Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW)


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    listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

    inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.

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    1. Mehgirl Xo

      This is 100% accurate compared to songs about the internet

    2. peach frappx

      is no one noticing how he isn't looking at the piano yet still playing it?

    3. Toby Alexander

      I know a lot of people are saying Bo is like a Disney villain in this one, but I'mma have to disagree. It seems more like he's portraying so disembodied representation of the internet, having no really opinion on it, just pointing out some of the things you will see. Kind of like a gatekeeper, not really being intentionally good or evil, just warning you on what you might see. Great song tho

    4. Cameron Steele

      Thanos' favorite song to jam in his cruiser

    5. marcel behert

      Now he knows what´s better than Pu$$y

    6. PepC

      This song is just great

    7. Jakub Wawrzyniak

      return of king

    8. Alex Russo

      Is it a case that the recurrance of the tune at 3:59 is slightly Russian / Soviet ? Russia does use Social media and things like that for evil deeds, China uses tiktok to make our kids idiotic, so seeing a veiled criticism of marxism here...

    9. Isabel Bowman

      Anyone know why the comment section for 'That Funny Feeling' was turned off? fiblock.info/face/videot/iol1aq1jdKG9ooo.html&ab_channel=BoBurnham-Topic

      1. testbot

        all of the comment sections with the album cover are turned off

    10. isabel

      This song is so addictive...like the internet. How ironic lmao

    11. Mara

      Maybe the persons made the internet villain (how they use it, could be worth it or not).

    12. jeshua isaiah garcia

      what a laugh 3:51

    13. Karl Franz

      his best work yet

    14. DarkDragonLord

      When someone told me it was bo Burnham I wasn't completely surprised bc it kinda sounds like him but the beard threw me off bigtime but love these bangers dude

    15. Ava Guzman

      This is getting more accurate every minute the internet is up. It scary how accurate this is getting...

    16. Random Stuff

      this song just feels like growing up if that makes sense. or like a relative u havent seen since u were a kid b/c they ended up being an addict or alcoholic or smth just kinda bursts into ur life again

    17. Joe Flitton

      Dr Robotnik has a great voice.

    18. Axaxaxaxaxen

      Rocking that Heisenberg from Resi7 look

    19. Jack Wade

      That laugh manages to scare me almost every time I hear this

    20. Porkchop poo

      Bo Burnham is the new Les Claypool

    21. Mckinsey ward

      This is perfect.

    22. ipodincluded

      this is fucking fantastic

    23. Olive_camembert

      This is literally so accurate

    24. Kerri Cooley

      petition for a collaboration between Bo Burnam and Marc rebillet

    25. Georgia Landie

      Its no less depressing being a consumer than a creator on the Internet

    26. Maria Zyka Yamog

      I cannot believe this is the same country singer in Parks & Recreation. loving it.

    27. Rialto 2020 Care

      This is so racist

    28. Georgia Landie

      I wish I was as creative as this when I am as depressed as Bo. I just end up like staring at the wall for days.

    29. Th3Mafia

      absolute gold.

    30. Zukio_AminoYT

      I fucking love his glasses...

    31. Minuka Rodrigo

      This sounds a lot like something Weird Al would write lol

    32. Xander Marf

      There's more check marks here than there are at my schools finals

    33. legacy games

      Anyone gonna mention how well he aged

    34. Maximilian Khais

      I watched this using the internet

    35. Grey

      "He's out of line, but he's right"

    36. ZarBloxPlayz


    37. lskjznN

      Soy de boquita

    38. Sweet-Lemon


    39. Cassscookie

      Sounds like a great disney villain theme song, only that it's 18+

    40. Squirrel_food 23

      I like when bo quickly use his light remotes to turn off and put on the lights

    41. Melody :0

      This is amazing, however, I think "A World on Fire" is and will always be his best work.

    42. Bunne Bunne

      this is the same guy who said " a good boy, a bad boy, a good-bad boy, a half-good, half-bad, half-boy"

    43. B AZ

      Thank you internet for showing this material!

    44. Pavanan M S

      saw the whole thing in Netflix.. Now I completely believe this guy is a genius..

    45. Gavriella Perez

      3:52 you’re welcome 😉

    46. Sofia Almeida

      You are absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for your amazing songs and your beautiful voice. You and your work are unique. The world needs you.

    47. Nathan Gehman

      "Could I interest you in everything all of the time" *Me looking at my 137 open tabs in Chrome* - This is about me isn't it?

    48. Ryvern Terrus

      I swear he could pull off a cosplay of Heisenberg.

    49. Rohan Kishibe


    50. Stephanie

      This song gives me an unreasonable amount of serotonin

    51. mellyjelly #youmakestraykidsstay

      I can't believe this guy just described the Internet under 5 minutes.

    52. Titan 10001

      Didn't recognise him at all

    53. MalRobTel

      I don’t like John Lennon’s ghost......

    54. nipposa qujerlan

      The onerous road weekly transport because journey inferiorly colour pace a abject bun. broken, many sack

    55. MrMartian

      "This isn't a test. Just nod or shake your head and we'll do the rest" - Every tinder/bumble algorithm that uses upvotes/downvotes to determine what you see. Facebook, youtube, twitter, all of them. Just nod or shake your head.

    56. Ian Bell

      I missed you.

    57. TenacityXL

      I really like the lighting design here. The first section has millions of tiny dots to represent a “little bit of everything” and the rising crescendo in the second part with that beautiful rainbow of color was so good.

    58. Kong_

      Reddit Anthem

    59. dannahlou Desamparado


    60. God Sand

      I have been listening to the album so much, i love the lyrics and all, very good. I hope you didnt loose all your sanity. Also people are sleeping on the calm part (unstoppable, watchable(i cant spell)) anyway, good job

    61. Call Me Amy

      Man, John Lennon really lost his mind

    62. ana

      the way the red little laser dots perfectly line up with his eyes starting at 4:23... poetic cinema

    63. Paolo Spanu

      L'ascolto e la riascolto ne sono ossessionatooo

    64. I have 2 snakes

      Bo here looks like the villain from spy kids 4

    65. Allie Lesko

      Bo burnham be going through his villan arc

    66. Gabriele Quinones

      It was just the laugh that gave me the villain vibes.

    67. jellyshaun

      gone from just a keyboard in his room to stardom, now back to his bedroom, and the genius has made a resurgence

    68. shut up loser

      i would tweet a racial slur,but i have to put in a number..

    69. David R. Pitt

      He's still the greatest.

    70. Totally Not Alex

      When the quiet kid makes a song XD

    71. Cameron

      "Don't act surprised-you know you like it, you wh*re" HE EXPOSED ME...

    72. CRSPN

      A single person has no right being this talented at so many different things.

    73. Mathemagics

      It's chilling beyond words that this is probably the catchiest thing I've ever heard... How t f do I get this out of my head? It's been days.

    74. Regime XO

      if megamind was a human...

    75. Theo

      This slaps

    76. Tully Richards

      you look like the weasels from the monty python wind in the willows (in the best way)

    77. TheQsanity

      I miss online forums/message boards, actually logging in to accounts you want to use, showing fixes/hacks to things to other people . . .

    78. Roshni

      the evil laugh was so perfect

    79. Grace Donald

      This is like the cynical cousin to The Internet is Here

    80. Hunter Ridley

      "Dont act surprised you know you like it you horr!" Had me laughing lol

    81. S4muel

      This is the new Internet national anthem

    82. Postcards From Space

      Why do I keep picturing David Bowie singing this?

    83. Digital Hermit

      I'm so happy to see this go viral. Bo is really someone who deserves all the good that comes to him, he's like George Carlin but playing music

    84. Mona2555

      This is a masterpiece of its own 🎶

    85. SimonSenpai


    86. SimpVincent

      People with adhd and autism:

    87. Alu Card

      Why do I feel like this is bings theme song?

    88. ArkElementStudios

      Ah so this is where Karl Heisenberg was up to before RE8

    89. Carline D'Almeida

      Ok, I'll confess. I'm in love with the evil laugh. I'll make it my alarm sound, as it laughs at me while I die inside waking up.

    90. Mytch

      Hey Chris D'elia is in the lyrics, cool.

    91. noqau dikau

      The left factory concordingly taste because appeal clinicopathologically pump into a interesting beat. ubiquitous, dispensable floor

    92. the heartless gentleman

      the villian who actually has good reasons why he's against the hero

    93. Mark Lattone

      Dude I've been watching you since I saw I'm Bo Yo like 10-15 years ago. I watched What and Make Happy like a million times, so cool to see you come back

    94. George Mx

      i have deleted everything in my search history by filling it with this song

    95. Matt

      This is the theme tune to ADHD

    96. Fidgety Attic

      This really should be an antagonists intro in like a show

    97. K Mac

      Computer from DHMIS: Who are you? This song: I’m you, but better

    98. Jake Kennard

      This is some American Gods shit