Weight For It (with Evan Edinger and Luke Cutforth)

Tom Scott

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    Welcome to the Game Garage! A series of three new, experimental quizzes and games. Thanks today to Evan Edinger - fiblock.info - and Luke Cutforth - fiblock.info - for being the guinea pigs for Game 1: Weight For It. Sure, we could have spent a fortune on a massive studio, huge props and a giant seesaw: or we could get a garage, some GoPros, and some boxes of sand.
    Edited by Elliot Gough
    Audio mix by Graham Haerther
    Directed by Grant Stevens
    Produced by David Bodycombe and Tom Scott
    A Pad 26 / Labyrinth Games production
    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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    1. Tom Scott

      This has been a long time in the works - thanks to all the behind-the-camera team! And for anyone who's wondering, we are actively looking into filming more Lateral later this year...

      1. Anarkyster

        @Jack Johnston a

      2. malenotyalc

        Best title ever!

      3. Reuben M.D.

        Hi Tom. Is the proportional to the answers, or just ranked? Eg, if one airline had 3x the number of aeroplanes, was there 3x as much sand in the box? Or in the latter case, was the fourth-ranked answer weighted the same as every other fourth-ranked answer?

      4. Pfunzo Mildred Makhomu

        I kept saying Korfball!!

      5. Drestanto

        Hi Tom! I'm still waiting for Lateral. Hope you can release it in this year

    2. John Whitten

      That was a cool game. I'd like to see more like that one.

    3. Boyce Cat

      Did Gordon Ramsey see this?

    4. alecoloxa

      This is sooo funny

    5. Moondust2365

      Me, a Filipino: *sees **_Sepak Takraw_* "Yay!" Also, me: *hears it being pronounced wrongly* *facepalm* "[Insert Tagalog swear words]!!!" Also-also, me: *hears the ball being described as a "basket weave football"* *Filipino-American soccer noises intensify*

    6. Benedek Horváth

      Tom: This... is a bucket Evan: Dear God Tom: There's more Evan: No

    7. かたわれ時

      Futsal is also called street soccer

    8. Aron Bezzina

      This is so much better than most game shows !

    9. Simple Person

      Suggestion: Weighing Scales instead of the pivot method

    10. Jonathan Tanner

      Why was the second question worth 2 cups?

    11. Sabol Anton

      I got this in my recommended from a vid from the same date

    12. Nete Hangel

      'We dont have a nice walk of shame rig' *litterally walks into a camara by accident*

    13. Jon Reeves

      But the question we are all wondering: Was Evan's answer good enough to have won the 5000 p?

    14. Andrew Lofthouse

      A score was won.

    15. Andrew Lofthouse

      Walk of shame

    16. Andrew Lofthouse

      So funny.

    17. Michael van den Berg

      Pet Semetary: "well, it has sand in it". If that's not a review, i don't know what is

    18. Joe Smyth

      I actualled quite liked this. Better than Tipping Point! haha

    19. Jefferson Buoyant

      Hmm... indonesia use alphabet..... it’s not “writing in english” but we don’t use characters as in china, arab, or other asian country......

    20. avfusion

      "It's American and Delta but I wouldn't fly with either because they're horrible." If there was a reliable to test to see if an expat is a real American, I'd take that question and that answer.

    21. The Cool Axolotl Logan


    22. Aidan Moore

      The tag game from india is kabaddi, not kho kho

    23. bhargavmr1

      Evan is annoying

    24. Chubbychenko

      extremely offended that they were unaware of futsal

    25. Josef L.

      Calvinball should have counted for 2 players...

    26. Mib

      "Dyrehavsbakken" is simply referred to as "Bakken". It's great fun there.

    27. 紅Takato

      As a brazillian, it's so weird to see people not knowing futsal. Not that I like football myself, but it's so common-place here...

    28. Carlos Duti

      4:21 es la mascota de Daka, en las hermanas vampiro

    29. Carlos Duti

      2:46 Como cuando te das cuenta que los árboles reconocen a sus hijos, y tu papa se fue por cigarrillos para evitar reconocerte xD

    30. Carlos Duti

      Chale, no me imagine que hubiera aprendido tanto.

    31. Carlos Duti

      El vídeo: 95% de datos sobre abejas 5% de datos normales

    32. Carlos Duti

      1:12 Pobre del Kiwi cuando tiene que poner un huevo ;;

    33. Carlos Duti

      minuto 3:56 :"Descargas del huracan" Personas y peces en el agua: .______.

    34. Carlos Duti

      pregunta: cual es el libro con más paginas en la historia

    35. Carlos Duti

      Sabias que los arboles reconocen a sus hijos? Mi padre: Quien eres tu Yo: ._.

    36. Carlos Duti

      PyR: Que pasaria si todas las personas del mundo hablaran español?

    37. Carlos Duti

      Pregunta: ¿porque en las películas o series de piratas tienen un loro y para que es?

    38. Carlos Duti

      deslike prro

    39. Anatoliy Vasilyevich Kuragin

      This was frustrating as someone who is aware that futsal exists

    40. maruftim

      Sepak takraw is in malay and indonesian language, not balinese 😭

    41. obada Khalid

      so this isbasically game changer from college humor

    42. mickus

      Where’d you get the Steven king rankings? Yes, Carrie did $84 mil but pet cemetery did $112mil

    43. Barry Munro

      More giggles than a toddlers' farting competition.

    44. h3nder

      Wait how is that Danish theme park 400 years old?

    45. Matias

      The original Carrie from 1976 actually just made bit over 30 million in box office. The remake got the 84 million one

    46. Charles Saint Pé

      See, I would say Calvinball is real, but I wouldn't pick it because each team needs only one player.

    47. BlooKarakal

      I had a hunch that the was about operative time of theme parks when I saw dyrehavsbakken, as I know that it is the oldest theme park. I probably only know that because I am from Denmark.

    48. Old Fridge

      Surprised ex Vice President Aaron Burr and Lamar Odom JR. weren’t involved.

    49. oliver j Wilson

      i would have loved for each round's answers to have been run through in their entirety

    50. Sketch UT

      The title is hurting my musical-centered brain because Wait For It is from Hamilton but Evan reminds me of Dear Evan Hansen

    51. Donald O’ Conner

      Calvinball is a real game, one of the only constant rules is that there are 2 players. Literally everything BUT the number of players changes during the game

    52. Musikur

      An optional twist for the final round: go for a bonus 1,000p but have the highest answer not chosen added to the anvil at the end. Could mean that for the 5,000p one you had to get the top three choices, or tip the scales on the lower weight categories if you made a really bad choice.

    53. person

      I'd be so down for more of this once quarantine is over! I think it's a really fun concept

    54. Brandon Chan

      living in southeast asia " SEPAK SEPAK !!!!!FUTSAL IS REALLLLL,choose FUTSAL!!!! "

    55. Nathan Dean

      We need these tom scott gameshows to be on actual tv

    56. Shepard

      Calvinball actually has a whole 2 players

    57. cobravello


    58. Cracky Sr

      2,000 pence. That is literally day-changing money offered there

    59. Mathy Don

      this is a fun way to score a quiz show

    60. codegavran

      Calvinball is totally real and the entire population of the planet can play in the same game! Though it can also be played by yourself so...

    61. Wacking Cactus

      Honestly kho kho can be played with any number or players

    62. Eamon Ahern

      Excellent format

    63. Pedro Álvares

      I don't believe they don't know Futsal

    64. IEmmaSoprano

      Evan is incredibly tall and it's kind of hilarious

    65. Punk Rock Zoologist

      Did not realise Tom Scott and Evan Eddinger were friends, but of course they are. Does everyone in the UK FIblock scene just know each other?

    66. yes yes

      Futsal is completely different from football

    67. Fairly average Gamer

      These seemed so good what happened to them?

    68. Asbjørn Olling

      Dane here "Dyrehavsbakken" is actually pronounced more like "d-yeah-house-buggin" (but really we just call it "bakken" in everyday speech)

    69. Miguel G

      I think in the end, you should instead start with the small weight and ask if the contestant is confident enough to add another weight. That would build more tension and force a difficult decision and evaluation of ability from the contestant, as well as risk a fear of failure.

    70. Leavewe

      imagine tom hosting only connect

    71. Hasadona privat

      Your guess of how to say "dyre havsbakken" was better then what ever that guid say


      Blackpool pleasure Beach doesn't sound like a park you would take your kids to.

    73. Liam

      One of our buckets is dirty: the incredible sequel to two of these people are lying.

    74. Planetfall

      Calvinball and polo where the only sports I recognized

    75. Toblerone33 6

      For the amount of people on a team in sport I only knew two of the sports, polo and kabadi ( although I didn’t know how many people In a team)

    76. Logan Skelton

      Replace the sand with big bags in nine weights all different.

    77. Nicole K

      I got SO excited when I saw korfball and kabaddi up there, I was gesturing wildly at the screen the whole round! Thanks for giving niche sports some appreciation

    78. J

      That airplane know-it-all guy is so obnoxious

    79. Underwater Laser

      Korfball is a popular Dutch game with women and men playing in one team. It’s similar to basketball.

    80. William Shreckengost

      Since you seem kinda big on one-offs, I'm guessing you won't have much use for this in another Weigh For It, but if you need to cut friction in wooden assemblies in the future, you can scarcely go wrong with shaving a candle. Just grab the cheapest candle at the closest store, (or a block of paraffin if you're being fancy and planning things) and rub it on any axles or sliding parts in an assembly. Unlike oil, it won't have a chance to soak into the wood, and it's solid enough that it decently resists being squeezed out of a joint under load, unlike say, lithium grease. It isn't perfect, but it's more slippery than bare wood. It also has the benefit of being good while also being a quick and dirty fix. You can lube wood in a couple seconds, with no worries about working the lube into bearings or any metal-land nonsense like that.

    81. Saravannan Balakrishnan

      I could understand not knowing Kabaddi and Sepak Takraw but isn't Futsal quite famous? It's just indoor football essentially.

    82. wyterabitt

      Alton Towers is massively underrated by people, it is a slightly different and laid back experience than some places and a decent place to spend some time just wandering.

    83. Meaddie

      RIP Park (Garden) Bench

    84. Maya Thomas

      similar to lateral, I am doing much better the second time watching this

    85. Agathe A.


    86. Shadow Clod

      I knew Sepak takraw cause we did it in my pe class in middle school with a guy who professionally plays it, none of us did well at all

    87. Kay Lines

      As Evan's one cup was getting poured in... i went to catch the bucket so it wouldn't hit the ground too hard 😂😂😂😂

    88. junebug

      how do they not know korfball???

    89. Giovanni Barbera

      Love these quiz shows you make! 👍

    90. fictionfatale

      How’ve you not heard of futsal - we literally have a futsal team at my school - it’s just football with a really heavy small football

    91. cordelia x

      ok i am Not Here for evan trash talking alton towers smh

    92. Shauna Kelly

      I want the watch loads of this game show

    93. Casper S�

      I’m from Denmark... I wasn’t watching, only listening when you did the final... I genuinely thought you were talking about some German thing when you said Dyrehavsbakken. Thought you said like Dier Hausbarken or something like that. You said it way too harshly. Danish is generally quite a soft language. Slow it down, and just round it all off. One comedian said that it’s like you give up in the middle of the word. Dyr = animal Hav = sea, though in this case shortening of have, which is like garden Bake = hill Ending on en = definite article. The Animal Garden Hill.

    94. Seph Shewell Brockway

      Are the box-office takings inflation-adjusted?

    95. Emerson Blanca Araman

      I also like to count my money in terms of pence so it sounds more impressive

    96. erin

      Is no one else astounded at how a theme park can be going for 450+ years? Wtf

    97. DrSuperWhite7

      They should pour the sand at the same time

    98. AllTimeFallOutAtTheChemicalDisco

      I only knew polo and futsal

    99. notatinychildcalledjoe

      kabaddi has 12 players on each team!! more than kho kho

    100. FarrerWJ

      Easily the funniest part of this video is your commitment to measuring the prize money in pence 😂