Weekend Update: Pineapple on the Paul Pierce Scandal - SNL

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    Pineapple Penelope Peters (Punkie Johnson) stops by Weekend Update to discuss the recent scandal surrounding former basketball player Paul Pierce.
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    1. Andrew Wynne

      Wow, she is horrendous. The real Paul Pierce strippers are prob more entertaining...

    2. Swerve Musik

      You can hear the New Orleans all in her voice

    3. Swerve Musik

      Pineapple look like Ronnie from players club

    4. Eggy

      Love her wig

    5. Claudia

      Who wants to see more SNL skits with Punkie Johnson?

    6. SweetBlaq Coffey

      I love that she put it up for DMX. That was proper. SIP DMX 🙏🏾

    7. Danny Steeler

      This is Reason #29 why Paul Pierce will neva' be in The NBA Hall of Fame #TheRealTruth ✔

    8. my.brooklyn.flora.forest Brooklyn

      hi punkie

    9. Jon Brown

      Gilly and Keeves is for the people


      SNL, we must see more Pineapple. Thank you.

    11. 100 Barz

      I thought that was a real stripper at first 😂

    12. Fuck BLM

      How is this funny? Why is SNL still on air? It aint the fkn 90s.

    13. BL Best way to raise life's morality


    14. Yung Rome

      🤣😂 I'm dead!

    15. Regis Martel

      "Is it against ESPN policy to love big asses?" "They're owned by Disney, so it kind of is." My man is speaking truth!

    16. Riff Wizard 666

      WAAAAAAAAAH!! A host that I don’t like is coming on the show!! WAAAAAAH!! Give us a safe space Papa Lorne!! Absolutely pathetic.

    17. Alice B

      Jackson and Jackson? 😂

    18. Tomasz Lach

      She lost a nail :)

    19. Jordan Smith

      Michael Che knows you always pay women for their work.

    20. Michał Kołodziej

      Mike, give her this desk!

    21. Michael S.

      More Pineapple!!

    22. Frozen Tundra

      I'm the one that said moooooooooooooo...

    23. Mary jean Edwards

      I am weak! Stripper Brain 🧠. PP, whassup?

    24. Rob Spencer

      Punkie is Adorable!

    25. Philippian Stamps

      What's funny about that ? That's embarrassing to me as a black man.

    26. Gerold Watson

      She's clearly from New Orleans 😌

    27. Jonnyt c


    28. jaye501

      unfunny bit...

    29. Michele K


    30. Kane Parker


    31. Docholiday 214

      Man they fired the truth??? DAMN

    32. Rani Gaddy

      I like her already.

    33. Big Al

      Pineapple upside down wit my face in dem cakes

    34. What's Going On?

      Weekend update walked so what’s going on could run

    35. 2020 WORST YEAR

      Not shocking that pineapple the stripper last name is Peter with an s

    36. Jacqui R

      Pineapple should be a weekly regular!

    37. Leslie Cador-Kidd

      I hear that NOLA accent...this is channeling The Real BBjudy....

    38. Chris McNeil

      Love it

    39. kelvin j

      Is that ronis daughter from players club 😆

    40. Ladonna Wilson

      We need more Pineapple 😂😂😂💃💃💃💃

    41. Bro. Tolliver

      I'm literally forgot they had her, just like every other black woman on SNL (that isn't a stereotypical loud black woman). They really need to do better. If they could find consistent spots for a gay Asian man... NVM

    42. Vincent Duong

      I keep coming back to Punkie’s stripper bit and Bowen’s iceberg bit. So good.

    43. Rann Johnson

      definitely from Louisiana, good job

    44. Car ree

      anyone else thought of ronnie as soon as they say the wig

    45. PublicSpeakingAssignments

      this is kinda rude to people who work as strippers. They could have had two, this one, and a serious one, for contrast ya know? SNL is usually p good about that.

    46. praise jeebus

      After Adan Sandler and Eddie Murphy left and since Bobby Moinihan hasn't gotten much light, SNL is one giant steaming pile of contemptuous, whiny, neurotic, preachy, annoying influencers who leech the entertainment out of show. I would rather watch hogs wallow in their own filth for an hour. Hell, I would even stoop so low as to watch an Amy Schumer movie over SNL.

    47. Mimi OnOne

      Gimme my money

    48. famousstar796


      1. markmh835

        I believe Pineapple's story....... Yup, she's been to Michael's crib...... and the boy's definitely the kind to have a big ole black-and-white spotted rug in his man cave. Che-man likes his heifers. "Moooooooo," indeed! 😁

    49. Eleanor Svenson

      She’s not great

    50. michael white

      Stripper brain

    51. Jessica Evans


    52. shomifochap3

      I need that Jackson and Jackson

    53. Tinka Thee Bell

      Pineapple #Pause 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    54. my.brooklyn.flora.forest Brooklyn

      strippers have a unique amount of common sense ' stripper intuition '

      1. my.brooklyn.flora.forest Brooklyn

        Maybe this will take Punkies career to the next level. Your are namaste. bitches, or, nama-slay for strippers. I really have some make up looks for Punky. Asking Mche for money, he says he keeps stripper money. I am Avocado, Punky is Pineapple. Life just gets keeps getting better. My life is horrible.

    55. OC45

      I love her New Orleans accent 🤗

    56. Wendy McCoy

      "can a fish walk? gimme my money." "Alright I keep stripper money"

    57. Mary Woods


    58. Beautiful Queen


    59. metaLungiez

      Punkie needs an Emmy for her acting ability, I was shocked to find out that she was a stud after seeing this. Maybe she can give Bowen lessons on how not to play every single character as effeminate gay.

    60. Devon Lucas



      Why does she look like Ronnie from the players club!!!😂😂

    62. Kiryama Thadison

      I thought she was playing Ronnie from player's club in this skit lmao

    63. DMarrillo FurBaby Friends

      "Stripper Brain" lol...

    64. JAYT

      this was hilarious ! lmao

    65. Don Dondon

      Put Pete Davidson back on Weekendupdate.

    66. Kennedy Lehane

      Hiring Punkie was an amazing decision

    67. So7654

      They need to give Punkie more screen time! She's barely ever in the skits and she's so funny

    68. Mistercharming

      I love her New Orleans accent

    69. Bree

      Not enough people picking up on The Players Club reference for me.

    70. S. Holmes

      Jackson and Jackson 😂

    71. Eson Lejet

      "I'm sorry. It’s striper brain."

    72. Taneesha Thomas

      It's the Player's Club Ronnie hair for me...close legs don't get fed 😂

    73. Caesar Junior

      I'm sorry. Stripper brain

    74. Jonnyt c

      Moooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    75. Kathleen Breut

      Punkie is going to shine. She's a great talent. They need to put her in more skits.

    76. Iva Handfull

      I want more Punkie! I’ve been waiting for SNL to give her space to shine

    77. Asha Black

      That's Ronnie from the Players Club.

    78. Amanda Lee

      I love Punkie! Yay!!!

    79. Chris

      That was terrible

    80. jefferybodenger

      Pineapple from New Orleans all day 😂😍⚜️

    81. Jay WhoLovesEveryone

      2:43 Tribute to X 💖💖💖💖💖💖

    82. Gamelle Davis

      That Punkie's New Orleans accents came out in this skit

    83. Nicholas Morales

      She’s giving The Players club vibes.

    84. awsome03000

      this was the worse jokes ever. ok, maybe not ever! but one of the worse.

    85. bribay

      Playas club 2 audition complete!

    86. E.M. Smiley

      Loving the New Orleans accent coming through!

    87. Sybil McPherson

      They shd use her more in the skits!

    88. Brian Smith

      Punkie was great here- really Liked when she stopped mid-segment to ask for $20- plus I'm a sucker for anything Leopard Print so, bonus hotness

    89. Ngozi Nnunukwe

      "stripper brain" 😂😂😂

    90. Jamila M

      The NOLA accent is giving

    91. David Johnson

      We all know that money came from Colin's Strip Club stash.

    92. Sebastian Fairchild

      You been from New Orleans this whole time Punkie and I didn’t know until now. I can hear that 504 all in you girl, I’m with cha till the wheels fall off ya heard me.

    93. Chakra Luv

      Butch or femme...Punkie is fine af😍😍😍

    94. Magnificent Failure

      @1:30 Hello...

    95. Jazmin Rice

      Pineapple out here looking like Ronnie from The Player's Club!

    96. Grace Kellman

      SNL gets more and more sexist

    97. Grace Kellman

      This is pretty derogatory towards sex workers jeez

    98. Kate Dansereau


    99. ZelB84

      Perfect New Orleans accent

    100. Denise Schlecht

      Y'all didn't get the PPP joke???