What Are You Doing With Your Life? The Tail End

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    Wrapping your mind around your life is pretty hard, because you are up to your neck in it. It's like trying to understand the ocean while learning how to swim. On most days you are busy just keeping your head above water. So it is not easy to figure out what to do with your life and how to spend your time.

    There are a million distractions. Your family, friends and romantic partners, boring work, and exciting projects. Video games to play and books to read. And then there is your couch that somebody needs to lie on. It’s easy to get lost. So let us take a step back and take a look at your life from the outside.

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    1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

      The script was inspired by an old article from my friend Tim Urban, who runs “Wait but Why”, the best blog on the internet, make sure to check it out. waitbutwhy.com It’s so easy to get lost in your daily life: there are so many “urgent” and “annoying” things that you forget that actually every day is special, sort of. And even more so the days we have with friends and family. I know watching a video like this can hit pretty hard. But at least for me, the message it tries to convey does make me actually change my behavior. Reprioritize things. You know. Hope it had a similar effect for some of you. Also, if you want to track how many weeks off your life you have left or get a new perspective on this stuff, we’ve made a few posters you can check out. Getting something from our shop is the best way to support our channel. kgs.link/N3Ksfqvp In any case, call someone you haven’t called in a while today. And thank you for watching. - Philipp

      1. Psycho1416

        This is the most depressing video I've seen in years although it's one of the best ever. So please guys,reply to me,what are you doing with your life?

      2. cyrus jyrell cartoons

        I totally love this channel im a totally fan if this i hope you get more money for your videos I'm a supreme fan of this channel!!!

      3. CC Gaming


      4. GoldenPlayRoblox

        What the heck?? The average kurzgesagt viewer is 25???? I stated watching kurzgesagt when I was 12-13 Jesus I am on a different level.

      5. Kopie

        Cheap trick: start working at the age of 10, get married at 15, retire at 30. More time for you. That's what my grandpa and grandma did. Didn't go to school, just inherited their families businesses, saved money and found love at an early age. They're still alive today, grandpa 59 and grandma 58. They married early because of the civil war in my country, they were afraid they won't be able to survive long, the civil war was just 3 months long lol.

    2. Rgft thg hiitchif Tfbhu

      Thanks for the reminder that one day I will die

    3. Dutch Blades

      Ah yes, animated depression fuel.

    4. tylko

      After watching this video: "I'm actually motivated to do something now." Next day: *laying in bed watching youtube videos all day long*

    5. bcvbb hyui

      "What are you doing with your life?" Playing video games for all of my free time and wanting to die. Thanks for checking in though

      1. bcvbb hyui

        aye bruh what the fuck was this video, why you make me depressed for 8 minutes then give 5 words to motivate me

    6. beatjunkybg

      So I just spent 2 dots on a dumb project for my boss.... Thank you for the depression Kurzgesagt LOL

    7. Lionel Polanski

      The illusionist’s finest trick is to convince you that he doesn’t exist.

    8. Purrfect

      “Huh, I feel like I’ve wasted my life in quarantine. I’m sure Kurzgesagt has a good perspective on this to make me feel better!” Mistakes were made. 😭

    9. Patrick Garcia

      The creepy chard phenotypically rush because tune comparatively untidy behind a wistful lake. picayune, aback raincoat

    10. PERCY

      Thanks for the monthly dose of existential dread.

    11. Nyarlathotep

      Watching this video

    12. VeryElevated

      Video that touches the soul

    13. I’m Ricky 00

      Dread of existence is too much to handle. I wish I was never born.

    14. Pottrr

      Yeah thats a great question Kurzgesagt

    15. Sasha Pokhvalin

      Amazing video! Really puts some things into perspective. I think I'll rewatch it once a month just to stay on track :) Also, any plans for adding Russian subtitles any time soon? Pleeeeaaaase :)

    16. spencer

      I mean. u porbaly need to do stuff u like. but not to much gaming

    17. spencer

      What am i doing with my life: Watsing it with games

    18. Gamer Pro

      Not gonna lie, watching this made me feel more depressed. I know Im too fragile and i dont like it but i cant help it. Chit!

    19. Dynamicks

      This video made me depressed, shouldnt even watch it

    20. Jacq Qulen

      I felt weirdly empty. Hopeless and I feel like running out of time then I watch this video. Summarise everything perfectly.

    21. Kristine

      Oh how I miss the Hippie era. What a boring much too calculated lifestyle this is. Flower Power you can’t calculate in advance is what I am looking for. You still have to wonder how many daysies the garden will have next year 💐✨💐… and of course 🕊🤍🦢.

    22. insight

      aye bruh what the fuck was this video, why you make me depressed for 8 minutes then give 5 words to motivate me

    23. GenericWall

      i never felt so many emotions in this video 😓

    24. Anamika Nath

      I feel strange after watching this because i never thought about living upto 100 or enjoying life fully. I have my expectations about what to do in my future and what not but most of the time i just don't know what i want to do and i actually don't care What I want to do most is probably live according to me so these kinds of thing make me anxious and overthinking a lot

    25. Kenton

      God doesn't play dice.

    26. asdfer - #StopMinecraftMigration

      hey guys i just edited a wikipedia article i just made this world a better place

    27. R Jack


    28. The Dude

      Good to know I'll be working for 2,000 weeks I can make a calander

    29. Antichrys

      I didn't choose to exist. Might as well enjoy it.

    30. Daryl Abarca

      Those calendars are amazing!

    31. 131 Uday Gawande

      Wow .. never noticed how much time I am having and how foolishly I am spending it. But now I will spend it wisely : )

    32. MainDepth

      The most freedom a human has is when they are a child. I wish i more that earlier

    33. Obireh Efetobore

      0:50 my eyes wide open when I hear my age

    34. CSEugene4

      Trying to keep this land rover running for a few more months

    35. HeatRaver

      Well now, I feel a little depressed after watching this video, haha

    36. Nikita Evdokimov

      Reminds how little we are in terms of space and time and how little time we got to enjoy and do so many things that world and nature gives us

    37. ramon plutarque

      Wtf Kurzgesagt

    38. Hellion Shark

      No matter how many weeks you give me up there, 5200, 50200 It doesn't matter - will always be a loser. The longer I live, the more I just want to kill myself and be done with this shit. I've seen what my life has to offer - it's bullshit. Why would I do all this shit - it's all pointless. Whether I die today or tomorrow or 50 years from now, the only difference is I will consume more entertainment media better people than I had created. All I do is live for other people who think they will miss me and see myself as something temporary. So what if I do hobbies, man - It's all I do, I still have no life - If my entire existence was erased, nothing would change for people. All that awaits me is corporate slavery, deterioration of my body and mind, and if I am fortunate death before I am bedridden or can't remember how to wipe my own ass. In the meantime my parents will die, some of my friends maybe, if they haven't abandoned me already, and the overall situation in the world is just gonna get worse. Then it will be my turn - probably with no one to even handle my funeral and with no trace left behind. Maybe a neighbor will find my dead body when it starts stinking too much. But I don't care, cause finally I will be free. Finally, there will be some fucking silence. people are scared of the nothingness of death, but it's so ridiculously tempting for me. I kinda wish I was one of the people covid ended so I wouldn't have to do the work myself. It's not death that scares me, it's how much torture it will be to get there. Fuck life. When I think of my future, I imagine a grandma putting a bullet through her head wishing she did it sooner. Every story needs someone to lose so others can win. It's about time some of us realize we aren't the fucking main character. We are barely even in the fucking movie. Don't throw hobbies my way thinking you can band-aid a sinking boat. Warhammer figures cannot fix a broken brain. Or a broken world. What matters to me? What's the point in even wondering when I am never gonna get more than this shit anyway.

    39. Ygor Souza

      Guys, you got me thinking about how beautiful this whole trip we call life is. I type this with teary eyes and a deep feeling of thankfulness towards your work.

    40. Sookdeo Ramcharan

      25 I am only 9

    41. HaidarGz

      Playing games and I’m happy with that

    42. DJ FreezeRay

      Nobody: The title of this video: *What Are You Doing With Your Life?*

    43. Benny

      Man this hits hard…

    44. Guillaume Belanger

      Man I've waited for a whole month to watch this video because I was anxious that it made me feel depressed. I'm glad I finally did it :) Thank you for the great work

    45. ADI VAI

      please make a video about time...

    46. James Gyoke

      people in third world be like: um, okay?

    47. Trusted Flagger

      god this was super depressing

    48. Luis Carlos Abellan

      10 y/o me tryna figure out how i’m 25

    49. hichem benrezoug

      Please.. Arabic subtitles pleaaseeeeeeeeeee

    50. Leonardo Terra

      There's no words to describe how much I love this channel. It makes me think a lot about life, changing me a lot. Thank you people!

    51. ScentedCandles

      Me: 'hey, that looks like a 40K Space Marine Dreadn-' Kurzgesagt: ' You should probably paint those Warhammer minis, you lazy bugger' Me: 'Please stop the ride, I want to get off'


      Kurzgesagt woke up and chose *reality check*

    53. Michael Vance Bajilar

      Almost everyone here doesn't want to get to the end.. they just wanted it to end.

    54. Fortnite more Like gaynite XD

      Fucking hell......

    55. starkingbiker

      bro i just want to stay in 20s-30s forever...

    56. Thermite / Xenon

      man you're gonna make me cry.

    57. Zach M.

      I’m 18 and know I need to be thinking about and making plans for the future, but I’m struck with so much indecision. There are so many options and sometimes I can’t just make a decision for fear it’s the wrong one. I don’t like looking back and kicking myself for not seizing the opportunities presented to me. Ending up missing an opportunity because I sat idle is an awful feeling. It’s easy to say fuck it and make small decisions easily, but with long term impactful decisions it’s wildly hard to settle on a choice. Life’s short and we’re supposed to take advantage of the time we’re given, but because life’s so short, the choices seem so impactful. I enjoy my life right now but I’m anxious about the future. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue enjoying life regardless of my situation, but I don’t want to have to pay for complacency.

    58. Muhammad Faza Fauzan Chamdany

      My granpa's age is 100 year old and he died when he turn 101 year old

    59. Ahmed Manhy

      It's not true that our death occurs due to some kinda rolling dice.... Where is god,who decides each one's time of death,then. It's not a matter of luck and it's never been like that. I know you may say that it's just probability but it's not, every one has the same probability to die now even the one who is drowning compared to one who is watching this video right now. And thank you😊

      1. Dexter E

        It doesn't matter if the dice is roled by the universe or if it is a decision from god. What matters is the fact that we don't know when we will die.

    60. cryox

      good question

    61. Iceseeker54

      I give this pro-life ad a 10/10

    62. Jarry

      All we need now is the how to find a job video

    63. Upper moon game

      This remind of little brother die in 5 year old

    64. Adrián Gutiérrez.

      You're videos are inspiring and honestly, they make me cry... I mean, this kind of videos hahahaha I really, really enjoy watching them and learning from them. You're job is incredible and I love it, keep up the good work!!!!

    65. Naci Ağuş

      Hey! I'am 10 years old!

    66. Raw Rain

      This was depressing

    67. rft nhj

      The wrong lace startlingly entertain because carpenter customarily rely pro a gamy china. imminent, efficacious donna

    68. Andrew Wessel

      Thanks for giving me fuel to not sleep tonight

    69. Regis Weyne

      Half the way but still kicking!

    70. Violismo e Vandalencia


    71. John Warren

      I put off watching this video for a while… wish me luck.

    72. alekchin

      love the random bassline sound details @8:00

    73. Sassy The Sadsquatch

      I'm celebrating my 21st birthday today. Seems like the perfect time to get a calendar timeline of my life

    74. Sassy The Sadsquatch

      Thanks for the existential crisis Back to work

    75. JustKairos

      still 11

    76. sameh elzoubi

      this makes me wanting to call my dad and mom

    77. Jubead Hussain

      good video but why make me so sad

    78. Marlon Gardrat

      Life is a really complex thing . Some of us seen or did things they theorically shouldn't . Growing up as an adolescent then an adult this make us perceive ourselves differently therefore others and the world. I've felt separated from so called normal people and had to make hard decisions sacrificing important development things to protect myself or others from things we shouldn't see or experience. This applies for a lotof people as one's life cannot really be standardized as events occurs somewhat dice rolled by destiny or whatever we call it. Our choices, our different wah of thi king, our level of awakening and thoughts clarity along o'e's life makes all the difference in the perception of the world the decision making process on an individual, on one's motives. We can also achieve states of consciousness that permit us to take so much distance on our lives that we can assemble others perceptions, compare knowledge, and views about what is life or matter, or universe and its goal. Is there a goal to existence

      1. Marlon Gardrat

        -> is there a goal for existence apart from existing ? Survive ? Persist ? Do, not doing anything, one must decide that is freedom, we are made of stardust and beings of our species gave us limited choices when we can just be ourselves or even better know ourselves, evolving. Evolving may be one of life goals but what needs to be evolved ? Our personal quality of livi g ? Thinking ? Level of consciousness ? Of understanding ? Of respect on other beings and conscious materials ? Maybe my speech is confusing but what I tell you is what you do doesn't define you, nor your identity is not something unmovable, at contrary it's a fluid, life's a fluid, earth is a fluid, universe, energy, thought, matter. It doesn't matter it flows, it shouldn't be given any goal nor fixed definition therefore you don't need anything asuch as you do need everything,. Paradoxs makes life tasty human nature and universe are paradoxs that make the beauty of the thing. Therefore there is no past, no future no regrets. Be yourself trust yourself , learn to recognize beauty in existence and paradox, do whatever you want I could die a second after posting this I'd be okay with it. Be like water my friends

    79. Masi Rey

      Really the twenties sheeesh I’ve been watching since I was like 13 or so an im 17 now bout to be 18

    80. Le Oliver

      “What are you doing with your life?” I saw the title, and to this day I’m not watching it.

      1. Dexter E

        It's really a good video tho

    81. Daniel Garcia

      don’t ✍️ roll✍️dice✍️

    82. iRoxanneLady

      ugh, this is so depressing...

    83. Tinashe Efraim Manamike

      im 16 yrs old

    84. robux man

      Something thats scary to think about is theres a very large chance the universe rolled a critical failure for some people just days or weeks after they watched this video.

    85. Jay Rey

      Depression....just....hit 😕

    86. Alparslan Korkmaz

      Nice video

    87. Fistbumpbros

      thanks for instant depression.

    88. Nikeel A.W


    89. Guan Wiekent

      Average kurzgesagt viewer 25 years old Me being 12 years old

    90. dolita windo

      those videos are going well, I just wanted to share some love

    91. Venugopal p s

      I'm happy to know that these kinda videos are also out there that many don't know, this was such a blissfully thought which made my heart soo happy

      1. dolita windo

        Why did you call me useless? Dont judge someone by age bud.

    92. Alejandro Dejan

      To sum it all up: Student (more time, more energy, less money) Working adult (more money, more energy, less time) Senior year (more money, more time, less energy)

    93. Erhan Findik

      This was pretty depressing and overwhelming. I have already been struggling to live my life. Although I know that some day I am going to do something or see someone for the last time, hearing this from this video made me feel like fuck "life", what's the point !

    94. ayak oyunda

      I’m 13 years old and I watch you👍🏻

    95. wordsliketeeth

      Is there a way to read this whole thing? Instead of listenin to it

    96. kanimo24

      It didnt used to be this way tho. People used to live in tight knit communities with their parents, siblings and friends for their entire lives before industrialization, which was both a blessing and a huge curse for humanity

    97. Jake OZ

      I should call her....

    98. loveyaou

      Vodka Toska made my day :D

    99. Lives stormbreaker

      I hope kurzgesagt never dies as a channel, idk what I’d do without their content