What Drive To Survive Didn't Tell You

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    In this video we're going to dive deep on what Drive To Survive didn't tell you about Formula 1 & how Season 2 failed to explain crucial elements so we can bridge the gap for new F1 fans. Subscribe so I can keep making you F1 videos: bit.ly/CYF1Sub
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    Artful Thief by Kadir Demir: 0:00
    Duda by Ian Post: 1:07
    Fallen by Kevin Graham: 4:06
    Lemonade by Shriker Big Band: 7:32
    Downstream by Muted: 10:27
    Children of Mystery by Alon: 13:50
    Selfish by Theevs: 15:56
    Hit the Road by Veshza: 18:49
    Freedom by rex banner: 21:28
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    Lack of chronological order: 1:04
    Battles & Rivalries:16:46
    Team culture & drama: 7:33
    Regular viewer but Haven’t subscribed yet? Refer to 8:33 (not but really subscribe so I can defeat bs content claims)
    Why team orders were banned: 10:44
    Sorry Buxton but I couldn’t let it go: 13:51
    Battles & Rivalries:15:44
    The (LACK OF) Racing: 18:42
    Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. There are certain scenes from the Formula 1 calendar where race footage is used. All those rights are property of FOM. Other photos and news elements are used solely for the purpose of assisting the original content illuminate a more in depth story.

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    1. CYMotorsport

      WHAT ARE YOUR TOP 3 MOMENTS YOU’D INCLUDE IN D2S SEASON 3? Share this video & help grow this sport if you think it was interesting: bit.ly/Drive2Survive & subscribe if you think I did a good job: bit.ly/CYF1Sub it helps me beat suppression and claims. Time stamps below: Lack of chronological order: 1:04 Battles & Rivalries:16:46 Team culture & drama: 7:33 Regular viewer but Haven’t subscribed yet? Refer to 8:33 (not but really subscribe so I can defeat bs content claims) Why team orders were banned: 10:44 Sorry Buxton but I couldn’t let it go: 13:51 Battles & Rivalries:15:44 The (LACK OF) Racing: 18:42

      1. Philippe Michel Vidori

        for being a long time fan ( from the first GP in Mosport 73 ), the races are boring with Mercedes winning all the time ). The only thing that counts are the budget and politics . It's sad

      2. MrSurferjer

        S3 I loved the Gasly episode as well as the focus on McClaren and of course the whole show covering Grossjean's accident.

      3. Nico C.

        I would DEFINTELY include the Politics and power plays associated with F1, and the predominant factor, the Psychological warfare that is becoming more rampant as the globalization continues. Full stop.

      4. Ahmed Schulz


      5. dt

        what happened to Paddy Lowe? Where is he now?

    2. Javier Hernandez

      The one and only thing that brought me into F1 until the point a became addicted to it, is the one and only Kimi Raikkonen! LOL! And i proud of that.

    3. Alexi St Denis

      DTS has been a good way to draw North Americans (including me) into F1 because its not popular here and it gave me a great overview of who drivers are. However actually learning about the sport kept me hooked and gave me a new respect for F1

    4. Francisco Leiva

      "Drive to survive" is great in my opinion. F1 never draw my attention before. A while ago I saw the trailer of the 3rd season in trending, I watched it, then decided to see one episide (with very low expectations and was prepare to stop at 10 -15 min if I didn't liked it). The result: I couldn't stop watching it. I can tell that is a lot of the F1 world that is left behind, but I understand their limits. They managed to get "me", a not motorsport fan, exited about it. The mentality of high performance, high risk and maximum competitiveness attracted me so much.

      1. CYMotorsport

        I think as a formula 1 channel many people took this video to be critiques but they aren’t. Everything you said is spot on. This video and the next one is meant to supplement the show. You’re correct they have limitations and also need to play things up. Sports is theatre. And for the most part, everything you got was accurate and then some. The stakes feel higher live

    5. CaptnSeven

      I took each episode as what I feel like it was supposed to be, a vignette, and not a comment on the teams seasons as a whole. I thought it was well done, and now I'm in to Formula 1 :)

      1. CYMotorsport

        That’s exactly how it should have been taken!

    6. Nelson Senten

      I agree with almlst everything. Verstappen is overrated and there because of his name. He causes accidents without getting penalties, austria when he pushed leclerc off the track and won. If something is wrong, it's always the cars fault. Half the time he doesnt get top 3. Is he good yes but not the fucking chosen one that everyone thinks. Spoiled, overrated, immature kid. He isn't a team player either. Sorry but im not up his ass like everyone. I love F1 or the sport at least. But with them being political and shoving it in our faces, I lost interest. Over it.

      1. CYMotorsport

        His name? His father was a perennial backmarker. He was a karting prodigy. He’s there bc he beat sainz and everyone in his path. He had a bad spell. That’s 100% true. But he’s corrected it. Leclerc has had a similar string of bad runs and poor choices. If you like the sport as much as you say, then do it the honor it deserves and atleast look at the data objectively. I don’t get why time after time you guys keep thinking you have to think these guys are nice or pleasant. I don’t give two shits about a single driver personally bc I don’t know them and have a job to do. Leclerc drives poorly and is very unsafe when pressured. Doesn’t mean he’s not quick as hell. Idk why you think max isn’t a team player or what concrete evidence you have to prove it or why you think f1 is a team sport . It isn’t. Teams are formed and they carry the most weight but team sports require team work. Literally in f1 it’s your rival on your team. So not sure your angle, but you can hate max and understand why he wins. He’s fucking quick haha they all are. They all do bad stuff occasionally. But they do what we cant. And that’s why we watch them. Racing cars on the limit of what is humanely possible. Idk about you, but a simple little gripe, with all due respect, throwing a fit about something shouldn’t change how incredible this sport is. If it does, look In the mirror for the problem

    7. Edwin

      As an MMA-fan I quite often find myself annoyed with the (always new) fans of the sport who are only into fighters like Conor McGregor or other loudmouth idiots. These are the exact same fans who would sigh when a fight goes to the floor as it's "boring" to watch grappling, and think celeberty fights are a good idea. As someone who only recently got into F1, and all because Drive to Survive, i realize i'm that guy in this world. Sorry 'bout that.

    8. Jeremy Poitras

      TOPIC REQUEST: How has restarting the car changed over the years? They seem to start it in the garage and pit lane with that giant plunger, but sometimes it seems like the drivers can restart the cars themselves like Perez in Bahrain 2021.

    9. Calugar Andrei

      Man, I don't think Drive to survive was perfect. But I think I can speak for others as well, I wasn't an F1 fan until I saw the Netflix series. It introduced me to the world of F1. Now I'm getting updates from youtube channels like yours, flow the news watch the races. I'm totally into it!

    10. vanidar21

      you see, I dont actually care about how accurate DTS is, and noone should. All I care about is that the story is good and compelling, literally all the rest can be learned later.

    11. Bensley Drake

      Good presentation maybe next time just focus on your content instead of all the negative energy shading Netflix

    12. Fox 2

      This is a great video. I've watched about a half dozen of your videos so far and just subscribed to your channel. I have always been interested in F1 and have casually watched races from time to time over the years. And I generally had no idea really what was going on. I never really got into it as an American, primarily because race times were always early in the morning. Drive To Survive really sparked a much greater interest in the sport for me and I've really sunk my teeth into more as I try to learn the nuances and what makes it so unique and special. I'm a hardcore hockey fan and know insane amounts about that sport, and I know it can be frustrating for hardcore fans to welcome in new fans that come along after something like a show or a movie popularizes it, but it's great to see videos like this and others trying to help us stand on our own two feet so to speak haha. Cheers!

    13. George Chiramal Davis

      Glad you weren't incharge of making Drive to survive. There's a lot more to a show than presenting of facts in a chronological order. Especially when it is targeted at a fresh audience. You sound like a Harry Potter fan complaining about the movie.

    14. Data Dog

      Great video. A lot will be obvious to long time fans, but the fact that you clear these things up for the many people who think that all media is 100% accurate is really great to see. Thank you.

      1. CYMotorsport

        Thanks for the note Data dog glad you enjoyed!

    15. Christian Blackmun

      I only really noticed the weird stuff when they dedicated a whole episode to the rift between Sainz and Norris and how betrayed mclaren felt... 4 episodes after ricciardo announced he was signing with mclaren. Made it seem really pointless.

    16. Razeluxe 13

      DTS is for the new fans, we old fans knew the truth of all the weekends. Such as Lando and Carlos have no rivalry, they both just like little bro and big bro. Or max was depicted as a bad guy, in truth he is not a bad guy, he loves F1 more than any drivers on the grid, so much talent inside that man So yeah it is good for the new fans. While the old fans is just "meh" to the show.

    17. AECaniff

      After having nothing else to watch I decided to check out DTS and was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. I’ve talked to friends about it and they have now started watching BUT they said they likely wouldn’t watch a race. With most races being in Europe or beyond, the time difference makes it difficult for people in the USA to watch on a Sunday morning when most would like to sleep in or attend church. Austin is the one exception and with Miami 2022 being announced it should help grow the sport even more here in the states.

    18. Scott Hall

      If formula 1 didnt always worry about finding the smallest technicality to disqualify someone I would have liked it

    19. Sergio M


    20. Muhammad Ali

      I didn't know much or cared about F1 racing for 22 years. After watching the show on Netflix, I'm a F1 race fan now! My fav drivers - Danial Ricardo, Lewis Hamilton,

    21. Amanda G.

      Loved this breakdown. I look forward to more vids when the new season is released.

    22. Anuraag Tiwari

      The documentary made choices for narrative simplicity, and being approachable for a wide audience, most of whom have probably never seen a formula one race before. So they chose the human element, relationships, over the wizardry and technology bit. And did a superb job of it, while being a bit mercenary about sometimes choosing or even manufacturing drama over the truth. But then again, all good documentaries do that, they make editorial choices and have an opinion. When you watch the series, it does not lack for dramatic power, narrative detail, so there's really no argument to be made that more information (about chronology, race rules, car technology, etc.) could have been included. This video misses the point entirely that the filmmakers had to make choices, and made their choices carefully for increased entertainment value and approachability. The series is not aimed at diehard F1 fans who already know most of what the series covers.

      1. CYMotorsport

        I make films. And write on racing films currently in production as we speak. It’s why I said everything you said in the video. Filmmakers have to accept they are battling viewers attention span. My sin is not diluting that as I like to ask a lot of the audience. But I literally say all of those things. It sounds as if you drifted by the end. Also you wildly misunderstood the purpose. It’s not meant to critique. It’s meant to supplement. But I don’t apologize for that as I made it vividly clear

    23. Carlos Davila

      the haas team is simple, you just lose and don’t smack Guenther’s door.

      1. CYMotorsport

        Def no fuck smashing

    24. Spencer Belnap

      I'm another one of those who came because of DTS. There's a lot of things that the show doesn't explain that frustrated me as a new fan. For example: they didn't explain why the Pink Mercedes was such a big deal. I mean, cars look the same until you start to be told how they are different, and the show never explained the differences.

    25. Michael Lenoch

      Your enunciation of Ts is so odd (i.e. your pronunciation of "scrutineering" or "Vettel").

      1. CYMotorsport

        I take you’re an American? Yeah I get this a lot. I tried explaining to the global audience but we don’t pronounce t’s that hard. It’s technically correct but just odd to hear I know

    26. Danny Ralph

      I’ve been a casual fan of F1 since forever but have recently been much more interested in it. Have to say that Liberty’s stewardship of the sport has been impeccable in terms of increasing engagement. I honestly never knew that Americans were remotely interested in it, what with Indy racing and NASCAR. Can an Americans tell me why they like it so much, or prefer it over your own motorsport? In the UK at least, the perception is that Americans are only really interested in sports that they invented; baseball, American football, basketball etc.

      1. CYMotorsport

        Wel I’m American so there ya go. I like it for reasons non Americans like it. No different just lower odds an American would be exposed

    27. Fusco

      Why’d he say Niki lauda like that ?

      1. CYMotorsport

        Like what

    28. Ryan Lohman

      Dude, you've got this. Your delivery needs work but your writing and presentation is spot on. The first 3 min is captivating. Bravo if you ever read this.

      1. CYMotorsport

        I read most and respond to what I can. What specifically needs work? There’s some limitations. But always room to become aware of something I don’t know about to improve of course

    29. Simple Simon

      As a new F1 fan I really appreciate this video. I would have preferred it if D2S had told the stories in chronological order but at least now I can now check out Drive2Survive knowing that there will be some indulgences made with regards to facts and motivations. I have gladly hit the Like button and Subscribed for more. Looking forward to more great videos.

      1. CYMotorsport

        Video after next will be season 3!

    30. N O Videos

      The lack of timeline and jumping around was soo annoying! It was always wait oh yeah we're at the beginning of the season, wait was t that race later on? Very poor and biggest con to the show.

    31. Andrew Robbins

      The chronological order was weird and I dont even follow F1 lol. They showed the same Charles Leclerc wreck like 4-5 times

    32. jaykar100

      Can you do things to look out for with regards to upcoming races (news,drama,rules changes,driver position updates ) things in that general range ... love the vid DTS brought me here 😁

    33. Howard Lloyd

      I'm here because of Tom Segura. And I live in St. Pete Florida where the circuit comes every year.

    34. Nathan Gee

      Dude you have an American accent why’re you saying Grand Prix like a brit but can’t pronounce Villeneuve

    35. A C

      Please explain why you pronounce 2021 as “twonty twonty one” sometimes and other times as twenty 😂

    36. Hec Cort

      The intro is the best !!!

    37. Golesedi Weno

      I thought you are Valterri Bottas😂😂

    38. theeprincess

      Great information ❤️this channel.

    39. Michael Roberts

      Lowe did not invent active suspension Lotus did however with out Lowe’s programming skills Williams would have been way behind in the active game. Any mechanical engineer can design the mechanical hardware that the software requires. It’s the software engineer that has to figure you are going to need 15 sensors here 20 here some pedo tubes here and then make them all work together like a finely conducted orchestra and that is what Lowe did for Williams.

    40. Jason Ives

      CY your videos are great! It was Netflix series that got me into it. Now I am finding excellent videos such as yours to learn more about this sport. I love your balanced approach and honesty. Thanks again for doing these

    41. Alex Marti

      If they put all that shit you said jn the episodes, each episode would be 2 hours long you idiot , before talking shit go to film school

    42. Ayush dhar

      Umm..please explain how such a small capacity engine produces so much power!! And 1 advice..please try to smile a lil..you are not Batman!!! And please explajn the technical (How engine works) aspects as well in F1!!

    43. Nyx

      I felt like the lack of chronological order definitely made it difficult to understand how the seasons went in general, but the impression I got was that dts was trying to tell stories about each driver, to varying extents. They'd usually do a whole episode on someone like pierre gasly (and someone else) and his promotion followed by his demotion from red bull, and then go into how why he had something to prove after. I feel like this made it more engaging as a very new fan that got into it from dts...but having said that they even skip from driver story to driver story throughout the season and that was kinda dumb. Dts isnt an honest documentary or anything, but it got me interested in the sport and I'm glad it exists. Great video!

    44. Prajwal Gautam

      why do you look like Russel Wilson?

    45. Zulfiqaar Khan

      Drive to survive is about the entertainment level of F1. It's not about the technical aspect of F1. It's an excellent series, made to keep you ENTERTAINED...I've been watching F1 since 1991…and sometimes you need a series like drive to survive to get those excitement juices flowing again. But I guess we are all entitled to our own opinion...

    46. Just Moi

      bottas twin?

    47. James Matthew

      Can you talk about DRS? New to the sport. Thanks

    48. Alexander Zoubul

      Just imagine how different f1 would be if it had a “draft” like the NFL or NBA every season there would be new drivers or driver swaps and possibly more action as a result, I doubt it could be possible with the amount of drivers we have in market, but if there was a more populated driver market/team market, we could have a much more interesting sport on our hands. Just an idea

      1. J Szymanski

        There isn’t a draft per se but there is without a doubt tons of scouting of guys in junior circuits who eventually catch the eyes of the teams and are usually brought up through the different levels. IE Hamilton-McLaren, Ricciardo-Red Bull, LeClerc-Ferrari. It would probably be best compared to the MLB and their farm system, but without an actual draft.

    49. Jonathon Lazenby

      If it wasn’t for drive to survive I would of never learnt about this sport or followed now I’m addicted to everything. It’s fundamentally differentfrom every sport with no cap space and the teammate dynamic

    50. Jhonny Garcia

      Thanks for all your homework🙏🙏👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    51. Genesis Alexander

      As a former a

    52. Stephen solano

      The chronological order would take away from the opportunity to get the perspective of all drivers.

    53. William Patterson

      Changing public narrative always makes me mad. WWE always try to "rewrite their history" but people don't forget.

    54. Punchzax Can

      please do review for DTS season 3 :)

    55. D G

      New fan because of this show

    56. Jesse Seymour

      I just wish it was easier to follow. I live in the US, no idea where to watch these races.

      1. rod w

        Watch espn or pay the 80 bucks for f1 TV year subscription

    57. Tsvetelin

      Your content is amazing bro! One of the few channels that has videos worth watching more than ones! That's also because sometimes you just have too much to say but keep in mind that new F1 fans like me are having really hard times following you... This is my 2nd season of watching F1 and yes I've watched all the Netflix episodes and I think that's what brought me finally to the sport even though I've always liked and respected it.

    58. Niinji Music

      Why is the guy whispering

    59. J.A. Brown

      Your channel is great. I especially appreciate that you're an American guy, who seems to be steeped in a NASCAR tradition, and yet you really admire F1. Very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of it as well. Great stuff, keep it up! You also look a little bit like Bubba Wallace, I think :)

      1. CYMotorsport

        Well we’re both brown haha but glad you like the video and channel mate here’s to many more

    60. Adam M

      So they did cover the "power unit" thing with Ferrari in season 3. Netflix wa s not allowed to talk about it in season 2 filming and during edits cause ruling wasn't done yet. And so dude didn't invent that suspension he just created the thing that got it onto the car...straight nitpicking. Also Netflix made it very clear HASS was a mid-tear team throughout the show and didn't make thier team leader look incompetent with the storytelling, it was clear the car had issues. Same with the drivers, it was clear the HASS cars were ehhhh BUT drivers were irresponsible and reckless the way they crashed into one another. I knew nothing about F1, now watched all 3 seasons, bought the xbox game and am a new fan. Don't worry the series is doing your fav sport justice. The game is amazing too

      1. Adam M

        @CYMotorsport so clearly you didn't even read what I wrote....smh. no1 attacked you. Lol. Bro your a bit defensive acting all nuts. All I said was they didn't make Hass team leader look incompetent, u said netflix did. U also said Netflix tried to make it look like the drivers didn't belong and I disagreed and said they were irresponsible when they pushed 2 hard n crashed into one another....wtf are u taking about? And to say I'm the 1 desperate for something to argue about when ur literally the 1 making videos nitpicking at the tiniest shit is absurd. All I did was disagree with your opinion in a nice way and u lambasted me to the point of almost calling me an idiot...unsub, peace out. No1 is right or wrong when it your opinion on how u felt the storytelling was portrayed, thats subjective based on how you as a person read into it. Don't disagree with this know it all folks.

      2. CYMotorsport

        What are you on about? I like the show...? I said it’s good for the sport haha. 1. Listen a bit more closely. I stated they didn’t talk About the technical directives. Those were not out of bounds. They are public. It’s clear why they didn’t talk about it but “not allowed” wasn’t the reason. That’s not nit picking. You’re just desperate for something to argue about. If you’re genuinely saying a car that rolls back it’s power unit and drops dramatically on pace is an important storyline is nit picking, you’re delusional. Other than that, I didn’t have any other conclusion. The objective was to update people. I’ve made a 30 minute video on the investigation so not sure what the problem is here. Also don’t know what you’re talking about with the drivers. You’re complaining about something you claim I said about the team meanwhile out the other side of your mouth you attack the drivers? Let’s be fair here. The show is absolutely doing the sport justice. It’s one of the best things that has happened to f1. I suggest you get your facts straight before sounding off in such a negative way especially when it’s so clearly opposite to my position. Welcome to the sport. Unsolicited advice: to have effective conversations, you should consider listening to the details, asking questions, being open minded etc. going at someone like that especially when you’re wrong isn’t going to help you acclimate. This sport can be brutal and while I’m being firm here to reciprocate your energy as to snap you out of it, I’m always here tor any question you have and would never take something personally. But that’s not always the case in this community so genuinely, if I may, don’t open conversations like that. I’m happy to listen to you mate but it’s one thing when you’re being off putting but another entirely when you’re just wrong. We agree tho this is a wonderful show that pushes this sport forward

    61. Jorge Berruete

      If I ever get a flat tire My head: BOX BOX BOX.... BOX BOX BOX

    62. Daniel Torres Saenz

      The point of DTS is not to understand how the season went and how things changed. If that’s what you’re looking for, watch the races on sundays or highlights on FIblock.

    63. BertSesh

      This new season too 🤦‍♂️. They fakes Landos being angry at carlos for turning on him. The actual radio clip was taken from the 2020 season

      1. CYMotorsport

        This one might be the biggest misalignment the show had. I found it a bit uncomfortable. I’ve addressed it in the next video don’t worry! Good catch tho I couldn’t agree more

    64. Uncle B

      "A trail of bread crumbs can make mountains after a while." Wha...???

      1. Uncle B

        @CYMotorsport maybe where you're from. But regardless of its commonality, it makes no sense. A trail of crumbs couldn't make a mountain. A trail, by definition, would not ever be stacked.

      2. CYMotorsport

        Common phrase

    65. Piete Koo

      I followed f1 since the years of Fittipaldi, Kiki Rosberg, Lauda wtc. The one thing hat Drive to survive taught me is, drivers is not the untouchable, begin all, end all. They are like children in front of the bosses. Also scared most of the time about retaining their seats.

    66. J.Miguel cardinali sampaio

      I have to say that this is on of the best analisys about what is the real world of f1 that I ever saw in my live as f1 fan. Thank you, and keep up the great work. I wish you the best of good luck for your channel, nowing that this great work as nothing to have with good luck, but a great love and competence that you certainly have for the sport. Thank you!

    67. FreekShow

      Great quality video making here

    68. Daniel

      I came here to find out what DTS didn’t tell me. I left with 0/10 in unnecessary opinions.

      1. Daniel

        @CYMotorsport look man, I was expecting more behind the scenes stuff, untold drama, idk even some cool technical details. I didn't need to hear how the show could've been better for 20 minutes or your ratings for the show. Kind of like how you don't really need me rating/whining on your video... so i guess we are even?

      2. CYMotorsport

        By definition what you admittedly came for is an opinion. So whining about getting some probably isn’t the most logical thing you could do haha

    69. HubbzZ

      Love the channel but honestly who cares dude. They're making a TV show not a documentary. It's bringing new eyes to the sport who otherwise would never ever watch or even care to look into it no matter what F1 did. The ratings are up, your subs are up and the sport is more talked about than ever. Netflix is 10x the entity F1 is and they chose to shine a light on a sport many people couldn't differentiate from Nascar or any other motorsport before. If they take some narrative leaps at times, so be it.

      1. CYMotorsport

        So you stopped the video ? haha it’s not like I say all those things or anything...

    70. King Drew XI

      F1 doesn't get any buzz in the US and I think the Netflix exposure really helps get our eyes on it! Im hooked now

    71. 86Caliente_

      I will be going to my 1st F1 race this year, due to this great show!

    72. Zion Brink

      As someone who only started to care about F1 after DTS i didnt actually get the impression that haas wasnt managed well. I just thought they were underfunded with an impatient team owner.

    73. Tango Nevada

      I think it's simple. If you were already an F1 fan D2S was fun but you saw it for what it was. If you weren't already an F1 Fan it quite possibly turned you into one. Which means - Mission Accomplished.

      1. CYMotorsport


    74. ilhan halil seyhan

      Who is Kadir Demir ?

    75. DRGH DRGH

      As someone who has been to a race (and sat in a decent seat), I'd rather watch it online/on TV. Haha Production is better and not so loud!! Omg. Those cars really fly by. The only thing I am excited for is being able to do the fan meet and greets and seeing sponsors' activities and of course running on the track to the podium!!

    76. EAG_SB11

      When I was a Kid I used to watch F1 on CBC or the ABCs wild world of sports. Howeve, I did fall away from it for years and years. Drive to survive re-ignited the fuse so to speak.

    77. humlakullen

      Awesome tutorial... Thanks a bunch!

    78. Kyle Pointer

      I love your videos and you've earned a new subscriber. But, bro....what is on your face? You have the weirdest mustache I have ever seen. Just sayin'...

      1. CYMotorsport

        You’re welcome

    79. Gabriel Pramana

      Love how he gave links out a lot of other content that new F1 fans can look into. I was always interested in cars since I was a kid and watched some F1 vids occasionally, but Drive to Survive really pulled me all the way in. The Grand Tour episode on Jim Clark also helped, saw it right before Drive to Survive came out.

    80. Jig Jagz

      Hey guys if you’re a fan of F1 you really should watch ‘Origins of the Silver Arrow War’ & ‘The Silver Arrow War’ on FIblock. In that order. Amazing! I’ve been watching F1 for decades and it’s 2 of the best videos/documentaries I’ve ever seen. They focus on the WAR between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg who were both driving for Mercedes at the time. INSANE

      1. CYMotorsport

        Haha it’s all good I don’t view f1 channels as competition ever and have talked with floz numerous times so recommend away :)

      2. Jig Jagz

        @CYMotorsport Sorry brother I didn’t even think about that. I was just super excited to see so many new fans that were super excited and wanted them to become even bigger fans lol. Hopefully a new sub will make up for it brother. Cheers and thanks for your amazing content.

      3. CYMotorsport

        bold pitch on someone else's channel haha but luckily I really like Floz's channel so of course everyone should go watch. but I'm sure everyone has seen it

    81. Jean Donald Georges

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    82. Ярослав Ковальчук

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    83. Юля Мельник

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      1. CYMotorsport

        thanks for the reminder. I do need to do this

    84. Dark Lord

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    85. ian s

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      1. CYMotorsport

        Season 3 review coming soon!

    86. Marcel

      Watching D2S Season 3 with the wife right now. I've been watching FIblock videos on F1 for the past few weeks - it's really great. I think it's important not to gatekeep, and to realize that a show like D2S - while not the kind of show a long term fan might fully enjoy - does a great job of brining new fans to the sport. I think you did a great job in this video. D2S is such a big thing that nearly every comment section of every F1 video will mention it - and while there is some gatekeeping, I would say it's been mostly positive. My only qualm (not really) with D2S is that I want every driver and every team to do well. They do such a great job with the human aspect of racing and competing at such a high level. You feel like everyone is an underdog and you want them all to succeed. They have 38 minutes per episode to tell a story, and maybe they only have a budget for the 10 episodes - so I don't see how they could even fit 21 races in chronological order in that amount of time. Overall though, I think I'm a new fan to your channel!

      1. CYMotorsport

        Season 3 in the works now!

    87. mitch cieslak

      Netflix makes the political aspect of the sport pretty obvious. And for the purpose of not doing the races in chronological order, they do an episode on a certain driver, or maybe a team as a whole. Every episode is like watching the highlights of a race, but with the dramatic extremes of the sport.

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    90. RAZR MeowMix

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      1. CYMotorsport

        That’s legal. They got clipped for the brakes which technically also was legal. Was just listed this year. Plenty of teams throughout history have copied cars. Being in the era of customers cars makes it that much simpler an ordeal

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      1. CYMotorsport

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      1. CYMotorsport

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    93. Mikka

      90% what you say is bullshit. Netflix is doing a great job, much better job than anybody else with a camera on the trackside for the last 30 years. I am following F1 closely since 1986 and I know much more about the F1 world since "Drive to survive" than ever before. Nobody was showing a driver before a race or contemplating mistakes made on the track right beside the track..or entered a home and training sessions of a driver.. When you watching this documentary you don't care which lap 76 or 78 the arrogant little brat Verstappen tried to overtake..that is not the point or the story..what you want is the behind the scenes like when Verstappen fucked up his Monaco GP because he is a prick and was sulking and envious to the bitter end when Ricciardo showed class, talent and maturity to win with a stricken car. I am waiting for the new series made on the last season more now than the first race of the new year.. That in itself tells how good the Netflix series about F1.

    94. Kevin Schart

      I didn't watch the whole video. But it sounds like you're missing the point of the series. It's #1 job is not to satsify die hard fans who already understand the nuance of the sport. Or to serve as a chronicle of the entire season without time jumps. The show exists for 1 reason. PROFITS. PROFITS from selling the show to Netflix and PROFITS from all the new fans that are being generated. I am one of the new fans who has become completely consumed by this sport. I will be spending money with the sport. Merchandise, ticket sales etc. I am already voting with my eyeballs by watching on netflix. I appreciate the filler information, but it doesn't really matter. I learn about old seasons of the NBA simply by watching sport talk media and doing my own research.

      1. CYMotorsport

        haha I appreciate your honesty bc that was the point so it's obvious you didn't finish the video but glad you are digging in! great choice haha so much to the sport always something new i'm learning

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    98. camilo8cheryl

      When will they make series for MotoGp? Those brave souls that ride gp bikes

    99. Noiru82

      Seems so nitpicky. It's like criticizing an amazing movie because it doesn't cover something as informative and accurate as a documentary can. If anything, DTS generated interest because they were able to create layman drama for everyone rather than technical and political drama that many feel possibly too esoteric to relate or find interesting.

      1. CYMotorsport

        I would agree. I think if I said that again in this video people would hate me for repeating myself haha

    100. Parker Butikofer

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