Well This Was Very Weird (Juan Edition)

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    1. Cody Renfroe

      5:37 I watched that video but with the song 1000 miles

    2. Alamin Sani

      I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to watch this video by yourself😂😂

    3. Timuras Machno

      How do u call 2 mexicans play basketball its juan on juan

    4. Mathis Strauch

      Is it just me or his laugh is funnier than the actual clips

      1. lil nandx.

        no cap

    5. Abdoulaye Balde

      it is it just me or does he sound like pennywise when he laughs lol i love his videos

    6. chely ಌಌ chanಌ

      The coconut song is literally my anthem. My nephew (age 3) watched with me alot, now if he sees someone fat he's like "he eat too much kokoNut 😱"

    7. DJJ


    8. Julio Jhesua Noblejas Rios


    9. Dillon Carter

      omg i the name juan the name juan is soo funny broski0

    10. Zak Cumming

      From now on I will only buy pringles

    11. Omar Jber

      Who wants giga Juan vs bald “the neek” ksi boxing match?

    12. Lionel Ortuno

      The things you watch... is fucking terrifying brooo

    13. Fsx-777-pilot

      Why is he wearing a Binance crypto hoodie?

    14. metadr0n13

      Yo Ecomi maybe coming to Binance 👀 don’t sleep on it bro Logan already mentioned Ecomi is a wagon m. OMI IS MY HOMIE 🚀🚀🚀

    15. Juan Leon

      Why is my name so famous

    16. Kristofer Saks

      Every minecraft streamer stan: 6:30

    17. John Benedict Nama

      no one: jj pulling off his high pitched laugh my ear with using earphones: ah shit here we go again...

    18. Jay Cee


    19. Username


    20. Cracked-VeX Masambo

      KSI glibt

    21. Rich Smell

      loving crypto? you got a nice hoodie

    22. pixel keith

      Juan 👍

    23. scoops devarona

      JJ as spider man

    24. Hamza Abass

      Just WTF

    25. Saffron Williams

      That’s my ex bfs name , i -

    26. Lucifer忍

      KSI diabetes

    27. Lucas Martinez

      Lid anyone else relies that the first meme with the Simpsons is actually Void in the Tournament Of Power from Dragon Ball Super?

    28. lord Gomez

      This song was on some hatd crack

    29. Dwayne De satge

      you eat the tail casue of the meat in it its delicouse

    30. TheNuttyGamer 123

      The kangaroo, looks more like a wallaby. Wallaby’s are smaller then kangaroos

    31. Ronald Borras

      Mo, WTF!!!!

    32. Ps4 gameplay

      At 5:29 JJ's new album

    33. Gazza Brown

      BROOOOO. SO sheep get a tight ring around there tail so there tail falls of bc there not supposed to have tails

    34. Moi

      Juan 🐴

    35. King Tk

      5:45 man's looked like he was listening to drill

    36. Hala Nahulog

      The coconut/kokonut song brought back memories....

    37. Lax Facts

      this was all just haunting 😖

    38. Juan avila

      My name is Juan LOL

    39. ybn jr


    40. Lean Sali

      0:22 WEEEEEEEEE

    41. Darrel Felix

      I'ma just buy a Pringle now...

    42. SAD WRLD666

      I miss one question go😭

    43. Ghost Club

      Bro i remember watching the pringles advert so long ago and getting terrified

    44. Jack Jolliffe

      Dat Koko fruit song bangs

    45. Not_VZX3

      what’s the music at 1:16

    46. Keelan Taylor


    47. itsflurr DunkinDonut

      5:03 i needed to laug that damn hard- like😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 i am the swogoloog wap,wap wap

    48. smoking cancer sticks in this bitch

      The last one 😭😂

    49. Samu Sir

      Omg this is soo bad...those videos man... Whoever’s made that...please go get your brains checked

    50. fervency


    51. itscream

      "chips s s s s"

    52. im fat


    53. raymond sweeney

      Wtfk have i just watched ?

    54. Chloe

      Going to the store is a classic video!!

    55. Inga Bergler

      5:48 am i being dumb or is that the modern family house

    56. Jalen Venette

      The video after the lil pump beat is an iconic video. There’s a few them. 😂

    57. Dasamwe CODM

      Ksi's lost twin brother 2:10

    58. Juan Menchu

      My names Juan.

    59. Juan Canseco


    60. loganlafs vlogs

      Thats a wallaby not a kangaroo

    61. John's Fishing clip's

      Bro this is a old ass video

    62. Nene2k3

      Bro pronounces Juan better than me, even though that's my name lmaoo

    63. Planning

      Iil pump really fell off

    64. Vishnu

      "I go well that was hAHhHAahAhaAHahaHAHAhAHHAhAhAHHAhA"

    65. Jonathan McConnell

      Let’s just say KSI has mixed feelings about horses.

    66. Ray Mak

      Love your shirt

      1. Pluto

        bro why do you have to comment on every video

      2. P O G G E R B O I

        Dude u again

      3. Ross Geller

        Leave pls

      4. prod. xonthebeat

        No likes lol

    67. SMB Gee

      5:03 what’s that instrumental? like what’s the beat for the dumb kids😂😂😂😂

    68. 한남자TV-건강을 소개하는 남자


      1. Martim Santos

        @F43sh literally ksi video

      2. F43sh

        @Martim Santos it is my video. Tf u on?

      3. Martim Santos

        @F43sh why u sayin thanks aint even ur video muppet😂

      4. F43sh


    69. Monkboy

      whatre all these videos from?

    70. Francisco Gonzalez

      REAccionando a juan?

    71. SHEEESH

      why 6:30 remind me of a running titan 😂

    72. tallulah3

      watching this 🍃 rn so funny

    73. xescx_13 _

      5:51 is so nostalgic reminds me of 2013

      1. Emanuel Balica

        How is it called

    74. Deleth Gaming

      Man the juan Guy is over 9,000

    75. Saumya Deshmukh

      I will never buy pringles after watching that Pringle man's Horror speech

      1. Amir

        Pringles are shit anyway

    76. Aditya Anand

      Lmao Giga juan

    77. I LionMMA I

      “My man ate crime” 😂😂

    78. Cool Vibes

      The coconut song was fire

    79. powum

      Hey can someone link me these videos so I can terrorize my friends with them please

    80. Captain Júan

      Ay thats me 2:40

    81. Chast Lazy

      Cringe level is too much 💀💀

    82. HazySky

      Kokonut song I listen to it too much

    83. XxSkullreaperx

      3:56 sound like the Samsung text ringtone

    84. Andy Chanderpaul

      Pickle Rickkkkkkkk!!

    85. JMG Impetus

      I just lost the will to live watching this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    86. GoFfY ZAckly

      He has to watch surreal entertainment

    87. Kofi Afriyie

      I am never buying pringle's again

    88. Synx Fc

      Jesus Christ loves you

    89. Lewis Davies

      Buy safemoon

    90. RΔΨΣΠ

      The kokonut song is better that Paul's songs lmaoo

    91. Brandon Zhou


    92. Santa Offical


    93. Saeed Ahmed40

      5:29 still better than Jake's music

    94. Tony Hokkanen

      When the lamb was multiplying it was scary and hilarious at the same time 😂

    95. Jayden Sanchez

      The sheep video has me dead 😂😭

    96. COLA Squad

      What I hear: OOOO-LAAA-JBT What I see: JJ ola-tun-ji

    97. 0l4kk

      The Pringle’s one when he said “what the fuck is going on” I lost it

    98. Popsicle

      JJ you didnt watch the whole coconut video I am dissapointed

    99. Rablopx

      Rip my ears at the start lmao

    100. Red Lego Brick

      Waaaa guaaaan my geeeee