Weekend Update: Guy Who Just Bought a Boat on Dating After Covid - SNL

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    Guy Who Just Bought a Boat (Alex Moffat) share post-Covid dating tips.
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    1. Nicole Diaz

      Speaking straight poetry omg

    2. Nicole Diaz


    3. Becky Oneill

      Play some PS5? Not gonna happen anytime soon. That was like a slap across the face to almost every gamer.

    4. Wesley Sosa

      About damn time they brought this character back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Alyssa Whittington

      Vineyard Vines customer ^

    6. Yeahns Dykestra

      That was amazing!!

    7. Milo Del Campo

      They should rename this character "Donald trump jr in any given situation"

    8. Erfan Khodabakhshi

      I can't believe after two weeks it's just got 1 mil views! Chop chop FIblock algorithm, people deserve this...

    9. mybrainsondrums

      One of my top tier favorite characters they do on snl

    10. America Project

      1:27: “rockin’ a chode” 😳

    11. Silas Crump

      I can't stop laughing at Alex Moffet's character. 🤣

    12. Sweet Hard-Biceps

      Is anyone else going to wait a year after the vaccines to f*ck with this?

    13. Jack Skylar


    14. Max Buondonno

      This character is the salvation of SNL.

    15. Marieda Parellio

      "The Hampies droppin the panties" will be the opening line for my couples NY trip proposal.

    16. Paint Pink

      It's like the audience had never seen a guy with a boat.

    17. Allen Tanner

      Nice to know they hired Jake and Amir as comedy writers.

    18. John French

      ill still watch, I'm up for him trying new characters, don't know about this one

    19. emma thee child

      "rocking a chode" I"M SCREAMINGGGGGG

    20. Shadow Boxer

      Alex Moffet is making me cry in a giggly way...

    21. djwreck1200

      hahahaha always hilarious

    22. Gloria Hufnagel

      15 SECONDS ON EACH SIDE!😂😂😂😂😂😂

    23. Paul Tindall

      These lines sound like Amir Blumenfeld from Jake and amir

    24. NeO JD

      LOVE that he’s back. Wordplay on point.

    25. Chris Nava

      Anyone else start thinking of the jake and Amir scroll videos?

    26. Ms Boogie down

      Dude is dope 😂😂

    27. Maazin5

      This sounds like an Insecure Jake episode of Jake and Amir. Vaguely.

    28. Matt Foley

      The ripping and the tearing

    29. Alexis C

      I've always loved this recurring character, but am I the only one who feels like Alex Moffett is morphing into Edward Norton?

    30. Nunya Business

      Am I the only one who still dated during covid? Almost a year with this great guy. Love him.

    31. GooseFN

      Another boat 🙄

    32. La Tendresse

      Normally love Guy Who just bought a boat, but this was too misogynistic

    33. Dirty Jersey Productions

      It feels like the crowd wasn’t keeping up with his jokes... their reactions made no sense lol

    34. Carlo Carlito

      Not since drunk uncle have I enjoyed a character this much.

    35. Standupcomedyclass

      Great Amir Blumenfeld impersonation

    36. Jamie Polson

      Guy who just bought a boat has been a pretty long recurring character I don't if we can still say he "just" bought a boat. Maybe a new name would be guy who relatively recently recently bought a boat. I don't know just spit ballin'.

    37. T Bone

      Dude it's been awhile since snl made a movie . Some of their skit's now could be done on peacock as a movie 🍿 be funny a guy who bought a boat 🚢 as a movie be like night at the roxbury

    38. Dolce Luxe

      We have members like this at the county club I work at. We call them the “young executives”, which is code for douche bags with small dix

    39. Damien Thomas

      “Let crash bandicoot lead to smash hand in coot” 🤣🤣

    40. Vincent St.Germaine

      Did I just listen to a boomer desperately trying to sound like a millennial?

    41. jahanzaib khan

      Pete Davidson's weekend update is so much more fun and i dont know maybe just for me.

    42. Jennifer Hancock

      That was so dirty I think I caught something just by watching...

    43. Marc Christopher Bate

      The hampies dropa da panties... Our modern day Shakespeare. ❤️

    44. Nikkirockz! Nikkirockz!


    45. CJ

      I hate this character. Creepy sex jokes still not funny 😐

    46. Benedict Roemer

      Lol Flappy Keaster = Happy Easter


      This character should show up way more than once or twice a year

    48. Simon Wong

      This is just a modern Jake & Amir skit. And I love it!

      1. Maazin5

        Commenter above me is a philosopher. Upvote him to karma heaven!

      2. Gabriel Johnson

        Every pony tail 🐴 ........has a pony hole

    49. Kailah King

      Let Crash Bandicoot lead to Smash Hand-In-Coot. I’m done before we kiss! Lmfaoooooooo

    50. Bloomp

      Streeter, I see you 👀, and you should write some SNL adaptation of Phantom of the Office

    51. Paul Zacharias

      Moffat does an amazing job. This guy needs to be on more often!!

    52. Sunny Sal

      I need closed-captioning for the “he’s talking too fast for me to follow” impaired. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    53. Fairygal 8

      I think I know this schmuk!!!

    54. Fred Howard

      OMG!!! Alex Moffat is comic gold!!

    55. John Farr

      Everyone knows a guy like this! Lol

    56. Stratboy999

      Do guys like this actually exist? Then I remembered. Matt Gaetz.

    57. L T

      That was the best skit from "guy who just bought.." I've seen yet.

    58. Mads Tandrup

      That boat can't be that new.

    59. chesco

      I don't know how this character became a thing ? This person is no longer available as a character choice for humanity. There is a spiritual purge happening.. these people are canceled so lets just accept and move on to giving attention to something more productive

    60. Perez Sykes

      This deserved another minute or two!! That character that makes you cringe so good 😊

    61. Phillip Lemmon

      Now THIS was funny.

    62. Brian Smith

      Alex was SUCH A DOUCHE here, but dang was it funny, he just kept those tacky Lines flowing- had me hooked with "Jost Infection"

    63. Jc Joye

      Hey look you guys. An actual funny snl reoccurring character.

    64. famousstar796

      Miss this character.

    65. Smazzit SEO Training Institute

      Thought I was listening to Snoop Dog lol

    66. Lboogie Entertainment

      The one guy everyone hates but hey he owns a boat 🤷🏿‍♂️

    67. Azteca380 Shooting team México

      Brilliant!, the actor and the writers!, just brilliant! :)

    68. Stephen Pineda

      dang can someone post a skit where Colin contributes any sort of humor?

    69. ApatheticBroadcast

      this sketch has the energy of something legendary

    70. ApatheticBroadcast

      weekend update killed it this weekend

    71. Otherworld Laster

      Bravo... LOL!

    72. Casie Slaybaugh

      This reads like those text messages that go around for each holiday with all the emojis and the intense sexual innuendos

    73. Aimée Nixon-Kotowicz

      2:19 you can see the exact moment Colin wonders if he can murder someone over a pun

    74. Megan

      fave character

    75. Anny Conda

      I love Alex so much 😍😍

    76. Mike Steven

      Guy who just bought a boat is in the top 10 best characters of all time on SNL 🤣🤣🤣

    77. Claire Isabella

      this is 100% one of my fav characters from snl

    78. lance thompson

      Great skit except for the Colin Joke.....

    79. Ben Rosenberg

      This character deserves a bigger boat.

    80. Christina Morton

      This guy is so under used on SNL and he is amazing.

    81. George Kassabian

      would've loved to see Daniel join in as a boat-owning character here too

    82. Tweetyresm

      That. Was. Hilarious. It was genius writing... just.. *chef kiss*

    83. Toni Rodriguez

      He must be from Florida 😉

    84. Duliere Lemaire

      J&J talcum powder give ppl Cancer. So y r we letting them make vaccines

    85. kevinmisery61

      This is how guys in everett ma are now lol

    86. MCM

      Matt Gaetz live on SNL

    87. Alix Coupet

      dude there are actually some legit mulisyllabic bars in here

    88. Chaplain Hammer

      You are not funny. You waste times time. You shame the origin of SNL.

    89. Aubs

      I feel like this would be impossible for people who aren’t native English speakers to understand

      1. vanillacaffelatte

        Yep, I confirm :D

      2. James DuPuis

        I could barely understand it!

      3. Sunny Sal

        English is my ONLY language. But I still need closed-captioning for the “he’s talking too fast for me to follow” impaired. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    90. Preston Routh

      this was like carl luzus

    91. Kenneth Rembert

      Your show is a disgrace to our country and your show will be canned after 46 seasons on the NBC airwaves. So SNL R.I.P. 1975-2021

    92. msmilesftw

      I love this damn character and I cannot help it! Alex is perfect 😄😄😄😄

    93. Richard Richardson

      lol i love this character

    94. R Steel

      So this is funny?

    95. Andrew Cabaj

      I feel like this must be someone who wrote for College Humor, specifically Jake and Amir.

    96. Evan Moon

      He is speaking so fast,,, I wonder how many words a minute is he speaking

    97. clink288

      Who’s the dude with the jacket and tie sitting next to Colin?

    98. Rob

      I don't understand what that guy said but I need to shower again.

    99. Chad North


    100. Reble Houten