We Paid Animators $10,000 for THIS?

Cold Ones

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    1. Cold Ones

      Scott: if so can u do pinned comment with this link : bit.ly/coolones GET 10% off our epic swag clothing!!!!! CODE COLDONES!! COOLSHIRTZ!!! Chad: No.... I don't think I will

      1. Smuk Rilla

        Broooo you should have said egg character with glasses

      2. Lukas Sinkevičius

        Shrek aids one should be remade in gmod

      3. Trisha Meloling

        You got a Instagram?

      4. Kira Sivils

        More long sweaters in big chungus sizes

      5. Luna Manson

        Yo how can I access your guys discord server?

    2. Kosher Pig

      more !

    3. brickbattle boi

      only a spoonful

    4. omi momi

      Watching this while being drunk was really funny lol

    5. power tea

      U look like doogal

    6. Truse Official

      This is gold

    7. Josh Rayne

      They’re coming after me *Scoooobyyyyy*

    8. Sata

      let me on the show

    9. Jhayzer Jhon Tanglao

      that shit bussinnn!

    10. Squidzy


    11. avoidpurge

      ruh roh raggy rax raud

    12. Bazinga

      Can someone please tell me the name of the song in the intro

    13. Jamie Preston

      Don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much, fuck meee

    14. Antonio Laula

      i almost threw up

    15. XOXO !

      The segment must go on !!! 😂😂👍🏼👍🏼🤤

    16. Backup

      Man that Scooby animator. Max and chad should hire him for their own drunk animation videos.

    17. Flame Wisp


    18. Чарли

      Crying from laughter each time I watch ur vids, love ya boys 💜

    19. New Document

      Another amazing video 💯

    20. john john shekels

      The green grey grieving partner electronmicroscopically ignore because bestseller specially succeed amidst a big beech. utter, piquant liquid

    21. ET

      I can’t stop laughing watching yalls videos

    22. Steve 53

      The king bach animation was the best

    23. Muthoni Mungai

      the scooby doo one has big drunk history vibes

    24. Sky


    25. Jake Nicolo

      11:30 war gods on in the background

    26. Bubbus _

      I'm glad the Markipler and Chungus are at the Drunken Clam

    27. Mr Marshtomp

      Hey what’s up doc, I have aids

    28. Tigre Demon

      I am dead, the narration in the scooby one is so fucking good in the animation itself. I literally lost it when he scream "RAGGY RADOIUU *laugh* raggy" and the faceeee I'm crying so fucking much, I can't even breath lmao Lmao I can't stop crying and coughing at 20:08 : THAT SHIT BUSSIN

    29. Distorted reality Infinite

      I want to die but I dont

    30. ???

      Let the like:dislike ratio speak for itself boys

    31. Ben Neron

      14:56 he really left an impact on them.

    32. Tom Hen

      Chad’s Markiplier sounds like Patrick Warburton

    33. xxoul xxeller

      yall best be using dat dope ass claymation intro on yo videos from now on

    34. ItsYaBoySebas


    35. penis

      Guys seriously the scooby video was the funniest thing I have ever seen

    36. TheObicobiHD

      Man these animations bussin

    37. kashi

      why does mark sound like joe from family guy

    38. Xavier DeMi

      That shit BUSSIN

    39. homie hoe

      I feel like absolute shit rn, lets get back to this dumb shit so i can sleep better tonight, this is now my new comfort video

    40. Fanatic Drunkard

      This is my fith time watching this

    41. amogus

      MrBeasts cough is fucking killing me

    42. Sole Survivor Gaming

      Is Max drinking fucking petrol?

    43. fwog stacker

      When Shrek said "that shit bussin" I absolutely lost it

    44. Jesusiscringe 420

      The animations should be turned into nft’s

    45. Maddie Taylor

      REGURARITIES fucking kills me

    46. SHATTEREDMOSAICS -official account-

      This shit bussin

    47. WM6282


    48. d0ngstin

      I need that shirt max is wearing

    49. Meme Child

      Should’ve said the channel goes too c...k...... then after they fight mr beasts says chandler

    50. Runn__Jake

      Old Max trying to escape alcoholic Max in the forms of "AIDS" and "bouss" is honestly the best part about this

    51. Rubi Poggers :O

      Does anyone know if they stream? N if they do what’s the platform they use 💕

    52. Boadsider_2077

      i cant stop watching this video

    53. VikkyT .-

      this is the funniest thing i’ve ever done

    54. Dizer

      that one lego animation was better than the movie

    55. Jay Sen


    56. PucePuddle

      They were so fricking drunk this time ahaha

    57. Nathan

      $10000 and a Fortnite skin >:)

    58. Joseph Beaton

      I just loved every video and I’m glad that they were sponsored

    59. RaspBerryJam


    60. nocturniquet

      i honestly haven't laughed this hard with a youtube vid in a long time

    61. James Creations

      Chads donkey impression was bussin

    62. James Creations

      Scott kind of looks like Zeke from Aot

    63. Aline Renner

      I can't stop laughing HELP-

    64. StrayHounds

      how tf do they only have 1.6 subs

    65. Velpux

      the Shrek one is so fucking good, watched it like 10 times and laughed my ass off! xD

    66. shopkeep

      They have to do this again

    67. Saqaf Ali

      Only a spoon full

    68. what name for these things bruh

      very funni

      1. what name for these things bruh

        allso epic , hi everyone :D

    69. Vadim Blyat


    70. An Obese Chicken

      Nothing I watch will ever live up to watching Markiplier and Big Chungus eat Freddy Fazbear's Pizza for the first time

    71. S-N-G-B

      Fucking hell 😂

    72. Wixx

      Kitchen Nightmares most likely watched this video before they titled their 17min compilation of Gordon disliking meals "when the food is not bussin :("

    73. Purvy101


    74. RkoIsLife 1738

      Wait what the fuck those Shrek impressions were golden

    75. Mr Bob

      Bob can’t believe’s Max hasn’t changed a bit.

    76. Harry G

      Yo the scooby and king Bach one were amazing

    77. LOLcow Industries

      20:11 that laugh

    78. War Criminal

      This is like infer dimensional cable

    79. ROCNY

      i sometimes wish i was just naturally as funny as them

    80. Rebecca Reilly

      This video is even better with the captions on🤣

    81. A K

      I can’t get enough of this video

    82. Birdineye

      king batch lmfao

    83. Rom Mel

      The last one was next level animation

    84. alZiiHardstylez

      Claymation fella undervalued himself that was fucking primo.

    85. hopdiggity dog

      Please use that intro

    86. Xdd

      nothing beats max saying "that shit bussin" as shrek

    87. GamingMedCasper

      how can i see these Animators without you watching

    88. smellslikelovingsouls

      How can I be in love with two men at the same time. This is the funniest video ever.

    89. Berrets Bikes


      1. Berrets Bikes

        @mikin lirou Alcoholic beverage

    90. ex!منفى

      the low paid animations are always funnier

    91. ex!منفى

      17:32 im crying

    92. dfgdfg

      holy sheet the plasticine one was *crazy good*

    93. dfgdfg

      something something peak capitalism 😂

    94. Joshua Amberson

      I think this might be one of your best videos gents! It's certainly up there.

    95. Zeitfuchs


    96. Sylphynford Tachibana

      this is probably your best video yet

    97. Mason Windu

      I want a feature length film of the lego Mr Beast video as a scuffed Lego Movie

    98. bodoti qwiu

      i love your videos so much !?

    99. Noah Joy

      The only a spoonful podcast episode

    100. AirBorN Gaming

      Most of those artists are seriously full of themselves.

      1. Lizzerd!

        @ex!منفى worth it though

      2. ex!منفى

        the $900 shrek one was overpriced

      3. bodoti qwiu

        That Smash Intro was incredible.