Watch Connor McDavid's Best Highlights From His First 500 NHL Points

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    Re-Live McDavid's best career goals and highlights from his first 500 career points and 369 games. McDavid reached 500 points in 369 games, exactly as many as it took Sidney Crosby. Let me know in the comments who you believe is the better player: Crosby or McDavid.
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    ***I do not own any of the footage. Content simply for entertainment purposes***

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    1. A Grant

      Other worldly. I’m usually fascinated by dynamic Russians, but this dude...

    2. Franz Roth

      The western conference has some sick 1Ds that almost never get burned, like Josi, Suter, Ekman-Larsson etc. and McDavid just walks them like it's nothing

    3. Crappy Chef

      Probably need a top 200 highlight video to summarize all his amazing plays when he decides to hang it up.

    4. Cameron Ellis

      Oh wow mcdavid is the best

    5. Caleb Hoiseth

      Alternate title: why the oilers made the playoffs

    6. Stir Ross

      When do they call him up from the NHL??? He doesnt belong there

    7. Brandon Daamen

      We just gonna ignore that one goal where he threaded the 2 Columbus d men? Ok..either way pretty sure he has highlight goals on most if not all 1st string goalies!

      1. Brandon Daamen

        @Dan Cen o it is u right u right my bad

      2. Dan Cen

        Isn't that clip at the beginning. That was his return goal from his rookie season injury right?

    8. Austin &Tschandra LaMoureaux

      This kids finess, speed, accuracy, hands, heart, best player to ever touch the ice .

    9. Jake Kulvinskas

      i love how now he just doesn’t celebrate cause it’s just too easy for him to score lmfao

    10. Cwood

      I dont think he hasn't fight in nhl if not he should fight atleast 1 time

    11. sadiq jhearan

      Just 2 much

    12. LongJohn McBigDong

      hes good at hockey

    13. Pepe Weintraub

      this guy makes amazing hockey players look like houseleaguers

    14. Golson Moldon

      When the top league in the world is still just houseleauge to you...

    15. Anita Rosenberg

      Mcdavid is by far the best hockey player in the world.

      1. House of Hockey

        Best offensive hockey player for certain

    16. Rob Mez

      why does he keep saying eye hand coordination 🤣ITS HAND EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Xiran Shao

      I had to watching this at 0.75x to keep up

    18. Xinyan Wang

      8:03 looks legit like a video game, like he activated some super boost or sth

      1. Callsign Chaos

        Yeah, he hit the jets on that one. Just insane

    19. leoberget

      Bro Imagine playing with McDavid.... Thats the dream!

    20. Yt squad

      He is not even human he is just the best

    21. RANGERSFAN33

      Great video you deserve more subs

      1. House of Hockey

        Thanks bro, glad you like it!

    22. Jari Markku

      Nice work. Good video

    23. ChrisCardenDrums

      To summarize, speed kills

    24. Nicola Fiorenzani

      Great video! I am lost for words

    25. I NEED THE WIN

      im not gona subscribe to somebody that begs for likesand subscribers during the video fuck off

      1. House of Hockey

        Not begging, just asking that if you enjoyed watching a completely free video that takes me multiple hours to make, you show some support.

    26. sean consack

      Low lights from the last week not included in this video Tor 4 Edm 0, Tor 3 Edm 0, Tor 6 Edm 1

    27. James Friedman

      He should've left Deadmonton after his 1st year

    28. josh palmer

      3:47 kassian just picking up an assist there

      1. Ozzy03

        Padding the stats

      2. WatermelonLORD


    29. BBinATL

      my man really said “likeing”

    30. frotte caresse moi

      less or more Time to make 1000?

      1. OGGamer

        Probably less.......assuming he doesn’t get injured as much

    31. Mike Greck

      its one thing to be the fastest guy in the league..its another to be the smoothest too

    32. UncleSkoden

      McDavid Highlights but all I seen was defenders skating back to their goalies??

    33. Mason Mol

      Absolutely amazing.

    34. jaakko moilanen

      4:30 that move on marchand

    35. Renat Khayrullin

      Ну' Конгратилейшн !

    36. Marco Lopez

      I thought Patrick Kane was the guy but McJesus has won my heart!

    37. Hugh Jassel

      What does likeing mean

      1. House of Hockey

        ignore the e...🤦

    38. Reid Boyko

      “How many times do you think we’ve said that? ‘Connor McDavid what a goal!!’ Well, add another one” Literally the entire video 😂

    39. Matthew Lumia

      Has no one noticed he spelt liking wrong

      1. Sacral Adventures

        who cares

    40. Michelle Brooks

      could he ,made 100 pts in 56 game it would be amazing

      1. Rob Mez

        well hes got 43 in 26 so most likely 90 points max

      2. nirppa W

        yea if he do that wow! but i dont think so about 80-95 i think

    41. giannis penesis

      Magic!!!!!🔥🔥🔥 succeccor Wayne Gretzky!!!!!

    42. Rocky B

      500 points in 369 games....he truly is McJesus...the god of hockey!

      1. Slothyy

        @Mr Cool yea but mickey d is better

      2. Chris G

        He’s amazing! If he can stay healthy he can put up some really big point totals over the next 6-7 years.

      3. Mr Cool

        @Éli-Yan Gasse both him and Crosby are amazing

      4. Éli-Yan Gasse

        Wowowowow guys, Crosby hit the 500 points in exactly 369 games

      5. Nathan

        And he’s only 24, he has easily another decade of hockey left

    43. rh71

      Someone sped up the video at 8:03. ;)

      1. Connor Anderson


    44. rh71

      So who's the 1 Flames fan who disliked this video?

      1. Mr Cool

        It could also have been a Sabres fan

    45. Bridget Norris-Jones


    46. Zack Young

      He already has a full career highlight real and he's not even half way done

      1. Bradford Sonnenberg

        He's only a third of the way through babyyyyy

    47. MovieBuff

      simply sensational

      1. Dante Angotti

        Phenomenal goal!

      2. Phoenix Gaming

        World class

    48. Marc-Antoine Lagacé

      Nice video!

    49. Connor McDavid Airborne

      Nice job I posted something similar, could you check it out? Thanks