What's Happening (And Not Happening) With Hyperloop | Answers With Joe

Joe Scott

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    People have been talking about Hyperloop for years now, but what's actually happening with this proposed 5th form of transportation? Turns out there's a lot. And... not much. I'll explain.
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    1. Brian Williams

      Another thing just put high speed rail in underground???????? Does anybody wonder why know body has thought about that ???????

    2. Brian Williams

      The boring company was acquired to help him learn how to build tunnels on mars .... js people use your heads ....

    3. sato AU

      "a vacuum" is a mistake that a lot of people make, and this video is no exception. "vacuum" is a scale from rough vacuum to near perfect vacuum, and there's a quadrillion-fold difference between the top and bottom of that scale, meaning there would also be a quadrillion-fold difference in power requirement. the suggested operating vacuum for hyperloops range from low pressure (not low enough pressure to technically be described as vacuum pressure) to rough vacuum, which is about what planes cruise in.

    4. James _ L


    5. Bo-Lu So

      We kinda need hyperloop teck to get off this planet cheaply , I think that is a good thing to have critical minds like Joe`s but ... not to many .

    6. glynnec2008

      How were "air skis" ever supposed to work inside of a *vacuum* tube?

    7. James Packer

      What's not happening with Hyperloop? Well.....Hyperloop.

    8. neutrino78x

      I just wanted to say that I question the "implosion" idea. I served on US Navy submarines....we had a couple hull breaches or leaks while I was aboard USS Florida SSBN-728. Very small but of course, since the water pressure outside the boat was very strong, the water streamed in with great force. We were able to repair the hole each time, and there were proper repairs later on when we came back into port. But the point is, the boat didn't implode. So, I question if a bullet hole would implode the tube. In fact I would be surprised if a large hole imploded it. Because all it would do is make the air from the outside rush in to fill the vacuum. The only way the tube would implode is if you removed all the air and the tube was not strong enough to contain the difference in pressure. Obviously you do want to be able to detect if the tube ahead has been destroyed or breached, so any approaching pods can slow down and stop safely. A submarine implodes at great depth because eventually the pressure of the surrounding water is too great for the hull to contain it. As long as you haven't yet exceeded that depth, you're not going to implode (and yes I do know what that depth is, and no, I won't share it; That's for the US Navy to know and for you, and our enemies, to not find out).

    9. bara shah

      when i hear quantum in any thing these days....i think its a fraud....

    10. Simon Worrall

      Loading and unloading? That wont be fast.

    11. Matt Chuckle

      and why can't we just supersize the bank things

    12. Stefano Canonica

      Doesn't the use of compressed air as fuel for the engine or directly using it for propulsion would disrupt the vacuum inside the tube? The rendering with the pod releasing air or suck in it from the front of it it's totally insane! It will transform something who run in a vacuum into a normal subway, just super more dangerous because of the speed. Plus what air would suck in to propel on its back if it's riding inside a vacuum?

    13. Heinrich Peter Maria Radojewski Schäfer Leverkusen

      You know Joe, fortunately (or unfortunately) people have little knowledge of vacuum technology. Otherwise they would know that it is possible to have a big long tube with vacuum on the moon or even on Mars. But not on earth. It requires here vacuum pump systems, each 20 km, each from the size of the Empirestate buildings, for these large volumes the vacuum to produce. Any questions?

    14. Alastair Archibald

      Actually, nature loves a vacuum. It can't wait to rush into one.

    15. nezerac

      I love how the Muskateers hate Thunderf00t SOOOOOO MUCH yet love Musk......and also own a bunch of stock in his bogus projects.

    16. ThePonycat

      Why not just create an awesome maglev system like Korea Japan China Etc without the the vacuums and the tunnels with RGB lights because tunnels are not gaming PCs🤣. Like that tunnel with RGB lights Los Angeles if I'm not mistaken. And why cars cars Can Only Hold3 to 4 people... and don't tell me they can hold more people because you're in North America were fluffy😆. The average Subway can hold 1500 people and it probably takes about a minute or two to load and unload. And they have emergency exits in the tunnels unlike the one in Los Angeles or insert some American city wherever the Tesla RGB tunnels are

    17. Fred Perkins

      Has anyone considered the possibility of using this for transporting cargo to low space orbit? I don't know how fast this can go, but there might be a speed where the end of the tube could be timed to allow a craft to exit once up to speed. For humans the idea is likely just not safe. I don't know what happens when you take something supersonic and suddenly thrust it from a vacuum into normal air pressure at the last moment, but it's something to think about. The last section could be valved open, and the craft centered via magnetic levitation, so it doesn't hit the walls. If orbital speeds are possible, it would tend to want to move into orbit. The power required may be too much to be worthwhile, but still worth a look.

    18. Joe H.S

      I’m starting to back away from Elon fandom. He’s kinda gone off the rails recently, denying covid and encouraging South American coups and such.

    19. G S

      The Hyperloop is clearly not happening.

    20. rodkeh

      I know that Elon Musk probably knows millions of people who want to stand around on platforms and be crowded into cattle cars and fired down a railgun at the speed of sound but I don't see that in the world around me....

    21. Blake T

      your getting good at these intros. great video

    22. AlphaCentauri24

      Hey Google, tell me a a joke. Hyperloop.

    23. Tyreese Allen

      Android babies: I'm dead :>

    24. Jeffrey Torres

      There is a reason why a lot of mass transit systems are State run or government subsidized. I think, these "hyperloops" will get built mostly with government funding, even though they don't work and just underdeliver. Rich people don't invest in "the future", they invest for a return, and bloated government infrastructure spending is a pretty good ride if you can get in on it. You just wait, when those contracts go out, the speed will be limited to that of conventional trains and the contract value will be way overpriced. When people find out, we'll have forgot all about this and told that the hyperloops were meant to reduce carbon emissions all along... yeah right lol.

    25. raijinmeister

      Thunderf00t looks strange without the beard and the tiny glasses.

    26. Leandro Gabriel

      If your train can go from NY to LA in 30 seconds, you can easily turn it into an interplanetary cannon which can shoot targets at other planets. At least if the projectile doesn't disintegrate when leaving Earth's atmosphere.

    27. DevinDTV

      all of the problems of hyperloop can be solved... but why? it's not that much better than a regular high speed train, and comes with massively increased cost and engineering challenges

    28. Lilakou Parouko

      Thank you for making probably the only impartial video on the hyperloop concept !

    29. echopeus22

      its the worst idea - You're taking stuff and trying to throw it in the earth and put it under vacuum - hows metal fair in the earth again?

    30. Hava Guday

      The b) option about flushing money. Definitely.



    32. brookestephen

      if the tubes were underground, wouldn't it be easier?

    33. gary christopher

      There are technical questions about hyperloop that no one ever discusses: 1) What are the passengers going to breathe? They could breathe oxygen from bottles that someone has fill each trip. CO2 buildup will require a scavenging system (that has to be maintained frequently) 2) How are they going to cool the pod? Air conditioners have to reject the heat somewhere, normally by blowing air over the condenser. Can't do that in a vacuum. 3) Airplanes operating at high altitudes are required to have a back up oxygen supply (masks that drop out of the overhead)- won't the regulators require the same for pods traveling in a vacuum? That's a minor issue, but airliners are also required to have a stewardess to explain how to use the emergency oxygen... and point out the emergency exits... 4) Where are the emergency exits in the 300 mile long vacuum tube? There are other technical and regulatory issues, but those four are enough to scuttle hyperloop. The maglev train in Shanghai is great, but it's so expensive to operate that China only runs it at full speed twice a day. They have scaled back their plans for a large maglev network and will use wheeled high speed trains over most of the planned maglev routes.

    34. Terry Taylor

      You do realize that virtually all the 'issues' with the hyperloop tubes have already been 'solved' decades ago by the 800 mile-long Trans-Alaska Pipeline system, which only took 3 years to complete, is 'bulletproof', and was mostly constructed in situ, whereas the Hypertubes components can mostly be mass-produced in factories, and trucked to the installation points. (and the Navy has already produced 'railguns' that propel their projectiles at hypersonic speeds, as well as replacing steam-powered jet launching catapults with similar tech.)

      1. Terry Taylor

        @istherenofreename Both India and Russia prove that trains don't HAVE to be more expensive than flights, in the USA unfortunately, the 'federal control' of passenger rail system skyrockets the cost, but they ALWAYS cost much more in unproductive travel time, which airports try to help 'balance' out by consuming much time also. I 'commuted' from N. Oregon to Central California by air, light rail and rental car back in 2005, driving 35 miles to PDX at 3:30AM to make sure I had enough time to get through TSA security (just the carry-on luggage) for a 7:45AM takeoff, 2 hour flying time, an hour to get out of San Hosed airport and into the rental car, and usually at the facility by 11:00-ish, almost lunch time (~8 hours door-door). 11 days later for the Friday flight home, 3:30PM take the rental car back to the airport, get through TSA, wait for boarding and take-off, 2 hour flying time, 2+ hours to ride the light rail to western end of the line, 30 minutes ride home after the wife picks me up at the final stop. With Hyperloop and 'flying taxis', 20 minute flight to terminal, 45- minute to 1 hour HL ride, 15 minute taxi flight to the facility, same on return trip. 1.5 hour commute!

      2. istherenofreename

        You are right that building a pipeline has been done. Making something fast has been done. Hoisting a railway to be 8m above ground has been done. Making a train go fast with maglev has been done. Making vacuum has been done, making stuff move in vacuum has been done. All of it can be solved, but I just don't see how it will be economic. Fast rail is already failing to provide an economic alternative to air travel (its usually more expensive to take a train than a flight). I can't see the extra complications making hyperloop cheaper than rail, and the speed difference to hyperloop driving that many people to use it!

      3. Terry Taylor

        @istherenofreename Just install the 'railgun-maglev' bits and reduce the air density to 80K foot altitude equivalent, after the oil is out of it, of course. I dunno, you do the math, that pipeline has been able to securely deliver 2 million barrels/ day over 800 miles, for 4+ decades, but you can't open your mind enough to see how a little modification and adaptation, using the technological advances of the last 4 decades, would make it easily do-able. It's been done, in fact. Wow... visionary.

      4. istherenofreename

        Seeing the photo here - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Alaska_Pipeline_System - how do you get a train to go 1000kph inside that?

    35. asoka nelson

      Model 3 production ramp blew out a few of Elons brain circuits that might be why hyper loop is low-priority for him

    36. JP T

      Remember the German Transrapid? It was finally - and silently - discarded after a lethal accident with a maintenance car. What a profane end to a high flying technology. The development was paid for by the country, by politics. This always guarantees it is a dead horse before even taking off. When there is private money involved I am not that sure about it's coming failure....

      1. Jonas Klapper

        Yes, that thing. There was a petitionen in that the parliament should reconsider if it should be used. 272 people signed it so, it didn't even reach parliament.

    37. Necro Nomaken

      I don't get why compression of air is significantly different to friction. In compressed air... the air is rubbing against other hair unavoidably. I don't exactly know how to compose a formal proof but when could you imagine a time when there is compressed air that does not undergo friction?

      1. istherenofreename

        There are two different ideas. Old air tubes used to create a partial vacuum on one side and "suck" the pod along. The higher pressure side air slightly leaks past the pod and helps to make an air cushion to reduce friction on the walls. Most hyperloops (not all) are a train in a vacuum, no compressed air.

    38. DoktorWeasel

      The biggest problem I always had with Elon's original Hyperloop paper wasn't so much whether it could work. Yeah, it probably can. It was the absolutely transparently false claim that it'd be able to be done at a fraction of the cost of normal high speed rail. No, there is no way that a system going the same distance, but using pipes in partial vacuum, all using completely new technology is going to be cheaper than bullet trains. But it suddenly became talked about as a serious thing because of Musk worship. Which is at least as big a problem as Musk hate (or rather was, before he put so much effort into destroying his reputation with idiocy like his covid denial, endorsement of Kanye for president and torturing a baby with an unpronounceable name).

      1. istherenofreename

        Agreed. A maglev in a vacuum tube is totally buildable as an engineering challenge, but a nuts idea economically. Hyperloop has a few minor cost savings, with some huge additional costs. Cargo hyperloop - even more ridiculous, no one is going to pay to build a network to shift stuff at 1000kph and then have it sit in a distribution centre for half a day.

    39. Hellscream Games

      Good video.

    40. Kasimir B

      Why bother with cargo transportation, if everything can be printed by 3D printers in the near future?

    41. Robert Martens

      600 KMPH???? What the hell is KMPH? how about km/h?

    42. Adam Kemp

      Yet Virgin Airlines is broke in Australia? lol!

    43. Juiceboxdan72

      Dude, you should have given Thunderf00t some credit for those hyperloop criticisms.

    44. Salvatore Micheal

      they should make a cologne call Elon musk O.O

    45. Loosey Goosey

      Mag lev trains have been proven to be so expensive I mean look at the one they tried to build in California. If Bullet trains or Hyperloops want to succede in this Country then they will need to put it all underground. No outside interference to be a threat and if you use the tunnel itself then nothing would crumble as the entire tunnel would be the vacuum tunnel or idk the maintenance on that would be a pain. You wont have to deal with buying land to buy it either as it will be underground.

    46. Mark Rowland

      New Scientist magazine recorded a vacuum driven train at an airport in Malaysia. A photo showed a monorail like structure.

    47. Andrew Mullen

      I think the cargo idea makes more sense, at least to start with

    48. Nelson Rauch

      At first I was relatively discouraged, but as you proceeded, you started coming up with legitimate points

    49. K How

      “Nature abhors a vacuum” THAT’S why my dog does that!

    50. CV M

      "The tree's still up" - lol

    51. Jarod Bolek

      Removing all commercial trade vehicles from our roads would be an enormous boost to safety. Packages can withstand more G's than a human and more money for the 1% should be motivation.

    52. Jarod Bolek

      HAH! Lex Bezos!

    53. DARKSEID


    54. MrCJBG

      Gotta work on those eye lines my mannnnn.

    55. Rob Christian

      The comedy writing has definitely improved. Lol’d several times.

    56. Johnson Shelbi

      The limping wrist antenatally call because chocolate equally fence by a superb hydrogen. lonely, shocking ellipse

    57. Steven Utter

      Thunderf00t? Thunderf00t who? Joe I seriously have no clue what you're talking about. 😉

    58. Adam Porter

      Some of your points are just uninformed. Like the power for vacuum, you'll only have to replenish what you let in when the pods transfer from vacuum to pressured tube, this isn't necessarily a lot of vacuum per pod, as a farmer I regularly reduce 15m3 of space to -1 bar using a vacuum tanker, you're probably talking less than 1kwh of power to do that give it 3kwh for a large hyperloop pod that is nothing. The initial vacuum will be substantial but its still viable.

    59. Adam Porter

      I don't see why you'd be so worried about implosion. Farmers use vacuum systems all the time. This isn't near total vacuum, its at - 99.9% of atmospheric pressure. That's one 1000th of atmospheric pressure, lab vacuum Chambers go all the way down to one trillionth of atmospheric pressure. It's going to be a walk in the park to design a system for 99.9% vacuum to be structurally sound.

    60. Spinkey

      boo hoo........... the oil companies will never allow a super train out here in the states

    61. Alex C

      The mom joke caught me off guard man. Hilarious.

    62. RustyDust101

      The long and the short of it. Short: same BS, same non-improvement, same non-advances. Long: even more animations, mock-ups, fails at exceeding Autobahn-speed in a non-evacuated tunnel over a distance of 500 meters, shouting Muskovite fans exhilarated at being in His Holiness Presence, still no mag-lev capability but still rolling wheels carrying the mock-ups, catastrophic failures of 1-10 scale models disintegrating at barely 105mpg/ 175km/h in a straight line... the list of BS goes on and on and on, but the Muskovites will continue chanting the "Holy White Paper is always right because it says so in the Holy White Paper!"

    63. banjo mcgrooder

      Wheels! Whoooo!

    64. Alvaro Fernandez

      The problem with hyperloop isn't the tech. Its that however fast it is, it is only a leg of a journey, and it has to compete with less expensive transportation modes which will be somewhat slower, but so what? The Texas bullet train will be... not much slower, and no vacuum.

    65. Will Goodwin

      Here's my thought on Boring Co. - Coordinated autonomous electric vehicles in a one-way tunnel can all be moving the same speed. Fans at either end of a route can force air through the tunnel at the same speed as the vehicles. There you got it: no wind resistance, increased speed, greatly improved performance and ventilated tunnels.

    66. Александр Титов

      Мне одному кажется что что то не так, если молекулы летят на сквозь предмета значит они меньше размером чем те которые могли бы притягивать, это значит что могут создать магниты для всей материи что бы притягивать как магниты, леветирующие машины создать могут !!!??

    67. Xerxes

      All praise the white paper !!!

    68. Roady Road

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    69. Mirko

      overengenered bullshit

    70. Major Skepticism

      500 miles per hour? Little Fauss to Big Halsy: "I was going faster than I ever went in my whole life, then I fell off." Robert Heinlein had a better idea 80 years ago: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Roads_Must_Roll

    71. Sebastian Drezek

      There is NO WAY Hyperloop would look as nearly as aerodynamic as the thumbnail (no drag in a vacuum) it would be more cost efficient to make it look like a block.

    72. Lorrie Carrel

      I like so much how you dig into the world's pile of info and put out truth,good job Joe

    73. Great Circle

      Evem if hyperloop could work the question is WHY?

    74. Masticina Akicta

      To be fair rocket technology also has been ancient and it took a lot of work to to get into space. A long time and a lot of work. And trains going potentially 600kmph? Again, took quite a while to get there. But the issue with the hyperloop stays... the pressure issue! How do you depressurize such a big tube?

    75. Joshua Reavis

      Joe. I love your content. I really do. Bud, you are ANYTHING but funny. These little "skits" do no justice to your channel. I mean absolutely no offense. Just being real

    76. S J 2

      I'm with Joe on this. Just give me a maglev (preferably one that goes 350mph between cities) and I'll be happy... It doesn't have to be fancy or anything like that. Just a maglev train like they're testing in china.

    77. Talith Gaming

      How about, and hear me out, we put a space shuttle on a mass driver that ends with an upwards pointing arch, and launch shuttles from that, and don't go, it links up with a spaceship that looks like a bird, no dude listen, well, yea I based it off of Ace Combat but hey, where are you going?? Dude it's a good idea!

    78. Timo Toxic

      So it's a Pransrapid (From the late 1980) put in a big vacuum tube. The Pransrapid back in the old age have a speed of only 310+ m/h and a range to stop in an emergency of 20+m/h. the Hyperloop school run more then 650m/h ?!?

    79. Harrison Turner

      the my mum joke was probably the best thing i was not expecting to have ever happened

    80. Ted Wasserman

      How about a high speed normal railroad first?

    81. Shaune Caygill

      I'd love to see a transport system from Europe to the US, Asia etc

    82. Tim Kunk

      Remember IT was the next Big thing. Then IT went off a cliff.

    83. Dan Wylie-Sears

      I like the idea of vac trains. I like SpaceX. I don't like HypeLoop. HypeLoop costs less to develop, build, operate, and maintain -- forever -- than just the rights-of-way for a dirt trail on the same route. Because it's made entirely out of hype. It was also whipped up to oppose a real high-speed rail project that probably would have been better than nothing.

    84. Cheezsoup

      How many people want to go from Edinburgh to London at 1000MPH? When the Web can be used to have telemeetings , average speeds for that is instantaneous. The number will be non-zero ,sometimes meetings must be attended in person, but not I would think making the system economically viable. For cargo are we willing to pay the extra to get goods within 18 hours rather than a couple of days.

    85. Ralphie Raccoon

      Air resistance is not the primary enemy when it comes to faster ground transportation, bends are. No matter what transit tech you use, be it conventional HSR, Maglev or Hyperloop, the faster you go, the shallower the bend you can take without damaging either the vehicle or its passengers. So unless the Hyperloop track is ruler straight, in a lot of these cases you could achieve the same speed for your track profile with conventional HSR or Maglev, which is going to be much cheaper and probably less energy intensive (you'll need a lot of pumps to keep the air out of that tube!). This pretty much puts paid to Hyperloop in places like Europe, you can't just draw a straight line on a map between two cities and start laying down tubes, there are far too many things in the way.

    86. Stevo1361

      They are hardly demonstrating the technology in any meaningful way.

    87. Brian Di Giacinto


    88. Jasper Skallow

      that was some massive cheese

    89. oneknowwhatsup

      lol raycon sux

    90. SSG Pentland

      Hyperloop will never happen (at least as conceptualized) for several reasons. Check out Thunderf00t's multiple "busted" videos on this thing.

    91. Tim Freedman

      Why are you wasting your time on this rubbish? Has there ever been an idea with less real world potential than Hyperloop( maybe point to point rockets, boring tunnels, Mars colonies, etc) and why can't you develop some discernment with regard to the actual potential of an idea. These are never going to happen because they are impractical, dangerous, expensive and useless, i.e. bad ideas. Also Elon Musk is not the Messiah.

    92. Tom Larsen

      His hyperloop inside a hyperloop idea is cool, but wouldn't that much acceleration turn people into jelly? and I had an idea similar to the Hyperloop when I was taking AP Physics in high school

    93. Yuriy Kartuzov

      Have you heard of Airpods?

    94. Maestro Agnew

      You know, all a terrorist would have to do is poke a small hole in the tube somewhere down the line and it's all over.

    95. Zones

      Fun fact: the Shinkansen has never derailed once in its 60 year tenure

    96. The Wiseman

      Are the Germans really laughing at the Boring Company?

    97. Soma

      elon said a few years ago that it's a lot easier to maintain a vacuum in a tunnel. so it cuts down on maintinence, and eliminates the bullet blowing it up problem

    98. The American Democracy: A User's Manual

      You say "Cargo application for ultra-high-speed 'rail'" I hear "Caught-same-day, sushi-grade fish in Nebraska for a fraction of the current price."

    99. cLaN_Barbalax

      hey joe, if you look at old comments, I noticed that bowl you were holding at the beginning of the video and was wondering where you got it, my grandma has some and she wants to get more, but she can't find them anywhere

    100. efenty FNT

      • whiny voice • trademark glasses • NASA graphic T perfect soyboy impression