What’s Wrong with This Picture 2021 - SNL

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    Elliott Pants (Kenan Thompson) hosts a game show where contestants (Carey Mulligan, Aidy Bryant, Chris Redd) struggle to guess what's wrong with a series of photos.
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    1. Todd P

      Yo Shane Gillis got blessed by being fired

    2. Christopher Waldrop

      He's so funny

    3. doro626


    4. Gaege Langford

      There was actually two things wrong with the pizza picture, the box of pizza only had three slices taken out of it but the kids have 4 slices in hand, one more than the full pie.

    5. nicole kline

      Also in the last photo he was holding the scissors weird

    6. Steve Jensen

      "His robe is covering it". This made me spit the food out of my mouth, literally.

    7. MrCamp

      I watch all these over and over and Kenna’s reactions make me laugh out loud. Every time.

    8. Jimmy

      they need some new writers. this was horrible

    9. Kekoa

      Chris redd carried this sketch

    10. CountdownSmiles

      Too many current references, this is going to age as gracefully as milk lol

    11. G Boojie

      I cringed at each "moment"

    12. Lucas Blanton

      "She just ripped one. After all, the sign told her to" 😂😂😂😂😂

    13. Slim Jim

      Ya know for the 3rd one I thought at first it was that the kids are eating 4 slices of pizza and there are only 3 missing slots

    14. Jonas

      Whats up with that! Whats up with that!

    15. Anna Webster

      William, what's wrong? I'm fine, do I SEEm like there's something wrong?

    16. fournierman

      I love how Kenan looked at the box before saying "KY Jam". I wonder if he is not told beforehand what the item will be.

    17. Mike Harrison

      Flat earthers and young earth creationists are equally confident and equally clueless.

    18. Dorina Steiner

      I love the Paul Rudd, Pete Davidson version too 💙 😍

    19. の深淵ナイトメア・ノクターン

      Still love these types of skits

    20. Rafid Hassan

      so good, second to the second hand news from boby moynahan

    21. gunnysack13

      Bald shaming.

    22. Lyndee Shallberg

      Straight face gang

    23. Edmund H. Schwartzel, III

      How can there be 9 pieces of pizza?

    24. Jennifer Rimelspach

      I thought the thing wrong with the picture was that she was wearing the hair net as a hat, didn’t even notice the clock 😭😂😂

    25. James White

      SNL is cringe, how do ppl even find this funny

    26. Patrick Joseph

      I could watch them go for hours

    27. C B

      Is that pizza sliced weirdly?

    28. Barbie Blue

      A 60 year old woman is not the mother of any of those pizza side-holding kids. I think I have to watch this again, a few more times, to try to understand it.

    29. Barbie Blue

      Who thinks up these & how?

    30. Concerned Black American Citizens

      SNL Is racist TRASH

    31. The Humphreys

      I wonder how many hundreds of sketches are based on this same exact premise? "Situation where everyone says stupid crap while one person gets frustrated with how dumb everyone is"

    32. swamini patel


    33. Khushi Mishra

      Kenan always looks like he is tryna hold back a laugh

    34. Kombat Mann

      This is what passes for funny nowadays

      1. James White

        Right? It’s sad as hell

    35. Shakira Benjamin

      Yo, this skit is mad funny 😆

    36. Alexander Clemens

      Me: I don't like this picture Mom: What's wrong with it? Me: It doesn't have any dogs. I like dogs!

    37. Ren and Stimpy

      SNL Is pure leftist trash!!! The cast should stock shelves for joe Biden so he can be “safe”. I’m only watching this weekend,” may 1st” so I can watch Elon musk. The cast is a shame and a joke.

    38. Funny Animato

      The kids are eating 4 slices of pizza, but only three slices have been removed.

    39. Jeanette Schock

      I love Keenan!

    40. someuncreativity

      For the third image, I also noticed something. The pizza, which was clearly cut into eight slices, has three slices missing, and yet four people have a slice.

    41. Human Endeavor

      Excellently funny! This is one of the most innovative skits going. You can not be prepared for any of the answers given and they're totally out of left field

    42. Eli G


    43. Lizzie Tucker

      whoever wrote this sketch- keep them on staff please

    44. Clouds Killa

      I’m waiting for them to do a boxing parody of Jake Paul

    45. Claire Bee

      Kenan carried this skit

    46. Filmation77


    47. Markus Youtubious

      Is this supposed to be funny?

    48. Rachel Santos

      SNL needs to close shop. Not funny anymore. The heyday is over.

    49. Kalin Chang

      Which boy the striped shirt, the white redhead or the black kid. Also the white one does seem like the type to kill his wife.

    50. Ali Soroush

      Come on this is just lazy writing...

    51. Dave Don

      Eliot Pants? 😂😂😂😂😂 seriously?

    52. Zombie_unicorn

      This is literally me at school

    53. Todd Mullins

      Keenan has been the MVP of SNL for years. I've been watching him since All That!

    54. Holland Taylor

      This was written by a teacher trying to teach a lesson right before a break. 100%

    55. bonnome2

      "The mother only has one leg... " well she is kinda right. Went does that mother only have one leg in the first picture?! It should be a good answer

    56. Maxi Vinhausen

      This is me trying to talk to millenials and Gen Y

    57. Mfalash all grown up Murff

      Who remembers the Kenan and Kel show??

    58. Edward N. Driskoll

      This bit. Doesnt get old. A1

    59. Lily Scior-Lewis

      Why is this so funny? SNL brought it back

    60. Iron Fist

      That host guy has always been a horrible actor and bad at improve,

    61. Alzbeta Lilly Krijtová

      SNL, please let us have more of this sketch! 2 of them is not enough!

    62. Nyx773

      Didn’t laugh. Not even once

    63. Super Jaded

      KY jam 😆

    64. Steve 82

      Does Kenan only play one character?

    65. Alena Williams15

      3:39 omg i can't 😭

    66. Stephanie Ojo

      'Reggae Jean is cutting hair now so that's why he left Brigdertown' 😂😂

    67. Gustavo Max

      3:28 I'm dead

    68. robertantonvlogs

      What's Up With That?

    69. Chris Deep

      Not one of their best. The writers were probably tired.

    70. h

      SNL is beginning to become so bad, I remember when it was funny. Keenan : "Welcome to the show" Audience : *laughs hysterically*

    71. Yuuki Takemoto

      The WandaVision part LMAO

    72. Toddobvious

      Not much lmao

    73. E Good


    74. Absolutely Peter

      The kids have four pizzas, but there are only three missing

    75. The Divine Ape

      ok hear me out, in pic 3 (the kids eating pizza) the pizza box comes with 8 slices, 4 kids are eating a slice but the box has 5 slices in it. Thats whats wrong with the picture

    76. Potatonado


    77. Avery Brown

      This is hilarious! 😂😂

    78. Colin Kehoe

      The pizza has 9 slices

    79. Freya

      "There's no dog's in it. I like dogs." 😭💀

    80. Igor Schmidlapp

      It's K-Y Jam... cuz jelly don't shake like dat.... ;-P

    81. Dan Smith

      No idea why but this was one of the funniest skits ever 🤣🤣🤣

    82. twentysix linx

      SNL - mostly game show skits since 2000

    83. 00waterski00

      kenan got me lol'ing from the intro

    84. Genaro Cuellar

      Yeah, let's repeat what was said on every skit just to get a dopamine rush from a thumbs up.

    85. Livin.on.sunshine 2525

      Seeing Chris in this is making me miss ‘Disjointed’ even more.

    86. The Cheese Monster

      "there isn't any dogs in it, and I like dogs" 🤣

    87. Andrej Milovanovic


    88. floatingeyeballs44

      Weirdly craving strawberry jam now...

    89. Etherospike

      4:03 The guy died before he was born , that is possible, think about that reverse entropy thing in tenet !

    90. Chris Wolfe

      Half vaccinated host! LOL

    91. IkeofCrimea

      Glossed over the nine-slice pizza

    92. Sil

      These never miss. Always crying laughing

    93. Ava Backes

      It’s sad that in a few years that vaccine shot joke won’t be funny 😄

    94. Jason Woods

      The kids are eating 4 pizza slices, but only 3 slices are missing.

    95. Tyler Cooper

      Who else remembers when SNL used to be funny ?

    96. judas brute

      why would Elliott not be a fan of a woman saying "Yes my king."? any man would like that. can someone explain what William meant by "oh never mind i've had that done before." and Elliotts negative response?

    97. wss w

      This is funny got me laughing for good one. 👍

    98. Emsley Wyatt

      Wow, actually funny.

    99. Roxxy Lady


    100. Christopher Bardel

      Thanks that you guys are still alive