snowflakes he had to say something else at the end to make it look like thats not what his thoughts are

      1. ItssLevii

        its called clickbait

    48. Alex C


    49. Whale

      Alternate title: w2s has correct views on immigration

    50. Disaster.

      He is obviously taking the piss

    51. This shit don’t work Shorts

      A propper British citizen 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 BREXIT MEANS BREXIT 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    52. mill b

      fiblock.info/face/videot/qXuEeaeEe4bcqoo.html $

    53. Double MM

      The title is wrong, he is talking about illegal immigrants not just immigrants. That makes a VERY VERY big difference..... please change it.

      1. ItssLevii

        bro the guy saying it wrote the title, he aint changing it

      2. ashawni martin

        Bro he is talking about actual aliens ,like out of space aliens he just clickbaited the title

    54. P Lampard

      Man you can't 'cancel' Harry. We now what he's like, that's why we watch. Now you not watching isn't gonna change that 🤣

    55. Wavy_0510 Chronic


    56. Mateo Reyes

      He is right tho they cant come illegally

    57. Emmanuel -3-

      Im agreeing with him, if they are illegal

    58. Jessica Sanderson

      what video is this from?

    59. plinkey plonkey

      Tobys reaction is just gold

    60. 7 Heavens

      Funny there talking about illegal immigrants but there nan and grandads are ones

      1. ashawni martin

        Bro he is talking about actually aliens......out of space aliens

    61. Rosa

      Cancel culture is an american thing, can we leave it there please?

    62. ammar

      you can’t cancel him, he’s an immigrant himself!

      1. ashawni martin

        Bro he is talking about actually aliens......out of space aliens

    63. Johnny

      There's more of a risk in cancelling yourself when even daring to cancel Harry

    64. Channel Goat

      The guy making the 'ray guns' comment is having a dig at a northerner who appeared on a video in 2012. He was talking about Islamic rape gangs but it sounded like he was saying 'ray guns'. Everyone laughed at him at the time and then a few years later the country found what had been happening in places like Rotherham.

    65. Dark Paradox

      He’s making fun of USA lol

    66. Sarah0000Sarah

      he always gave me conservative vibes. i dislike him.

      1. ItssLevii

        bro isa joke

      2. Ethan

        @Sarah0000Sarah So you are saying that every single conservative on this planet Earth containing over 7 billion people are all of those things? Are you saying that female conservatives are sexist towards women? Are you saying that transgender conservatives are transphobic?

      3. Sarah0000Sarah

        @Ethan Yes, actually. Conservative is synonymous with those adjectives. How come people who do fit those adjectives are 100% of the time conservative? Tells me all I need to know. Also, racism is not a matter of opinion. (same with the others).

      4. Gabi

        @ashawni martin he's portraying the left

      5. ashawni martin

        @Ethan huh?

    67. Dave Beverley

      Not controversial. Just care-free enough to say what most people think

    68. Siddharth Nandi

      *why are you booing him he's right*

    69. Michael Gonzalez

      Harry is based. Cancel culture is retarded

    70. marius comandav

      Keep it up boy and you will work for tesko very soon ;)

    71. xey

      Not controversial though is it

    72. Joe McDowell

      Muslamic ray guns

    73. Jayden K

      Harry has a point though, you cant go to any country illegally

    74. Roninjain

      CUT THE BORDERS ON THE ALIENS. EDL vs Zuckerberg and his Zuckerbois

    75. Loony Jack

      isnt controversial lol

    76. Bruh Moment

      Harry: says joke People begging for likes: HeS CaNceLiNg HimSelF ahA

    77. Adrian Moor

      Brexit means brexit lads

    78. Leroy Kabisira


    79. Dennis G


    80. Beltran Thomas

      I mean nothing wrong with that statement

    81. Alison Silvestre

      Thats how we know he wouldve voted for brexitt hahahha

    82. MugTheBoss

      but he sed he dunno whot he do a the end!!!!!111!!!1

    83. diego medina

      Whose that Indian guy that said aliens

      1. diego medina

        @ashawni martin thx

      2. ItssLevii

        well thats what the question was...

      3. ashawni martin


    84. Skadehjerne

      speaking facts tho

    85. Life around Supercars

      If in doubt kick em out the words of Ian Foot

    86. JamDodge

      It’s not controversial, it’s correct. If they’re coming through illegally or they can’t completely convince you their cause is good, why should you trust them?

    87. LDG ReaperZzz

      Harry as the new boris Johnson 😂😂

    88. Tyrees Atakora

      What hasn’t Harry said😭

    89. Jack Owens

      Harry don’t give a fuck 😂

    90. Finnian Quail

      why did ksi become vikkstar123

    91. Jonathan McConnell

      If someone wants to come to your house, should they break in or ask and then wait for you to let them?

      1. ItssLevii

        if someone wants to have a political debate in a comment section of a youtube video with one joke it, are they retarded? yes

    92. Lord Canti

      What is this bootleg hot ones

    93. Sabin Singh

      Mate, the alien will kick you out of planet earth 👽

    94. Jonathan Franco

      Aliens don’t exist eather

    95. Jeff Shittles

      i mean, alien can mean immigrant.

    96. Amadeus • 175 years ago

      Oh no xx_charlifanpage not gonna be happy with this one

    97. LUGP Gaming


    98. justashton57

      everyone starts making clips channels "we would like to reccomend this content"

      1. JelousJake

        This is Harry’s account

    99. Siddharth Tokshiya


    100. Eesaa 75