What if Minecraft was Mechanical?

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    In this Mumbo Minecraft video, we see Mumbo trying the create mod for the first time. The Minecraft Create mod for Minecraft Forge Modloader introduces mechanical features to Minecraft, such as Minecraft conveyor belts, Minecraft mechanical cogs, and Minecraft robot arms. The create allows players to create giant Minecraft piston doors, automatic redstone farms, automatic Minecraft block placers and much more!
    Check out the create mod here!
    Filming channel: fiblock.info
    Instagram: officialmumbo
    Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

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    1. Gabriel Shalev

      YES! MORE! must... have... more... mechanical... Minecraft...

    2. Gabriel Shalev

      no, Mumbo. you are not crazy. it also looks that way to me.

    3. Weeping Demon

      Mumbo when he see's a sliding door at a grocery store: "It'S a ReDsToNe DoOr!"

    4. Savannah Coronet

      He messed up with the arm with the crusher...

    5. Archie Hicks

      this is amazing

    6. L H

      How do you get the create mod

    7. Melchior B :D

      And btw Mumbo it's you that initiated me to Create

    8. nick chapman


    9. Terminator 101


    10. Henrick Ivan De Pedro

      Mumbo,Can you please make a mechanical factory or think something?

    11. Henrick Ivan De Pedro

      Please make a factory and wind mill with the mod.

    12. Henrick Ivan De Pedro

      I think the mechanical belt______can be used as a conveyer belt.Idea?

    13. Original Nickname

      I really want to see this things in vanilla minecraft

    14. Derek B


    15. Jack Myhrström

      Finally a worthy video for my meal.

    16. Dhruv Desai

      yeppp we are really interested

    17. Sebas Gaming

      Hey guys what is the platform tho download this mod? (Im have given thumb up!)

    18. Isaac Baxter

      Do more please!!!

    19. l???? w#h#o#

      You basically break my head with every redstone build u do. So I think minecraft would be a very head breaking game if it was mostly mechanical

    20. Leah96xxx

      And this is the point where Mumbo finally begins to slowly move away from vanilla....

    21. Kavya Agrawal

      Yes, we want more! I loved it.

    22. jovan bernido

      How do I install it on Mobile

    23. Xenomorph

      I was going to suggest this be a series then you suggested it first 😁

    24. Ankit Mazumdar

      Can I work it in mcpe

    25. S Bach

      If youu want some crazy things unsing Create, you could look at the German YOUTube Channel "TheJoCraft" (also doing Restone-Stuff) at the Project "Create Live 2"

    26. Rita Maru

      PLEASE turn this into a series

    27. Kenneth Baldonado

      I would love to see a series of it.

    28. H. C. server creator

      Mumbo you should try the ancient warfare mod for 12.2.2. It is like the create mod but you have more options to do stuff and it has more possible contraptions

    29. H. C. server creator

      Mumbo you should try the ancient warfare mod for 12.2.2. It is like the create mod but you have more options to do stuff and it has more possible contraptions

    30. Drew

      Yes!!! I would love to see you make a device with minecart contraptions that switches out mob spawners into a spawner room. Kinda like Monsters inc. but for a mob killing setup!

    31. CheeseBoy

      u can speed up the arm by having faster cogs

    32. BackBarrel6

      you should try mekanism or immersive engineering

    33. Glitchedout

      Mumbo you can't have Create mod on max graphics ,bc then it don't loads well

    34. Patti Tannahill

      I think create mod is only for computer. Is there anything similar for tablets?

    35. VidzCC

      mumbo put the mod down go back to hemitcraft

    36. Gawroon7

      Big digs at hermitcraft, small cogs here...yeah.

    37. Mitchell Bell

      Make a 3D printer with this. The gantry made me think of them lol

    38. Nato Estares

      AHHHHH my brain but cool mod

    39. Nick by

      You should make a server with this mod and play with iskall

    40. anonyмoυѕ boy

      I would love to see him build a base with this stuff

    41. Puss Gaming

      Factorio in Minecraft

    42. Miles Burrell


    43. Timothy Cooper

      Mumbo can you have the mod in the comments I have great ideas for this mod

    44. Kiendra Praditya

      10:39 what happend to the game?

    45. Ernie plays

      I watched second and third video and now i am laughing how he isnt understanding anything

    46. Peter Kearvell

      You and the other hermits should add this to next season of hermit craft the builds you would all come up with would be awesome and the best season ever.

    47. Arivat

      This mod was spdcially made for mumbo xD

    48. TheWatchingEye

      Hermitcraft with the create mod

    49. TheScrubPython

      "anti" clockwise.... what? you mean counter clockwise right?

    50. Dylan Campbell

      Gold ore goes in. It has ended up on the depot ...and this guy could not care less 11:44

    51. Nitro Anvilhead

      I didn't have access to the internet for the past few weeks so when i saw there was a new version of the create mod i was litteraly giggling by myself because of how much new cool stuff we can make

    52. Jadon&Ari Shaw

      i play around with this mod, its quite fun.

    53. Eli Prescott

      It would be cool if mumbo turned this into a factory

    54. László Simpson

      Strange, i thought that this graphical bug only exists with certain shader errors...

    55. joshua garza

      What version is he using

    56. Andrew Garland

      Hi just trying to buy this but can't find it on the Xbox. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks

    57. Matt Lewandowski

      it will be 5 wide, but you can build a proper revolving door

    58. Matt Lewandowski

      it is a gantry door... (flows off the tongue as smoothly as piston door)

    59. Matt Lewandowski

      Former Hermit, Monkeyfarm, was playing this a while back... it is the FIRST mod I have seen that looked like it belonged in minecraft.

    60. Enlo Ha

      He said: s.u.s The caption: SUS

    61. End ing

      How get it in my phone?

    62. maahir singh

      Yes Mumbo, you have everyone’s permission to turn this into a series.

    63. Merc

      I'm pretty sure everything you just made was powered from that one water wheel lol

    64. animeboys andanimegirls

      do a series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    65. animeboys andanimegirls

      i suck at redstone can you help me please.

    66. The Fried Gamer

      is this a fabric mod?

    67. Elizabeth Fernández

      Btw you should name my recommended series "The Mechanical Survival". It's a really simple and cool name for the series.

    68. Elizabeth Fernández

      Btw I'm your number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    69. Elizabeth Fernández

      Wait... why don't you make a cool mechanical house in a survival series WITH this mod? That would be interesting, wouldn't it? That would be SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ DO A SURVIVAL SERIES WITH THE MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    70. Dylan Campbell

      Wait till he sees the Redstone link and how to use it

    71. JGuitaristJones

      Mumbo and Create is a dream combination, I hope you continue this series if you enjoyed the mod. :)

    72. cute animals

      Dus it work on mpce

    73. Adam shannon

      1:32 Jojo part 7

    74. Jon Mab

      use the robot arm to put a shulker in a shulker

    75. Syarif Badaruđin

      Mumbo I don't do Just Doors I do lights oh by the way I think it's the Minecraft loading Chunks

    76. Brand Krauze Modén

      Mumbo: Sees a trapdoor oOooOOohh a ONe bY ONe instanT wOodeN PistOn doOR!

    77. Marley Gaming

      Make a tank

    78. T.Mohithraajan X A

      Will you put a tutorial

    79. Johnlloyd Blancaflor

      Redstone is complicated, but this is complicater.

    80. Ken Chieh

      Line of the month: “super pistoonn” - Mumbo Jumbo 2021

    81. CL0WN

      4:58 sheep shagging machine to the next level.

    82. Pinkdude 1300

      this gives me scrap mechanic vibes

    83. Heironymus tan

      It feels great knowing more than mumbo

    84. rando burr

      I wonder if you can steampunk looking make a mech with this mod?

    85. WhitFoxツ

      Guy is some part he is being more Irish than english

    86. Genevieve Kinslow

      I didn’t understand a second of this video

    87. riddyRID

      10:18 anchor came from Ur mom

    88. Tromboner

      it's fucking factorio

    89. JAHohmann

      LETS GO

    90. Melkior Gabriel

      it would be cool to see a bunker with this mod

    91. John Queen

      Should definitely be a vanilla feature.

    92. Drahcir Nitram

      Now to build a sorter, Mumbo Jumbo fashioned.

    93. noel barrera

      This needs to be a permanent add asap

    94. Klint Randall Alde

      how to create a mod

    95. impossible gaming

      To turn off the "desync" go to options>Video Settings > Bobbing: off

    96. Oof

      So this mods all about big ol’ cogs and shafts, huh?

    97. Generic Gaming channel

      9:32 make one long conveyor and have a bunch of these arms sorting stuff into multiple lines

    98. FailureCloud

      Mumbo give us moooorrrreeeeeeeee

    99. Rudra

      No matter what redstone still looks more complex than this.

    100. Andrew Rose

      Make a factory