What I REALLY Think of the iPhone!

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    Thoughts on a few months/years with the latest iPhone
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    iPhone 12 Review: fiblock.info/face/videot/i2qVZ3tkYmiUXoY.html
    iPhone 12 Pro Review: fiblock.info/face/videot/mJB8k3qmlXStpmU.html
    iPhone 12 Mini Review: fiblock.info/face/videot/jKGtmWWThIKZoGU.html
    iPhone 12 Pro Max Review: fiblock.info/face/videot/pKutd4SZdqDPhaw.html
    On an iPhone with No Ports: fiblock.info/face/videot/hJ-gmZpkl4_Ok2k.html
    JerryRigEverything Durability test: fiblock.info/face/videot/f4lppKiFf2Pbomk.html
    Galaxy S21 is the only Android that doesn't suck at Snapchat: www.androidpolice.com/2021/02/22/the-galaxy-s21-is-the-only-android-phone-that-doesnt-suck-at-snapchat/
    Belkin Magsafe car mount: www.belkin.com/us/p/P-WIC002/
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    iOS 14's New Features: fiblock.info/face/videot/jYWseK5zdKiqd2U.html
    iOS 14 Widgets/Homescreen: fiblock.info/face/videot/loFpaoSJiZzYh3o.html
    Widgets poll: MKBHD/status/1364940776107438080
    The Apple Ecosystem: Explained! fiblock.info/face/videot/fntnk497gnWap6Q.html
    5G Explained: fiblock.info/face/videot/knyHiauRZJjUZ44.html
    iPhone "Gates" Explained: fiblock.info/face/videot/oZ2jnJGcp2azh4I.html
    0:00 Intro
    3:57 Design
    10:48 The Screen
    18:07 Cameras
    26:43 MagSafe
    30:02 Battery
    32:09 The iPhone
    37:03 5G JUST Got Real?
    40:36 GATES
    45:28 Conclusion
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    1. chirag kapoor

      loved it!

    2. Larry Oberly

      I plan to buy an iphone 12 Pro so I watched the whole video to learn about whether it was worth it.

    3. ProBoy1

      My I-phone 12 SUCKS ! ! Want my 11 BACK !

    4. Pezzapoo Hobby Shizz

      Great vid thx

    5. Veder Georgiev

      No No Normal people see the display the NOGE ,BUT ONLY IDIOTS BY APPLE. And don't forget Pixel is best think for apple .All amazing software don't go to everybody.

    6. dolomiten

      I really enjoyed the long format. I know it’s a freakin lot of work, but I’d like to see more of this.

    7. Ninja Dad

      when will it be the "the most slowest, weakest iPhone yet" ? is the statement used meant to be the only one any company should be doing?... unless they go for "cheapest" and "eco friendly"

    8. Evann Av

      amazing type of video thx !!

    9. Board Mustang

      LMAO @ "Stovetop" 😆 😆 😆

    10. Nowe Hadi

      Odissee - You Grew Up

    11. Radu Gheorghe

      My question about your 5G test is, what the hell were you doing in Windsor, Conn? 😂😂😂

    12. Com Praveen Praveen

      Can you give me this phone plz sir

    13. Unbr3akable

      My problem with iPhones is 1. the low and diminishing battery life (so ppl buy phones more frequently) 2. the outdated bolt chargers (so people need a separate charger) when every phone and MAC have switched to USB-C

    14. Paul Harrison

      My last phone was an iPhone 7. This week I replaced it with a lovely brand new Motorola One Vison Android One phone for £99. It is much better than my iPhone 7

    15. DonJuanDeLaVerga

      No doubt Apple is expensive… they got me with the iPod Nano that still works today. Since 2009 every “s” iPhone, then 8, Xs, 11 Pro Max , MacBook, Apple TV , HomePods, Beats X , IPads Pros ….  is a beautiful world.

    16. Brandon Smith

      Where you get your wallpaper bro .? For the iPhone lol

    17. koon chai


    18. CuriouSteve

      My Pixel Slate literally froze so I've been watching MB for a couple hrs and touch was non existent.... It finally unfroze by simply rotating the screen though

    19. Harold Lladoc

      I've been wanting to watch this video from start to finish because I am really interested with the iPhone 12. Finally today, I was able to do that, and thank you for your great efforts! I highly recommend that you do this lengthy video on techs only when you really enjoy doing it, so that the quality is not compromised. I enjoyed watching this video because I can feel the passion, through the effort that you've exerted putting this massive video together. Keep up the good work Marquez (@MKBHD) and congratulations on the 14M subs!!! You deserve it! 👏👏👏

    20. Бојан Јовановски

      A review of only positive and prioritising stuff? I think that’s like 80% of what a total review would be. I was hyped about no charging port on 13th series but at this point.. mag safe? Extremely more expensive with extra packaging and “more trash for the environment” is working in the same way with a cable on behind the phone and its not under the phone. In my opinion it’s a total profit bullshit that is changing nothing in the charging way except you lose 3W

    21. chin min

      well done said review so informative

    22. bibekananda m

      The best video regarding apple iphone Loved it

    23. bibekananda m

      You hit the bulls eye with the charger topic

    24. yanko kolevski

      You should cut your sponsor's ad, the VPN IP's are listed on Netflix and you cannot do what you claim.

    25. Darky

      10:18 I had my first iPhone a couple months ago, the SE (2nd) and the vibrations are so addictive It really feels like the phone is living It’s so awesome

    26. Nic Flynn ニック フリン

      Oh yeah, I’m grabbing snacks

    27. zack chennouf

      Am I the only one that actually likes the notch? I think it looks good for some reason 😂

    28. Jamie Vidd

      Love Marques videos though not sure how this "systemically racist" country allowed his channel to flourish and gain so many fans.....

    29. Gilgamesh Prim

      There used to be longer videos, and I used to listen to them as a background noise when doing chores or any other activity. Learn, listen, think about the topic of the video and a full enjoyment of it while I got things done. I also don't mind the deep dive into these things, its more knowledge for me and I love your videos. If you make more like this, I'll definitely be tuning in

    30. Ashis Tripathy

      I watched this video twice, just because the production quality is top notch!

    31. Athena Brady

      The dock editing style on this is sweet

    32. Alex

      I am buying iPhone already

    33. Daniel Weinman

      There is only one reason why they didn’t include the charger. Money. Fuck Apple. I’m going to buy and iPhone 12 now.

    34. Drones Addict

      holy shit his thumb is so long

    35. Seikatsu26

      Hardware wise iphone is not for me, its a beautiful really gorgeous phone ngl but yeah to all your "do you care" question, yes i do care.

    36. Andrew Furmanczyk

      Loved the scope of this video. You should make this part of how you do things.

    37. Carlos Z

      How much Apple Pay you

    38. Javier Dominguez

      Good day and thank you for your videos, could someone tell me which case brand it is, minute 7.26 thank you in advance, saludos desde Mallorca

    39. Colm Magner

      Every explanation for the lack of a charger is pure hogwash. Nobody throws them out. Now they’ll be shipping separately and that’ll be worse for the environment. Pure hogwash. And why don’t they make the battery on the Airbuds replaceable if they’re so concerned. A $400 product that’s going to be disposable in three years because the battery is useless?? Outrageous.

    40. Sreehitha S

      I love this video so much probs ccause i love sit down videos

    41. The Humble Developer

      Loved this video, a longer video is always awesome, you get snacks and a drink and settle in.

    42. WeatherBoy -

      what is that song on 18:08?

    43. Natachoke K

      I love to watch a long video full of good content, which means you do have some research for good content. thank you for doing good content :)

    44. SAN

      Let’s face it the no charger- we’ve given Apple privileges and now they are basically anime.

    45. Arbie Alemany

      flossy carter prepared me for this

    46. Kohana Mukherjee

      coming from the "Apple Paradox in Choice" video, and seeing the insta talk for cameras here, I had been thinking about how app developers finesse the features for iPhones/iOS better than for Androids, and that gap is just getting bigger, in my opinion? like, even with a high-end, flagship android phone, your insta videos and sometimes feed posts will suffer in quality but in iOS, it'll always be sharp and better and crisp and just smoother in performance. So, it's still a "choice" to access more features in android and still do your everyday socials and creative stuff (casually or professionally) but iOS/Apple just does it better and i think, customers want their expensive phones to be better and smoother without having to think too hard. So, if being dissatisfied still with a crappy insta video on a $1000 android phone, is pushing the secondary thought of "should I buy an iphone for my videos?" i don't see much talk about these things in most tech reviews/talks so i'm glad you did, Marques! enjoy your videos so much!

    47. branden brown

      actually, I really do Hate lightning and would really prefer a slightly bigger, WAY More Reliable, Connector!! USB C All The Things!!!

    48. Houssem Bensafi

      Just when you thought when Marques didn’t have anymore content for a while...

    49. Honda Land

      I'm with you on the one handed phone. I have an X that is blacklisted that I use for a cam at times and then when I use it while my note 9 charges I fall more and more in love with it

    50. Honda Land

      The same ripple effect of using Samsung parts for your phone until you can make your own?

    51. Honda Land

      I feel like the iPhone 12 is the one right before the perfect one. The one with the iPad screen tech. The new iPhone 14. We all know they are not going to make a 13 if they skipped the 9.

    52. Honda Land

      The cost of leaving is high. Yeah another thousand dollars high!

    53. Honda Land

      It's easy for old people. I learned that as an advisor. Old people loved the iPhone 4 and then they were stuck on them.

    54. Honda Land

      I'm here to post that air tags did indeed come. And they are an overpriced piece of plastic surrounding a button cell

    55. Vagn Illio

      hahahahah, you are awesome man! DO I CARE? love it

    56. Chester Dent

      I like to know what you really think and holding back a few months after release makes that so much more possible. Long-form suits you. Please do more.

    57. David Pálka

      Yes same here, everytime when someone tells that he prefers iPhone, because it's more easy to use ... yes, ok maybe ... but how fast you can switch BT accessory, check your data, etc etc .. I dont get, why iOS still have the same strange Menu. To be honest, it's the most frustrating thing for me when I'm switching from my Android phone, to iOS tablet :D

    58. Emmanuel Rodriguez

      What I find hilarious is how apple puts out the same damn phone every year thats behind the lower phones and you guys keep buying it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣...the only thing funnier then that is guys like this doing a video in the same phone trying to act like there's so much different...it's super flat lmao😭😭😭.....

      1. Goondof

        Bro this just tells on you. Like cmon dude. People get the new phone because it’s better common sense. Just because you can’t see the changes at a glance doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but I’ll let the natural selection continue

    59. Colin Higgins

      So iPhones are idiot-proof, sounds like a good business model for humanity

    60. Godzilla's wife

      Iphones are too basic now

    61. DS_studio _edits

      I am an android user and always have been intrested in the iPhone, it's just too simple to much potential that is held back, but man this long review is absolutely amazing, I wish it happened a lot sooner like with the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra, but you may release one about it in the future. But as always superb quality video and is so satisfying to the eyes, great work

    62. M. b

      Glad you put this up I have an eight plus considering salting it or not I have an android as well

    63. Francisco Sepúlveda

      What you REALLY think? What about you said it before? Wasn't truth? 🤔

    64. Hepburn Davis

      Apple is playing games with the charger by drawing for the “environment. “ bs scare tactics. Why don’t they just be honest and admit that they ripped me off with my iPhone 12 Pro. Apple should be ashamed of itself.

    65. Süver Sali

      I can’t choose between the galaxy s21 and the iPhone 12

    66. MLG ATLien

      It's simply too expensive for what the hardware is. You mention people don't care about these features and apple knows that. I think what apple knows is people will buy anything at any price with apple branding. They're taking advantage of people. It's a damn shame because the software is great, but I'm not spending 1k on hardware you can find for $500 on other phones.

    67. Quantumpute

      This is amazing

    68. Jimmy Gibbs

      Very informative and captivating the way you present your videos. I'm curious about the music aspect of the phone. Whenever I upgrade iPhones (which is not often) I seem to lose part of my music library, music I purchased through iTunes yet will not allow me to play them on my current phone and my account info wasn't changed. I'll find out randomly by hearing a song that I know I had that I try to find in my library and it's gone. Maybe I'm not up to speed on how to keep all of my music I've purchased. Can you touch on iPhone's music an why lose songs or lose permission to play songs?

    69. Alvin Yau-Kit Kwan

      Yo you are awesome man. Best unbiased reviewer there is. You stay classy, man👍

    70. EXENOX

      I wanted to change from android to iPhone, heard there's no charger, decided not to.

    71. LaToya Superville

      Loved the video. I would like to see more of these on products. Thank you for the transparency and for sharing your knowledge.

    72. ASSK555

      So about the notch, I really like it. It looks futuristic, like two small screens that shows you the time and some info. Also a black and white picture of a phone with the notch directly reminds you of a iPhone. It’s a replacement for the iconic homebutton.

    73. Shmulik Belo

      Thank you! Great video!

    74. Filip Wawer

      Maybe it's just me, but each time I reach for an iPhone I find something 'simply not working' . Today I tried to 'slide to type', works for all languages except for polish 🙂😳

    75. M M

      Another Great Review! Thank You! I'm thinking about converting from Android LG V40. Wanted to know about the sound on Iphone12 Pro Max? Is it any good? Curious about native onboard sound as well as equalizer capability on my sennheiser Momentum TW2 bud (coming from V40). Thanks!!

    76. ً

      Oh my god the editing is a masterpiece

    77. Jisooo

      I swear this is one of the only human beings I can listen to speak for an hour+ without being bored. Marques is a great speaker

      1. DonJuanDeLaVerga

        What about Arun Maini (Mrwhosetheboss) ?

      2. Darwin Mercedes

        totally agreed

    78. zi se


    79. Christopher Harrison

      I phoney

    80. John Doe

      21:12 All you need to know about the 12 Pro. Thank me later.

    81. Quan

      I have iPhone 12 mini and the battery sucks

    82. Emerson Herndon

      I have a 10 R and the screen is fine. It is definitely not the crispiest but it’s fine

    83. Jawad Khan

      (Important Camera Message ) My iPhone 12 Pro Max won’t open ultra wide camera after updating to iOS 14.4. It shows a message unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine camera.

    84. Nicholas Hidalgo

      My iPhone 12 recognizes me when it’s laid down anyone else?

    85. jimmy walden16

      Watched the video all the way threw a big reason is not a ton of ads or sponsors

    86. sonny cooper


    87. Dan Fehrer

      Sure it's a long video, but is there anything else important that we would like to no? I was bought up from teaching that says "Any job worth doing, is worth doing right" YEP! You nailed it! What's not to like. Keep them coming and thanks for doing so...

    88. M&M

      Love the long reviews, manly because they are informative as they are thorough, objective (in my humble opinion). Other great pop into is all info is on one video so you don’t have to go on a FIblock Safari to find all the info you need...Brilliant! You’ve generated a fan.

    89. Sidak Grover


    90. A - cat

      yeah I watch everything on double speed anyway so it’s more like a 20 vid and that’s totes fine. Like the long videos that I don’t watch are the rambling podcasts. But this was nicely scripted and put together so was punchy and attention holding the whole way through :) Thanks! also but is there anything useful about the Lidar?

    91. Oluwatobi Adeleke

      Is the clock in the "Design" chapter at the top left corner there for just decoration, or is it broken? Just an observation...

    92. AJComputerServicesUK

      19:20 Thought the Zoom on the iPhone 12 Pro was 2.0x NOT 2.5x ?

    93. P

      "the cost of leaving is high, and that's on purpose." Respect, I like you man. Keeping it real.

      1. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

        @Redmag706 cringe*

      2. Redmag706

        @Puddles *fax

      3. Puddles


    94. Xxx Xxx

      Our fault for not leaving them in Africa I guess

    95. Shantanu

      here in india iphone 12 base model is thousand dollars, THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

    96. Bosco Bos

      That mans hat was like ... let me go prepare a place for your landing.

    97. Patrick Allen

      That was an awesome video

    98. Celnocks _

      Pro tip, get a Regular magnetic mount ( with the magnetic base and small metal plate you attach to whatever) and attach the puck to that magnetic mount. The puck is plenty strong to hold it as a car mount. Also charges it.

    99. techmaester

      The only downside is cannot record 8K video. So it pales in contrast to Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21. Android is less secure and battery hog though, but that’s a software issue.

    100. Nafey Ali Khan

      Heyy man! Why dont u make samething similar video for OnePlus 9pro