We Built A Lie-Detector Skeleton From 1927

Tom Scott

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    Happy October. Thanks to Daniel, Tom, and Chloe, their channels are below! • Get CuriosityStream + Nebula and my Original for just $2.99/month here: curiositystream.com/tomscott
    Thanks to Charles Yarnold who built the Crime-Solving Skeleton: he's a creative technologist who can build all sorts of odd things! charlesyarnold.co.uk/
    Thanks to the three folks who faced the Skeleton:
    DANIEL: fiblock.info
    TOM: fiblock.info
    CHLOE: fiblock.info
    Behind the scenes on this video: fiblock.info/face/videot/gbKBiKR_naSQkKg.html
    The original patent: patents.google.com/patent/US1749090
    Found via: www.atlasobscura.com/articles/criminal-confession-skeleton-patent
    Camera by Matt Gray mattg.co.uk
    Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin)
    Audio mix by Graham Haerther
    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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    1. inot_cat

      confess your skins

    2. inot_cat

      Oz Media

    3. My_usrname_cusyeh

      Confess your sins to the crime skeleton.

    4. A & M H

      I need a whole video on the history of this thing...

    5. Riley Carpenter


    6. Ennkah

      The link to Tom's Channel says Dan's Channel

    7. Kilroy was Here

      It’s funny that the thing designed to detect lies is a lie

    8. Rojava 161

      I hate her outfit so much

    9. amadeo griego

      Tom Ska and Tom scott one room? What is this, a crossover episode?

    10. Skela

      This lie detector is very bare bones.

    11. Liam K

      chloe's got a sick-ass stevonnie shirt on

    12. everett

      tom looked quite scary in the thumbnail.

    13. CraftyCole09


    14. 20firebird

      i think leaving them in the dark room while you talked might have made it more viable

    15. Shermos

      "Just like every other lie detector" I'd be interested to see a video where you go into more depth on this.

    16. James Randall

      This was the most British video I’ve ever watched

    17. perkele


    18. John Akridge

      Well it could work if it was made correctly and done to the correct person in the best way

    19. Diego Zuniga

      The Scott and the Ska

    20. Dark World

      not convinced thats a real cadaver

    21. Temmie the great

      'You feel your sins crawling on your back..'

    22. SolaceMusic

      This is so weird because for a little while I thought Tom Scott might have been Tomska

    23. Pixel 3D X


    24. Lost Potato

      Confess your sins to the crime skeleton

    25. Tammy

      I just heard about this skeleton from shelby probaly would of made them tell the actual truth with a creepy voice changer

    26. Knight Of NI

      Tom doing an unconvincing spooky voice is the best thing I have seen all day

    27. Matt Bryce

      maybe it would have worked in the 20's when people were more religous and more likely to believe in the supernatural.

    28. GP33

      We built lie detector skeleton! We built a lie detector skehhhlllleeeehhhton.

    29. xXRunDeathXx

      bro... if you had told me in the title that Tomska and D Layton would be there i would have clicked instantly instead of 3 months later

    30. cyanity101

      *C O N F E S S Y O U R C R I M E S* *T O T H E C R I M E S K E L E T O N*

    31. Mono Chrome


    32. ChronoFactor

      Now make the birthing device

    33. MissWitch2310

      Why didn’t you tag them.

    34. KookeePenguins

      I think the patent uses a actual human skeleton and not a toy from the store haha

    35. Ya gigglejuice Tape dispenser

      ꜱᴋᴜʟᴅᴜɢɢᴇʀʏ ᴘʟᴇᴀꜱᴀɴᴛ ɪꜱ ʀᴇᴀʟ

    36. three axolotls in an ushanka

      i feel like this would work on kindergartners

    37. Below average Guitarist


    38. I am Satire

      Confess your sins to the crime skeleton

    39. Andrej Oško

      You made terrible, terrible job. Waste of time...

    40. E-flat Major

      It's a shame this didn't catch on, imagine it being used in a courtroom.

    41. ChungaChingo

      "You got to think of the mindset of the time" people of the time: What the f*ck...

    42. General Codsworth

      So the whole point of this lie detector is that you emotionally manipulate the victim and convince them that supernatural entities will punish them for their sins unless they confess? I miss when psychology was interesting.

    43. Zapy97

      Honestly I think that the quality of the construction was the largest issue with it. Still not saying it is a a good concept but I do think it could be greatly improved if it didn't look like a tacky Halloween decoration.

    44. Illyasviel Emiya

      the ghost are surprisingly polite

    45. JRex

      I never knew that I would see the day where Tom and Tom did a video together

    46. Sebastian

      Confess your sins to the C r i m e S k e l e t o n

    47. Whatever Stuffs


    48. Ian B

      Does this mean the fairground ghost train is actually the later, improved Lie Detector 2.0?

    49. Mr Scruton

      Tom Scott and TomSka in the same room

    50. Xander Tyrann

      But then you would need to put the crime skeleton in front of another crime skeleton to make sure it was telling the truth about what it was told.

    51. Haley rose W

      oh my gosh I have seen so many internet things about this

    52. Mariia Gellfonde

      Why doesn't a heart rate lie detector for example work, Tom?

    53. Edward Wilson

      why does ghost Tom Scott sound a bit like Ashens?

    54. Agar Gamer

      Tom has the perfect skeleton voice!

    55. Thomas Edison

      I really like the forwards/backwards in your videos story!

    56. Sofia

      ah yes, the crime skeleton

    57. John Smith

      Also I think this is the best lie detector if you tweak it so it garbles the voice to sound metallic and make it darker

    58. John Smith

      The truth skeleton will take your skins

    59. Joe Harley

      This is video is just worth it to see Tom pretend to be a hellish and eerie supernatural apparition from the hellish great beyond.

    60. James L

      Confess your sins go the crime Skeleton.

    61. Tecpolel The Squid Dog

      why are there two toms lmao

    62. drip

      Law skeleton sees your lies

    63. Marvellous STD Tech

      People in the 20th Century: A SPOOKY SKELETON! Peple in the 21st Century: Haha

    64. RYG

      Should try some of the game theory as well on this case.

    65. Jayson Herring

      This further proves my theory that all British youtubers know each other

    66. Marl 3421

      This is the second time I watched this video and I didn’t realise until now that TomSka was in the video! I think I might have the stupid

    67. Fairy Fox


    68. BeanSproot

      Alternative title: *boney session with Tom Scott and Tomska*

      1. HHRD

        did you just

    69. duke Silver

      haha Tom changed his red T for burgundy T

    70. neondroolz

      this makes me so happy, to see my two favorite youtubers named tom in one video

    71. Joe Colletti

      Talk about timing! You saved my department about $12,000-- I was about to buy one. Thank you!

    72. dimcat

      i like tom ngl

    73. Kazual

      Well, to be fair , the test was poorly made with bias from the tester before even them entering in it. This is just a funny video which proves nothing. I suppose the real effectiveness would increase drastically from the ambiance : -in a police station -with real interrogation -sheer intimidation -the lack of visual and sensual feedback (it's just a skeleton not a human )

    74. BlaPogo La bla

      Its a bad lie detector yes ,BUT considering 1927 it would be effective in getting a confesion ,especialy if it was done better than just a black box with a skeleton. Now days you would have to go to some very extremes to produce enough fear as to make people confess anything .

    75. Christina Hamilton

      There are two Toms in this video.

    76. ugugugugugugugugugu

      *_please leave the box_*

    77. the scuffed channel

      Did you or did you not take the cookie

      1. the scuffed channel

        You better confess your sins to the skeleton of truth

    78. Molly Hodgkinson


    79. teetoo _

      I was more scared of Chloe's reaction to the skeleton than the skeleton itself.

    80. Amelia de Farias

      I loved how there were three different reactions. Laughter, disappointment and terror.

    81. FortAwesome1974

      So do the polygraphs not actually work? I know they can be defeated if you know how that's why they can't be used as evidence in court but are you saying they don't work at all?

    82. Jamie Jammer

      Noone: Me as soon as I see this: confESS YOUR SINS TO THE CRIME SKELETON

    83. Jace Cadwell


    84. W4R3X

      This ”lie detector” probably would have worked better in ~1927 where alot of people probably hansnt seen skeletons and we’re a bit scarier of the ”evil”. Good video 👍🏻

    85. godwin972

      ah yes, my favorite undertale au. tom scott's crime skeleton

    86. EndingEternity

      Tomska meets Tomskott

    87. Kram Ballinger

      Coming from "two of these people are lying" tom scott still isn't very good

    88. Ethan Bard

      Well, what if instead of revealing a skeleton the box remained dark. The person interviewing the suspect could hint/suggest that if they don’t spill something will happen. Keep the box quiet and pitch dark. All the participants in this vid even said they were most scared BEFORE the skeleton. I think using the fear of the unknown to squeeze a confession out of people might work better than any lie detector we have now.

    89. AjiTheAnjay

      I want the "we flew a kite in a public place" music video

    90. Andrew J

      Despicable Me: Minion Rush - downloaded 95 Billion times - made me laugh SO MUCH!

    91. Progreshbar

      Why subtitles are different colors?

      1. Rayyan

        To represent who is talking

    92. ZikNik

      Loving Tom's dark souls t-shirt

    93. Rhofpheh

      Some context for the time of the patent: people were crazy about occult stuff! But I doubt it would be effective even then.

    94. Kuro

      Confess your sins to the crime skeleton!

    95. Crimson Dino

      C O N F E S S T O T H E C R I M E S S K E L E T O N ! ! !

    96. lightsboy1

      Tom scott and tom ska together. This is the collab I always wanted 😂

    97. Leonid Levin

      Why does Tom, I mean, Skeleton, yes, skeleton talks like unfiltered Dalek?

    98. insert edgy cool name

      instructions unclear: licked my sweat and said "this taste, is the taste whos lying, giorno giovanna!"

    99. Kyle Bang

      Did anyone else notice that the bottom of that person's shoes were censored very well?

    100. Emily!

      it’s worth it to note that back then real skeletons were a lot easier to come by, and i feel like an actual skeleton would be a wee bit more effective