What Ryland's Rebrand Says About Shane's Return to Youtube

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    1. Louisa Maddock

      Hey Shannon! I love your content and your voice gives me life while I'm at work, I work 50-60 hour weeks and have started to listen to your videos any time I'm not on the phones! I totally agree about Ryland being a back stander sensible character in the crazy world Shane created. But also personally a second channel purly based on paranormal and disney content would give me life! just some food for thought! For the record i would listen to you read the mcdonalds menu just to hear your voice XD (In a totally non creepy way)! love you loads and please never stop being amazing and voicing your opinions I hope your art slump ends soon I'm facing writters block at the moment so I totally feel for you but your art is beautiful and creative and amazing! Thank you for giving me a positive space i can come to when things are not so great at the moment ❤

    2. Katrina Nichole

      My pea brain is having trouble with something... first it took the whole video to understand that is a Taurus symbol and not an 8, I was v confused like I've heard f 12 but not f 8.. and second what's going on with the nails here? Are they gelatinous blobs of sentient material? Are they furry? Like did they pet a cat before the nail glue dried? Please.. I need to know..

    3. Claire

      For the person who’s worse than shane Dawson I’d like to throw out Onision and Sam Pepper

    4. M K

      "If we can find someone worse than shane" Wow I love how don't keep that energy with James Charles.

    5. M K

      I've literally never seen these comments you talk about where people bash you, I only hear you make derogatory comments about other creators who are just trying to live their lives.

    6. Shannon Doren

      “Hey it’s Shannon” Me: 👁👄👁 wut

    7. Cheshire • 102 years ago

      As some one who's following and subscribe to Shane glossin fuck I see how stupid I am

    8. MyMissAdventures

      LoL you said how can we find someone genuinely worse than Shane. Lololol Onision

    9. Best Gamer

      It’s 10 minutes past my bed time but I realised I haven’t watched this yet soo,,,, *_who needs sleep ya know_*

    10. PigeonReads

      Why am I shocked you’re not like 17 or something..

      1. CreepShow Art

        my speech impediment makes me sound like a kid

    11. singapore chicken rice

      i will continue to sub and watch his video just to piss u off tbh 😁

    12. Debi Neptune

      In my opinion, both Shane, & Ryland will do just fine no matter how many channel's they make or what they do. It's proven that they along with James Charles, Jeffrey Star, and so on have die hard fans that will continue to put money in there pocket. Im a poor chic, so I keep my own money lol

    13. Ashley X

      Can someone educate me on Shane Dawson please? I only know he was friends with jeffree star and use to make words random videos where I think he would dress up and act as characters? I'm kinda in the dark about him. It's been several years since I've heard about him lol

    14. Sue From The Sticks

      This new channel is just a re-entry point for Shane to come back onto Ytube. Once he tests the water on Ryland's channel, he will know how accepted he will be if he tries a real comeback.

    15. Mandapants x

      I'd totally be into a Shannon vlog around the house tho

    16. Small Boy

      This whole situation seems tricky, its crazy to think that after all the shady shit hes done he can still come back and pretend like nothing ever happened. Yeah he was canceled but he's already making plans to come back, so apparently that didn't work. So whats left? I dont see shane following in Jenna's footsteps and step down from FIblock, so how can he be held accountable and rightfully punished for his shitty acts? Is there any actual way to shut down such a negatively corruptive person when there are still people who support and enabling them?

    17. Gina Thompson

      This is a very good video.

    18. Tia Wisdom

      I love Shane Dawson

      1. felix's minecraft bf !!


    19. misskuni

      Omg...take a breath.

    20. shawty got lo

      When you said Shane said someone was lying about their SA, I genuinely paused for a solid 2 minutes trying to remember that part of the shitshow smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

    21. BlackFeather713

      What's funny is that no one would notice them trying to come back if people like you didn't call attention to it, kudos for not knowing how the Streisand effect works I guess

    22. The Fandom Girl

      FIblock unsubscribed me from you yet again :///

      1. CreepShow Art

        it happens... try turning notifications on? i dont know man it's big weird

    23. Slimy

      Who cares if rylan is uploading again, I think that shane has been punished for what he had done and people are so mad at anyone who still enjoys their content. Like yea they have a fanbase shane was mega famous of course some people are gonna like him still. Its not gross for him to help rylan becuse they are married lmao and besides that I am excited to see shanes return because I hope he grew from his mistakes. It feels like everyone wants to keep hating on shane even though he has already been canceled, now is the point where anyone who actually had a problem with what shane did can be analyzed by the way they act. Are you going to say that he can never grow seeing anything from him is gross and you never want to see him ever again on the internet? Or are you going to realize that he is a person who can change so you should allow him to do that instead of constantly berating him for things he had attempted to apologize for before. I think if you are the latter you are a mature adult. If you are the former you have the mentality of a baby and can’t comprehend the fact that when people fuck up they can change and grow. Like imagine not ever allowing someone the chance to even show their face again without ridiculing them like this. I think people who complain about shane stans in this comment section are shallow and are just as bad and are now on the other side of the coin. If you are still making anti shane vids in 2021 then you are just bitter tbh. Sorry shannon I know you are just making content but your fans are so immature about the way they see this issue I just hate how black and white everything is to everyone here. Idk its okay to shit on someone on the internet but it is immature to hold grudges against influencers when you literally don’t know them. Everyone assumes they are knowledgable enough to call out shane but he hasnt even made a public statement in like 9 months how can we know literally anything about his progress? Don’t assume hes still horrible and don’t assume he was horrible when he got canceled. Assuming people are horrible is immature and it is what everyone in this comment section is doing. I will look forward to the day when shane comes forward and adresses everything and all these people will try to shit on him again, because I’ll know that I can still enjoy his content when he comes back because I don’t feed off bitterness and despair lmao

      1. MethMarge

        Damn, had to write a whole book

    24. Oktobot Robopants

      It's what he's done over and over again throughout the years. He'll be back. Unfortunately. Edit: hey creepshow, as for an answer to your question, remember that shane was friends with Destery Smith. :( That could be your other tuber

    25. よしろ

      I’m still shock the fact that he’s famous -_-

    26. Andreas H

      Tbh, nobody wouldn't know who Ryland was until he met Shane, and what happened to Shane's "friends" we don't see them on Ryland's channel? (well i haven't seen them) did they just disappear after the huge controversies with Shane?

    27. Ally Forbes

      who wants Shannon to make a second channel? i do

    28. Baby Doll

      "who has done worse than Shane?" James Charles lmao

    29. Baby Doll

      It's like when Shane moved from "ShaneDawsonTV" to "Shane" Lol

    30. Sarily

      Ewww, an "unwashed vagina" doesn't smell "fishy". That's a medical problem. You need to go see a doctor. Simply taking a shower isn't going to resolve that issue. Please seek medical attention if you're suffering from this.

    31. Sydney Hoone

      Only came back cause I saw Shane Dawson and the word return and got excited .

    32. Zory Aprilova

      Shinzo Sasageyo

    33. Amor Valdez

      Aaaaaaahh yesss i love hearing Shannon talk about flaming garbagé 🗑 love ur content girl 🤌✨😂

    34. Sofia Carolina

      What happened to Andrew?

    35. Ashley L

      I didn't know you were married! Congrats

    36. iridium starfruit

      Ryland is profoundly boring, idk why anyone cares about him other than his relationship with a creep.

    37. Charlie _kun

      TBH, Shane's old friends are fake they use him for fame and when he gets into controversies they backstab him just don't mess with him from the beginning

    38. Skyla Meyer

      If you wonder who is worse, Onision

    39. Charlie b

      I can’t wait for Shane to return!

    40. Rainbow Sink

      As someone who doesn’t check up on my subscriptions, I was a part of that 3 mil and am not anymore. I’m not a stan of anyone because people need accountability.

    41. Madi Cordwell

      next shane documentary would have to be onision lmao

    42. Well Hello

      His channel always was vlogging his daily life. I was subbed to him when he started dating Shane and all he did for years was vlogging. So there’s for sure underlying reason to switch channels and it being “new” to him is a lie. That’s what he started his channel as.

    43. Happy Holidays

      I’m not even a minute in but rylands talking complete bullshit. When he first got on Shane’s channel he was doing daily vlogging. He called it himself multiple times, he called it daily vlogging. He’s such a shit liar

    44. sarah warnock

      I tried watching a rando Ryland vid yrs back & I didn't even make it 10 mins in bc he was just obv stretching time & over-reacting to everything around him. Like no, I'm not 5😒 The only reason I gave him a chance in the first place is bc I find him so very attractive, but even his pretty face couldn't keep me watching!

    45. Chantal Lee

      This comment is gonna get me hate but I enjoy his content. I don't support him or shane at all whatsoever but I like to watch when he remodels his house. I'm sorry ):

    46. Unknown Unknown

      I thought ryland was always a vlogger.

    47. Dobby

      he's just copying Morgan

    48. Vault Girl420

      4:46 So I totally get your point but an example of the opposite is the singer Poppy, she used to make pop music and I've been a fan of hers since beginning (and I don't even like pop music but she made it amazing) she just recently switched to nu metal music and honestly 90 percent of her fan base was either supportive or even preferred her newer music. Point of the story is never be scared to try new things because if the people really are your fans/friends/supporters will support you doing things that you like 🥰

    49. Sick Boy

      Idk, Deathmetal goes Pop would be great🤘🤣 but yeah, not for a whole album from one band taking it seriously.

    50. Isabella Sandore

      Shane was the original person who made a second channel to avoid controversy. From posting black face on shane Dawson tv, to posting toy reviews on his Shane channel

    51. Veronica E

      It sucks that Shane didn't take full accountability and address his mistakes... Because I liked his documentary style content, it was interesting and felt more high quality than most youtube videos... Had he taken full accountability for his past wrong doings and not just said "I was depressed and I now hate the person I was" I would've been able to forgive his actions. And to be fair, when I watched his docu series, I was unaware of his past content. I should've looked into past controversies, much like I do now before I decide to support or boycott creators. Like I support pewdiepie because he has taken accountability, he has changed for the better, and he continues to do good things with his platform. But Shane and co.... No... I get that you don't distance your self from someone you love and love with (Ryland) but to have defended Shanes shitty excuse for accountability? No, loved ones should be the first ones to tell us "this is not good enough, I know you can do better".

    52. Spewku

      4:40 I'm confused, I thought you said in a recent video you were dating Poppy?

    53. the wizard

      Are you a Taurus?🙂

    54. Daniel Moreno

      idk im open to the vlogging channel because im curious what his day is during the day after the drama or whats up with his life idk im open to the.

    55. Ollie Mason

      can we all collectively agree to bully shane off of the internet when and if he does make a comeback? like i’ve never been a particularly malicious person, nor have i ever participated in sending hate to someone, but for shane? i’ll devote myself 24/7 exclusively to leaving hate comments EVERYWHERE just to get him back off the platform

    56. Fly with Fizzle

      I have to ask, how do you expect Shane to make a living if he can't return to FIblock? I mean he's a human being and still needs to be able to take care of his family. What do you want him to do, kill himself? I don't quite understand how you expect him to take accountability if he can't even return one day in the future.

    57. Bobby Swanson

      Watching her outline the drawings is so entertaining without distracting me from the commentary

    58. Goosey Goose

      Shane's first videos: the crazy life of onision, switching lives with onision, new makeup pallete

    59. Sabrina

      Oh when I first heard this, I didn't even know Ryland was his fiance. Makes way more sense now. I was like "why would someone risk their channel to Shane?" Big duh now. I mean if you're still with someone you know has behaved as Shane, you're supportive with full awareness if not some denial.

    60. Brianna C. Pone

      This isn't in regards to specific situation mentioned in this video but..... I genuinely hate that people don't allow for creatives to evolve. It shouldn't be an issue when creators want to switch up their content. Shouldn't be an issue if an actor wants to do a romance-comedy movie instead of an historical drama. Shouldn't be an issue if a band decides they want to make a country album this time. I get that it's not the content that we as fans wanted or expected. But, that doesn't mean we should automatically dismiss it as bad just because it's different.

    61. outshriek

      hey man I like your content but the unwashed vagina joke isn’t funny. like at all.

    62. King Crab

      I’ve always found it weird that Shane a self proclaimed “empath” could date and plan to marry a materialistic narcissist? Like wouldn’t that kind of personality be draining on Shane?

    63. Jesse Slaughter

      In the year 2021, who hasn’t been paid for social media marketing. Love you Shannon but it’s not quite the flex you think it is. “Uniquely qualified” is cringe af. As is the “unwashed vagina” comment. Fucking yikes bro

    64. Jenny

      I'm not a fan of Shane or Ryland nor do I watch them since the whole conspiracy pallet they brought out. But if some people still want to watch there videos and if they are trying to get away from the hate you have to let them. You can't keep sending hate to people it's a toxic environment and leads to things like suicide. I don't support or encourage watching them but you have to let them move on.

    65. Tibepoe Sun

      "Who is worse?" Onision sitting in the corner still NOT in jail

    66. StrawBerry Milk Rat

      My worst fear is that one of my old emails that I watched youtube on is subscribed to one of these people without me knowing, and then I'm tracked down and critisized for an email I made in 2012 :)

    67. Irus

      Ive never really liked or disliked Ryan until that video of Jeffree giving Shane that pig Gucci merch. Shane seems genuinely shocked and can't really accept such expensive gifts, but Ryland has dollar signs in his eyes. The way he tries to act natural but you can clearly see he wants it all, it was just.. so obvious.

    68. Tears of a waterfall

      Before Shane and Ryan got together I’d have never guessed how toxic Ryan is. How do I know he’s toxic? Birds of a feather flock together hun

    69. Betty Stroh

      Wow the comments are pretty intense. Maybe it’s because I’m in my 40’s and have watched so many good people change and grow and develop over the last 4 decades that I can not understand why they entire internet is in rage hate over how a dumb kid acted ten years ago when he was an ignorant ass child. Let people grow up. Give them some grace. You’re probably a better person than you were when you were 20 too. If you’re 20 now, I promise you than in ten years you’ll be a very different human being.

    70. Laura

      Nobody watches Ryland for Ryland. It's only Shane and/or Morgan fans. So. There's that.

    71. Kendra

      I think Shane will go back to the spooky / controversy videos

    72. Cassie Moody

      I love it when she said a death metal band decided to make a pop album, that’s exactly what happened lol. BMTH made a pop album and we all went bat shit crazy.

    73. PastelRelicCat

      I got a fuking peta ad before this and I'm crying? Help Also wtf poiuhgtfrd

    74. Andrea the Music Owl

      I guess you can't say ' vagina ' in the comments, hence why it was deleted? I just thought that was a funny joke lol

    75. Elite Elder Goth

      You should spend more time working on your line quality and anatomy than what other people are doing with their lives. Seriously, your line quality has ben stagnant for a while. No improvement, your anatomy still painfully amateur, girl, mind your life. That thick/thin line youre going for looks good f you actually work on refining it, theres a consciousness that goes into achieving what youre going for but youre lacking it, probably because youre so damn distracted by gossip. Look at your line, its shakey, its thick in parts where it should be thin and vice versa. Take some figure drawing classes, nothing compares to drawing from life. Drawing from a photo reference is NOT the same thing, it never will be. And youre the proof that it wont improve your art.

    76. Daniel DuArte

      4:48 just say bmth lmao

    77. SirKyatoYT

      do u draw w a pencil, mouse or finger or other?

    78. Jonathan Torres

      I wouldn’t mind seeing your face while ur talk. I bet your facial expressions are lit

    79. Klaus D.

      Honestly. I can forgive someone for being a racist so long as they weren't one any longer, have apologized, feel bad for ever being one, and have actually changed. You can stop being racist and change. However, you can not stop being a p****phile, because it is a sexual attraction and that is something you can not change at all. There are a lot of people who are p****philes and the cases on p****philia have gone up by over 2000% in the last 20ish years. If someone has acted inappropriate towards a child/minor in any way shape or form, that is something that I can not forgive, ever. Before anyone says that p****philia can be "cured", no it can't. There is zero evidence of this and instead, they focus on ways to help them refrain from acting on their desires. That is the best we can do.

    80. Kyrner

      8:17 maybe Trisha... lmaoo

    81. FeedMeRainbows

      And they're entitled to do that, suck it up goon squad. Grow tf up

    82. ANPC 5493

      5:00 That's what happened to Queensryche in the 90's. Damn shame, too, because Hear in the Now Frontier is actually a really good rock album, just not metal. I actually kind of hate this about American music audiences.

    83. Laura M

      Huh? When did he say someone was lying about their SA? Not heard that one

    84. Emily Nelson

      I’d be into a creep show vlog..

    85. Elizabeth Hisghman

      Hi Creep Show, Where do you watch Anime?

    86. Anna Sturrock

      he's coming back, like Voldemort. His friend's offshoot channels are his horcruxs.

    87. New Orleans Southern Belle

      Ima say this much... all Emmett Till did was hold a door open an say hi to a white girl and they skull dragged him , tortured him, an left his mangled body in the water....Shane lucky is all ima say bc he definitely went too far and needs to be banned!!!

    88. Gordon Ramsay

      Shannon flexing on all us art losers by drawing hands flawlessly

      1. Elite Elder Goth

        Um. are we looking at the same video? Her anatomy is horrible

    89. EriTheAcorn


    90. Lily Herlihy

      Primink once said " that cockroach never dies"

    91. Ego Ego

      smelled like a what????

    92. Accountabilty Who?

      God this channel has really declined.

      1. Elite Elder Goth

        Yeah she just gossips and doesnt improve her art

    93. Nikki

      Who is Ryland? Is he relevant because of Shane? Never heard of him until recently and I’m on YT.

      1. Andrea the Music Owl

        his fiance

    94. Natalya Mower

      I have an awful feeling that he will try and use those that he can still influence, like Eugenia for instance, to try and get views, I really hope that I’m wrong but that’s where my thoughts go 😕

    95. duarte

      i was still subscribed to shaneglossin and i didnt even remember, thanks for remind me ew

    96. Max Neary

      Is it just me or is her hands getting better

    97. Slow-mo Trainwreck

      Is that hand you're drawing channeling Wanda Maximoff? If so, you are my new favorite person.

    98. Shiny

      Shannon: If I made a vlog video with me in it on this channel, IT WOULD F L O P Me: SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! I WANNA SEE THAT ✨

    99. Dizzy Drea

      I'd love to see a vlog from you though? i feel like youd be good at it

    100. Nina

      The end of the video sounds concerning, hope everything is okay.